July 30

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Health, Fitness, Athletics. These have always been [...]

Health, Fitness, Athletics. These have always been central themes in Pulse Fitness Owners’ Golf Fitness Scottsdale, Tim and Erin’s, lives. Members of several different commercialized “big box gyms” over the years; they noticed that anonymity and being unaccountable for sticking with a program led to large numbers of drop-outs. They rarely saw the same faces in the gym from one day to the next and were left feeling unsatisfied with the whole environment.

July 25

Can I Lose Weight With A Personal Trainer?

Here’s the deal; I see people every day struggling [...]

Here’s the deal; I see people every day struggling to be healthy Golf Fitness Scottsdale. They go to the gyms in Scottsdale, they try to eat a healthy diet, they take their vitamins, and… I’m sorry to say, it’s not enough. Why? Because they use too much plastic, they clean their homes with toxic chemicals, they use hand sanitizer, they cook with the wrong pans, they use poisonous laundry detergent and dryer sheets, and women… you’re the worst! Makeup, lotions, hair products, perfumes, nail polish, birth control, pretty much everything you use is packed full of endocrine disrupting chemicals.

July 21

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Since the collagen strands in the tendons are line [...]

Since the collagen strands in the tendons are lined up Personal Training Studio Near Me, tendons have high TENSILE STRENGTH, meaning they can withstand high forces that pull on either end of the tendon. When muscles work, they pull on one end of the tendon. While the other end of the tendon pulls on the bone, causing the bone to move. So, if we think of the bicep, contracting the biceps muscle can bend the elbow upward and the biceps can also help flex the shoulder, lifting the arm up, the muscle can also rotate Golf Fitness Scottsdale, or twist, the forearm in a way that points the palm of the hand up. This movement is called SUPINATION, which positions the hand as if you were holding a tray. Now what can lead to a tendon being inflamed and leading to tendonitis? In most cases tendonitis, will result from repetitive shoulder actions that can result in overuse of the biceps tendon.

July 14

The Best Pulse Fitness Gyms Trending In 2020

Think about the term of an athlete hitting a “wall [...]

Think about the term of an athlete hitting a “wall” usually when talking about an endurance athlete Personal Trainer Scottsdale. They hit the proverbially wall not because they ran out of fat stores, but because they have a lack of glucose to keep their body running efficiently. So, the gist is this, if you do not eat before you exercise, you decrease your body’s capability to maximize fat burning. It would not just be due to a poor performance or because you could have worked a little harder. This is also because you will burn fewer calories throughout the entire day, by starting off in a slowed metabolic state. If you break the fast (get it? Break the fast, breakfast, breakfast) before you go to your session.

July 10

How Do I Run A Successful Fitness Studio?

The problem with theses habits is that they are no [...]

The problem with theses habits is that they are not only standing in the way of your health Personal Trainer Scottsdale, but they are also a part of a cycle that is keeping you unhealthy and reinforcing your bad habits. Most people realize that bad food is not doing anything good for their bodies, but do you realize what it may be doing to your brain? Nobody wants to deal with dementia in their old age and if you have firsthand experience with a family member or friend with Alzheimer’s disease, you would likely do anything to avoid that fate. The good news is, there is evidence showing that you have a lot of ways to control the risk of dementia. Some researchers have concluded that Alzheimer’s is not a disease of old age, but rather a lifelong process that begins in youth.

July 07

How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost In Scottsdale?

This mixed with focused breathing is an effective [...]

This mixed with focused breathing is an effective way to increase blood flow to the prefrontal cortex and help it develop Personal Trainer Scottsdale. Exercise and better nutrition have been shown to be good for the development and engagement of the prefrontal cortex as well. This can be part of the reason that people who exercise first thing in the morning tend to make better food choices throughout the day. It may not simply be the thought of not messing up what you worked so hard for, which is what most people attribute their post-exercise good decisions to. If we were able to always reason ourselves to better decisions, the world would be a much healthier and likely happier place.

July 03

Scottsdale Golf Fitness Trainer In Pulse Fitness

How many times have these words been said usually [...]

How many times have these words been said usually from female clients Gyms In Scottsdale, “I just want to tone, not be bulky” Then they tell us about how they found this great home routine where they just use a can of soda to perform 100 reps to achieve this “toned” look. Let’s look past the fact you have a can of soda and get to the issue of what does toned even mean? Often when you dig a little deeper with your clients most of them will tell you what they mean is, that they want to have a little more muscle but with more definition and not bulk. OK, how do we achieve this?

July 02

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What’s not required to become a fitness profession [...]

What’s not required to become a fitness professional is any sort of formal training in psychology Personal Trainer Scottsdale. To be quite honest, I’m not really sure how much it would help anyway. In my experience fitness professionals either have it or they don’t when it comes to understanding client psychology. The ones that do, make great coaches, the ones that don’t… well their careers in the fitness industry are either very short-lived or they spend years bouncing from place to place searching for somewhere they can just train. What do I mean by “just train?” Like I said, I’ve met a lot of great trainers. They’re super educated. Some are beyond educated… They know everything there is to know about exercise science and how to put together an effect workout program.

June 28

Top 10 Best Personal Trainers In Scottsdale AZ

What happens? You continue to step on the scale ev [...]

What happens? You continue to step on the scale every day watching the number go down Personal Trainer Scottsdale, then maybe up and then back down, and you get frustrated with yourself and begin to doubt that you can ever achieve that 20-pound goal. This brings me to the first reason the scale is your enemy. Your weight is going to bounce all around, especially in the beginning of any new program and diet. So many things go into what the scale will read from day to day, what you ate, how much water your drinking, did you just workout, did you miss a workout, the point is that number can be incredible skewed from day to day and it will rarely tell you the whole story.

June 22

How To Choose The Best Fitness Personal Trainer

There are two types of exercisers out there. There [...]

There are two types of exercisers out there Personal Trainer Scottsdale. There is the exerciser who focuses on developing proper movement and becoming more efficient at performing each movement, and there is the exerciser that might as well be digging holes. What do I mean by digging holes? Well keep reading.