February 24

Amazon Fulfillment Center | Amazon Fulfillment Services

In Amazon Fulfillment service, customer ships thei [...]

Are you looking for reliable Amazon fulfillment services? At eSellerHub, we will help you take care of your Amazon marketing and inventory needs strategically. We will help you scale-up your online business and ensure that you are at the top-of-the-game.

December 14

Amazon PPC: A Comprehensive Step-By-Step PPC Guide for 2021

Amazon PPC is essential to your business if you wa [...]

Amazon PPC (also referred to as “Amazon Pay-Per-Click”) is the process of advertising products on the Amazon platform. Millions of Amazon customers are searching for products daily. They click on the search bar and type their desired product or keyword, then advertisers on the relevant keyword/search phrase will play into a digital auction. The advertiser with the highest bid will win the auction and their product ads will be visible to the customer. Advertisers are in an auction and only pay the bid price if their ad gets clicked. Amazon PPC is a pay to play the game.

November 30

Types of Amazon PPC Ads available for Sellers

Want to boost your sales on Amazon? Use Amazon adv [...]

There are ample Amazon advertising types that help you find, attract, engage, and retain your customers at every part of your sales journey. These include self-service solutions and managed services on and off Amazon.  

October 15

Amazon aws certification

Amazon aws certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an auxiliary of Amazon that

gives on-request distributed computing stages and APIs to people, organizations,

and governments, on a metered pay-more only as costs arise premise. In total,

these distributed computing web administrations give a lot of crude dynamic

specialized foundation and dispersed processing building squares and

instruments. One of these administrations is amazon aws certification,

which permits clients to have available to them a virtual group of PCs, accessible

constantly, through the Internet. AWS variant of virtual PCs copy the majority of

the traits of a genuine PC, including equipment focal preparing units (CPUs) and

designs handling units (GPUs) for handling; neighborhood/RAM memory; hard-

circle/SSD stockpiling; a decision of working frameworks; organizing; and pre-

stacked application programming, for example, web servers, databases, and

client relationship the executives (CRM).

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October 08

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day Deals brings you fascinating offe [...]

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September 17

Amazon DSP: Leverage Advertising To Gain More Customers - 2019

Talking of amazon advertising, you must have heard [...]

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a part of the Amazon Advertising program, which allows agencies and advertisers to reach diverse audiences throughout the web programmatically.

From HTML offerings to placing banners on the home page, Amazon DSP is one of the most sorted premium advertising available within the Amazon Vendor Services. The Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a software, which provides centralized, automated media buying from various sources.

  • Rather than selling ad products via three different advertising services —AMG (Amazon Media Group), AAP (Amazon Advertising Platform), and AMS (Amazon Marketing Services), — Amazon has consolidated everything into a single marketplace known as Amazon Advertising.
  • Now, the Amazon Advertising Platform is renamed to Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform).
  • The Headline Search Ads are renamed to Sponsored Brands.
  • The AMS Console is renamed to Advertising Console.
  • Currently, Amazon Advertising includes all ad products such as Amazon DSP, display ads, video ads, stores, sponsored brands, sponsored products, and Amazon measurement solutions.
March 24

Best PPC Software to Manage Your PPC Campaigns

Need a little help with your Amazon PPC management [...]

Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing has developed to a potent advertising channel on Amazon. Running Amazon PPC advertisements enables sellers and sellers to 'purchase' visibility to their goods. The amount of vendors continues to rise year over year. Consequently, if you do not possess a defined PPC plan in place, it might become hard to reach your marketing goals.

March 12

Secret Behind Amazon's Incredible Growth | Amazon Growth Story

Know about how Amazon proved to be on of the large [...]

December 28

How Good Is The Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot? | Superbly fun

How Good Is The Amazon’s, Alexa Echo Dot?. Smart h [...]
How Good Is The Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot?

How Good Is The Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot?

The Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot

If you want to tech up your homes with a smart home device, look further than the amazing Amazon Alexa Echo Dot which revolutionizes the AI functionality of smart home automation devices. Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot. Looking to get it set up perfectly at home? Feel free to contact RMS Installs Atlanta GA, right at your service.

You can use Alexa Echo Dot for a variety of functions and some of them are listed below:

Alarms and Timers

Did you know that in Alexa you can have multiple timers and name each one of them? Then when a timer goes off, it’ll tell you which timer it is. This is great if you’re trying to keep track of multiple things. You can even check on the timer by asking it how much time is left on a specific timer. Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot. Even the alarms are great as you can set them through the app or through voice recognition. You can even pick genre music instead of the traditional alarm sound to wake you up in the morning.

Smart Home Control

For years you’ve been controlling your smart lights, thermostat, cameras and what not! Now Amazon has made it easier to control your devices with the addition of groups. You can combine all of your lights and smart devices in a room with an echo into a group. You’ll no longer have to remember the name of each light and you can easily control all your lights and/or plugs and switches grouped together. That really is a game-changer for those having a hard time remembering stuff.


The echoes are great for listening to music in whatever room you’re in. With the echo music, you can listen to Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora and more. You’re able to just ask for an artist or genre music or song. You can even create playlists with it. It really is a great tool for making your music listening experience fully automated.


Routines allow you to create a series of steps that can be triggered by voice at a specific time by select smart devices, you can pick a routine and you pick the actions that go with it. There are a plethora of options with it, like have your Google Mail checked, change device settings, finding a location, sending a message from app to other users and so on.

Audiobooks and Podcast

With an Alexa Echo, you can ask for a podcast and it will search the available such as iheartradio or tune in for the podcast you want. One of the most amazing features is that you can listen to your audiobooks from any of the echo devices. You can also have your Kindle books be read to you.


When you set up the echo you can give permission to your device to use your contacts to make calls from the echo. You can set up a voice profile and it will recognize your voice and contact when you ask to call someone. This calling option can really come in handy for those who hate opening their cells again and again and dialing a number to call.

Smart home devices are game changes when it comes to amping up your lifestyle, it really sets the mood for a comfortable atmosphere at home that speaks volumes to you. They are a much-needed addition in your lifestyle, its importance can never be undermined and so getting it installed rightfully can be a dilemma too, but leave that up to RMS Installs who are the ultimate solution to your problem if you live in Atlanta, GA. A name to be reckoned with!

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March 26

How to Increase Sales of New Products on Amazon in 2019

Amazon is one of the largest online retail stores [...]

February 01

Best Amazon Marketing

We are a permier Amazon Marketing Agency with over [...]

January 31

Exceptional Costly Misconceptions

The simple truth is that it’s simply not as easy a [...]

Before starting, it’s a good idea to make sure you fully understand Amazon’s Selling Policies. All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on Amazon. Seller offenses and prohibited content can result in suspension of your Amazon account.

February 10

Amazon.ca Coupon Codes & Offers

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February 10

Amazon.co.uk Coupon Codes & Offers

Amazon.co.uk, considered as one of the e-commerce giant throughout the world as well as in the Great Britain. A lot of shoppers love to shop online from Amazon.co.uk. If you are a shopaholic and addicted to Amazonm, then why not to save more with a coupon code or discount offer. Visit Coupons Cottage and take the opportunity to save big while shopping on Amazon.co.uk with the latest Amazon coupon codes and discount offers.

February 10

Amazon.ca Coupon Codes & Offers

Amazon.ca, considered as one of the e-commerce giant throughout the world and it has the same impact in Canada as well. A lot of shoppers love to shop online from Amazon.ca. If you are a shopaholic and addicted to Amazon.ca, then why not to save more with a coupon code or discount offer. Visit Coupons Cottage and take the opportunity to save big while shopping on Amazon.ca with the latest Amazon coupon codes and discount offers.