December 18

Custom, private tours & trips packages

Custom & private tours throughout Mongolia. Over 8 [...]

August 23

Custom sheds Perth

To become the leading suppliers of sheds and garag [...]

Top-quality products combined with expert service means we can supply a wide variety of Custom sheds in Perth and garage sizes for your specific requirements.

July 29

Professional logo design company uae

The logo is a very important part of business and [...]

Professional logo design company UAE is dong good work for making an attractive and customized logo design for companies and businesses. They have industry knowledge with experience.

July 24

Custom Software Development Company India

CGVAK is a leading custom software development com [...]

CGVAK is a leading custom software development company in India that provides customized software products based on your business requirements. CGVAK helped 1000’s of businesses in creating custom software that suits perfectly for all business requirements. Click the given link to contact us and know more about our services and offerings. 

July 08

Website Development and Design Company | UI/UX Design Services

Impressico Digital is the leading web design and development company that offers the best UI/UX design services. For an excellent, stress-free and hassle-free website designing and development experience, Impressico Digital is the right place. We are a one-stop destination to meet all your business’ online marketing requirements. From website development services, UI UX design services to SEO, SMO and PPC, to developing excellent content for your website, we do it all!

October 23

Custom Labels Australia | Custom Made Stickers Printing | Melbourne

Best Label provides quality Custom Made Sticker Pr [...]


To apply window stickers to the outside or inside of any window,

ea. Parking sticker, window sticker

Turnaround: 3~5 working days (1~2 working days are required for post processing such as die-cut, foil printing…etc)

Shape: Any size available   

  • Press-cut (rectangle or square)
  • Die-cut / Kiss-cut (circle, oval, rounded corners, free- shape (profile cut))

If you are looking to purchase custom stickers online, BestLabel can provide you with premium quality custom made stickers at affordable prices. Our custom cheap stickers are available in a wide variety of styles, including double-sided, removable, hologram, and magnetic options.

As one of the top removable sticker and security sticker suppliers in Australia, the flexibility of our product range allows you to produce the exact type of sticker that you prefer. Here are the types of special stickers that BestLabel offers along with recommended applications:

Double Side Stickers

Double side stickers are designed to be applied to the outside or inside of any window. For example, you can use these stickers as parking stickers or window stickers. Double sided stickers can also be applied with different messages on each side of the sticker.

Removable Stickers

Removable labels feature an adhesive that comes off the surface with the label when you try to peel it off. This ensures that any adhesive is removed, leaving the surface clean. Removable stickers are ideal for surfaces that are a hassle to clean the adhesive off of, including walls and glass.

Hologram Stickers

Hologram stickers are beautiful stickers that reflect the rainbow light. They are ideal for use on retail goods, documents, and ID cards. Secure your products against counterfeiting and theft by applying these stickers with serial numbers and other security measures underneath the hologram.

Magnetic Stickers

Magnets can be created for refrigerators, filing cabinets, magnetic boards or any other magnetic surface. Magnetic stickers are much more durable than paper stickers. Use them as a promotional item to include with every order so that your customers can proudly display your brand wherever they like.

Security Stickers

Security stickers provide tamper evident security for your products by attaching to the part of the product where security is the most needed and seals it. Some examples of the use of security stickers include mobile phone boxes, important documents, electronic product certification, and golf clubs.

Custom Made Special Stickers

Our custom made special stickers are available in individual type (single cut), roll type, and sheet type so that you can select the option that best meets the needs of your business. Once printed, they’ll be shipped via couriers and Australian Post so that you can receive a fast turnaround on your order of as little as 4-5 working days (for double-sided, removable, and hologram stickers).

Once you’ve selected your preferred finish, choose the shape, enter the quantity and you’ll receive an immediate quote. Once printed, they’ll be shipped via a courier or Australian Post so that you can receive a fast turnaround on your order.

Individual type (single cut) with released(back) paper split or front peel-off(die-cut only)

Roll type: labels on a roll to use with automatic dispenser (core size: 25 mm, 40 mm, 75 mm)

Sheet type: labels on a sheet

Reversed sticker

Double side


Security stickers

Magnetic stickers.

  • Reversed sticker / Double sided printed stickers
  • Removable stickers
  • Hologram stickers
  • Security stickers
  • Magnetic stickers.

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August 04

Lv mtja 24

LV MTJA 24 provides custom web design, company ser [...]

Want a web design? 
1. Improves your business image online

2. Allows other contact info.

3. Increases views and hits

lv mtja 24  
January 30

Custom Promotional Merchandise - The ODM Group

Create customized marketing promotional products f [...]

promotional merchandising, custom promotional merchandise, promotional merchandise companies

January 30

Personalized Promotional Products - The ODM Group

The ODM Group designs and creates personalized pro [...]

business promotional products, corporate promotional products, custom promotional products, personalized promotional products