February 24

On Screen Monitoring Functionality available in LED Products

When LCD, LED, and projection are used in combination, or the number of signals is large, it may cause a large difference in the display effect between each image, and you cannot individually adjust the individual images that are different. Multi-channel independent adjustment function can easily solve this problem. It can carry out targeted image processing to make the overall picture more harmonious and unified packages. View More >> NovaPro HD

February 20

Practical Application of Seamless LED Splicing Technology in Engineering

Seamless stitching technology is a special, highly demanding projection display application that can achieve multi-screen image fusion together and reduce the stitching gap to the smallest so that it completely overlaps the stitching technology. The seamless stitching technology not only requires a complete ultra-large screen, but also has special requirements for the projection used to project an oversized picture. The biggest difference between seamless stitching technology and BSV Novastar VX4U technology is the small gap.

February 20

Process of the Emergency Body Water Treatment

Organize personnel to blow dry the LED display screen body that is in the water. Do not put the LED display screen body that has been flooded into the air box, this will easily suffocate the LED lights and MRV300. When water in the warehouse or water in the LED display screen is found, it should be dealt with urgently without delay. Adjust the brightness (full white) to 30%, and age for 12 hours after power on.

February 13

Evaluation of Micro-Pitch LED Show Technology

The display with density above P2 generally uses 1515, 2020, and 3528 lights, and the NovaPro UHD Jr shape adopts J or L package. Side welding pins, the welding area will be reflective, the ink effect is poor, it is necessary to add a mask to improve the contrast. The density is further increased, and the L or J package cannot meet the application requirements. A QFN package must be used. The characteristics of this process are no lateral welding pins and no reflection in the welding area, which makes the color rendering effect very good.