September 30

Parts And Accessories Are Available At Special Ops Tools

We love the ride height of our Ford Super Duty F35 [...]

The running boards are anodized and coated to resist corrosion. They come with high strength, die-cast aluminum alloy linkage arms. The steps are aircraft-quality aluminum with a textured powder coat finish for grip and durability of air pump. They’re rated up to 600 pounds load capacity.

September 30

Safety Tips For Air Compressors

In industrial plants across the world, it is commo [...]

Choosing the accurate portable aircompressor for sale your facility is critical to production and ensuring there is no wasted energy. Understanding how much air you will need is the most important factor when picking the right equipment.  Below is a sizing guide to allow you to know your options.

September 25

How Do I Find the Correct Tire Pressure for My Car?

That is not to say you shouldn’t go camping in the [...]

Camping in the fall is also a great opportunity to take the pickup truck on some great trails, so don’t forget to pack your portable air compressor. If you don’t have a 12v air compressor, Air Armor can help, visit our website to learn more.

September 24

Air Armor With Little Piece Of Portable Equipment

Keep it simple! If you want safety and the securit [...]

In our over a decade of research and design, we’ve learned, when you try to put too many demands on one little piece of portable equipment, you’re asking for trouble. We all remember the TV with the built in VCR right? Then we all remember that same TV sitting on top of the new VCR you had to buy because the VCR in the TV broke. A vehicle air compressor should be just that…a TIRE INFLATOR.