February 08

Top Online Masters in Analytics

Masters degree programs online are available for 2 [...]

Today these kind of online programs have gained so much importance that many leading universities have started their own online education programs, so that the students from all over the world can take advantage of numerous online degree programs. Among all these degree completion programs, the most popular degree is probably MBA or Masters of Business Administration. So, other than the regular masters degree online program, today one can find the existence of distance mba universities also that offer first grade quality online distance education.

January 18

Cake Delivery in Dubai

Online Desserts

Plain brings a handcrafted concept to Dubai - combining high quality products with a tranquil ambiance, creating a unique and uplifting experience that is - anything but plain. Our design identity complements, but still allows the product to stand out.

Cake Delivery in Dubai
Phone: 971 55 160 9573
Email: info@plaindesserts.ae

January 17

Go Green Wear Green And Be Ever Green With Bloopers Sweatshirts

Bloopers stores is all equipped to make your winte [...]

January 08

online shopping apps

People also buy the leather chappals as they are c [...]

It is awesome to be at home and ordering the things of your choice through online shopping apps instead of visiting the malls and markets.

December 26

Buy & Send Rakhi Online | Rakhi Gifts Delivery to India | Rakhi Shopping

Buy or Send Rakhi Online in India

Are you searching for the best online rakhi gift store in India? Then your search ends here with Rakhicelebrations! No matter where your brother sister live in India, we offer a diverse range of gift items at their online store for every occasion and ensure the timely delivery of products to their customers.

On this Rakhi celebrate your love with your sisters and brothers residing in various corners of India. This day is specially meant for the siblings. Send Rakhi to India

November 30

PillsBills - India's First Online Specialty Pharmacy

Pillsbills is an online trusted pharmacy in India. [...]

November 28

Reasons Online Reviews Are Essential for Your Brand

Reviews can get your name, your values, and your quality products and services in front of countless potential customers and collaborators. A great review can enhance your brand and grow your sales, while too many negative ones can damage your reputation.

Research backs this up too, with 94% of customers choosing to avoid brands because of bad reviews, while websites that display reviews are 63% more likely to get sales than websites that don’t.


November 26

Tips to Play Online Poker in Today’s Clime

Learn some interesting tips to play online poker i [...]

Learn some interesting tips to play online poker in recent times. It is important to do some research before investing money in a game. For more information visit: https://www.onlinecasinossweden.com/blog/tips-to-play-online-poker-in-todays-clime/

November 26

The Most Loved Online Casino Games

The most loved online casino games is none other t [...]

The most loved online casino games is none other than the Onlinecasinossweden. A premium casino platform for the gambling lovers. For more information visit: https://www.onlinecasinossweden.com/blog/the-most-loved-online-casino-games/

November 25

Play Roulette Game Online

Play Roulette Game Online and win some very exciti [...]

Play Roulette Game Online and win some very exciting prizes. Go to the website of Online Casino Sweden and enjoy the perks.

November 24

Four Rules to Avoid Scammed Online Casinos

Four Rules to Avoid Scammed Online Casinos is curr [...]

Four Rules to Avoid Scammed Online Casinos is currently the hot point of research for many. Check it out on Online Casino Sweden’s website.

November 21

Big G PS5 Sweepstakes

Sweepstakesnew provides Daily New Sweepstakes, Giv [...]

Big G PS5 Sweepstakes at bigg ps5 sweeps.com with the code is your chance to win a Playstation 5 or one of thousands of other prizes.

November 20


The Pulse Oximeter is a great device which allows [...]

The Pulse Oximeter is a great device which allows early detection of the Coronavirus during these uncertain, fearful times. One of the most commonly noted, very initial symptoms of the Coronavirus is breathlessness. One faces difficulty in breathing when the oxygen levels in the body drops. Thus the oxygen level in the body can share a great deal of information about many aspects of your health. In this case, it gives you a headsup if you are potentially attacked with the Coronavirus.

Ideally, human body must have about 95% or more of oxygen level. 90 or above is also considered okay. But when the level drops below 90%, it could be a caution for one to investigate further for any negative underlying reason behind the dip.

The Fingertip Pulse Oximeter YK009 is a simple, completely-pain free device used to check the oxygen level and pulse rate in the body. This small, extremely low weight tool can be attached at the fingertip to get the results after a minute or so. The product works by sending 2 wavelengths of light through your finger to find both the pulse rate and oxygen rate in the body respectively. Once the assessment is completed, the screen of the device will display both the figures.

Benefits of the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter YK009

  • Instantly check your oxygen levels
  • Instantly check your pulse rate
  • Only about a minute to get results
  • Painless testing

Product Specifications

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Painless intervention
  • Product color – black

How to Use the Pulse Oximeter YK009

The product looks and works like a cloth clip. As shown in the figure, simply attach the Oximeter to the tip of the finger and observe the live assessment of the numbers pertaining to both pulse rate and the oxygen levels, on the digital screen of the device. Wait until the numbers stabilize. Once the numbers don?t change anymore, the final frozen numbers are your assessment results.

November 11

Question Bank Software (QnSmart )| ipsr solutions limited

Question Bank Software (QnSmart) | ipsr solutions limited

QnSmart, the Question Bank Software provided by IPSR is A Smart, Quality-centred Question Bank System crafted from the expertise of Academicians and IT Professionals. This platform enables the automated, intelligent generation of question papers from Question Banks created by teachers. It helps to achieve huge savings in the annual expenditure on Question papers. OBE-enabled and based on best practices suggested by agencies like UGC, NAAC, NBA, etc..

November 11

Online Poker VS Onland Poker

Online poker VS On-land Poker is a hot topic of re [...]

Online poker VS On-land Poker is a hot topic of recent times. Here is a brief comparison to help you choose the best for your gaming experience.