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Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad, India - GeeksC

With a promising note to serve quality business so [...]

GeeksChip is a digital marketing company established with a motto to make businesses go digital. We are a troop of geeks devoted to transforming our customer’s business visions into existence. We prefer to communicate clearly and appreciate an open and honest discussion anytime. We always think about the end since your end goals are essential for our strategy and push your business forward. GeeksChip treats you as a partner rather than a client since we must act hand-in-hand to grow together. It sounds cliche. But we are totally fine with it.

Our primary services are SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM, Web Designing, and Content marketing.

February 15

Online Test Assessment Platform | MeritTrac

MeritTrac is a pure play assessment company offeri [...]

MeritTrac is a pure play assessment company offering assessment services to corporates for hiring and workforce development. We also provide examination management services to institutions and universities. We serve more than 400 businesses across the globe & our assessment platform helps organization to hire best candidates for them.

February 01

Grocery app development company

Grocery app development company in India

We are providing you the Grocery Delivery On-Demand Mobile and Web application designs which will convert your next app idea into a digital transformation in Android or iOS platforms. Our skilled team has updated knowledge about the latest versions of Grocery Delivery On-Demand App development. so we are one of the best digital Agency in this Grocery Delivery On-Demand Management Mobile Application Development

January 09

Digital Marketing Company Chandigarh

Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh offers the [...]

Digital Marketing Company in Chandigarh - Creative Monk is the best digital marketing company in Chandigarh, India. Our SEO Company Chandigarh not just offers its top-notch solutions to its clients in India but offshore as well. Bargaining on the quality of work is something that we dislike. We treat all our customers equally and work towards providing them with a solution to satisfy all their web needs.

January 04

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Companies Nashville, TN

HMI is Top 10 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management [...]

HMI is Top 10 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Companies We are offering online Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Services at affordable rates Nashville.

HMI’s Consultants review revenue and usage data to identify reimbursement enhancement opportunities, reduce costs and improve outcomes. We also identify missing charges/codes and address revenue impact associated with areas of non-compliance.

December 18

Mongolian Tour Operator

We are one of the best tour operator (travel compa [...]

Looking for Odoo app development company for your next dream project? We are here to help you with our professional Odoo developers team. Contact us today for your Odoo apps development.

December 05

Digital Marketing Company in USA

Contizant is one of the leading Digital Marketing [...]

Contizant is the best digital marketing company in USA.  We provide our customers with the best marketing strategies that make us stand out from the crowd and that is why Contizant is the best digital marketing company in USA. There are several aspects of this company and the services provided are enlisted below:


Commitment Driven

Re-Imagine Your Digital Presence with Contizant the best digital marketing company in USA

Contizant is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon with a result-oriented and ROI driven approach to growing your business. Our strategies blended with execution lead to sustainable results that truly meet our client’s expectations. As the best Digital Marketing company in USA, we deliver solutions to the digital need in the entirety, and here we defined the idea behind the creation of Contizant.

Who We Are


We are a team of achievers! With our 4C’s of Contizant, we endeavor to make our establishment reach the superlative benchmarks of our client’s digital needs. Our Digital Marketing Company in USA consistently strives to reach the zenith of client-satisfaction with our work and make them see their visions shaping into reality.


How We Are Different


Contizant, the best Digital Marketing Company in USA is a client-centric company that makes it unique in its own way. We proceed with the idea of a strategic data-driven approach to reach the best version of presenting a scalable business model. Our team works on understanding the online presence and is available 24X7 for your support.


Who We Serve


Contizant progresses to serve! Starting from small scale, medium to the large scale business, our Digital Marketing Agency in USA serves all the industries with app development and digital marketing solutions that bring your thoughts to life. Our belief is to make our clientele witness an escalation in the growth graph with the power of digitalization.


Contact Us:

United States: 12035 Eden Lane, Frisco, TX-75033, US

Phone Number: +1 (469) 626 6019

Website: https://contizanttechnologies.com/

Email: sales@contizanttechnologies.com

October 01

What makes Laravel fastest development framework | hire Laravel in India | Das Infomedia

When it comes to web development framework, there [...]
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What makes Laravel fastest development framework?

What makes Laravel fastest development framework?

Laravel is MVC framework for PHP and its used for web based software and site development. Laravel saves time and cost in development when compared to core PHP based or using another framework development. Let’s check different PHP frameworks and code php based development environment and see if Laravel is indeed fastest development framework.

Core PHP Vs MVC Frameworks

Core PHP is used to produce dynamic web content. It works without any further library. thus it’s important to learn core or principle PHP programming to make dynamic web applications.

MVC which stands for Model – View – Controller is a software design pattern. It is used for developing user interfaces that divides the related program logic into three interconnected elements and improves productivity. MVC architecture, the structure of the system – that separates domain/application/business logic from the rest of the user interface. This is done by separating the application into three different elements, Model, View and Controller. Consistency, Reliability, and Accuracy are the three terms that add weight to a MVC framework when compare to core PHP development.

There are four popular MVC framework for PHP: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii and Laravel. Let’s compare all four.

1) CodeIgniter framework:

To provide a simple toolkit for fully-featured web applications, CodeIgniter is developed. it provides a very large library for general tasks with logical structures to use these libraries. Not only Medium scale portals but also simple dynamic applications uses this framework. It doesn’t require much learning curve, so it is easy to use for beginners.

There is no Composer support. You’d find that getting third-party libraries for a few particular databases in CI is harder than you anticipated. You’ll probably end up copying and testing files manually. Right now, CodeIgniter does not support the modular separation of code by default. And, it doesn’t offer any Exceptions with a stack trace. But, CakePHP comes with ORM whereas, in CodeIgniter, one has to depend on third parties.

2) CakePHP framework:

It is an open-source framework and used to simplify the development of web applications, shopping carts, portals. Also, Less time working means more time making money. CakePHP has a built-in validation facility that mainly accelerates the development. CakePHP provides code generation features to instantly develop prototypes. It has inbuilt tools to protect against SQL injection to keep your application secure.

On The downside, CakePHP version updating is difficult. The functionality of CakePHP is not so simple to learn. One-way routing in CakePHP is generally supposed to be a drawback when compared with other PHP frameworks.

3) Yii framework:

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework for developing web applications and reduces development time. It is the most powerful framework that has powerful caching support. it also helps you to use clean secure and reusable code.

Data from other frameworks can be combine with the Yii application as it is compatible with third-party codes. Yii supports to the AJAX, and HTML 5. Although It is not suitable for beginners because of its strict coding standards.

4) Laravel framework:

Laravel is known as the free open source web framework of PHP which is created mainly for the application development for the web. This is one of the most popular PHP frameworks used by many businesses. It has a wide list of plugins and its UI is easy to use. Laravel has been constantly successful in proving itself to be the most popular framework for web Developers. Laravel is good to use for the medium-scale portal, e-commerce, and also for mobile web applications. Laravel delivers accessible and expressive powerful tools required to develop complex and rich apps.

Why Laravel is the faster than another PHP framework using this Future:

1) Single Sign-on: it is a part of user authentication. using this tool user can easily be logged in to multiple applications with a single set of credentials.

2) API management: it is an open-source API management system that helps to build state of the art REST APIs. It provides features like OAuth2 authorization, Rate limiting, OpenAPI support, Webhooks, and SDK generation.

3) Vue js: Laravel developers to create an optimal single page application that is easy to operate. As the complete, the application Vuejs permit Laravel developers to create an optimal single page application that is easy to operate. get loaded at once and make it simple to use the application comfortably and in an easier manner.

4) Laravel Languages support: Laravel supports different languages to be used in the application. using the Laravel localization feature You can store all the strings of different languages in a file and these files are stored at the resources and views directory. also, you can create a separate directory for each supported language.

5) Laravel security: Laravel inbuilt security features, the framework is already much more secure than other PHP frameworks. However, there is a very large coding number of things you could do to make your Laravel code more secure.

With Laravel web technology, you can also build best feature websites, which will not only boost your work process, but it will enhance the overall output of your business. You would find bunch of sites and mobile applications on the web, which are developed on the PHP framework.

Conclusion: Laravel is currently my Laravel framework of choice. Its coding style meshes the best with my own Structure and Updates and the best part is they keep adding new features with at least two version releases every year.

If you are looking for any kind of Larvel development services or are looking to Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers, do contact us at sales@dasinfomedia.com

Das Infomedia

Das infomedia Pvt.Ltd. offers innovative solutions for enterprises as well as individuals. Our solutions will improve efficiency, quality, time to market and our aim is to increate ROI of our clients. We see growth of our clients. Due to our responsiveness and quality services we have established enormous growth in our outsourcing business. While we move upwards in supply chain, we find our key strengths are innovation, early adoption of new technology and well trained team.

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Parallax Collective

Parallax Collective Singapore based creative Video Production Agency that offers production, marketing and advertising services. Contact now and discover for yourself the experience of working.\

Our Office:
44 Kallang Place #06-02
Four Star Building

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The Trio Movers

The Trio Movers is a registered moving company in [...]

The  Trio Movers is a registered moving company in Singapore. We are committed to ensuring a quality level of service that goes beyond customer's expectations. We are committed to job excellence, integrity, and efficiency and have reliable, economical solutions for transporting and storing without losing consistency. Our motive to create a deep bond of trust with our clients. The Trio Movers is your great choice in Transporting.

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One of the best Outsourcing Companies in Dubai | Plus Point Staffing Contractors

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Best Team for Outsourcing & Contract Staffing Solutions in Dubai, UAE

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