January 28

New York Individual Taxes | Individual Income Taxes

Levine & Associates years of providing New Yor [...]

Individual Taxes


Federal, state, and local taxes can affect individual income taxes in a variety of ways. Luckily, our specialists stay up-to-date on all tax laws, allowing us to recommend strategies that will help you navigate the rules and inclusions that go with individual tax filing to maximize your earnings. 

Understanding the tax rules that apply to your income involves an understanding of the reciprocity agreements in which the state you’re in allows income to be earned. Between the computations and collection of income tax that the state law enforces, it is often a daunting task to maintain compliance regarding taxable income, deductions, credits and many other factors based on all forms of income such as wages or salaries, commissions, business earnings and other forms of investments. 

Did you know that with proper planning, you may enjoy tax benefits, deductions and other reductions on your tax obligation or amount owed? Our years of providing New York individual tax services taught us that the IRS offers a series of deductions for investments, health care, education expenses, charity and more. In this case, Levine & Associates allows you the freedom to gain the advantage of having an experienced team of professional CPAs to manage all these for you. 

The same way that we are savvy in managing corporate and business taxes, our team can provide you with the same level of invaluable resources and support for individual tax compliance. By analyzing your income and assets, we will be able to create a clear and full picture of your actual financial status. This will allow you to do effective planning for your future investments as well as retirement savings or pension. 

All essential things that will help you achieve financial freedom starts with an accurate picture of your current personal financial situation. And that’s why our custom approach to managing your taxes will prove to be handy and extremely useful in more ways than one. 

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January 28

New York Corporate Tax | Corporate Tax Services

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Corporate Taxes


We understand that every business is different and so by allowing our years of experience in implementing tax planning strategies to work for you, you are guaranteed to have hassle-free and stress-free management of your business’ tax compliance. Our experts understand corporate tax concerns and can determine the right plan for your particular business so you can maximize your tax savings.

We are in the business of providing corporate tax services, which include giving tax advice and figuring out tax preparations and compliance for all our clients. With that said, our experienced team in corporate income tax services will work closely with you to determine and identify all areas where deductions and tax savings are possible. And so every day towards the April deadline, we make sure that when the time comes for you to file your tax return, we make sure that you protect your business’ bottomline by paying taxes on the money that you have to. 

For instance, when managing New York Corporate tax preparations, we pay careful attention in providing our clients with a clear picture of their financial situation. That’s why we are among the top preferred services among entrepreneurs seeking help in managing various tax codes and their impact on our clients’ business(es).  In addition to managing tax regulation compliance and consultation, we help prepare our clients business taxes with thorough planning and representation which is based on their company’s accounting processes to make sure that their financial statements are in order. 

By taking over and managing your corporate tax compliance requirements, you save enough time and energy to focus on other more important aspects of your business. Think about the stress and confusions you saved yourself from by allowing us to manage this for you. It sure makes you a more productive business owner. Let the professionals do the work for you.

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January 28

Business Consulting Services New York | Levine & Associates

Levine & Associates provides business consulti [...]

Business Consulting


Building and maintaining a business is never a light undertaking. You need a solid team behind you to support your business’ growth.  As a full-service company, Levine & Associates’ business consulting services CPA can help take your business to the next level as we aim to provide accurate and timely information when it matters. 

We understand that timing is everything when it comes to making decisions about business and investments. And so with our team of experienced accounting and business consultants, we are able to provide our clients with sound financial advice in keeping better control of their business’ cash flow. You have already put in the hard work into building your business and so you deserve a robust plan in identifying and managing risks so that you will be prepared to face any possible challenges. 

By facilitating transfers and projections of cost and revenue, we provide critical information in optimizing profit and operational performance as we are positioned to provide some recommendations on how you can achieve successful outcomes. This is just one of the main advantages that our wide range of business consultancy service offers. 

Our expert team is not only able to crunch your numbers. We can analyze your current strategy and pinpoint what can be done to advance your company. You can also count on us to help you grow your business with our business management consulting expertise. 

Over the years, we have seen business flourish, and by applying our insights and by providing you with access to all the financial data, report and information you need, it would be easy to know what works and what doesn’t for your business.

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January 28

New York Accounting Firm | Levine & Associates

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Levine & Associates consists of a team of experienced financial professionals dedicated to providing clients with timely, accurate and adaptive strategies in managing their overall financial needs. We tailor our financial management strategies to their specific needs and modify them as they change to make sure that we maintain the highest level of professional service. 

Our Experience

We provide first-class service with decades of combined accounting experience to ensure that you stay accountable to your goals.

Our Support Team

We specialize in accounting services that are performed by certified professionals - tax preparers, bookkeepers, and CPA's.

Our Resources

We analyze your accounting framework and start a strategy to help you grow - all powered by best tech in the marketplace.

Levine and Associates provides businesses and individuals with a variety of services, personalized to fit their specific needs.


Stop worrying about your payroll system – our experts will provide the perfect payroll solution.

Corporate Taxes

Maximize your company’s tax savings by letting us handle your taxes.

Individual Taxes

Our specialists stay up-to-date on all tax laws, so we can recommend strategies that will minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your earnings


Our experienced professionals will take care of your accounts, ensuring your finances are up-to-date.

Entity Formation

We’ll help you determine the best business type and if your desired name is available, while also taking care of all the necessary paperwork.

At Levine and Associates, our goal is to ensure our clients reach and maintain financial prosperity. Therefore, we work hard to find the strategies that benefit you the most.

Here’s what we provide:

  • Easy-to-understand yet comprehensive solutions
  • Insightful advice
  • Personalized strategies, just for you
  • Ongoing communication to answer any questions
  • Updates on your account

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November 11

Tax Preparation Services in Darwin- TCA Accountants and Bookkeepers

TCA Accountants and Bookkeepers provide professional's Tax preparation services in Darwin. Our team provides quality support to help you navigate through the complexities of the Australian tax system. We implement technology solutions to simplify and automate compliance and accounting activities that will help you establish, improve, and grow your business. For more details, visit our website.

September 17

1 Accounting & Consulting Services

1Accounting Singapore is well known for Accounting [...]

1Accounting Singapore is well known for Accounting service quality. Only because of our commitment to the values of responsiveness and quality control are we willing to deliver excellent services to our customers. We acknowledge as a professional outsourcing accounting company why you feel the need to keep the information secret. We have several security steps in place for that. It's also our effort to offer the best, most affordable, and flexible facilities.

September 17

Ebos SG Cloud Accountant

If you are running a small business and do not hav [...]

The best thing about a cloud accounting software is that it will allow automatic workflow, so you can use the time somewhere else. For example, if you pay someone weekly or monthly, you can simply upload the vendor’s information to the system and set up the payment process that will pay the vendor automatically. 

May 25

Audit and Accounting firm In Dubai

We are one of top Audit Firms in Dubai. Our approv [...]

N R Doshi & Partners, one of the top audit firms in Dubai, is driving growth through expertise for its client’s business for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Dubai, N R Doshi & Partners has seven offices in the UAE, employing over 100 professionals. We continue to have a dominant presence in the audit and assurance industry, driven by result-oriented Chartered Accountants in Dubai and set on the bedrock of trust. We offer a plethora of wide gamut of services- audit and assurance, VAT consulting, accounting, business advisory, company incorporations, and outsourcing services

April 07

My Tax Expert Inc

I am a true tax nerd. I love reading the tax code, and taking classes to fully understand how these things effect your business. I started My Tax Expert Inc to follow my dream of helping people with their taxes and bookkeeping in 2003. I am here to change the accounting culture. I love to answer client questions and help you plan to keep your hard earned money in your pocket and not in Uncle Sams.

I have bachelors degrees from Illinois State University. I am an adjunct professor teaching taxes at Weber State University. I also teach classes for America First Credit Union, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, and many other organizations. As the President of the Great West Society of Enrolled Agents we are leading the charge to make sure that in Utah, all tax prepares must prove competency to prepare taxes for money.

Did you know that all you have to do to file taxes here is to say that you do? Considering you need 1000+ hours to do hair and nails this is not acceptable. it has led to the rise in personal identity theft, fraudulent returns filed, and predatory tax returns for those who do not understand what they are looking at. We are working to change that.

January 30

Professional Tax Consultants in Dubai – Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy

Sarah Ferguson Tax Consultancy is one of the profe [...]