December 21


We recommend the service of a certified service provider that provides electronic certificates in various formats for a quick issue of Car Safety Certificate Goldcoast. Our safety certificates come are provided via email which you do need to display on your vehicle when listing for sale. 

December 18

Best mobile app development companies in Bangalore

Best mobile app development companies in Bangalore

Brill Mindz is one of the highly innovative and advanced web and mobile app development companies in Bangalore. We offer our clients with high quality, modern, and customized apps specific to your niche. Our tailored and exciting features will aid in keeping the customers attached to your product across all platforms and devices. We provide solutions with customized cost to develop the apps according to your requirements. It will aid you in streamlining the entire process with the ability for users to adjust according to their convenience. We always blend the perfect user-friendly design and exact selection of the technology. This process is done depending on the thorough research of the user likings, business necessities, and the app objectives. Our talented app engineers develop tailored and robust mobile apps employing the latest technological innovations. We will make sure that the app consists of all the high-quality features and innovative functionalities. Such measures make the apps easily accessible by everyone from any place. We can provide state-of-the-art products and meet your requirements within a set time and budget. Our practices are tuned over many years reliant on the experience of developing exciting apps. This has allowed us to rightly include all the latest inventions in our routine practices. All these unique experiences make us the best choice for a mobile app development company in Bangalore.

October 05

SUPPLE - Award-winning Social marketing reviews

Social marketing reviews are very important nowadays and you can easily connect with many people through social media platforms. Supple powers businesses of all sizes with quality traffic, genuine leads, and paying customers.

September 15

ANAND Middleware

ANAND Management Platform is a highly intuitive ad [...]

Anand Middleware provides complete WEB GUI and API based management of IPTV/OTT platform hosted in datacenter or in cloud. ANAND is a complete IPTV/OTT middleware and management solution for delivering Live TV, Radio, Video On Demand (VOD), Catch-up TV, DVR/ PVR, Archive content and other interactive services to subscribers in any IP based network.

July 21

Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2018 - 2024

Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market is expected [...]

Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2018 - 2024

Report code : IS167 | Industry : IT & Telecommunications | Published On : Jun 2018 | Pages : 185 pages
Formats :

Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market is expected to reach a value of US$ 6,955.3 Mn by 2024. The study projects the global Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market to expand at a CAGR of 7.4% during the period from 2018 to 2024. Demand for the MSS is expected to surge in coming years due to rise in oil & gas exploration and mining activities in remote areas.

The global mobile satellite services (MSS) market, by geography, has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA), and South America. North America is anticipated to contribute major share of about 34.7% in 2016 of the overall MSS market. Within North America, the U.S and Canada are anticipated to drive the growth of mobile satellite services (MSS) market. This is due to growing preference for satellite technologies across the government and aeronautical sectors. The growth in Canada is also contributed to expansion of major players in the Canadian market. Also Canadian companies are leaders in various segments of the satellite industry including satellite manufacturing, ground equipment and satellite services. Furthermore, convergence of satellite and terrestrial mobile technology is expected to increase adoption for mobile satellite services due to highest mobile penetration rate in the region.

South America is anticipated to be the fastest growing region which is closely followed by the Asia Pacific region during the forecast period. However, Brazil among other countries are projected to witness significant growth in the market. The emergence of newly industrializing countries in South America drives up demand for satellite communication in the region. The growth in South American market, in terms of backhaul is one of the main reasons for the increase of satellite phones subscriptions. Across Asia Pacific, countries including Australia, China and Japan are anticipated to drive the growth of Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market. China dominated the market share in 2015 and is expected to continue its dominance over the forecast period from 2018 to 2024. The promising growth prospects of the Asia Pacific mobile satellite services (MSS) market can be attributed to the rising government contribution toward public safety to overcome incidents in aeronautical, maritime and military sector. For instance, the disappearance of the Malaysian flight 370 in the South China Sea with 238 members on board has resulted in an increasing need for communication. Furthermore, Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has recently issued a new regulation which requires all commercial passenger airplanes in China to be equipped with mobile satellite communications by 2017.

Moreover, Europe is also expected to present growth avenues for the mobile satellite services market in the next few years. The major driving force promoting the MSS market in Europe is the presence of a large number of satellite manufacturers in the region as well as government regulations encouraging satellite communication for aviation, maritime and military sector. The Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market in Middle East and Africa region occupies a relatively small part of the global market. Within Middle East and Africa, counties including GCC and South Africa are driving the growth of the Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market.

Some of the key players profiled in the global mobile satellite services (MSS) report include Echostar Corporation, Ericsson AB, GlobalStar Corporation, Inmarsat Inc, Intelsat, S.A., Iridium Communications, Inc., ORBCOMM, Inc., Singtel Satellite, Telstra Corporation Ltd., Tesacom, Thuraya Telecommunications Company and ViaSat Inc among others.

Insight Slice adopts a research methodology which is highly meticulous and comprehensive, yielding accurate research results. Our research methodology utilizes data triangulation model which helps in the precise collection and validation of information. Our set processes for problem solving and paid primary tools guarantee that any client requirement is met with utmost diligence and accuracy. Some of the primary components that are consequential to our research approach are: Secondary Sources include but are not limited to:
  • Past Published Research
  • Official Statistics
  • Media Publications
  • Government Reports
  • Web Information
  • Historical Data and Information
Primary Sources include but are not limited to:
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Case Studies
  • Questionnaires
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Action Research
Insight Slice also leverages three types of data triangulation approaches as follows:
April 13

4 Business benefits of having a Mobile App

ith the Google Play store having 3.5 million apps [...]

Still not sure whether you need a mobile app? Here are 4 business benefits you can reap with Mobile App:

  • Be visible to customers all the time: When a customer has your app in his mobile, he has easy access to your products and you can communicate to your customers about new products, offers and news about your business.
  • Build Brand value: Build customer trust through regular interaction. And the more your customers trust you, the more likely they’ll be to listen to later sales pitches and even commit to your brand. You will demonstrate to your users why they should trust your by showing what your brand stands for.
  • Keep in touch with customers: Since 4.93 billion people have mobile devices within arm’s reach all the times, the real game-changer in customer service is mobile apps. A person can easily download your app even in the middle of the night and can get information about your products, he can do it immediately, without having to wait for regular business hours.
  • Increase profits: Fundamental law of business is that sales increases with enhanced customer satisfaction. According to SalesForce, 70% of buying decisions are influenced by how the customers feel they are being treated.

Not all mobile apps will offer the same business value. Often the benefit is difficult to quantify, making prioritization problematic and inconsistent. Building and deploying useful mobile apps is rapidly becoming a top concern for IT, as mobile apps bring competitive advantages to most business through improved information flow, faster decision making and ubiquitous access to key resources.

April 02

Mobile app development companies

Are you looking for a top mobile app development c [...]

Pyramidion Solutions is one of the top mobile app development companies in India and has the best developing and designing team who are well versed in current market trends and develop applications accordingly.


March 19

Social accessibility app for disabled

Are you looking for an app that have multiple properties and usage, then download and install The Blurbb Spot app which is designed to help people with disabilities. Follow the link and download the iOS version of The Blurbb Spot app.

March 19

Location Accessibility App for Disabled

Are you searching for an app that have multiple properties and usage, then download and install The Blurbb Spot app which is designed to help people with different capabilities. Follow the link and download the Android version of The Blurbb Spot app.

March 17

7 IoT Mobile App Benefits for Oil and Gas Industry

Your industry is located at the shore but you neve [...]

The future of mobile application has been changed a lot by IoT Application Development as it has simplified the complexities of oil and gas industry in the following ways –

  1. Better Inspection and condition monitoring:
    The main advantage of using the IoT mobile app is that a large amount of data is collected by technician which can help us to take an immediate action. Deployment of the IoT mobile apps has improved the operations for environmental assessments, observation of the pipelines and refinement of the equipment.
  2. E-logbook:
    From a long time, data was maintained manually, but with time it is not possible for the companies to manage the huge operational database. This challenge is vanished by the IoT mobile applications which has their own logbook for tracking the daily activities. The whole data is reported via email in synchronization with back office.
  3. Fuel and Asset Management :
    The IoT mobile apps tell about the remote monitoring, tracking of the fuel consumption, forecasting, alerts & reports and KPI, which helps the industry to manage the usage of fuel in a proper way. Mobile applications also helps in managing the assets by scanning the bar code attached to the respective assets. These apps help in having the smart asset management system as it works as a single strategic system. One can know everything about the asses like where the asset is, what is the condition of an asset and many more.
  4. Materials Management:
    One can manage everything about material management functions using the IoT mobile applications on your devices. One can manage reorder of the materials, quality assurance, quality control and stock order transfer using IoT mobile applications.
  5. To read more click here:

March 13

5 Golden Rules To Choose The Best Mobile App Development Company

For over the last decade, it has been observed tha [...]

Every year a large sum of expenditure is made just to get the mobile app created so that it could prove to be a game-changer for their respective owners and end-users. An efficacious mobile app plays a key role in the success of any company’s venture and thus it becomes important for owners to opt for custom mobile app development services.

With every year that passes, growth at a very rapid pace has been observed in the number of enterprise mobile app development. But, of the available numerous solutions for various purposes and needs, only a small chunk of apps sustains up to the owners’ and users’ expectation. Just having a great mobile app idea is not enough for its success. It becomes essential to have assistance from experienced mobile app development companies that could play a pivotal role in an enterprise’s success.

Pointing out a good IT company for the development of enterprise mobile apps is not a cakewalk. There are ‘n’ number of factors to be considered while going for an IT firm that can deliver the expected stuff either in terms of user experience or revenue generation.

March 12

Car Rental Mobile App Development: Features, Timeline, Cost and Tech Stacks

The car rental industry is reverberating right now [...]

The car rental industry is reverberating right now — take it as a fact. According to the most upright reports — for example, conducted by Allied Market Research or Zion Market Research — this market is estimated to scale-up from $60-80 billion in 2015 to approximately $125-160 billion in 2022, reaching a CAGR of 12.5%.

What’s even more majestic: this growth can be marked down in all the regions! With Europe and North America already retaining the biggest share of the world’s Car rental market.

With Europe and North America already owning the biggest share of the world’s car rental market (Mordor Intelligence, reports it to be as high as 65%), considering Korea and Japan as the leading countries in the Asia Pacific market- which is also estimated to witness a growth by over 10% each year.

What is Car Rental Mobile App?

With an avid passion to take it as a utility service for every individual, the car rental industry is Para-mounting the world. Due to voluminous apathetic traffic and lesser parking spots, many cities are facing a lot of difficulties. Services such as Ola, Uber, and Grab have changed the face of the industry. In addition, now the car rental mobile app is doing the corresponding.

On the other hand, On-demand Car rental app development company providers such as Zipcar and Uber have obtained lots of glory in the last several years, they allow users to ride as a private vehicle while excluding the parking and managing hassles. This is the prime reason that for the transportation companies out there, it is commercially profit-generating opportunity to develop a taxi or car rental mobile app. That is why taxi or car rental mobile app development is the correct alternative for your transportation company.

Biz4Group offers Car Rental App Development Service, which is unique in various aspects and comprises of innovative service. With the collaboration of a website and your car rental application as well as developing a highly customizable booking and ride system software, your profits can be maximized by extending your reach to consumers. These applications are user friendly and can be run efficiently.

Overview of the Car Rental Marketplace:

With Biz4Group, develop a Car Rental app platform as an interesting start-ups grant, and are marking their presence visible across the globe. If you have also forethought to develop a successful peer-to-peer Car Rental platform, then we have listed here the relevant details of business models and features:

Business Model – Car rental app presents a platform where your freely lying car can be easily rented. This implicit formation of vehicles is made by the participation of owners who charge a fee to pay out their vehicles. Vehicles can easily be located by the occupants and they get to pay only for the time people are using the car. Such industry provides a platform for Car bookings and charges a fixed percentage of the fee as the revenue.

Resources Model– Some excerpts of generating revenues from your peer-to-peer car rental opening:

Commission on Booking Fee – The owner of the website can charge a trivial booking fee on every car booking from the occupant.

Banner Ads and Car Promotion On-Site – Banner ads or the featured listing for the car owners who are prepared to reimburse some additional money.

Subscription Kits for Car Owners – Monthly or the Yearly subscription to digital products that would support them in succeeding in preparing and securing with the features such as GPS tracking, engine lock, and tamper detection, through smartphones.

Must have Features and Inbuilt Panels for your Car Rental Mobile App

As the true adherents of the Lean Methodology, we always advocate our clients to start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

The foremost and one of the trickiest jobs at this stage is to correctly identify the right Release-Backlog which signifies for creating an App-Product which has only those features, that will aid you in solving your Target Audience (TA) problem. And only those, we mean it! This is an important task to cut Time-to-Market and iterate it until and unless you have finally found a Product that Fits the Market.

Let’s roll over the steps that your TA takes on the way from an interested user to a paying and learn on the way that how to guide them along this journey.To read more click here:

March 04

Mobile App Development Companies in Saudi Arabia

We are the leading mobile app development company [...]

Are you looking for the top mobile app development company in Saudi Arabia. We fusion Informatics is the top app development company and providing services more than a decade and you can hire our team for developing a robust mobile application to your business.

January 17

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai, India - DxMinds

DxMinds - Looking for a Mobile app development com [...]

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai, India

Home - Mobile app developers - Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai, India

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai, India

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai

Mobile application development has become a life-changing technology that has been positively affecting our lives. The reputation of mobile applications has created a large number of mobile application development companies in Chennai, India and, around the world.

Chennai is one of the booming application development sectors in India. Indian app developers are in huge demand for worldwide clients in 2020. Chennai is one of the top technology cities in India with more than 100 high-tech parks within the city. Every year the number of apps development companies in Chennai growing high.

Why Mobile Applications Are Important For Your Business? 

Mobile application development is the creation of computer programs for use on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smart watches. Mobile applications are developed for different OS such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Since we live in a smart digital world, more than 80 % of people with mobile devices to search for online products and services. Of this 80 %, research, 27 % for mobile applications that are connected to the products or services they wish to acquire.

Nowadays, mobile application development has been used to develop mobile applications for virtually every reason you can think of, including the sale of goods and services.

The population of mobile users is currently more than 1 billion worldwide. This is why every business owner needs a mobile app for his / her business.

Mobile Applications are categorized into three varieties:

Native App – These kinds of apps are installed from the app store. They are specifically designed for the OS.

Web App – This may be a web application viewed through an online web browser, not a real application, but appears and feels exactly like the initial.

Hybrid App– This app is a mixture of native and web applications. This web app mainly benefits from access to native platforms

Application creation was used to build mobile applications for various businesses. A mobile application is an important part of a business because it can help a business to grow rapidly regardless of the type of business.

Here is a list of Top Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai, India

Are you looking for the Best Mobile App Development Companies in Chennai, India for your business application development in 2020? Here we listed some of the cutting edges Mobile App Developers in Chennai


Contus is one of the first-class mobile app development company in Chennai, India. It started in 2008. The company specialized in social, Mobile, Analytics Cloud (SMAC) Company. We provide Android and iOS innovative solutions through our products and services for our customers in over 40 countries. Contus has industry experienced team of 200+ skilled technology developers, which offers a great advantage for our customers to scale, cost and geography.

DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

DxMinds Innovation Labs is one among the professional mobile app development companies in Chennai having widespread roots across the globe focuses on digital products and solutions, which can take your business to the next level. DxMinds is a company founded by a team of profoundly qualified professionals, who specialize in providing reliable and productive services. They have a verifiable history of working with clients all over Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Other Services of expertise by DxMinds includes:

Are You looking for Mobile App? Let’s Consult

Pyramidion solutions

Pyramidion solutions are one of the specialized Mobile Application Development Company in Chennai. Our main business focuses on creating mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. We have a good track record of creating and building Android and iOS apps for small startups and large corporate businesses. We deliver a business edge in serving customers and enhancing brand values.

Way2Smile Solutions Pvt Ltd

Way2Smile Solutions is an award-winning best iOS mobile app development company in Chennai, India providing custom mobile application and website app solutions. We’ve developed more than 100 + mobile apps built using Android and iOS mobile platforms. Way2Smile Solutions has a large number of client bases, which are categorized into more than 100 different portfolios. The app developers are always eager to engage with consumers and plan to create mobile apps that are sensitive to current trends.

Mirror Minds

Mirror Minds is one of the ISO 9001: 2008 certified web app development company in Chennai. The company has more than 10 years of experienced developers and designers. Mirror Minds is an expert in the development of iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Web applications. As the Top Mobile App Development Company in Chennai, they have a team of designers, artists, software developers and technical experts who have focused on delivering the most reliable iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Web-based applications to their clients.

Team Tweaks Technologies

Team Tweaks Technologies is one of the well-known app development companies in Chennai specializing in Android and iOS platforms. They have dedicated mobile application developers who first examine the needs of clients and their business end-to-end in detail. We have experts in the design of mobile applications, programming and internet marketing specialist who work seriously to make marks a huge success.


Smarther Technologies is an award-winning enterprise mobile application development company in Chennai that produces mobile application solutions from end to end in Android, iOS and Windows Mobile OS. The company over 5 years of experience in providing a wide range of mobile application development, web development, and e-commerce services. The company has successfully delivered over 250+ mobile applications and web projects.

 Ideas2IT Technologies

Ideas2IT Technologies is a mobile apps development company in Chennai, India. Founded in 2008, Technology Ideas2IT successfully delivered 400+ projects. We have a good number of application designers and developers bring their expertise in Android platforms, iOS, and Windows. The company has developed complex products and also implemented in companies like Microsoft and Ericsson.

Wepop Info Solutions

Wepop Info Solutions is one of the finest mobile app and Top Android App Development Company in Chennai, specializing in the design and development of iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry-based applications and websites. We provide a wide range of web and mobile application development services around the world, with the goal of delivering the most user-friendly interface and application quality.

Mavin Apps

Mavin Apps is cutting edges website, game and mobile apps development companies in Chennai, India. Started in 2013, the company has expanded more than 100+ successful projects to its clients worldwide. Mavin Apps work with customers and understand their mobile application needs to build a strategy for the production of business applications. Our designers and developers are constantly engaged in Android delivery, high-quality iOS, hybrid, and Apps games regularly.


We hope you have the right list to decide your popular mobile application developers in India. If you have feedback on the Best mobile app development company in Chennai, as being the leading-edge solutions for mobility, if you are looking for Mobile apps for your business approach can reach DxMinds Innovation Labs provide services with affordable costs. Email us:

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January 09

India App Developer - Best Mobile App Development Company in India

Looking for best-class Mobile app development serv [...]

Planning to create a Game-changing Mobile Application for your Business? Contact - India App Developer.

India App Developer - Best Mobile App Development Company in India. Our Indian App Developers Team has built over 400+ mobile applications. We can help you to develop the Best-class eCommerce, Educational, Enterprise, and Utility Mobile apps with the latest features at an affordable price.

India App Developer has been listed among Top Mobile App Development Companies in India. You can call us to hire App Developers in India as Full-Time, Part-Time and at fixed price to achieve sustainable growth for your business.

Our Mobile App Development Services:

- iPhone App Development

- Android App Development

- React Native App Development

Our Team can help you to develop user-friendly and business-centric mobile applications. Feel Free to Contact Us now.


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100 Feet Anand Nagar Rd, Prahlad Nagar,





Phone: +91 79 48421415