September 17

What Is Air Armor M240 In Air Compressor

It doesn’t need Bluetooth speakers, fancy digital [...]

They say it’s one of the best portabletire inflator. Airing up has never been easier thanks to the M240’s high output patented design. Instrument panel with built-in pressure gauge, extended 50% duty cycle and an unprecedented 25′ hose that reaches all 4 tires of even the longest wheelbase vehicles.

September 17

Breaking The Seal On The Air Armor M240

You defiantly want to make the M1A1 part of your s [...]

We'd like to thank Bret, one of our customers, for sending in a picture of him putting his new Air Armor M240 Portable 12-Volt best air compressor Kit to use. Let us know what you think of your Air Armor M240 and send us a picture! We will post it here on our blog and in exchange we have quite a few free t-shirts to give away with the Air Armor logo and website on them.

September 16

Helpful On Observe the Trail When Plan On Driving

Pickup trucks are amazing machines. They are built [...]

If given the chance, ask somebody who has knowledge plenty of questions about battery operated tire inflator the trails you plan on driving. In addition to helpful directions, they may point out parts of the trail to avoid, places to be real careful and places to stop and gawk at the scenery. This enables you to plan your trip more thoroughly.

September 16

Now Recharged Your Batteries Through MV-89G

Air compressors are great tools to have if you reg [...]

This is because some may be more suitable for other tools compared to what you need to use it for tire inflator. Not only this, but they also come with a whole range of different features from LED lights to rechargeable batteries.

September 16

Which Is The Best Portable Air Compressor?

The Air Armor M240 compressor (street price around [...]

It seems so crazy to me that more hunters, outdoorsmen, and guys like us that actually use their trucks do not have air compressor in their rigs at all times. How often have you used the air compressor at the gas station to top off your tires or airbags? We all know half the time they do not always work.

September 12

Safety and Security Befits In Air Compressor

Keep it simple! If you want safety and the security of knowing you’ll be able to inflate a tire on the side of the road in minutes, or if you’re looking to air up and air down quickly out on the trail, then the Special Ops Air Armor M240 portable air compressor is for you. It’s just a quality, 12-volt portable tire inflator built into a cool looking ammo can – because some things are just better left alone.

September 12

Portable Air Compressors Are Convenient For Inflating A Tire

Car tires have a way of leaking at the most inconvenient times, usually when you're nowhere near a gas station. I first purchased a portable air compressor for my car when I moved to a rural town, where the nearest gas station was a half-hour away. I've since relied on the compressor to top off the tires on my car, lawnmower, and trailer, as well as to inflate an air mattress. The compressor lives in my vehicle so it's always there in case I need it.

September 11

Portable Air Compressor Comes With A Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

That’s right, our car air compressors comes with a tubeless tire repair kit. Which means wherever you are when you suffer that flat tire, you can be back on the road again in just a matter of minutes. However, while our 12 Volt Portable air compressor will make your day better after suffering a flat tire.

September 11

Less Power Consumption Electric Portable Air Compressor

We develop and manufacture world class equipment f [...]

Our range of electric portable air compressor offer different pressure and flow combinations so that customers can now experience faster drilling with less power consumption as compared with other compressors in its class. Portable air compressors typically come with an air receiver tank that is between 1 and 80 gallons.

September 11

Air Armor M240 Portable 12-Volt Air Pump for Car Tires

Included is an unheard of arsenal of 27 accessorie [...]

The Air Armor M240 Portable 12-Volt Air Pump for Car Tires is designed for people who want to always be prepared. Providing air when you need it with room to spare, this kit can be outfitted for your individual needs. “Throw this sturdy, metal carrier in your truck without worry, and know you’re ready to meet whatever comes down the road.” said John Moser, President of Q Industries. Feature filled, the developers of this powerhouse haven’t missed a thing in planning for the worst and delivering the best.

September 11

The First Four Questions To Ask Before Buying A Compressor

As with any major purchases, it pays to understand [...]

As with any major purchases, it pays to understand what your true needs are and what you expect for your money. With over 40 years of experience designing air compressor systems for a wide range of applications, these are the critical areas to think about before you sign on the dotted line. Keep this checklist handy when you start thinking about buying a new compressor.

September 10

How to Prevent Your Air Compressor from Overheating

Then there are the rescuers…. The people whose sen [...]

They just can’t help themselves. Screw it! They get off the next exit and circle back to help the stranded air compressor driver in need of tire inflation. If you suffer from “white knight syndrome”, it’s not your fault.