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Digital Marketing Services in Hyderabad, India - GeeksC

With a promising note to serve quality business so [...]

GeeksChip is a digital marketing company established with a motto to make businesses go digital. We are a troop of geeks devoted to transforming our customer’s business visions into existence. We prefer to communicate clearly and appreciate an open and honest discussion anytime. We always think about the end since your end goals are essential for our strategy and push your business forward. GeeksChip treats you as a partner rather than a client since we must act hand-in-hand to grow together. It sounds cliche. But we are totally fine with it.

Our primary services are SEO, SEM, SMM, ORM, Web Designing, and Content marketing.

December 08

Conversion Agency

From Google and Amazon PPC, to Facebook and Instagram campaigns – we combine world-class creativity with proven marketing experience so you can celebrate the highest ROI you’ve seen yet.

Conversion Agency

October 13

Digital marketing company in Chennai

Uniqwebtech offers a quality of digital marketing services that leads to meet your targeted consumers who need your products and services. We are the best digital marketing agency in Chennai who can help you to develop the businesses.

October 13

Digital marketing agency in phoenix

Digital marketing is the best option for promoting your brand and selling your products among the industry. It helps to reach your targeted consumers who need your products and services. Uniqwebtech provides an excellent quality of digital marketing services in USA. We are the top digital marketing agency in Phoenix

October 06

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Content | WHM Creative

A full-service marketing and advertising agency sp [...]

July 08

Cochin Escort Agency

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March 11

travel agency in dubai

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It was all consuming, instant adoration for us in Dubai. From the minute we left the air terminal, Dubai was one major stunning. We posted about our phenomenally fun camel-riding, hip twirling, rise hopping experience in the desert. We've educated you concerning the social legacy visit that took us past the excitement into the living heart of Old Dubai. I may have referenced, more than once, what an unbelievable encounter seeing the moving wellsprings at the Burj Kalifa was. Presently a few hints, guides, activities, spots to remain and more on our Dubai travel gather together and blog page.

January 05

Digital Marketing Agency | SEO Company | Balloon Networks

One Stop Solution For All Your Digital Marketing, [...]
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Balloon Networks - Digital Marketing & Web Development Agency, highly experienced in providing a blanket of ROI-driven online marketing services to a variety of businesses across the world. Primarily based out of Bangalore, India, founded in the year 2015, we have been helping several businesses across various industry sectors such as travel, insurance, hospitality, retail, technology and e-commerce to name a few. Our strength lies in providing you with highly innovative digital marketing solutions using cutting edge tools.

Affordable Digital Marketing Services for your Business

Balloon Networks a digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Web and APP development company in Bangalore, India. Our skilled web site developer is that the high degree to find out new technologies in current industries market. we have a tendency to area unit providing services to our client one-stop answer build easier to online presence. we have a tendency to area unit into website style, website development, Mobile apps development, domain registration, hosting and Digital promoting Services Company in Bangalore, India. we have a tendency to area unit the one giving an additional plan of this market planning; planning and implementing to our client succeed their Business and fulfill their wants.

Balloon Networks, website styles skilled having 3+ years of involvement to advocate our client reach their target from the little Business to Enterprise Business in the net Services business. Our team of inventive website style and development, they convey our client to next level of the net presence like mobile apps and web promoting to succeed in their stigmatization, tariff and lead generation to successes their goal.

Professional web services for unceasing support for your online business. From WordPress to HTML, we can help you with everything.

APP Store Promotion

Efficient app store promotion for better promotion and higher popularity that instantly makes your apps the most downloaded and used ones.

Graphic Design

Proficient and consistent graphic design services that portray your brand identity better and help you build goodwill, trust and loyalty.

APP Development

Skilled and knowledgeable team of Android and iOS apps developers provide end-to-end support, including development and maintenance.

Video Promotion

Great addition to email marketing campaigns, our video promotion services boost your conversion rates and help you build trust and credibility.

Motion graphics and 3D animation to boost your SEO and help you make a significant impact on your audience like never before.

Reliable hosting solutions that make your website instantly accessible to your target audience across the internet, without any hindrance.

Organic SEO services that help you target quality traffic, get more number of clicks, increase site credibility and also boost your PR.

Pay Per Click

Planned PPC campaigns to directly advertise your business, do targeted advertising, reach out to the right audience and create an immediate impact.

Email Marketing

Fast, flexible and cost efficient email marketing services that help you to easily reach out to new customers, while retaining the existing ones.

Digital Marketing

Tangible digital marketing strategies that cautiously increase your brand loyalty and reach out to the right target audience.

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Some things we do well

Web Development

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

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December 04

Bikini Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

Bikini Mumbai is a Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India base [...]

Bikini Modelling Agencies in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India based modeling agency. With over 15 years experience in sourcing bikini, swimsuit models for editorial, commercial and advertising campaigns.

November 20

Speed or Price or something else: Choosing a Digital Agency | Three Piece Marketing

When evaluating digital agencies which one do you [...]

Posted by Hamish Anderson

Ok, so you have come to the realization, that whilst you can do your own marketing, it is time your brought in a professional digital agency. Perhaps it is for your branding or maybe for strategy, or maybe a comprehensive set of digital marketing needs. But how do you know which one to partner with when you know for a fact that the number of digital agencies in Australia is constantly increasing? We’re hoping that you are on this page because you are looking to use us, or at least are weighing us up, so the question is, what do you need to know about selecting the right agency partner for you. And what service delivery model should you go for?

When you are confronted with a variety of considerations, which one should you choose? A well-priced digital service that acts more as a production house and promises speedy results? Or a high-quality agency that is on the pricier side?

Let’s find out.

Digital Marketing Agency Horror Stories

We’ve all heard a story or two about companies hiring a digital marketing agency, things starting smoothly an then, later on, finding out things have come unstuck because of unmet expectations and misaligned goals and outcomes.

These horror stories can actually be grouped into a few key categories. If you can avoid these, then you are on the right track to finding the right partner and the right service delivery model.

The overpromise

In an attempt to acquire a client, many agencies look to sweeten the pot by making promises that in reality they just can’t keep. For SEO agencies, the common one is ranking first, or on the first page, for the keywords the client wants to rank in in an X amount of days or months.

While there are agencies who can deliver this, most just don’t have the tools, experience, or expertise to do so. Aside from that, there’s Google’s ever-changing algorithm, making it even harder to rank in Google let alone be number one in some keywords.

The other thing some agencies do is make promises for you to be ranked first, but do not explain that the words you will rank for are rarely searched phrases that will do little to nought for your traffic, thus rendering the result useless.

As you’d expect, through conferences, online forums and general discussions we have seen many cases like these, And guess what? A lot of companies were promised at least one keyword at Number 1 in Google’s SERPs in a short span of time but IT never happened. There are also agencies who promise an increase of thousands of followers in a client’s social media account but never deliver in the end. This and a litany of other extraordinary claims that actually never see the light of day make agencies that overpromise, a drag on the rest of the industry.

The result is wasted money and sour relationships.


 “Here’s what we do!”

One of the mistakes or diversions that agencies usually make is to give clients a rundown of their services: web development, content creation, social media marketing, analytics, PPC advertising, video marketing, and so on. They pitch these services as leading-edge, and go to pains to explain how these will benefit you. They pay lip-service to the problems clients face and focus on the services that they can provide, rather than offering clients the solutions they need.

In a reddit discussion, one company said that in their desperation to go digital, management hired an agency who promised to take care of all facets of their overall go-to-market strategy and branding, including SEO and PPC management, graphic design, hosting, content management, web development, and social media management. The agency brought their best game to the table, but failure by the managers to delve further and understand how the work would be done meant they failed to see that there were no systems, nor people in place who were going to be able to scale up and supply the solutions promised.

Furthermore, because the agency wanted to showcase the range of expertise they had, they failed to identify what the main issue of the client was. Ultimately, the failure to address the problem and the non-compliance of irrelevant deliverables meant the company failed to achieve their digital goals and are still in limbo having spent money that achieved nothing.

“Price points not pain points.”

When you start focussing on how much money you can save a company at the expense of actually taking away a point of (or multiple) points of pain that they have, you are in a race to the bottom. Whilst all companies want value for money and to save money on production costs, cutting corners, or saving money at the expense of delivering the right solution is counterproductive.

The danger of partnering with this type of agency is putting your brand’s exposure at risk. You’ll most likely be part of a service model that uses a cookie-cutter solution where all clients, regardless of circumstances, priorities and marketing goals get the same approach. And that’s the crux of it, if you are not focussed on showcasing how you will achieve the goals for a client, nor on taking away pain points, then price points become irrelevant.

Speed or Price: Which is which?

So, as above, as often as not, agencies create problems for themselves, but in doing so, create problems for their clients. Perhaps it is because when you do not know what you do not know, the promises made in the pitching process can sound all too alluring, or the technical jargon used, can make you feel that you have found a partner who is going to take you places.

Whether the latter promise instantaneous results or provide services at a low price, organisations often end up wasting their most valuable resources—time and money—because they’re not being dutiful.

So when choosing a digital marketing agency, which service business model should you go for? Is it the one that offers speedy results? Or the agency that offers an attractive price? Or a retainer, or a project fee? So many options, how do you know?

At Three Piece Marketing, we are firm believers of value creation. We ensure that our clients get real value for every cent they spend with us. Our focus is on first understanding your business, then on knowing your pain points so that we can develop a roadmap that delivers what you need. Then we work to assess your resources (what can you do versus what do you need help with so you can spend your money wisely) and the opportunities available.

Lastly, we understand what is best for you and your cashflow. Do you want a 6 month road map, do you need to do a retainer so you know what you are up for each month and we can tailor the volume of work to this, or do you want to chunk the work into a project and get what you need done – now?

We don’t waste our time producing something that we aren’t sure will help your customers choose your products and services. Instead, we focus on meaningful ways to get your message out there so that your target audience will find their way to your brand.

Where money is no object is our mantra. This means we take the question of how expensive something is off the table, because what we do is deliver outstanding value that generates what you need – an increase in sales. This is what we believe should be the primary consideration be when choosing a digital marketing agency to partner with. Speed, price, and everything else are secondary.

July 03

The Best Importance of Having a Responsive Web Design

If you are looking for responsive web design servi [...]

In today’s competitive world, it is important for businesses to have a responsive web design. We design in responsive will cut down the cost of web designing and developing as there will be no need of developing multiple versions of the same site. With a Webdesign agency Gent, you can have a responsive site and thus save on your money and time.

May 08

Signs it's time to consider hiring a digital marketing agency | Three Piece Marketing

To help target audience decide when it’s about tim [...]

Posted by Hamish Anderson

When to Hire a Digital Agency

Let’s state the obvious. This is the Internet age, the age of connectedness; an age defined by people being online more than ever, of demanding access to information at any time, anywhere. As a business, if you are not online, providing meaningful information and access to your products to your audience you are missing a huge opportunity.

Search engines, websites, social media and other digital channels form part of a digital network that we need to leverage if we are to connect with our audience. Digital connectivity needs to be ubiquitous for everyone, at every touch point. Thus, you need a marketing strategy which give access to prospective and current customers.

While the benefits of digital marketing to a business are obvious, not everyone has jumped into the bandwagon (yet) – no really there are those who still hold off from updating their website or their search presence or who are yet to get online.  There are still people or companies out there who spread themselves too thinly – juggling between content writing, website design, SEO, social media or email marketing on top of daily business concerns.  Sure you can do that yourself, but are you able to achieve the economies of scale you need, or do you have the time to do it, or should you be concentrating on what you do best and relying on others to connect you to more people, more of the time?

Maybe you will benefit from help you think, but maybe you won’t. How can you tell if it is time to look around and invest in a partner who works to put your business out to your market.  Here are four tell-tale signs that it’s time to hire a digital agency for your business:

1.  You lack the technical skills.

Let’s face it, to effectively carry out a business’s digital strategy, you need to have strong knowledge and expertise in digital marketing.  Changing algorithms, nuances in your audience profiles, market segmentation and thus campaign segmentation, let alone the development of content and creative all require more time and knowledge than just a cursory 15 minutes a day.

This may mean using the right graphic design and user experience to support your branding strategy; writing search-engine-optimized content; and/or creating and curating a strong social profile that marks you as an authority, among others.  If you lack these skills, you would find it hard to get website traffic; rank in Google; develop deep connections with your audience, or test, track, and analyse your results.

2. You don’t have the luxury of time.

Development of content, let alone working out how to get your message in front of your market will eat up a lot of time especially when you are learning it or trying to stay on top of the aforementioned changes which occur frequently.  This is time time that you are unnecessarily spending on something which would undoubtedly be better spent on more important things that really matter in your business. 

If you are short of time, struggling to tick things off your daily to do list, speak to digital marketing experts to work out how they can collaborate with you, develop strong strategic plans and ultimately take care of implementing, nurturing and growing your presence while you focus on what you do best.

3.  Business is growing.

A growing business equates to growing needs.  In the digital marketing arena, this translates to a growing reliance on generating fresh ideas, writing relevant content, updating website(s), regularly monitoring results, building your online reputation, and implementing digital advertising without delay. 

As your reputation grows, you will need a team of professionals that are able to help get your voice or message across your target market because you will need a growing list of items to be developed. Not just content, but experiences, social media content, replies to commentary on your digital assets and so forth.

4. You don’t know what you don’t know.

In the last 10 years the digital landscape has evolved rapidly. Ten years ago who knew Instagram would be the content powerhouse or that influencer marketing would be this big? Agencies exist to be on the cutting edge, so it is our job to see these things coming and prepare clients for it. It is our industry, so we need to be prepared and ready.

Similarly, you are focussed on your industry, why should you focus on the digital landscape. How can you predict what is happening? You don’t know what you don’t know. That is why we are here. We see it coming and prepare you for it!

There are many more reasons we are sure (share with us some of your thoughts) but these are just a few of the main reasons why companies need to hire a digital marketing agency.  Deciding to employ a digital marketing service may be a big decision (emotionally and financially) but the results will likely surprise you.  That feeling of “letting go of control” might put you off from hiring an agency but if you find the right one, you will surely appreciate them partnering with you.

The smallest change, something which can effectively go unseen, can support you in ways you never realised! That’s our aim, to help lift you up when needed and make a difference to your marketing, making it cost effective so you can spend more on doing what you need to in your business. So, if you are keen to learn more, speak to one of our specialists at Three Piece Marketing today.