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Ncrypted is one of the best telecommunication soft [...]

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December 20

Developing Digital Competency to Make One’s Business Competitive in 2019

The global business environment continues to trans [...]

Developing Digital Competency to Make One’s Business Competitive in 2019

The global business environment continues to transform as various companies seek ways to modernise their operations. By adapting to artificial intelligence, automation, business VoIP phones, and other related technologies, organisations are able to compete with and move ahead from the traditional albeit key players in the industry.

Digital competency is an important facet that helps any business stay relevant in today’s chaotic commercial setting. By investing in new technologies, your company can save time and money and put your limited resources into good use to enable you to maximise productivity and boost profitability at the end of the day. However, it is important not to be easily swayed by the latest systems that are introduced in the Internet once in a while. They can get overwhelming, I tell you.

Beyond the new technologies, you should always go back to your company’s fundamental and core functions. Study how your business can solve your target audience’s problems. And then look for methods by which you can resolve your customers’ issues in a timely, organised, and efficient manner. This is where you can then begin to explore advanced programs to help you digitally transform in terms of operations and service delivery. Remember, the latest and greatest technology does not necessarily mean it is good for your organization right now.

Business VoIP, your timeless investment

Amongst the productivity-enhancing and efficiency-boosting technologies available today, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP still proves to be one of the most effective and relevant up to this day.

With VoIP, communication between team members and existing customers become cheaper and more streamlined. In the findings of IDC, Australia Broadband and IP Services Enterprise Usage and Preferences: IDC Telecommunications Survey, September, 66% of enterprises engaged in VoIP products indicated that cost benefit has been the major motivation. Among the respondents, 46% stated that VoIP provides lower call costs while 10% identified the lower cost of IP PBX hardware and another 10% emphasised lower maintenance costs with VoIP telephony.

What makes this technology perennial?

As compared to other information and communication tools, VoIP stands out and continues to be relevant because:

  • It is mobile. Connection is possible in any location using a mobile phone, a tablet, or any other device for as long as you have an Internet network.

  • It can accommodate virtual team meetings. Video calls and multi-person conference meetings with clients and colleagues from anywhere in the world can easily be integrated.

  • It can handle complex telephony systems. By customising phone numbers and extensions, you can easily direct and segregate customer calls to the correct extension.

There are, of course, plenty of other benefits that drive enterprises into speaking with business VoIP providers and then investing in this practical business communication platform.

Becoming Digitally Competent with Cloud PBX

The use of cloud-based PBX system in your business strategy can definitely raise your game in this modern business setting. As opposed to its traditional predecessor, this technology is uncomplicated to set up. Your supplier does not need to send someone to organise the entire framework, which we all know will take a few weeks or even a few months.

You can also enjoy massive savings with cloud PBX. As we all know, traditional VoIPs require hefty costs which you are forced to pay upfront. On the other hand, cloud PBX can be paid on a monthly basis and sometimes, only based on the number of calls made, so you can definitely  save a good amount of money that will thereby lessen your operational expenses.

If you are part of an organisation who wants to amplify the value you’re providing to your digitally inclined customers, you must recognise that cloud pBX telephony is the progressive way to go. With the magnitude of benefits that it offers, on top of the efficiency it gives all enterprises, you can never go wrong with this technology.