June 08

LiteMobile Outlets

Litemobile has a strong presence in Singapore for [...]

Litemobile has a strong presence in Singapore for many reasons. Our technicians are competent and knowledgeable, and you can be reassured that your mobile phone is in good hands. Every device is thoroughly and stringently checked to minimize the risk of issues that may occur after repair. Many customers seek the closest phone repair shop when their phone is faulty. Price and location are their key considerations. Fret not, Litemobile has 4 outlets islandwide for your convenience and we offer the most competitive prices.

For the west area we are located at Blk 176 Boonlay drive #01-356 (640176). Customers staying in the west can conveniently locate us.

✔WEST (HQ)Branch 西部????總部

➡ West branch 西部????
BLK 221 Boonlay Place , Boonlay shopping centre #01-168 (640221)
⏰ 11AM-9PM DAILY ⏰
Nearest Mrt : Lakeside Mrt station ????
Call us 91057653 / 90014651 if cannot find ☺

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February 27

Why Geek Squad Customer Service Is Important For Customers?

Geek is the best service in the USA, if Any Probl [...]

Geek is the  best service in the USA if Any Problem related to Geek Squad Customer Service, then Immediately call our technical team at +1-833-419-0856,  Available 24*7,

February 20

Search For The HVAC Service Near Me And Get Assured Satisfactory Service In Time!

Our HVAC technicians receive continual trainings a [...]

If you're home or office is unable to maintain the accurate temperature even after you have a strong HVAC system then connect with our technicians by searching for the HVAC Repair Near Me or call us on our helpdesk. Trusted captain is one of the remarkable company with its strive to deliver and serve you the satisfactory HVAC Services. To live up to your expectations, our technical experts have latest tools and techniques and gone through extensive training to become certified and more proficient with both commercial and residential HVAC units. So don't get tensed whenever you have any heating and cooling concern speak to our technicians quickly and get the perfect peace of mind even in the odd hours.

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February 20

Looking For Plumbing Services Near Me? Reach Out To Our Helpdesk Now!

When you search for the Plumbing Contractors Near [...]

When it comes to plumbing systems installed at home or offices, we never take anything lightly as we understand that even a simple leak in your plumbing units can create a great level of nuisance. If your units are facing issues and you are searching for the Emergency Plumber Near Me, don’t take any tension. Just make a call on our helpline number, and we make sure that you get quick and reliable solutions from our Master Plumber at your doorsteps instantly. We understand that searching for Plumbing Services Near Me I case of emergency can be a very time-consuming process you need to compare and categorized services as per your needs and budget. In that scenarios, our Emergency Plumbing Service are your friend as we have the best support instantly delivered by experienced and trained plumbers even in odd hours. Call us and get the best-suited results promptly.

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February 10

Air Freight Forwarder Services in Dubai

In Dubai, there are various air cargo service prov [...]

In Dubai, there are various air cargo service providers to choose from. These companies provide comprehensive services and are known for providing fast and reliable cargo transportation across multiple transport mediums. They leverage advanced technology and advanced solutions to provide solutions that meet the needs of diverse customers. They provide domestic as well as international air freight services and have an expansion-oriented tracking approach, which enables the customer to track minute details for each single shipment - such as dispatch, transit and delivery times.

January 27

How To Choose The Best Dubai To India Cargo Service - Tameem Cargo

If you are planning to book a cargo service from D [...]

If you are planning to book a cargo service from Dubai to Kerala, then you must not do it in a hurry. This is not just any local courier delivery service and the cargo consignment in question is worth a sizeable amount of money. Therefore, it is prudent to check all the criteria before finalizing the best cargo service in Dubai for delivery. The main concern for any consignment would be the delivery charges, Turnaround Time (TAT) for delivery, insurance coverage, and overall safety of the cargo.

January 25

Air Cargo Services Dubai- International Air Freight - Tameem Cargo

International air cargo services Dubai is a set of [...]

International air cargo services Dubai is a set of services which includes standard shipping, urgent shipping, same day or next flight out as well as air cargo door to door service. All these options deliver anytime between 1 and 5 business days. That means if there is a weekend in between, you will have to count the days leaving Saturdays and Sundays.

January 25

Cheap Cargo Service from Dubai to India

Searching for Low-Cost Cargo services in Dubai? Co [...]

Searching for Low-Cost Cargo services in Dubai? Connect with Cargo Dubai for Cheapest shipping services in the UAE. We are committed to fast transportation of your goods. From same-day shipping to same-day courier, we do it all, depending on the destination and your preference. We rely on a fleet of on-road vehicles and air and ocean freights to transfer parcels.

January 21

The Digital Marketing Campaign For A Small Company. What Tools Should You Use In 2020?

A Digital Marketing Company in India can help busi [...]

We have the end of the year and it is a time of summaries in every company. Entrepreneurs are analyzing what they have achieved in the last 12 months and are thinking about how to step into the next busy year here. 

We encourage you to devote special attention to planning your digital marketing campaign, which is an ideal option for growing, but still small businesses. This is now the best time to pre-plan your advertising projects and choose those that can potentially bring the greatest image and sales benefits.

We will make your case easier. After brainstorming in the team, Licreative technologies  chose digital marketing tools that are worth focusing on in 2020.

Why do you need to invest heavily in digital marketing in 2020?

One of the key reasons is the forecasted significant increase in the share of online sales in the consumer spending portfolio. Estimates say that in 2020, the number of people who make at least one purchase online will get close to 2 billion or even break this limit. It is an army of customers buying both products and services.

So if you have a small business and you decided to grow your business in 2020, look for customers primarily online. Of course, you need to work successively on development, which is understood by investing in image and brand recognition. Don’t move without it. 

dricki digital marketing infograph

Companies that do not have any brand are doomed to a constant struggle to stay afloat, they depend only on sales pillars and earned profit. By increasing brand awareness, services, and products, you will gain something priceless: protection against the effects of the impending economic slowdown. 

The crisis of 2008 did not hit the world’s biggest brands, it strengthened them. He swept out of the market those companies that could not count on customer loyalty because they simply did not exist in their consciousness.

Criteria for choosing digital marketing tools

We have long wondered which tools we can confidently recommend to small companies, but ultimately we managed to select a group of four particularly recommended solutions. What have we considered?

Easy campaign launch – we’ve assumed that small businesses have neither the time nor the resources to bother with campaigns that require long planning and continuous monitoring;

Low cost – for this reason, in our list there was not even video marketing, which is a rather expensive strategy. Similarly, like influencer marketing and display campaign;

Measurability of effects – each of the proposed tools gives a wide range of possibilities in measuring its effectiveness, whether using web analytics or through direct feedback from customers;

Combining sales support with an image campaign – we wanted to recommend not only strictly sales tools, but also those that bring long-term image effects and contribute to building brand recognition;

It’s time to get to the point. Here are 4 tools that you should use in a digital marketing campaign for your small business in 2020.

Email Marketing

For many, it can be a surprise, because apparently “email marketing is dead”. It’s not true. An email campaign can still be a great promotion tool for a small company because it is not expensive, its effects can be easily measured, it is susceptible to quick modifications if something goes wrong, and at the same time, it works perfectly in the process of increasing the brand’s reach. It is simple to configure and can be precisely targeted to a specific target group.

The advantage of an email marketing campaign, especially from a small company, is also that you can run it without having a website (although of course, you need to plan its creation anyway). We then direct traffic to e.g. the brand’s profile on Facebook.

Who we particularly recommend email marketing to:

● Internet shops

● Small service companies

● Small producers

● Companies looking for larger contractors (advertising emails are opened mainly by managers and entrepreneurs)

Google Ads

This was an obvious choice because there is no other tool that would allow you to launch an advertising campaign practically hour by hour and immediately began to bear fruit. We note, however, that the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) billing model is not so cheap at all, and if you also want to fight for the most competitive phrases, then be ready for the pain of the wallet. The alternative is to choose phrases with a long tail, less frequently searched, but much cheaper and more precise.

Who we particularly recommend Google Ads to:

● Internet shops

● Companies acquiring customers locally

● Companies that want to increase sales immediately

● Content marketing

Our absolute favorite and tool that will still rule in marketing small businesses in 2020. Content marketing is modern and effective support for every SEO campaign (it is impossible today to effectively position a website without valuable content) and the best solution if you want to strengthen your brand image.

An investment in content marketing pays off for a long time, but at the same time, it is practically guaranteed and can bear fruit for years. Blogging, sponsored and popular science articles, infographics – it still works, and Google announces further rewarding brands that invest invaluable content. So if you can afford to choose only one tool for a digital marketing campaign, let it be content marketing.

Who we particularly recommend content marketing to:

● Beginner companies that need to build a brand

● Entrepreneurs expecting long-term effects

● Companies that above all want to achieve a high position in Google

● Companies operating in a very competitive industry, without funds for aggressive advertising activities

● Social media marketing

They could not be missing in this statement either. Social media is a natural choice for small businesses, which is also confirmed by statistics. About 60% of enterprises from the SME sector have a company profile on Facebook – most run it on their own, which is not a good idea.

The advantages of social media are obvious: huge reach, a multitude of options to promote the brand, the ability to precisely target ads, and interact with users. However, the problem with social media is that for a campaign to bring any benefits, you have to invest in it either a lot of time or a lot of money. If you do not have either, let it be your reserve option for 2020.

Who we especially recommend social media for:

● Brands wanting to be close to customers

● Companies whose target groups actively use social media

● Companies from the beauty and clothing industries

● Small entrepreneurs offering handicrafts, unique, which are not often searched on Google

Regardless of which tools you ultimately choose, remember one thing: building a brand is the most important task that you face in 2020 and a pretty cool idea for a New Year’s business resolution.

Why is Digital Marketing important for an SME?

The lack of new customers is one of the main reasons why SMEs die slowly and have to close their doors.

Marketing Digital is implementing marketing strategies carried out in the media digital, ultimately it is to translate the techniques of the offline world to the online world.

In the advances of technology that we have had throughout the generations we always find the already famous “resistance to change”, we resist because we are afraid to have to learn new things, however, this change is on our heels, something that suits small and medium businesses, because we can compete on the same board with big brands, but for that, we need to know

For SMEs it is no longer an option to have a digital presence, if it is intended to grow they must be within this world, the search and purchase processes are increasingly personalized and this is because the Internet plays a very important role in this process, Hence the emphasis on using digital tools for those who are looking for our services or products. Among the basic tools in which an SME must enter are:

Web page. Having a web page is the cover letter, with which the client will meet to reach you, it is always important to remember “The first impression counts a lot”, however, a web page alone does not help us if it does not We have the complement for it.

Images that speak of your service, it is incredible how graphics we become people, in general, we like the pages that tell us with an image that the business is about.

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing. When we talk about SEM, we usually refer to paid ads campaigns in search engines, although, being purists, SEM refers to any Marketing action within search engines, whether paid or not.

Social Networks are sites that can become a powerful tool to promote a business, service, product, or website. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter even have an advertising system for advertisers. Online advertising campaigns take social networks into account when building their strategies.

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January 12

Duct and dryer vent Cleaning Service

Discover Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Mn with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for home sanitation and disinfection. The main motive of our specialist team is to complete all cleaning services such as chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning with proper attention.

MN Air Duct Cleaners

7141 France Ave S #213 Edina, MN 55435


December 25

Roof Restorations, Repairs and Services

Roofing services in western Sydney and the greater [...]

If you are looking for the most professional, result-orientated, proven and reliable roof restoration company that Sydney has to offer, you are in the right place. Our many years of experience combined with our expertise and the ability to offer the best solution to you whether it is "off the shelf" or customized to suit your exact needs is what sets us apart from the rest. Our attention to detail and safety along with taking pride in our work over the years has allowed us to grow with this beautiful city of Sydney that we call home to be the highly regarded and successful roof restoration and roof cleaning company that we are today. 

  • SF Building Construction
  • 0409 466 668
  • 35 Greystanes Rd, Greystanes, NSW, 2145
December 15

Braincrew Apps - Have a glance at what we offer on our store

Checkout the various products and services by Braincrew Apps.Shop now the best Odoo packages and ERP, softwares exclusively designed for your business available on our store.

December 12

The important thing is to get as much traffic as possible - Nerder digital

In order to create more orders, you must have a go [...]
December 07

Contact Us for Odoo based work - Braincrew Apps

Contact Braincrew Apps team for any Odoo related queries like development and customization or share project ideas with us to make them reality.