February 12

What is a good conversion rate? - Profit Marketing Solutions

Pinterest is a visual site, and research shows that the best visuals for this platform are 736 pixels by 1102 pixels. Food and drink pins along with how-to pins do amazing on this site as long as you have a compelling headline with your keywords in it and good visuals.

February 11

Potential Clients Look For In A Fitness Website- Profit Marketing Solutions

Since customers rely so heavily on fitness websites to make their decision, having the right site can help to attract plenty of customers to your business. An effective gym website will always contain these categories.

January 31

The Internet Makes Marketing So Easier - Profit Marketing Solutions

Did you know that almost 80% of health club, fitne [...]

January 31

Top Ten Reasons NOT To Use Digital Marketing Fitness - Profit Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing IS the wave of the future f [...]

January 22

Building an Enviable Mailing List with Marketing for Gyms | Profit Marketing Solutions

You don’t have to work near as hard as you had to [...]

When it comes to building an enviable mailing list, you need to have a well calculated plan. You have to know where to find prospective customers and what types of service that they can’t live without. At first, the process might be nothing but trial and error. You may find one strategy that works better than another and a few along the way that miss the mark. Ultimately, you discover how much effort goes into drumming up new business and following leads.  You also learn just how valuable a strong Marketing for Gyms team is to your survival as an owner of gym, health club or yoga studio.

January 22

How Marketing For Fitness Measures Customer Satisfaction | Profit Marketing Solutions

It is hard to imagine your business without all of [...]
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How Marketing for Fitness Measures Customer Satisfaction

It is hard to imagine your business without all of your loyal members. These men and women are the reason for your success and they often are the source of repeat business as well as referrals. They are also your greatest source of information because they can tell you what areas need improvement in your place of business. You will seldom find this type of honest feedback anywhere else so it is up to you to determine how to use it.

You can vastly improve the level of customer satisfaction that you receive by paying attention to these suggestions and implementing a plan of action that allows you to address any and all customer concerns. Although this task may seem daunting at first, it is crucial if you want to grow your fitness business.

Taking a proactive stance in terms of operations can help you be more appealing to your current and prospective customers. It shows that you are receptive and willing to make the changes necessary to earn their trust. This can go a long way in regards to the packages that you sell and the types of people that you attract to your gym, yoga studio or health club.  In fact, with the help a Marketing for Fitness team, you can achieve all of this and more.

What Marketing for Fitness Can Do For You

Marketing for Fitness gets the word out about your business and the services that it provides. It helps you identify problems and gives you an opportunity to make changes.  Instead of treating a customer like they are just another warm body walking through the front doors of your gym, marketing for Fitness allows these individuals to have a voice and gives them the reassurance that they need to remain committed to the program that they signed up for. The overall sense of morale is improved and you don’t have to worry about all the time that you spent following leads and checking in with your members because the fitness club marketing team handles all of your customer interactions for you.

If You Want Information, Go Straight To the Source

Rather than assume everything is alright, fitness marketers go straight to the source by targeting social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They also generate interest in your health and fitness business by sending out emails, answering questions, and conducting surveys for you. They look for external clues that will help you run your business better. These professionals also provide support to your customers by making fitness and going to the gym part of a healthy lifestyle not just something the men and women can do after work.

There is no reason why you should handle it all alone. Contact us today to learn more about our Done-For-You service subscriptions. We can help you get in touch with your fitness customers in a new and personal way.

January 18

Advanced Fitness Marketing | Profit Marketing Solutions

In the competitive world of business, it is import [...]

Without fitness marketing team by your side to help you identify your opportunities, very little will change.  You’ll still be stuck doing the same amount of work but you’ll find it harder and harder to maintain your client base.  There is no reason for this with so many professional fitness marketers around.  The tricky part is deciding which team to go with.

January 18

How to Keep Classes Consistently Full | Profit Marketing Solutions

It can sometimes feel like feast or famine. One mo [...]

How To keep Classes Consistently Full

It can sometimes feel like feast or famine.

One moment all your classes are booked out for weeks in advance, and then your Studio feels like a ghost town!

Having class numbers dip up and down so dramatically is stressful:

You get financially stretched,

Emotionally wrung out, and

Your self-worth gets battered.

Here’s 3  steps you can take to stop this roller-coaster ride…

Step 1: Always be consistent with your fitness marketing

When you get busy teaching and running your Studio, you tend to brush off your regular fitness marketing activities.

BUT this is the time you must keep going!

Consistency with your fitness marketing activities is as important as consistency with exercise and healthy eating!

Your new approach?

Set aside 20-30 minutes a day for fitness marketing your Studio.

Step 2: Get out into your Community

Being busy in your Studio is awesome!

You get to hang out with your clients, your Instructors are happy and the entire Studio feels alive.

This is the time to get out of the Studio and invest time building relationships and networking with other small businesses.


When you’ve got the “happy vibes” of being busy and having full classes, it’s the perfect time to let others know what you do!

Step 3: Stay Connected

Keeping in regular contact with your current and lapsed clients via a weekly or fortnightly eNewsletter lets them know:

The latest news from your Studio, including new classes and Instructors, What achievements your clients have accomplished, and What new offers and packages your Studio has No more feast or famine in your Studio, but consistent class sizes for a healthy and thriving business!

January 08

Best Marketing for Gyms | Profit Marketing Solutions

The internet is a beautiful thing and a crazy tool [...]

All this hard work means absolutely nothing is no-one ever walks into your online store….. Search engine optimization (SEO) for marketing for gyms, pay-per-click advertising, Google maps, online directories, blogging, forums, link building, article writing, You Tube, Facebook ads, Twitter, Facebook pages, email marketing – the list of possible sources is as long as your arm leg.