April 01

Beauty School or Nursing School? Career Paths to Consider

If you feel unsure about what to do with your life [...]

If you’re in a conundrum of choosing beauty or nursing school, don’t panic. Looking into a role in aesthetics—such as becoming a professional esthetician, dermatologist, or cosmetic nurse—may be a happy fit. Here are some tips for diving into a field that is designed to keep people healthy and beautiful.Some cosmetic nurses want to help people be comfier in their skin. They may learn the ins and outs of anti-aging fillers, laser hair removal, acne treatments, or dermabrasion. Most cosmetic nurses prefer non-invasive procedures, where the patient can leave the office and heal quickly.

March 25

7 Crucial Things to Consider When Choosing a Career

A career in the health field can be incredibly exciting and rewarding, but with any new career, there are a few factors to consider. If you’re looking for a change, here are three things you should think about before entering the health field. 

Healthcare Is Never Boring

No matter what job you want to do in the industry, you’ll never have a boring day. If you work directly with patients, you’ll find new challenges as each patient’s care progresses. You’ll also deal with new patients every day, so if you love working with people, this will be a great fit for you. Not only is each job individually exciting, but the field as a whole is extremely dynamic. Technology is having an enormous impact on healthcare and new advances are always being made. If you love the idea of being part of a growing field, this could be the right career for you.

March 25

Top 5 Coolest Jobs in Tech

Technology is changing the way the world runs. New technology has given us the power to talk to anyone in the world at any time for free, the ability to perform work tasks faster and even the way we order our food. There are a lot of jobs in the tech world that brings in a good income and is probably something you’re already doing as a hobby. 

The best way to succeed in the world of tech is to learn about new technology and research positions related to your interests. Once you’ve found your niche, get your portfolio ready and start applying for positions.

March 19

The Best Smart Home Technology to Get Ready for Summer

Just the mention of summer conjures up images of t [...]

Think about it, if you make those much-needed upgrades before summertime, then you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, instead of sweating away in the heat to get them done while everyone else is heading off to the beach for the day. If you’re considering making some home upgrades before the summer starts to heat up, read on below for a few of the smartest ones to get done right away.

March 18

So You Want To Be An Automotive Technician?

Cars have captured the attention of people of all [...]

Cars have captured the attention of people of all ages for decades. If cars have always been a passion of yours, you’re good with your hands and enjoy problem-solving, a career as an automotive technician might be the right fit for you. With over 284 million registered vehicles in the United States, there is certainly a demand for automotive technicians and the many skills they supply. You may be wondering where to start and what qualifications you’ll need to become a certified automotive technician. Here is a guide to get you on the map and driving towards your future.

March 13

Tom's Networking - Recommendations and Reviews you can Trust

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