March 07

Novastar Tb6 Taurus Series Multimedia Player | LED Screen Parts

Digital signage: To be used for signage display in [...]

Digital signage: To be used for signage display in retail stores including retail store screens and door head screens. Commercial display: To display commercial information of hotel, cinema and shopping mall, such as chain store screens Novastar Tb6. Independent screen: Use a PC or the client software of a mobile phone to enable single-point connection and management of a screen. Cluster screen: Use the cluster solution developed by NovaStar to realize centralized management and monitor of multiple screens.

February 25

Methods to Control the Brightness of the LED Display

At present, the brightness of outdoor full-color LED display screens must be above 1500cd / m2 to ensure the normal operation of the display screen, otherwise the displayed image will not be seen clearly because the brightness is too low. However, the brightness of many outdoor LED cabinets currently exceeds 5000cd / m2, and the playback effect is good during the day. However, such high brightness at night will cause serious light pollution and cause distress to nearby residents. Novastar VX6S

February 08

3 Key Technologies of Small Pitch LED Screen Splicer

With the Vdwall LVP7042 4k Video Splicer increasing display area of ​​LED small-pitch products, projects of dozens of square meters are common. The physical resolution of LED displays often exceeds 1920 × 1200, that is, each ultra-large-scale LED display consists of several It consists of several independent display areas driven by each LED controller.

January 23

The Changing Display Industry: Miniaturization and Ultra-Thin Screens

As the LED industry has matured, it certainly has not slowed down when it comes to innovation. One amazingadvancement is the miniaturization of the technology, helping to decrease the size and weight of the parts needed to build an LED screen. Additionally, it has enabled the screens to become ultra-thin and grow to monster sizes, allowing screens to rest on any surface, inside or outside.

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January 21

Best Price MSD300 NOVASTAR LED Sender Card

Nova M3 MSD300 is standard model of Nova sending card. Nova LED Display Sending Card MSD600. Single sending card supports resolution of 1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668. 18bit gray scale processing and presentation. Read More >> Novastar MCTRL4K

January 16

How To Use Colorlight LED Controller : LED Card Shop and LED Controller

Colorlight C4 LED Display Media Player Controller, C&Light C4 can connect to Internet through LAN/WiFi/4G. Based on Colorlight Cloud Server, C4 can rapidly achieve unified management of multiple screen. Colorlight C4 LED Media Player Controller can connect to Internet through LAN/WiFi/4G. Based on Colorlight LED Controller, C4 can rapidly achieve unified management of multiple screens and multi-services across regions. Read More >> Novastar VX4S

January 16

Buy Linsn RV801 Led Receiving Card Fullcolor LED Display

Linsn RV801 led receiving card work with TS801 led sending card,Rv801D led receiver to receive the data from led sending card. The A and B two ports of receiving card can be used to input or output, can be used for two computers to control a screen at the same time, when one computer have problems, another one automatically replace it, also can be used for one computer with double cable control, when one cable have problems, another one automatically take it over, making the normal work of screen to get maximum security.

January 15

Novastar MFN300-B LED Screen Multi Function Box

Novastar MFN300-B Multifunction Box with a variety of auxiliary functions. Supporting 2-way light sensor connected to achieve automatic brightness adjustment. This is a multifunctional box with a variety of auxiliary functions such as RS232 serial or Gigabit Ethernet port communication, connection between two receiving cards, timer function, distribution box temperature and humidity detection, 4-way light sensor connection, and 8-way power switch control.

January 09

Buy LED Power Supply – LED Screen Parts

The latest generation broadcast-grade video processing technology mixed sync mosaic / mixed video swither / multi-windows processor and video sync processor. Sync mosaic technology realize sync processing horizontal and vertical of ultra HD moving video played through multi-screen graphics cards or network player. Supports zoom mosaic,pixel-to-pixel sync mosaic,Single unit maximally supports horzontal 30720 pixels or vertical 17280 pixels. Read More >> Colorlight LED Controller

January 02

Novastar VX4 Professional LED Display Controller

Able to perform white balance calibration and color gamut mapping based on the different features of LEDs used by screens to ensure restoration of true colors. With an intuitive  Novastar VX4S LCD interface and clear button indicator lights to simplify the control of the system. Adopts an innovative design to enable smart configuration. Screen settings can be completed within several minutes, which has greatly shorten the preparation time.

Briefly speaking, LED screen is made up of two parts: main display body which is composed by several display units Novastar MCTRLR5 (display panel units or display cabinet units) that can be connected together and a set of controller (main control board or control system). Multifarious display panels (or cabinet units) with different specifications and controllers with different control technology can be constituted into various kinds of LED screens to satisfy different application environments with diverse requirements.