July 09


June 24

Things to Know about Project Finance UAE

We have to know about project finance facilities i [...]

We have to know about project finance facilities in UAE before we take it. Best and reliable guides are available now.  Take the expert’s advice and assistance for your project finance UAE.

March 10

Bank Guarantees in UAE

Are you aware of bank guarantees in UAE?

Guarantee issued by the bank is considered as a commercial activity irrespective of the person for whom the guarantee is issued.UAE being most commonplace for international investors, the usage of bank guarantees is manifestly large in number. 

December 13


Free Project Management Templates

Techno-PM aims at providing quality and practical articles for project management with a focus on IT Project Management. Techno-pm team has been expanding to include new and experienced writers who can provide the required depth and breadth in a a complex IT Industry.

At techno-pm we thrive you to bring the best project management templates. We have a range of free project management templates which cover all the phases of project management. We also have a range of templates covering project management topics like resource management, capacity planning, dashboards, status report template and a set of agile templates.