February 20

IVF Cost in Bangalore - IVF Treatment @ Rs. 79k - Low Cost IVF Treatment

IVF Cost in Bangalore is starting from Rs. 79,000/ [...]

IVF Cost in Bangalore is starting from Rs. 79,000/- only. The Cost of IVF Treatment in Bangalore depends on the expertise of the IVF/Fertility Doctors. Get FREE Consultation & Low Cost IVF Treatment in Bangalore.

February 20

IVF Cost | What is the IVF Treatment Cost in India 2021? Low Cost IVF Treatment

IVF Cost in India is starting from Rs. 65,000/-* p [...]

IVF Cost in India is starting from Rs. 65,000/-* per IVF cycle. We offer affordable IVF Treatment Cost (Test Tube Baby Cost) in India. Get a High success rate IVF Treatment by the Best IVF Centres with Free IVF Consultation to the available cities.

February 20

Cost of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad | IVF @ 79000/- Low Cost of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad 2021

The Cost of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad is starting [...]

The Cost of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad is starting from Rs. 79000/- & if you are willing to get Low Cost IVF Treatment in Hyderabad with a High IVF Success Rate then check our Low Cost & Affordable IVF Packages in Hyderabad. Book Free Consultation Now.

June 05

Conversion Rate Optimisation - Your 3 minute guide

Conversion rate optimisation can be challenging an [...]

Posted by Hamish

Getting people to visit your website is great, in fact, it is a large part of the puzzle, but, the question is, do you know what to do if you have solid incoming traffic, but that traffic is not completing the gaols you need them to. In other words, if they are not purchasing, signing up, or downloading your products – you have a problem. If you want to improve your conversion rates, it’s time to master CRO or conversion rate optimisation. Today, our focus is on helping you understand what CRO is, how it benefits your business, and effective tactics to use.

Reduce Page Loading Times

You know when you’re at a café and you take a seat? You read the menu, you wait for service, you see things happening around you, and yet, they don’t come to you. It is frustrating isn’t it? It is the same really when someone comes to your website. If the page is slow to load, or elements do not load, then studies show people will abandon your website. Imagine, all that hard work getting them to your site, just for them to leave.

How do you expect to convert website traffic if your visitors are unable to load your landing page quickly? Improving website speed should be a priority as it reduces loading times

According to Akamai Technologies, your website should load within 3 seconds. Otherwise, 40% of your website visitors will leave your page. Amazon – the e-commerce giant – has proven that 100ms latency in loading speed can cause sales to drop by 1%! If you are a business expecting sales of a million dollars, then 1% is a sizeable number.

Make it a habit to test your loading speed regularly and ensure you optimise conversion rates on your website, Use tools such as Google PageSpeed, Pingdom Tools, or GTmetrix. If possible, also use a lightweight theme, remove unnecessary plugins from your website and reduce your image or video sizes.


Write Powerful Headlines which Inspire or Provoke Thought

Headlines serve an important purpose – they call the attention of your target visitors and they make it easy for people to skim to parts that may be more of interest if the content is long. The key thing to remember, however, is that the headlines need to be compelling, not just placeholders. Your goal is to pique the curiosity of your potential visitors so they are more likely to click or act on it.

A few good examples of powerful headlines are ones that ask questions, offer to solve a problem, give out directives, or promise to instruct or provide information. Without a powerful headline, you can end up wasting your leads by not being able to convert them.

In an analysis of headlines conducted by the Content Marketing Institute; the following conclusions ensued:

  • Write headlines with an average of 8 words to get 21 percent more click-throughs.
  • Add numbers on your title to boost click-throughs by 20 percent.
  • Use hyphens to separate and/or emphasize thoughts or details.

Keep Your Checkout Funnel as Short as Possible

The checkout funnel refers to the steps that customers need to take to reach the end goal –a paid transaction or sales. To facilitate conversion optimisation, you must simplify this process and require as few steps as possible.

A traditional checkout or sales funnel involves four steps: awareness, interest, decision, and action. A complex sales funnel looks is convoluted and long. It may include requiring your customers to set up an account, subscribe to a newsletter, input the products they want to buy, agree to your store policy, and go through a complicated payment procedure. This is exhausting and will discourage your visitors from making a purchase.

Avoid this mistake by keeping the checkout process as simplified as possible. Fluid website navigation and requiring minimal info from your customers is the sweet spot for higher sales conversion.


Utilise Strategic CTAs and Placement

The Call to Action (CTA) is one of the most important elements to look into for higher website conversion optimisation. CTAs can come in a variety of forms: buttons, pricing tables, or pop-ups. You can conduct tests to see which of these types to implement.

Ideally, your CTA should be visible across all pages of your website. They should be prominently positioned to optimise responses from your visitors without necessarily being obtrusive. To ensure higher conversion using your CTA, you must take three important things into consideration.

Firstly, think about the positioning of your CTA. Experts agree that placing it on top of the page is more effective than when it is below the fold. Second, its colour and shape should be visually arresting so that your website visitors will notice it easily.

And finally, make your CTA message benefit-oriented. Avoid the traditional CTAs that do not offer anything of value such as “click here” or “download now”. Instead, focus on the benefits such as “show me more” or “get started free”.

As we mentioned earlier, undertaking A/B testing (for colour, words used, and positioning) can all lead to important ongoing improvements.

Tap into the Power of Visual Stimulus

A huge percentage of successful websites with high conversion rates rely on their visual elements. If you want to increase your conversions, you need to consider the power of good photography or stellar imagery. Choosing high quality and high-res photos on your website’s landing page can help increase your conversion rate. Not only does it make your page more attractive, but it also reflects on your brand’s credibility.

Engaging your audience with engaging images is just one aspect to consider though. The images must also be accompanied with text content that is compelling enough to convert!


Highlight Verified Payment Systems, Free Shipping, and Other Symbols of Trust

When you are trying to sell your customers something, it is important that you gain their trust. If you have no trust, then no matter what you do to improve your on-site conversion rate optimisation factors, you will be pushing the proverbial uphill.

There are several ways to build rapport, which includes offering verified payment systems. Using trusted symbols such as Symantec SSLs and Verified can increase your customers’ trust. And when customers trust businesses, this leads to an increase in sales.

Aside from a reliable payment method, offering free shipping can also help you generate more sales conversion. The high cost of shipping and handling has been linked to shopping cart abandonment. Make sure you address this by offering your customers free shipping, whenever you can, even if it means absorbing some of it into your overall price of sale.

If free shipping is too costly, you can set a minimum order amount for them to get free shipping (but keep the threshold reasonable).

Conversion rate optimisation can be challenging and as a practice it is constantly evolving. Make sure you analyse the current strategies you have in place to see if they are helping you reach your sales goals. If they are not, look at your data and determine where you can implement tweaks to boost conversions. Or if you are lost and unsure what to do, or don’t have the capacity to do it yourself, call Three Piece Marketing, we are here to help.