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Fitness and Nutrition Coaching | Fitness Coaching Online | Mountainoteslcc

December 26

Certified Personal Trainer Near Me

Miller Sports Training & Fitness is one of the best personal trainer near me services in Miami Beach that extends sports-specific training services for anyone and anywhere. We believe any fitness goal can be achieved through proper disciple, hard work, and planning and this varies from person to person. Hence, we provide the highest level of customized services including personal training. you can search “personal trainers near me” and see how close we are.

December 12

How Can I Promote My Fitness Business?

Struggling to find new clients? Do you want to get more new memberships for your gym? Are you looking for new ways in which you can make money with your gym business? Well, fitness marketing is no child’s play. It requires great skills and expertise in the industry. Fitness marketing requires all-in-one digital marketing efforts to help you gain more customers. Using the right tools and tactics, you’ll be able to attract more clients and make more profits for your marketing for fitness.

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November 10

Buy Fitness Equipment in Australia

Established in 2011, RAW Fitness Equipment is an Australian owned stores that specialize in fitness equipment suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. RAW Fitness Equipment aims to be the most reputable and best performing Fitness Company in Australia by our customers, team members, shareholders, and suppliers. At RAW Fitness Equipment, we cater to all aspects of the market. We have both commercial and domestic home gym equipment with pocket-friendly prices. RAW Fitness Equipment has one of the largest selections of all types of fitness equipment in Australia.

November 02

Bachelor Of Science (Exercise And Sports Science) - PSB Academy

Students will be able to specialize in the design, [...]

October 10


Fitness - China.com is the #1 Gym Equipment Online [...]

Upgrade your studio space with our expertly designed Studio Collection.

Buy Fitness Equipment for Gyms.

Make Ntaifitness® Your Ideal Business Partner

Ntaifitness (Shandong Ningtai Body Building Apparatus Limited Company.) Gym Equip – China High-tech for Every Gym.

Elegant design. High-quality workmanship. Innovative technology. Outstanding features and functions. We’re obsessive when it comes to making the best gym equipment. Commercial fitness equipment manufacturers Ntaifitness hardware offers everything you’d expect of professional strength equipment, cardio equipment, and more. Holistic concepts and supplementary services will make Ntaifitness® a key part of your long-lasting success.

Wholesale Next-level Commercial Fitness Equipment Packages for Your Facility or Home Gyms

These commercial exercise equipment are trusted worldwide for their durability, bio mechanism, and efficiency. The products manufactured by us are safe, have accurate dimensions, comfortable, and easily operative. We produce these affordable exercise equipment based on the extensive research and analysis done by our qualified technicians and health experts in the fitness industry.

Shop all of Ntaifitness's commercial gym equipment for gyms, corporate health clubs, schools, hotels, and more, including ellipticals, exercise bikes, dumbbells, indoor cycles, rowers, steppers, treadmills, leg press machine and more.

Our business model gives us the advantage of knowing exactly where our products come from, how they are made, and what they are capable of. Ntaifitness products are exclusively available at Fitness-china.com, so you can trust the quality you are getting.

Direct-sales: The Lowest Price for You

We only sell directly to you. No dealers, no middlemen. we’ve done this since day 1. The result? The best gym equipment at the best price. For you.

Direct Support

Can’t find the information you need? No worries, our international team of support agents has the answer.

Thinking about new gym equipment? Explore the range.

Glute Builder

Browsing for glute builder for sale? Shop Hip Thrust Machine for sale at the best prices online, Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Visit us today!

Hip Thrust Machine

Buy Hip Thrust Machine with Low Price From Glute Bridge Drive Trainer Builder Hip Thrust Machine Commercial Gym Equipment Manufacturers Ntaifitness. The glute bridge machine aeroEX-6009 gives you the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise, Shop now!

Ntaifitness Adjustable Dumbbells - Pair

Looking for the best adjustable dumbbells? Save Big on Adjustable Dumbbells with a Weight Rack. Weight Range Adjust from 2 to 32 kg (2 to 20 kg). Space Efficient. Wider Weight Range. They are sold as a pair.

Curved Treadmill

Skillmill Curved Treadmill for Sale, Superfit-5060 Treadmill is the most advanced non-motorized, self-generated, curved manual treadmill you can buy, On sale at Ntaifitness, Buy Curve Treadmill Now with Best Price.

GHD Machine

Buy Best Glute Ham Developer GHD Machine Online with Low Price From Ntaifitness, Start Developing Your Posterior Chain Today. Buy now!

Sissy Squat

Sissy Squat Equipment For Sale, Buy Ntaifitness Fitness Sissy Squat Machine Superior Leg Extension Substitute for Strong & Defined Quads & Glutes Online.
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October 10


买健身器材选购山东宁泰健身器材有限公司健身房家用健 [...]



我们是Ntaifitness, 山东宁泰健身器材有限公司是一家中国制造室内健身器材生产厂家,健身房专业设备制造厂商, 提供健身房设计与管理,健身俱乐部装修一体化工程服务。我们的企业文化内容是专注于用完美主义的工匠精神,打造用户体验一流的高端室内体育器材设备,用科技改善人们的健康生活质量。




对人的动作、运动行为进行感知,跟踪培养健身者的运动习惯, 结合智能可穿戴设备,智能追踪心率、行走步数、体温、呼吸节奏、路径以及运动员的机能的详细训练数据内容,结合Ntaifitness IQ智能云计算平台进行数据分析与管理。


















商业和个人健身设施都受益于健身房橡胶地板。带有双面和单面地板垫,均由最厚的材料制成。所有的健身房地板都易于组装,防水,隔音,并且能够保护您的地板免于繁重的活动。 与设备部分一样:经过安全性和功能测试,但未经维修或翻新。我们的健身器材将为您节省金钱。





固定器械、哑铃、 波速球、瑞士球、药球、战绳、TRX绳、弹力绳、壶铃、杠铃、泡沫轴、多功能龙门架、按摩椅、腿弯举训练器、坐姿腿屈伸训练器、提踵机、单杠、双杠、儿童体适、仰卧板。



楼梯机登山机台阶器厂家Ntaifitness为您提供登山机,健身房登山机,楼梯式登山机价格、报价、图片和使用方法,介绍家用商用楼梯机登山机台阶器怎么样、多少钱、怎么用、招标等器械批发供应信息, 官网在线购买楼梯机登山机台阶器Superfit-3010。
¥26,500.00 包含税 ¥16,800.00 包含税


¥13,850.00 包含税 ¥6,850.00 包含税


C2划船机D型室内磁控商用家用静音风阻划船器厂家Ntaifitness为您提供风阻划船器价格、报价、图片和使用方法,介绍家用商用风阻划船器怎么样、多少钱、怎么用、招标等器械批发供应信息, 官网在线购买风阻划船器Superfit-9003。
¥3,800.00 包含税 ¥2,800.00 包含税


无动力跑步机厂家Ntaifitness为您提供无动力跑步机价格、报价、图片和使用方法,介绍家用商用无动力跑步机怎么样、多少钱、怎么用、招标等器械批发供应信息, 官网在线购买无动力跑步机Superfit-5060。
¥16,800.00 包含税 ¥11,800.00 包含税


风扇健身车健身风阻单车风扇磁控健身车厂家Ntaifitness为您提供风扇健身车价格、报价、图片和使用方法,介绍家用商用风扇健身车怎么样、多少钱、怎么用、招标等器械批发供应信息, 官网在线购买风扇健身车Superfit-8013。

分动式 DY 划艇拉背训练器背肌训练器

宁泰 NtaiFitness悍马系列高端商用健身房专业分动式DY划艇拉背训练器,划艇拉背训练器,拉背训练器,拉背训练器械,背肌训练器力量器械ONEUP-3015产品详细介绍, 挂片式器械分动式 DY 划艇拉背训练器背肌训练器的设计灵感源于人体运动。单独的重量角结合产生相等强度和不同肌肉刺激的独立扩张和收缩运动。带过头枢轴的反握位置为锻炼者提供了自然的运动弧度。
¥5,360.00 包含税 ¥4,350.00 包含税


宁泰 NtaiFitness 商用健身车,健身房健身车,动感单车 Superfit-8001产品详细介绍,提供健身车训练方法,训练动作要领和注意事项的介绍
¥4,650.00 包含税 ¥3,560.00 包含税
September 18

How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer

The Personal training fort Lauderdale is a profess [...]

The performance of Personal training fort Lauderdale and personal fitness is not restricted to gyms or clubs, and can also be developed in squares, residences or condominiums. The work of personal trainer Allentown PA and personal fitness can be complemented and will get better results if it is simultaneously developed with other areas of Health, such as Nutrition, Physical Therapy and Cardiology.

June 17

Buy Quality Sports & Fitness Products | DMoose

DMoose is offering quality sports and fitness rela [...]

May 19

Best Fitness Gym Near Me

Looking for the gym in Miami, then visit the Sweat [...]

Looking for the gym in Miami, then visit the Sweat440. They provide you the 40 minutes of sweat workout session on 4 different stations. These sessions include the mobility training, strength training, cross training which is aimed to burn your body fat, make you sweat and boost your metabolism.

June 15

15 Marketing For Fitness That Had Gone Way Too Far | Marketing For Fitness

The fitness industry is becoming competitive day b [...]

Reaching out to your ideal audience may not be an easy task. Hence, before planning out any marketing for gym campaign, you need to identify your target audience and plan your strategies according to that.

June 14

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About MARKETING FOR FITNESS | Marketing For Fitness :

You can motivate your existing members by running [...]

Email marketing is not dead. You can make use of email marketing campaigns to catch the attention of the interested users. They can be Marketing FitnessBusinesses attracted to your gym.Social media is a great place to advertise your services and membership plans for your gym. You can also think of running promotions and contests to Marketing For Fitness engage the users.

June 14

FITNESS MARKWETING An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All | Marketing For Fitness :

One of the key sections in any fitness marketing w [...]

One of the key sections in any fitness marketing website will be the types of Fitness Marketing services a gym offers. List all of the tiers of membership along with their costs and the benefits you get with each tier. Also, include the types of fitness opportunities your company provides.

June 14

How You Can (Do) MARKETING FOR FITNESS Almost Instantly | Marketing For Fitness :

Using Facebook ads that have optimized user-friend [...]

One of the hottest debated topics, when internet marketing for fitness professionals get together, is how often a company needs to post to create the optimal customer engagement.

June 10

Five Difficult Things About Leads Vs. Warm Bodies| Marketing For Fitness

Marketing For Fitness

The next level of lead is called a warm lead. These consist of people who have shown some level of interest in your facility or services. They might have signed up to receive your newsletter, liked your company pages on Facebook, or been referred to you. They still have not purchased, but they have allowed you to capture their name and contact information, so you can reach out to them a little easier. Still, though, they have not expressed genuine interest in a particular product or service, just general information. You will have to do some nurturing over time to gain their trust and spur an actual trial or purchase.