December 21

Rules for Selecting the Right Content Management System

Well not everybody, because as we know there are lots of other CMSs available. WordPress just happens to be the most popular one. So if you are just starting out and you need a new website, should you simply follow the herd and use WordPress? Or are there other CMSs that might better suit your needs?

December 18

Three ways to speed up your E-commerce website

Speed is a huge factor in increasing conversions on Ecommerce websites. So how do you make your Ecommerce site faster? Well first you need to know the loading speed of your web pages before you make any changes and there are several free tools you can use to discover this. You can also hire developer for your eCommerce website design as well as development.

December 16

Benefits of Having an E-commerce Website | Cornerstone Digital

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or enterprise, in products or services, physical or digital, in B2C or B2B. If you haven’t set up your eCommerce solution, or optimized your existing one, then you’re missing out on a slice of the action. Let’s dive on into some of the best benefits of eCommerce.

December 12

How TLS Works to Secure Your E-Commerce Website

Specifically, online shoppers need to feel completely confident that their credit card and banking details are secure and can’t be accessed by hackers. SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) was developed to fill this need and to essentially guarantee payment transactions, from the shopper’s desktop to the merchant’s website and on to the banking gateway.