January 13

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Movegistics has many different functionalities tha [...]

Work anytime, anywhere and track your way to increased revenues, greater profits, and happy customers.

Visual estimator and customer portal

Our award-winning visual estimator integrates directly onto your website and allows your prospects to provide move information using interactive visual aids. The result is that your sales team gets qualified leads so they can maintain a higher conversion rate. You can also direct your prospects to their very own customer portal where they can udpate their info, e-sign important documents, put in a deposit and even live chat with their sales rep.

Lead board

Each new lead’s contact info and move info is instantly available in an organized lead board so your sales reps can effectively prospect new leads, do their follow ups, and close more deals. Your lead providers can post leads directly to your Lead Grabber in addition to emailing them to you.

Onsite surveys

Get your estimates right the first time and book moves with confidence. Use our powerful onsite estimating mobile app, breeze through a phone survey on the CRM, or simply trigger an email to the customer inviting them to provide their move information online.

Powerful estimating tools

The Movegistics estimating tools are not just a better way to estimate, they are a game changer for moving companies.

Advanced scheduling tools

Drive profits with advanced scheduling tools like route planning and crew forecasts. Keep everyone connected with instant notifications and mobile calendars.

Wireless dispatching

Dispatch wirelessly and track field activity real-time using a central operations dashboard.

Electronic BOL app

Complete moves electronically on a tablet and save over $10,000 per truck each year. Instantly gratify your customers with paperless automation, earn great reviews and get more referrals.

Full storage management

Taking the move into storage? We have you covered with storage tracking, recurring invoicing and payments.

January 13

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Anyone can use it. Works for any moving company.

Sales process automation and move management tools shouldn’t be exclusive to the largest moving companies. Smaller, aspiring movers should also have access to a complete automation platform so they can organically grow their business by building great customer relationships and by seamlessly expanding to new services.

Whether you are a small mover or an established company with a portfolio of moving services, you can grow rapidly with the world’s leading move automation platform Movegistics.

“Movegistics has helped organize and streamline my business. Also has increased my profits. I don’t have a pile of notes and scribbles, and multiple calendars for jobs and schedules. I can complete estimates in a matter of minutes versus hours.”

- Mathieu Hochleutner | Florida Moving Solutions, LLC

“Movegistics is an intuitive software application and extremely user friendly! I love the easiness of converting leads to opportunities. All the information is already there from the customer’s input and all you have to do is reach out and book the move. I appreciate how supportive the support staff is when it comes to questions.”

- Natalie Braman

“I need everything in one place in order to function more reliably. Movegistics makes it all happen. Email campaigns. E-signature, multiple email templates, easy quotations, Easy data access, and call logs when multiple people working on the same lead. Movegistics keeps my client base more organized and accessible.”

- Ali Amin | Hercules Movers

“We have had experiences in the past where once we purchased the software the customer service was non existent. Not so with the Movegistics team. They have been supportive in training and always willing to assist. Our conversion ratio has greatly improved over the past couple of years due to implementing Movegistics. Thank you!!!”

- Susan Anderson | Big Boys Moving & Storage

“Like night and day! I’ve saved so much type by switching to Movegistics. I am now able to close three times as many sales over the phone. Simplistic in every way. Highly recommend!”

- Trey Simpson | Orlando Moving Company
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January 13

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Movegistics is the top-rated Moving Company Softwa [...]

Is your moving business taking a toll on you?

Do you notice your growth stalling?
Does it seem like you have to fight the world to get anything done?
Are you stressing over always having to catch up?
Is stuff frequently slipping through the cracks?
Are you unhappy with your moving software?

ASAP Movers has been using Movegistics for just over 6 months, and they are already seeing awesome results.

Movegistics was created for movers by movers. Running your business doesn’t have to be stressful and growing it doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle. We took our own experiences, listened to our customers and created Movegistics –a revenue growth engine that will simplify and automate your existing processes like a well-oiled machine so you can focus your efforts on growing your business organically.

Over the last decade, we have been helping hundreds of moving business owners to successfully grow their businesses with Movegistics.

From the high tech estimating tools, to the custom estimate temples, every function we use has improved operations which is an improvement to our bottom line!

- Andrew Lambert, Good Guys Moving & Delivery

It allows me to have a life. Before I used Movegistics, I would dedicate my whole day to prepare an estimate for the customer. Since I signed up with Movegistics, the estimating features alone have simplified my life extremely.

- Joshua Mckee, The Movers

This product is a great value and a time saver for our team. To have a CRM, Operation/Dispatching, Invoicing and Job Costing all on one platform is like one stop shopping.

- Laurie Kohler, Steinway Movers

The tools you use either help your business win or lose

Use Movegistics as your centralized communications hub while organizing all your information and streamline your day to day operations-freeing you up to concentrate on growing your business.

Capture and organize your leads

Capture and organize your leads with an expansive lead board that covers your website, 3rd party lead providers and even your referring realtors. Reach your best leads and nurture their interest.

Book the move

Use online estimating tools and mobile apps to accurately estimate and book any size move, whether an apartment or a large mansion home; and any type of move, whether local, long distance or storage.

Dispatch the move

Dispatch wirelessly and track field activity real-time using a central operations dashboard. Keep everyone connected with instant notifications and mobile calendars.

Complete the move

Complete moves electronically on a tablet and save over $10,000 per truck each year. Instantly gratify your customers with paperless automation, earn great reviews and get more referrals.

  • Opportunities missed or mishandled
  • Crew disconnected from the bigger picture
  • Operations staff buried in paperwork
    Operations staff buried in paperwork
  • Mounting stress & frustration across the board
    Mounting stress & frustration across the board
  • Endless pile of spreadsheets & files
    Endless pile of spreadsheets & files
Put your business on a fast track to growth with four seamlessly integrated applications that are powerful alone but even better when used together.

Are you unhappy with your moving software?

If you are already using moving software but not seeing the above results, or if your staff is neglecting your current software it’s time to consider Movegistics.

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When it's time to find answers to your questions, there are a variety of self-support and assisted support options to provide the help you need.


You will be able to customize Movegistics to fit your business processes and not the other way around. No workarounds needed - that’s our promise.


We will help upload your tariffs and documents so you are always compliant with regulations.


We are always making improvements. Enjoy free upgrades to all our latest and greatest features.


Wanna request a new feature? Chances are its already in our roadmap and if not, we will add it for you and get it done!

How many potential customers don’t even hear your offer in the sea of noise?

How many are passing up your estimate? How much is your paper-based operation costing you?

How much time do you spend in duplicating information across standalone tools like shared calendars, spreadsheets, and post-it notes?

What is your opportunity cost when you aren’t doing enough moves?

How much are you settling in out of pocket claims?

How much are negative online reviews costing you?

A lack of an integrated set of automation tools may already be costing you a great deal.