February 09

On Demand Table Booking App Development - An Easy Way to Schedule & Manage Table Booking in Restaurant

Now the days are gone, with the advancement in tec [...]

The on demand table booking app development has been beneficial to restaurant owners as well as customers. As a business owner, with the help of a table booking app one can easily know about the tables being booked for lunch or dinner and accordingly get the new customers in. It may also help to reduce the chances of wastage of food. Similarly, customers can easily book a table in a restaurant and get the food on time

February 06

Auction Script - Start Your Own Online Auction Marketplace

The Auction script helps entrepreneurs to launch their own powerful auction website that provides the best place for users to place their products or services for auction. With the effective management strategy, the auction script maintains the overall process of auction on the website itself. As a startup, rather than following a traditional way or starting from a scratch it is a good way to start the auction platform using the auction script. At Ncrypted Technologies we offer the best auction script for your business that is already been designed, developed & tested. 

February 06

On Demand Transportation App Development - A Customized Way to Start Transportation Business Using Transportation App

Transportation is the mode where goods are deliver [...]

Due to the increase in technology, everything is now going online and so is the increase of transportation business. For different businesses, the use of transportation is more in demand that provides fast delivery service. Hence, as an entrepreneur one can establish a successful transportation business with the help of transportation app. Like Uber has explored with its number of services, so it is a good deal as a startup to give a boost to businesses with transportation app like Uber.

February 01

What is Tinder Clone? How to Start with Tinder Clone Script?

Tinder clone is nothing but a dating app software [...]

Putting a new spin in a business, that will help you generate more revenue towards business. Before starting a dating business, it is also important to clear about the tinder clone script, tinder business model and how actually tinder works? Tinder clone is nothing but a dating app software or a dating script that follows the business model of tinder. We at Ncrypted, develop tinder clone scripts for those looking to start their online dating business. One can also have an on demand dating script with added features and can have their own tinder clone app.

January 30

Social Media Script - Key to Start Social Media Platform like Facebook & Other

Social media script is a ready made script where a [...]

Nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have been useful in different areas. It helps connect people around the world, and also can share photos, videos, audio, and information using the social media platform. It has helped different businesses to explore their products and services in different sectors and grow business. For an entrepreneur one can start a social media platform using the social media script. 

January 30

Social Networking Script - A Readymade Solution to Start Social Networking Platform

Social network script, is ready to use a script th [...]

Understanding the different business model including linkedin business model this concept of using social network script is more friendly rather than starting a business from scratch. This saves both time and money for startups, where they can invest more in future to grow their business. Before starting with this it is important to understand how linkedin works and generates money. This will help entrepreneurs know how to generate revenue using social network script as a startup business. 

January 16

Tinder Clone - A Quick Way to Start Dating App like Tinder

As an entrepreneur if one thinks to start a busine [...]

The tinder clone is a ready made script that is similar to tinder application. It is designed the same as tinder taking into consideration the features and functionalities of the app. Start your own dating app with the help of tinder clone and give a boost to startup business.

December 02

How Airbnb Clone is Empowering Entrepreneurs for Startups?

For an entrepreneur to start with there are plenty [...]

Starting a rental business with Airbnb clone is more affordable for startup rather than starting from scratch

It provides great flexibility with the Airbnb clone app with improved client service communication

Using Airbnb script it provides multiple ways to generate income or revenue

With the increase of the number of users and owners of the place can help to generate more revenue on the basis of communication. 

December 02

Instagram Clone - Complete Way to Start Photo Sharing Business like Instagram

The photo sharing app like Instagram is growing ra [...]

For startups, instagram clone is a readily available social media solution to give a quick launch to photo sharing apps like instagram. The instagram clone script is integrated with all essential features and functionalities that are similar to instagram. 

The instagram clone script has been developed understanding the instagram business model so it gives a similar look and same in functionalities. With the instagram clone, the user can share with photos, videos, gif, and can also send messages to each other. Before starting a platform like instagram it is important to understand how it works & how to generate revenue using the instagram clone script.