March 03

Novastar MCTRL600 Is Provided With Accessory Box and Packing Box

In the Novastar MCTRL600 has Each controller is provided with a carrying case, accessory box and packing box. The controller and LED accessory box (containing controller related wires and accessories) is packed in the carrying case and the carrying case is packed in the packing box. Supports the new generation of NovaStar MCTRL660 calibration technology, which is fast and efficient. Supports a variety of video formats.

February 24

Buy A LED Screen Parts On A Shoestring Budget

In addition, due to the difference in brightness of the use environment, the brightness of LED screen in general indoor screens cannot be as high as outdoors. This requires the video processor to have better image quality improvement capabilities advantages, especially more advanced image scaling processing algorithms, so as to ensure that high-definition video images can maintain the detail clarity and grayscale of the image after scaling processing.

Novastar VX4

January 20

All In One Huidu Asynchronous Sending Card C10

Max support 100 or 300 thousand pixels LED display. Sending and receiving system all-in-one card specialized in small display. Support Cascade receiving cards to achieve Syn display effect. Support 3G/4G/WIFI Internet management. Sending and receiving system all-in-one card is the highest cost-effective. As to High requirements occasion,it can cascade receiving card to archive synchronous card display effects. Suitable for advertising, light boxes screen, outdoor advertising screens, etc. Read More >> Nova Pluto Manager

January 17

Watch LED Display Screen Tech Video | LED Screen Parts

LED tech video provide all kinds of videos related with LED screens but not limited to software operations, hardware repair, new products release etc. LED displays are more and more used in various fields, such as advertising, trafficetc. Since  it  has  a  large quantity  and  is  widely  distributed,  updating LED  display contents  becomes  a  very  heavy  work. Internet  remote  control  solution  will  solvethis  problem  easily. What  user  needs  to  do  is  to  operate  in front  of  computer  to update play contents of LED display even across regions. View More >> LED Control Card

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Outdoor Led Module, Outdoor LED Display, LED Full Color Cabinet, Various high quality Outdoor LED modules are available from LED Screen Parts! We have P8, P5SMD, P3, P2... led modules. They are produced with high quality LED beads and techniques... Every pc is ensured its quality before packing/shipment. Most of our outdoor SMD LED modules' advantage. Rv901tFpga

January 10

Buy Different LED Parts | LED Screen Parts

The sale of different sizes and types of LED screen is being carried out in our company; we will sell to you at a better price you can get any type of LED screen you want from the manufacturing factory. Our experience in the business has provided us with the opportunity to recognize the quality LED screens with a low or optimum price and that is exactly what we are going to provide you with. Apart from main sale of Novastar LED screens, we also deal in selling parts of LED screens which come directly from the factories. Sale of LED screen parts is our major work and we will do that to satisfy your need.

January 09

Buy LED Power Supply – LED Screen Parts

The latest generation broadcast-grade video processing technology mixed sync mosaic / mixed video swither / multi-windows processor and video sync processor. Sync mosaic technology realize sync processing horizontal and vertical of ultra HD moving video played through multi-screen graphics cards or network player. Supports zoom mosaic,pixel-to-pixel sync mosaic,Single unit maximally supports horzontal 30720 pixels or vertical 17280 pixels. Read More >> Colorlight LED Controller

January 07

Colorlight LED Controller For LED Display And LED Screen

Since founded LED Screen Parts company is focusing on improving the research technology and developing new LED Control System products for LED screen field, will commit to offer the top professional and industry-leading LED control solutions, competitive products and services for engineering contractors, operators and LED display manufacturers.Over the years, Colorlight LED Sign Parts adhere to the principles of “quality first, best service, customers our priority, leading technology, reliable quality.