Sinew Therapeutics makes lotions and soaks from proven Chinese herbal medicine. Unlike traditional Eastern medicine where drugs treat symptoms, their products can actually heal problems. You can see their products by visiting their website here.

If you are in pain how with a new injury, you can get their “Sinew Warming Soak”.  Then rub their Acute Sinew Liniment on the area 2-3 times a day to speed up healing. If you are having chronic pain that is no longer swollen, then use their Sinew Relaxing Soak and the Chronic Sinew Liniment.

For chronic injuries, get the “chronic Liniment” to rub on 3 times a day and then rub the “injury poultice” at night to sleep with on physical therapy Voorhees NJ. For acute injuries, get the “acute liniment” and rub it on 3 times a day. Then get the “herbal ice” to rub on at night to sleep with it on.

November 10

Top 5 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core | Body Solutions

When my clients walk in to their gyms they see the same things no matter what gym they frequent. For core workouts there are ab wheels, crunch machines, sit-up machines and core classes utilizing different variations of leg raises, crunches and sit-ups. There are so many ab exercise machines in existence that I couldn’t begin to count them all. If you type in “abs” on Google you will be inundated with hundreds of ab exercises, ab equipment and ab workouts physical therapy Voorhees that claim to give you the “perfect core” or “shredded abs”. The other night I saw a commercial on TV for the ab skates. These are skates that attach to your feet and you actually skate your feet back and forth to do reverse crunches, knee curls and many other exercises that are advertised to give you a strong core.

September 16

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Body Solutions - Physical therapy for Cherry Hill, [...]

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Connie Wagner

“I have been working out at Body Solutions for 7 weeks now. I have never been happier with a facility or trainer. Rich Pohler takes the time to get to know his clients’ limitations and designs a workout specifically for them. I have achieved great results in just 7 weeks with Rich. My chest, arms, and legs have grown, while my waist has shrunk. I am confident that Rich can help anyone reach their goals.”

Steve Paglione

“Love working with Jason feels like he really listens to me. I am working on weight loss which is slow and he keeps me motivated”

Penny Bilofsky



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