February 14

IoT App Development Company

We are a leading IoT development services provider [...]

Pratiti Technologies is a leading IoT app development company with a dynamic team that helps our tech-savvy clients fix their challenges and identify the processes that we can IoTize to enhance its efficiency.

June 04

Digital Transformation Services

Increasing technological and customer evolution is [...]

Digital transformation is a long haul and requires continues effort, planning. We a re a leading digital transformation company that use advanced technologies like IoT, mobile app, web app to help companies with well-defined roadmap for improved productivity, success.  

May 29

IoT app development company

Automate your business process, garner critical da [...]

IoT App Development

Digitize, Optimize & Transform with IoT

Transforming Enterprises through Smart & Connected Solutions.

IoT provides immense opportunities for Industries to embrace Industry 4.0 by connecting remote devices, analyzing data points, monitoring & predicting behaviour remotely and in a few cases even to control the devices/machines.
Our expertise from device to cloud to analytics & applications helps you to connect, monitor & manage your machines & equipment through a central dashboard. Our well-defined approach helps in identifying your business needs to derive your IoT needs & solutions.
To create limitless IoT possibilities for enterprises by connecting people, devices and technology.

Strategy & Consulting

  1. Identify pain points
  2. Build business case
  3. Define proposed solution


  1. Identify assets & data points
  2. Design IoT platform
  3. Define integration & communication protocols


  1. Iot-enabled Assets
  2. Build IoT Platform
  3. Build App & Analytics


  1. Remote Monitoring - IoT Devices & Platform
  2. Prediction - Performance & data points
  3. Manage IoT Platform

Our business-friendly IoT Services.

At Hakuna Matata, we offer complete IoT services using advanced technology, tools and developers to transform your conventional processes to smart ones.

IoT Custom applications

We make your digital transformation a reality by building best custom IoT applications that are scalable, seamless, effective and engaging.

IoT Ready-to-Deploy Solutions

Accelerate your business process and performance with real-time data garnered through ready-to-deploy IoT solutions and start improving RoI.

IoT Devices

IoT devices for capturing, transmitting and receiving data using sensors, actuators, communications hardware, processors and other components to perform intelligent actions.

Our Industry-Specific IoT Solutions

Our IoT solutions are aimed at improving your organization’s time to market and saving operational cost. We develop and delivery only solutions that matches your enterprise’s expectations and improves your end users confience.

Shopfloor Automation (OEE) Simplified IoT for the shop floor to make faster, smarter, more informed decisions based on the real-time data. Predictive Maintenance
Leverage smart IoT solution to prevent unplanned equipment failures and plan for maintenance to reduce operational expenses.
Product Traceability
Gain floor visibility by tracking & tracing every component a product from suppliers to the end customers using IoT.

Warehouse Automation
Have complete control over inventory using real-time updates on inventory counts in the warehouse and make it more efficient.
Asset Tracking
Leverage IoT to securely track the location and health of valuable assets to ensure seamless business operations.
Fleet Management &
Vehicle Tracking
Utilize IoT solutions to connect fleets and provide remote, detailed insights into their operations, allowing for better transportation.

Self Checkout
Create smart retail stores and improve the customer experience through digital connectivity, data collection using IoT.
Inventory Management Use an IoT solution to make better tracking of all inventory products coming in and out of a store, even for online retail.
Order & Delivery Management
Optimize routes, track assets and gain 100% visibility of order-delivery process by streamlining with IoT.

What makes people praise Hakuna Matata?

Leif Meitilberg
Head of Group IT - Maersk Training

The team at Hakuna Matata came up with the database design and we immediately realized how efficiently they have handled data. These guys know what needs to be done and how.

We’ve been working together with Hakuna Matata Solutions for 3 years and they’ve helped resolve most complex of issues. Quality of work is high and I would highly recommend them.

Venkat Ramakannaian
Facility Manager, Caterpillar

The team is young and enthusiastic and are eager to provide solutions to the complex tasks with ease. Nice team to work with. Look forward to work for more projects.

Michael Gomez
Managing Director, Vanguard Logistics Services

With hakuna matata, we found a trusted, professional, long-term technology partner who brought to the table commitment to quality, accountability, on-time delivery and responsiveness. 

The experience of working with hakuna matata has been excellent. Your team was responsive, and ably managed the project scope and our requirements & expectations.

Joe Hudicka
Sr Solutions Architect, The Clarity Team

They were real, true. Their entire team shares in your success as a client. There’s a lot of lip service paid to worldwide IT services market. hakuna matata is where it actually works like that.

Vipin Valsaraj
Lean Process Manager, Alstom T&D

We want you to know that we truly value you and appreciate your prompt delivery. Your expertise, cooperation helped us with smooth and efficient operation. Looking forward to work with you in future.

JPR Ramesh
Head Quality, Freight Systems

The way hakuna matata handled the project is amazing. Young and energetic, you can handle any kind of Mobile Application Development.

Balaji K
Head IT, Viveks - The Unlimited Shop

Dedicated team. Happy with the output. Will engage them for our various other & ongoing projects.

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May 29

Digital Transformation Services

Hakuna Matata is a leading Digital transformation [...]

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small, medium to the enterprise. As a leading digital transformation company, hakuna matata solutions enable companies with advanced digital services and solutions to ensure rapid growth and RoI.

May 04

Things to Remember Before Building an IoT Solution

Developing a multitier and multifunctional IoT sol [...]

Implementing IoT in the existing industrial frameworks still remains a challenge for many firms. Some companies are even reluctant to embrace it due to its technical barriers. In the past, the early adopters of IoT faced integration and data management based complications that kept the technology in the dark for a while. The DDoS attack on the IoT systems in 2016, also raised several questions on the safety of data and the robustness of these inter-connected networks.

However, in the present scenario, most of these challenges have been rectified and many IoT companies are now providing their solutions as PaaS. The solutions being developed nowadays, therefore, have some common features and functionalities.

No matter if the solution to be created is for precision farming, fleet management, supply chain management, or predictive maintenance; there are some challenges and aspects that are common in all of them. Hence before creating any IoT solution, it is important for a business to keep these key aspects in mind.

Below is a list of some key aspects that you must remember before building an IoT solution:

1) Managing the paradigm shift in the organization:

IoT solutions are not implemented to revamp a particular segment of a company. They give a strategic overhaul to the entire end to end operations of a company and help it to implement agile methodologies.

Hence, companies working with traditional processes generally face issues familiarising this digital transformation. While rolling out their solutions your company’s staff may experience difficulty to adapt with the software offerings and its virtual features. The team may even be unable to do their normal tasks through IoT systems that they were proficient in doing with conventional methods. Adjusting to this change may take some time for some workers and they may require proper training and educational resources to understand the capabilities of the solution.

Hence before initiating the development of an IoT solution, it would be better if you can devise a plan to roll it out in smaller stages. Also, try to create educational tutorials and a proper training regime for your staff so that they can use the solution seamlessly.

2) IoT solutions are time-intensive:

Currently, there are very few commercial-off-the-shelf solutions for IoT. Even if there are some, they may not be suitable for your particular use case or your business objectives. Hence, make sure that you can wait for a considerable amount of time before you embed the IoT system in your business architecture.

Even the most expert IoT Development Company will take around 6 to 9 months to develop a single stop IoT solution. In some cases, this duration may even extend up to 18-24 months from the complete business case development to commercial roll-out. The reasons for this slow execution can vary from business to technical related issues. Moreover, in some cases, even after attaining the product you may have to wait for another 2 to 5 years to breakeven.

Hence, it would be better for you to properly plan the whole process of building and executing the IoT solution. Also, just be patient.

3) Finding the right developers:

A turnkey IoT solution consists of functionalities like interactive designs, cloud storage, data analytics, security systems, and back-end support systems. Finding adept programmers that can develop solutions with these in-built features is very difficult.

Companies don’t have knowledge about development and hence end up hiring incompetent developers for creating their solution. Additionally, Internet of Things solutions needs to be compatible with distinct protocols and connectivity standards.

To counter such issues, you must identify IoT leaders and experts who can truly shape your vision into reality. Also, make sure to find a skilled workforce that can work on your distinct and unique needs.

4) Security must be the primary factor:

Not accounting security as a crucial part of your IoT solution can be the biggest mistake that you make. Cutting the security and robustness of the IoT platform suite from initial designs can break the complete product.

Consider the initial example of the DDoS attack that we discussed at the starting of this blog. The Mirai malware infected more than 100,000 IoT devices and bombarded the servers with bogus traffic. Also, as per an estimate, more than 70% of the IoT devices have several software-related vulnerabilities.

Therefore, global data and device security must be your primary concern before building an IoT platform. You can hire ethical hackers to detect loopholes in your network and fix them. Also, make sure to follow security best practices like using a strong firewall and authentication protocols to keep your servers secure.

5) Device interconnectivity is not as easy as you think:

The total number of connected devices is expected to cross the 30 billion benchmark by the end of this year. This may seem a very large number, but connecting devices over a network while considering security as a pre-requisite is a very long process.

It is important to make sure that the devices that you are going to use are compatible with each other and the network on which they are going to be deployed. Furthermore, make sure that the data transition from these devices occurs seamlessly before it is stored on a cloud server.

6) Consider a POC or a Pilot Project:

You may enjoy the real benefits of your IoT solution after a significant amount of time has passed. For instance, after storing a year of data about your machine’s performance, you may channel it through a data processing algorithm to identify patterns related to its subsequent breakdowns and malfunctions.

Hence, make sure to clearly identify all of your objectives, including the one that will be worked upon after subsequent phases of implementation have been executed. Plan your solution around these objectives and consider doing a pilot project before rolling it down on a larger scale. This will help you to detect the capabilities and drawbacks of your solution in full depth.

March 17

7 IoT Mobile App Benefits for Oil and Gas Industry

Your industry is located at the shore but you neve [...]

The future of mobile application has been changed a lot by IoT Application Development as it has simplified the complexities of oil and gas industry in the following ways –

  1. Better Inspection and condition monitoring:
    The main advantage of using the IoT mobile app is that a large amount of data is collected by technician which can help us to take an immediate action. Deployment of the IoT mobile apps has improved the operations for environmental assessments, observation of the pipelines and refinement of the equipment.
  2. E-logbook:
    From a long time, data was maintained manually, but with time it is not possible for the companies to manage the huge operational database. This challenge is vanished by the IoT mobile applications which has their own logbook for tracking the daily activities. The whole data is reported via email in synchronization with back office.
  3. Fuel and Asset Management :
    The IoT mobile apps tell about the remote monitoring, tracking of the fuel consumption, forecasting, alerts & reports and KPI, which helps the industry to manage the usage of fuel in a proper way. Mobile applications also helps in managing the assets by scanning the bar code attached to the respective assets. These apps help in having the smart asset management system as it works as a single strategic system. One can know everything about the asses like where the asset is, what is the condition of an asset and many more.
  4. Materials Management:
    One can manage everything about material management functions using the IoT mobile applications on your devices. One can manage reorder of the materials, quality assurance, quality control and stock order transfer using IoT mobile applications.
  5. To read more click here: https://www.biz4group.com/blog/7-iot-mobile-app-benefits-for-oil-and-gas-industry

March 16

Internet of Things: A 360 Degree Overview

Although there is a wide range of diversity, there [...]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a great, disruptive power and the basis for digital companies which has merged the digital and physical worlds.

Undoubtedly, IT leaders need to deliver the new enterprise IoT solution as they have faced the growing pressure from business solutions where improving the operational efficiency was a major concern. The real value of enterprise IoT solution comes when an insight into data is given and hence it is made more optimized by combining the sensor data, data from enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, and PLM etc. There are 5 steps to a cognitive IoT application development process.

To read more click here: https://www.biz4group.com/blog/internet-of-things-a-360-degree-overview

March 13

Mobile App Development Company

Agriculture App Development Services

To help farmers increase productivity and profitability, Way2Smile has combined digital technologies such as IoT with its BigdataAnalytics, visualization capabilities, and industry knowledge to create the best Agriculture App Development Services to Customers.

Get Connected with #Way2Smile - App Development Services Agriculture.

March 04

IoT Technology & Fire Rating | Nullifire | Permax

Learn about the role that industrial IoT in Austra [...]

How the IoT Technology is Changing The Way Buildings are Protected

Gone are the days when securing our homes and buildings only meant buying the thickest locks and installing a tall fence to enclose our prized properties. It’s also time to finally say goodbye to the era when fire protection meant having an extinguisher on standby as well as storing a good amount of water to sprinkle in case a combustion occurs.
Because guess what?
Thanks to IoT solutions, we can finally create a comprehensive security and alarm system that senses burglars and smokes, creates alarms for emergencies and intrusion, identifies who to let into your building or if someone is in danger, and allows you to remotely check what's happening in your premises while you are away. Today, we thought we would pivot slightly from focussing purely on intumescents, and instead look into the future to see how the Internet and technology will transform how we protect our properties from accidents and unauthorised entry.

The Internet of Things

Technology is increasingly becoming a part of daily living. Thanks to the Internet of Things, technology allows us to engage with our premises and products. But not as a response, but as a dialogue.
The evolution of smart buildings has been astounding. Aside from the convenience of having a fully automated commercial complex, there is also the added benefit of security. IoT helps reduce threats and risks by integrating different measures into what it now known as complex IoT environments (CIE). But how exactly is IoT playing a growing role in making buildings more secure? We’re glad you asked.

Connectivity is still the backbone of IoT.

Ok, so yes, the IoT requires you to have an IT infrastructure set up, but one that is capable of huge throughput. To be truly considered smart, buildings have to be fully equipped with good Internet connectivity that allows communication of both large and small data to flow seamlessly. 
This is the backbone of IoT and it plays an integral role in making sure that information is delivered in push-and-pull mode in case of emergencies.

Mobile device integration is crucial to safety.

Unlike homes where you’re only managing limited square footage, buildings are a lot harder to keep secure because of their size and location. And when you consider that commercial buildings are more prone to security threats and risks both from the inside and outside, having real-time updates is a massive advantage. 
Smart buildings can now be fully integrated to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, with built-in notification systems alerting owners to any emergency in real-time. 
For instance, if a fire has been detected on the top floor of the building, the system can be configured to notify the owner right away through SMS or even voice so you can call in emergency response quickly. 
Our expectation as we move towards the next decade is that mobile device integration is will become a core component of fire rating design because it allows for quicker actions, which will help managers and owners to incur less damages and mitigate losses for your business.

Artificial intelligence and big data are playing increasing roles in predictive maintenance.

Asset digitisation is one of the key roles of IoT where inexpensive sensors are used to capture real-time data about crucial assets like HVAC systems. This allows for proactive measures that help prevent accidents. 
But let’s look it in construction and maintenance terms: When you install sensors in your building, it can monitor your rooftop units, cooling towers, and chillers. This IoT-powered technology will help provide critical information like compressor run ties, vibration and flow rates, and fan speeds that will help building managers determine if predictive maintenance is needed.  Any potential issues flagged will give the owner of the information the ability to take corrective action as needed ahead of any issue, thus reducing the costs of repair as damage is reduced.

IAQ doesn’t only protect the building but also its occupants.

While a lot of IoT advancements are now focused on making smart buildings more secure, there’s also an opportunity to protect building occupants from health hazards that affect their productivity, concentration, and overall well-being in the long run. 
Studies have shown that poor air quality in a building causes nasal irritation, nausea, headaches, and breathing difficulties. To address this issue, indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring is now being implemented in most smart buildings. 
Air quality is monitored in real time and information sent to building managers and owners for them to evaluate and address humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels in different parts of the facility.

AI and IoT integration allows for better control of building access.

With buildings being more prone to unwanted visitor access, AI and IoT are now being increasingly used to prevent any unauthorized people from gaining access to the building. 
Sensors are installed throughout the premises to capture real-time data that help building managers initiate quick response to possible threats and improve their safety measures to prevent more incidents from happening in the future. 

IoT visitor management systems, for instance, allow for full control of a person’s access to the building. So if an employee has already resigned or is becoming a threat to security, a building manager or owner could deactivate his access to the building and the business’ information at any time.

What it may Mean for Fire Rating

We already mentioned that we see IoT being important for the role it will play in development of fire rating design, but we believe that as technology advances, so too will the application for the fire rating industry. Some of the things we would like to see, or which we believe may become a reality include:

  • Low-cost temperature sensors installed to steel beams which allow fire crews to see just how safe one area of a building is over another

  • Batch control monitoring – allow applicators to scan materials and those materials to be mapped to a central database. This will allow better product quality control and improve product accountability

Smart interconnected devices which monitor multiple sensors and draw resources to or away from certain areas of a building to help control fire. EG shutting fire door dampeners to prevent oxygen flow, whilst simultaneously increasing water to an area.


Actionable data is definitely one of the biggest benefits that IoT offers. It will work to keep buildings safe and secure from both threats within and outside its premises. Preventive measures and quick response processes will not only help building owners save money but also protect their assets and employees from the increasing threats in security these days.
It is an exciting time ahead, and one that stands to benefit all.

January 17

Top 10 Mobile app development companies in San Francisco, USA

Looking for List of Top mobile app development com [...]

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in San Francisco

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in San Francisco

#1 Leading Mobile Apps Development Companies in San Francisco, USA

Studies have proved that about 80% of the world population are active smartphone users and the count is still going up. And San Francisco, one of the most developed cities in the world in terms of technology, lifestyle, and proximity to the Silicon Valley host almost around 7 million regular smartphone users.

The revolutions created by smartphones have successfully accompanied by the invention of mobile apps. Ever since mobile apps got introduced, our lives took a sudden elevate. Decades back, many things and processes were not as easy as they are now. They were pretty much tedious and tiresome. Thanks to mobile application development companies in San Francisco and a wide range of real-life applications of the app they built for breaking down herculean tasks as simple as possible.

As we speak about mobile apps, much perception comes into the picture. And the lion share of it will be the features mobile apps facilitate to run a successful business. In a tech-savvy world, mobile apps come with a perfect blend of mixture that bridges the gap between a business and its customers. Mobile apps offer businesses great and wide exposure to clients that help them generate potential revenue.

Back in time, every business used to spend a huge amount of its revenue on promotional and marketing activities. And whenever they make a compromise on the costing aspect, their revenues are all done. In general, it was a process that required a huge budget. When mobile apps started capturing markets, everything turned upside down. Promotional and marketing opportunities offered by mobile apps helped entrepreneurs in reaching out to potential clients either in the form of push notifications or as a poster or video ad. Mobile apps act as a viable marketing tool that a business owner can filter his customer segment based on age, sex, and various other demographics.

Every business comes with a unique brand name and logo. And to create a positive customer impact against these particulars is not as simple as it pretends to be. Many mammoth brands we experience regularly took years and years to establish their brand name and logo. But gone are those days where the quality services of your company take decades to get branded. When it comes to branding, mobile apps play a crucial role. It helps millions and billions of companies to create brand awareness among their customers.

Other than all of the aforementioned scenarios, mobile apps help a business in skyrocketing its sales and revenue. Apps generally enhance the customer retention rate and increase the loyalty of customers towards a particular brand. Mobile apps are quick, productive and smart when compared to websites, which was succeeded by mobile apps. It also acts as a one-stop solution for all customer queries and engages customers in the right way at the right time.

Though there exist hundreds and thousands of mobile apps development companies in San Francisco, one may find it hard to spot the right app developers for their purpose. So the intention behind writing this blog is to make sure that as an entrepreneur, one ends up hiring the best app developers in San Francisco that we have filtered the top 10 among the lengths and breadth of the city.

So let us get started!

List of Top Mobile App Development Companies in San Francisco, California USA

Menlo Technologies

Menlo Technologies is a leading mobile app development company in San Francisco Bay Area that delivers unimpeachable app development services across various sectors such as Fintech, Digital, NGOs, Government, and Healthcare. With a high-end client satisfaction rate, services offered by Menlo technologies Include both onshore and offshore models. When it comes to the quality of the products and solutions developed, Menlo Technologies never compromises a bit.

DxMinds Technologies Inc                                                                

Are You looking for Mobile App? Let’s Consult

DxMinds Technologies is the pioneer among digital transformation and mobile app development service providers in San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose Bay Area. The unimpeachable services offered by DxMinds are standalone among the rest. Highly customizable solutions and agile mode of development make DxMinds the friendly neighborhood mobile app development company in San Francisco. The apps developed at DxMinds are highly scalable and robust. Highly talented engineers, architects and project manager’s work towards a single mission of making your app a super hit. Unparalleled services offered by DxMinds includes

· Mobile App Development

· Chatbot Development

· Hybrid app development

· Artificial Intelligence

· Blockchain Development

· Internet of Things

· Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality.


Arctouch helps you in building a fruitful relationship with your clients by developing mobile apps of high quality. The apps developed at Arctouch meet international standards and parameters. They are the best medium to engage your clients thereby generating potential revenue. The apps that are developed at Arctouch are of a high degree of security and never compromise a bit on those aspects.


CitrusBits is the best mobile app development company in San Francisco that helps entrepreneurs in building high-end mobile apps. You will be wondered to see the level shift of your business after integrating the CitrusBits app to your existing frameworks. Regardless of the industry, Citrusbits develops apps that are highly user-friendly and unique.

App Emporio

App Emporio delivers high-end solutions across various industries and domains. They help you in boosting your sales and revenue as well. The expertise over various trends and technologies helped App Emporio in being one of the leading app development company in Bay Area.


Headquartered in San Francisco, Zazmic has successful records of accomplishment from its very beginning. The satisfied customer list of Zazmic includes giants like Rakuten, Ericsson, boostr, etc. As the top app developer company in San Francisco, Zazmic never fails to deliver unimpeachable services.


Zymr is a leading enterprise mobile application development company based in San Francisco. The app developed by Zymr holds a huge potential that it can bring the right customers to your business. Zymr offers various services like mobile app development, cloud app development, etc.


Proleadsoft is a set of highly trained professionals who help you in creating wonderful mobile apps.  Proleadsoft helps you in clearing your vision by developing top-notch mobile apps that are blended with the latest technologies and algorithms.


Focusing on building scalable products and solutions, Reinvently appreciates business growth by taking care of all your digital transformation requirements. User-friendly designs and user-first approach made Reinvenlty, one of the leading Android and iOS app development company in San Francisco

Livewire apps

They are one of the top-rated app development companies in San Francisco. Livewire apps deliver top services in android app development, iOS app development, hybrid app development, web app development, etc.


We are sure that the above list of top 10 mobile app development companies in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sacramento served your purpose. The aforementioned companies help you in creating mobile apps of your dream.  Further, down the line, if you want the list again to be shortlisted, hire DxMinds Technologies, the best iOS and Android app Development Company in San Francisco. On-time delivery, high accuracy, 24 hours customer support, etc. are some of the reasons why one should hire an app development company like DxMinds.

For more details: info@dxminds.com

Welcome to DxMinds Technologies Inc
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January 17

Top 7 Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, India, DxMinds

Looking for a Mobile app development company in Ba [...]

Top 7 Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, India

Home - Mobile App Development - Top 7 Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, India

Top 7 Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, India

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Advancements in technologies have always taken our lives into the next stage, especially right after the invention of smartphones and their related applications. Each day from morning to evening until night and more, we intensely rely upon smartphones to accomplish our tasks. It has merged into our lives in such a way that it plays a crucial role in it.

Bangalore alias Bengaluru is one of the finest technology hubs in India. Late studies state that Bangalore is the most innovative major city in the country. From fortune 500 companies to IT giants, startups, soonicorns, and unicorns reside in Bangalore. Out of all of them, 99.99 % depends on mobile applications for day-to-day business operations and uses it as a tool for client engagement. This paved the way for mobile app development companies in Bangalore to reach the mainstream.

Hundreds and thousands of mobile apps development companies in Bangalore claim themselves to be the best while few of them have the real fire. In Bangalore, it is a herculean task for all the entrepreneurs to figure out the right and genuine app developers of their choice.

To help those categories out and to cater to their requirement, DxMinds Innovation Labs, the leading iOS, and android app Development Company in Bangalore, has come up with a list of the top seven app developers out there in the city.

So let’s get started!

Here are the List of Best Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore:

1) DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

DxMinds Innovation Labs is a digital transformation and mobile app development company in Bangalore having widespread roots across the globe. DxMinds highlights a wide range of digital products and solutions, which can take your business to the next level. The team DxMinds consists of profoundly talented developers, engineers, architects, designers and project managers, for they guarantee auspicious conveyance and timely delivery of high-end outputs. Various technologies mastered by DxMinds includes:

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain Technology
  • AR/VR/MR
  • Internet Of Things
  • Chatbot Development etc.

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2) Sourcebits

Focused on disruptive innovation, Sourcebits Technologies caters to numerous digital transformation services exclusively for its clients. It was incorporated in the year 2006. Sourcebits not only support its clients with a handful of resources but enable them in carrying out the next-generation business in a hassle-free manner. Among the best Mobile app developers in Bangalore, Sourcebits excels with its exemplary services and outstanding customer management. The services offered by them include:

  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Video Services

3) Photon InfoTech

Photon Infotech is an IT service provider based in Bangalore. When it comes to technology, Photon Infotech provides the best in class services. The hybrid, iOS, and Android apps developed at Photon Info Tech possess top-notch quality. Incorporated in the year of 1999, Photon helps its customers in redefining their digital strategies leveraging various trends in technologies. The main services offered by Photon Infotech are Mobile app development, Web App Development, IoT, etc.

4) Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds steers ventures to accomplish their business objectives and thereby helping them in having a fruitful business all around. As the leading iOS mobile app development company in Bangalore, Happiest Minds keenly focuses on deploying customer-centric products and solutions. Other than mobile app development services, Happiest Minds offers high-end consultation and delivery of various technological services such as DevOps, IoT, Data Science, Blockchain, etc.

5) Techjini

Techjini is one of the top mobile application development companies in Bangalore, having years of industrial expertise and hands-on experience over various technologies. The mobile apps built at Techjini meets international standards that are beyond customer expectations. Instead of just delivering a mobile app, Techjini creates solutions, which lets every business to enhance their customer engagement rate.

6) Y Media Labs

As one of the leading app development companies in Bangalore, Y Media Labs delivers unimpeachable services to its clients. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and various other outstanding technologies, the solutions built at Y Media labs thrive you hard to stand apart from the competitors.

7) Robosoft

Right from various design strategies to UX/UI service, application management, and delivery, Robosoft Technologies is an international Android mobile apps development company based in Bangalore. The app developed at Robosoft is robust and scalable. On-time delivery and best customer support made Robosoft Technologies a trustworthy app development company in Bangalore.

8) Appnings

Appnings is one of the top Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore. They develop the Mobile app for Android and iOS platform that clients love to get their fingers moved on it over and over to develop their business. Operated by a team of dedicated and skilled app developers who have years of experience in mobile app development field.

9) Next Brain Technologies

Next Brain Technologies is outstanding amongst other mobile app development companies in Bangalore, India serving its best to arrive at peak by giving technological solution for mobile apps. They hold the team of developers, testers, designers including them in each phase of app development process made them to remain in the group of competition. The team has long periods of experience and exhibits request service for their customers.

10) Digi Futura

Digi Futura is one of the best mobile app developers in Bangalore developing innovative and user friendly mobile apps. The company aimed to give best solution for mobile and web application. They hold the group of maker’s essence their imaginative deduction to build up a mobile app encourages clients to connect more. Because of their inventive nature in building up an application, they stand themselves in the one of the top mobile app development company.


As a conclusion, if we are further asked to cherry-pick the best among best app developers in Bangalore, without any second thought, we will recommend DxMinds Innovation Labs. Currently, DxMinds operates and has physical offices in various cities across India, USA, UAE, Peru, and Australia and deliver unimpeachable services all across the globe. Hiring DxMinds as your digital transformation partner lets your business independent, free as a bird, having no worries.

Why DxMinds?

  • Expertise over various technologies
  • Robust and Scalable Apps
  • cutting edge Technologies

  • Top-Notch Designs
  • On-Time Delivery
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Budget Friendly

Top mobile app developers in Bangalore:

All the above-mentioned companies are good. But in terms of proficiency, experience, perfection, and on-time delivery, DxMinds Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd. is the top mobile app development company in Bangalore for Android apps and iOS apps. For more details: info@dxminds.com

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January 22

IoT App Development - Appventurez

AppVenturez has partnered with startups, small bus [...]

From a clickable prototype to a scalable project

We provide full-cycle web development from design to implementation to support and maintenance.

IoT smart homes- Our Smart Home solution allows people to connect with their household devices and control them all through sensors and mobile phones. Our experts can craft an easy to execute and accomplish the task for all your work.

IoT smart retail- We can provide you with all the Smart Retail IoT apps that you may need. Smart retail will help customers connect with their favorite brands which if used for yourself will increase your revenues to a high level. Therefore, use this smart solution that we provide and see the stats go up.

IoT- connect cars- Our IoT solutions for cars will help you gather data about traffic, parking spots or any other issue that can delay you. Begin your day by being on time!

IoT- health and medical- With the help of monitored healthcare, routine checks and fitness details keeping a record of health will become easy. People are becoming more and more health conscious every day and with the help of IoT solutions, they can keep managing their health.

June 07

Top IOT App Developers in US

IoT (Internet of things applications development) [...]

IoT (Internet of things applications development) for everyday things connecting with computer is getting larger and larger each day making people and cities smarter and more efficient.  IoT is not just in homes, cars and medical equipment  but also in businesses and industries connecting and communicating through wireless networks. Our team of experts are undoubtedly leading in developing IoT applications. The IoT application is designed in an innovative way for the new generation and their needs, which are evolving each day. We have been prosperous in creating low cost IoT solutions connecting hardware devices to the internet using various channels like WiFi, WiFi direct and Bluetooth for any application.  Our IoT applications will give you amazing user experiences, with unique interfaces.  IoT is expanding reshaping the digital and physical world leading to great opportunities for businesses.  An efficient IoT application allows manufacturers to design, evolve, expand and develop new products by connecting to sensors and devices.