February 20


Learn what software testing life cycle is, what it [...]

Learn what software testing life cycle is, what it entails, and how to upgrade the testing process within your business. Get to know the essential stages of STLC, its core methodologies, best practices, and latest updates on the testing trends for 2020 here https://innovecs.com/blog/software-testing-lifecycle/

January 13

Features For Movers - Moving Software | Movegistics | Movegistics

Movegistics has many different functionalities tha [...]

Work anytime, anywhere and track your way to increased revenues, greater profits, and happy customers.

Visual estimator and customer portal

Our award-winning visual estimator integrates directly onto your website and allows your prospects to provide move information using interactive visual aids. The result is that your sales team gets qualified leads so they can maintain a higher conversion rate. You can also direct your prospects to their very own customer portal where they can udpate their info, e-sign important documents, put in a deposit and even live chat with their sales rep.

Lead board

Each new lead’s contact info and move info is instantly available in an organized lead board so your sales reps can effectively prospect new leads, do their follow ups, and close more deals. Your lead providers can post leads directly to your Lead Grabber in addition to emailing them to you.

Onsite surveys

Get your estimates right the first time and book moves with confidence. Use our powerful onsite estimating mobile app, breeze through a phone survey on the CRM, or simply trigger an email to the customer inviting them to provide their move information online.

Powerful estimating tools

The Movegistics estimating tools are not just a better way to estimate, they are a game changer for moving companies.

Advanced scheduling tools

Drive profits with advanced scheduling tools like route planning and crew forecasts. Keep everyone connected with instant notifications and mobile calendars.

Wireless dispatching

Dispatch wirelessly and track field activity real-time using a central operations dashboard.

Electronic BOL app

Complete moves electronically on a tablet and save over $10,000 per truck each year. Instantly gratify your customers with paperless automation, earn great reviews and get more referrals.

Full storage management

Taking the move into storage? We have you covered with storage tracking, recurring invoicing and payments.

Impressico Business Solutions’ DevOps solutions adopt an approach that emphasizes communication, collaboration, integration and automation, thus, removing bottlenecks in software development and ensuring agile delivery for software-driven innovation.

December 03

Understanding DB Connection Pools: Essential Knowledge for Web Developers

Typical data-driven web apps need a Database (DB) [...]

Why Do We Need DB Connection Pools?

Typical data-driven web apps need a Database (DB) connection to render almost every page or to serve every API call. For scalability reasons, Web Server and Database servers are hosted on different Machines. In such scenario, obtaining a new DB connection is a potentially expensive task. This process of acquiring a new DB connection increases the latency of your pages and makes your web app slow.

DB Connection Pools Solve This Problem

In Java web applications DB connection pools are provided as libraries. The DB connection pool manager keeps a number of DB connections open in memory. When the data access code closes a connection, the connection pool manager doesn’t close the connection, instead, it returns it to the pool. When the next call requests a connection, it returns an unused connection from the pool, rather than creating a new one. This improves the latency of your application.

DB Connection Pool Configuration

Apart from essential connection properties such as DB username, password, host, port, etc., a Database connection pool typically has following 3 properties:

  • Minimum Number of Connections: This is the number of connections the pool keeps in memory as soon as it is created. It will try to ensure that at least these many connections are available to your application.

  • Maximum Number of Connections: This is the maximum number of connections the DB connection will keep in memory. Once your application reaches this numbers, further calls to obtain connections must wait till previous calls are done.

  • Max Idle Number of Connections: As specified before, the connection pool keeps connections in memory. But if it finds that some connections are idle and it already has more than minimum number of connections then it tries to close these idle connections, so that some other program can use them.

November 18

Micromobility: The Next Wave Of Eco-Friendly Transportation

Micromobility is gradually becoming popular across [...]

You must have seen people traveling on e-bikes and e-scooters in cities like California and New York. If you are wondering about this new trend, it’s called micromobility and aims to solve the transportation problems of urban spaces and cities. 

Micromobility generally refers to short commutes of less than 5 miles and vehicles that don’t go beyond 15 miles/hour. The scooters and bikes use clean energy like rechargeable batteries to fight climate change and provide a sustainable means of transport. 

The micromobility market is expected to grow to $300 billion by 2030 in the USA alone. In fact, Micromobility startups have already pumped in $5.7 billion into the industry and looking to capture new cities and urban spaces around the world. 

Today, we will explore the trend, its advantages, challenges and the future of micromobility. 

The Factors Behind the Growth of Micromobility

Micromobility is gradually becoming popular across the world for its convenience an environment friendliness. Let’s go over some factors which have directly contributed to the growth of micromobility.

  • Last Mile Transport

    The last mile transport has always remained a challenge for urban spaces. City planners have long debated what to adopt to provide a cost-effective means of short transportation. Shared Mobility has emerged as one of the cheapest and fastest ways of reaching from point A to point B. In fact, in USA, 60% of all trips are 5 miles or less- providing a great opportunity for the growth of micromobility.

  • Cheaper Mode of Travel

    It takes only a few dollars to ride e-bikes or e-scooters. The charges are much lesser compared to cabs and traditional transportation modes. So cheap rates is also a growth factor for micromobility.

  • Fast and Easy

    Riding a bike or scooter doesn’t need any special skills or licenses. You can just unlock a bike with your mobile app and take it for a spin. It’s also much faster to navigate the traffic on congested roads in a bike than a car. As a result, you can travel much faster in congested spaces. 

  • Environment-Friendly

    One of the most significant factors for the popularity of micromobility is environment friendliness. You are not burning any fossil fuel but relying on clean energy that creates zero pollution. Micromobility becomes the preferred option as more people become conscious about saving the planet. 

  • Smart Cities

    Planned cities that focus on energy efficiency and green initiatives have also fueled the growth of micromobility. Smart cities are increasingly adopting greener modes of transport like e-bikes and e-scooters, contributing to the spread of micromobility. 

November 18

Metro Transit App: Optimizing your Commute with Cutting-Edge Technology

Metro transit app benefits daily commuters and peo [...]

Commuting is a common activity that unites people from all walks of life. Whether you are commuting for your job, dropping your children off to their schools, or going to classes at the other end of the city, commuting is an imperative part of the daily lives of most people. And with the growing percentage of the population using public transportation for commuting to various places has become difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating for people to use this service efficiently.

The convenience factor of the public transit system has started dissipating, and people are looking for solutions to this problem statement.

Metro Transit App has quickly grown to be one of the most reliable systems to depend upon because of its smart approach to this problem statement. Bringing back in the convenience factor into the mix, metro transit app benefits daily commuters and people planning or scheduling trips in a tremendous way. But before we discuss that, let us see what are the challenges faced by commuters in their day to day commute.

There is a multitude of challenges faced by people when it comes to scheduling their  commutes, which are mentioned hereunder: 

  • Standing in long queues to get a ticket.  
  • Facing relentless traffic. 
  • Being late to reach your workplace. 
  • Searching for a suitable transportation medium.
  • Booking your tickets way before your planned date. 
  • Fitting in all the plans in the number of days available.
  • Spending a long span of time arranging the tickets. 
  • Not getting any updates about the trip. 
  • Finding booking options that are relevant to your plan.
  • Fragmented information.

With the help of the Metro Transit app, all of these challenges ease out because of the different helpful features the app provides. Such as easy ticket booking, optimum route details, real-time alerts, stops available, trip pass and easy payment options. All this helps the commuters to stay on top of their traveling schedules. 

November 18

Techniques To Improve Highly In Demand NEMT Business

Read this complete guide to help you improve your [...]

Scaling graph of the missed medical appointments due to the lack of suitable transportation channels exhibits the pressing need for NEMT. The aging population and invalid people irrespective of age are guaranteed customer base which assures strong chances of success in the NEMT industry. 

The consistent patterns and service requirements are stating the need for NEMT. The huge demand in the present would be soaring further in the future. It ensures that the present time is the most congenial to start NEMT business with proper planning, patience, and prompt action.

The primary prerequisite for commencing a business is just possessing a van. But the growth you may require in the future depends on being ready and prepared for the demand and competition which will be at the peak in the upcoming time. 

Initial Steps for Newcomers to Start NEMT Business:

The newcomers need to decide whether they want to have the sole proprietorship of the business, an LLC, or a joint venture. Along with this, the transportation licensing has to be done or validated. Beginners can get more information in this regard from the State Department of Health and Human Services.  The documentation, validation and license process could be time-consuming. So, have a buffer time before launching your business. Besides this, business and marketing plan, hiring of personnel, vehicles with necessary arrangements and NEMT software are the essentials to start the business.

For Existing NEMT Business Runners:

It is time for the existing NEMT business owners to revise the various strategies and ideas to expand the operation. With the help of technology and making the staff more tech-savvy can set you at a higher level in this industry by providing quality trips and optimizing the profit out of daily scheduled trips since the entire operational tasks can be managed and monitored with NEMT software.

February 14

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