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LED Screen Parts — Technical Tips on Getting the Most from Your...

Technical Tips on Getting the Most from Your Outdo [...]

LED Screen Parts

LED Screen Parts was founded in Jun.2016 by Mr. Amos Poon, an overseas LED screen engineer who has rich experience with LED screen troubleshooting from theory and practice for more than 6 years of global site work experience. This platform dedicated to providing all kinds of LED screens parts to customers all over the world with professional and fast response service, of cause also the proper and brand-new products Novastar VX4S. Meet customers’ demand is the first and most important mission for the whole team. To become the world’s largest LED display screen integrated after-sales service solution provider.

Technical Tips on Getting the Most from Your Outdoor LED Display

In addition to ensuring the quality of the screen body, the pillar type LED display has an important place that must be considered, that is, the pillar of the LED display. The inspection of the safety of the pillar of the outdoor LED screen module can mainly be carried out in the following three aspects.

01 Inspection Of The Base Of The LED Display Column

There are two main forms and arrangements of the foundation: 1. One is the balanced gravity type, that is, the upper load is mainly balanced by the large-volume foundation gravity, which is generally a concrete foundation. This base form is suitable for use when the soil is soft and has an open construction site. 2. The other is a pile foundation type, which is mainly a reamed pile. This type of foundation method can be selected under the condition of limited construction site. When determining the base of the advertising screen, it is first necessary to check its initial drawings and construction materials, and then excavate the base if the conditions agree, and check whether the base method, burial depth, and scale are in accordance with the drawings. LED display base bolts are sampled for strength testing. For other site surveys, when choosing an advertising screen with a balanced gravity foundation, special attention must be paid to the presence or absence of foundation soil bulges around the roots of the steel columns, and the foundation formed after the foundation is shaken under wind load. The collapse of the soil surface, if any, indicates that the anti-overturning of the base can not meet the requirements, and there is a danger of collapse at any time under the action of strong wind, and it must be reinforced immediately.

02 Check The Material Of The Column And The Quality Of The Connection With The Foundation

First of all, it is necessary to measure the deviation of the steel column of the LED display Novastar MRV336. The deviation of the steel column cannot be greater than 1000 / H. It must be measured in two directions. Secondly, the steel quality of the steel tube column of the advertising screen can be checked. It is divided into uniformity, whether there are inter layers, cracks, non-metallic inclusions and significant segregation. When there is doubt about the quality of the steel, the safety of the structural members shall be ensured. Finally, check whether the steel pipe column is corroded and the quality of the steel structure protective coating. The quality of protective coatings for steel structures shall be tested in accordance with the relevant national equipment standards.

Outdoor LED display steel pipe columns and foundations are generally bolted or welded. For bolted connections, check for missing bolts during inspection, and the bolts must not be deformed, slipped, loosened, etc. if there are design drawings, the specifications and models of the bolts must meet the design requirements; the bolts should be rust-proofed. If the corrosion is serious, it must be replaced immediately, and the bolt fastening should be firm and reliable. For high-strength bolts, the embedment depth of the bolts must meet the requirements of the specification.

03 Inspection Of The Upper Steel Frame Member System

At present, the connection between the steel column and the upper steel frame member system is usually in the following two forms: 1. One is T-shaped, and the main frame is formed by the T-shaped fixed connection between the steel column and a horizontal main beam on the upper part. The NovaPro UHD Jr is connected to the T-shaped rigid frame structure through each pendant and diagonal support. 2. The other type is a space truss, whose main skeleton is welded by an independent steel column and several horizontal main beams parallel to each other. The main beams are connected by horizontal and diagonal supports to form a space truss system. The display is mounted directly on the main frame.

Due to the heavy weight of the outdoor LED display column, there will be some hidden safety hazards after using it for a period of time. The main structure of the LED display must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safety.

Novastar MCTRL300 Novastar J6 LED Sign parts

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February 25

Methods to Control the Brightness of the LED Display

At present, the brightness of outdoor full-color LED display screens must be above 1500cd / m2 to ensure the normal operation of the display screen, otherwise the displayed image will not be seen clearly because the brightness is too low. However, the brightness of many outdoor LED cabinets currently exceeds 5000cd / m2, and the playback effect is good during the day. However, such high brightness at night will cause serious light pollution and cause distress to nearby residents. Novastar VX6S

February 21

Body Water Solution For Your LED Display Screen – LED Screen Parts | LED Control Card | LED Video ProcessorLED Control System | LED Power Supply

In the face of the water ingress of the display sc [...]

LED Screen Parts | LED Control Card | LED Video ProcessorLED Control System | LED Power Supply

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Body Water Solution For Your LED Display Screen

Recently, there will always be news on the Internet or on TV that rains have fallen in a certain area. Residents need to go boating. Extraordinary heavy rains not only cause a lot of inconvenience to people’s travel, but also may cause some LED display manufacturers’ warehouses. Water inflow causes water in the display screen body. In response to this phenomenon, what measures should LED display manufacturers take in the face of water in the screen body? Let’s explain the solution of water in the LED display screen.

First, use a fan or other tools to blow the LED display screen body completely dry at the fastest speed.

Secondly, the screen body that has been completely blow-dried is electrified and aged, the specific steps are as follows:Adjust the brightness (fully white) to 10%, and power on for 8-12 hours.

  •      Adjust the brightness (full white) to 30%, and age for 12 hours after power on.
  •     Adjust the brightness (full white) to 60%, and power on for 12-24 hours.
  •     Adjust the brightness (full white) to 80%, and power on for 12-24 hours.
  •     Adjust the brightness (full white) to *, and age for 8-12 hours after power on.

After completing the above steps, the LED display screen body will basically return to normal, but there are some points to note during the processing:

  • When water in the warehouse or water in the LED display screen is found, it should be dealt with urgently without delay;
  • Organize personnel to blow dry the LED display screen body that is in the water.
  • Do not put the LED display screen body that has been flooded into the air box, this will easily suffocate the LED lights.
  • When the water enters the warehouse, it may be necessary for the air box to enter the water. All air boxes should be exposed to prevent the water from evaporating into the LED display screen after the box is filled.
  • The failure of all incoming LED displays to affect the stability of the screen more or less. In the process of emergency treatment, the phenomenon of continuous dead lights may occur after the screen is powered on. This requires manufacturers Pay attention to observation at any time.
  • All the LED display screens that enter the water are in the flight case. For more than 72 hours, the screen is basically of no value for repair and needs to be handled with care.

In summary, in the face of the water ingress of the display screen, what is needed is the word “as soon as possible”. Use the shortest effective method to deal with it. The longer the time is, the greater the loss will be, so When you encounter problems such as water in the warehouse, you must act immediately.

February 18

Unconventional LED Screen - LED Screen Parts

With the development trend of micro-pitch displays, 4-layer and 6-layer boards have been adopted. Printed circuit boards will use micro-via and buried-hole designs, printed circuit pattern wires will be fine, and micro-holes will be narrowed. The mechanical drilling technology can no longer meet the requirements, and the rapidly developing laser drilling technology will meet the fine hole processing.

Novastar TB6

February 14

Ordinary Graphics Processing Technology LED Screen Parts

We know that the point-to-point image display effect is the best. After reducing the image, if only ordinary graphics processing technology or general FPGA graphics processing algorithm is used, the edges of the image will appear jagged, and even pixels will be missing. The brightness will also decrease. High-end image processing chips or FPGA systems that use complex graphics processing algorithms will maximize the display effect of reduced images.

VDWallLVP7042 4K Video Splicer

February 08

Multi Function Stadium Requirements For LED Displays

The multifunctional modern gymnasium can be used not only to hold various sports competitions, but also to hold various large-scale cultural events and rallies. Therefore, the requirements for the display screen can be summarized as rich, diverse, and real-time. Sports competitions, cultural performances, and large-scale events held in the stadium can be broadcast live through the electronic display, and have special effects such as panoramas, close-ups, slow motion, flash action, drag images, nostalgic movies and so on.

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January 29

Perchase Best LED Module | LED Screen Parts

The safe use current of LED lamps is generally 20 milliamps. Above this value, although the brightness will increase a little, the color attenuation will significantly accelerate. Therefore, when purchasing an assembled LED module, you must test its output current value. Brightness below 20 milliamps is not enough, and more than 22 milliamps affects LED life and accelerates color decay. Read More >> Indoor LED Module

January 23

The Changing Display Industry: Miniaturization and Ultra-Thin Screens

As the LED industry has matured, it certainly has not slowed down when it comes to innovation. One amazingadvancement is the miniaturization of the technology, helping to decrease the size and weight of the parts needed to build an LED screen. Additionally, it has enabled the screens to become ultra-thin and grow to monster sizes, allowing screens to rest on any surface, inside or outside.

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January 21

Best Price MSD300 NOVASTAR LED Sender Card

Nova M3 MSD300 is standard model of Nova sending card. Nova LED Display Sending Card MSD600. Single sending card supports resolution of 1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668. 18bit gray scale processing and presentation. Read More >> Novastar MCTRL4K

January 20

Linsn RV901T Receiver card | LEDSCREENPARTS

RV901H/921H/931H is upgraded from the 8th generati [...]

RV901H/921H/931H is upgraded from the 8th generation system RV801. Compared with RV801, RV901 has all functions of RV801 and can replace RV801, besides, RV901 is added the following functionality. Once the receiving card has been mounted, plug the IDC breakout board in to the receiver card. Make sure that it's plugged in oriented as shown above. To Get More Info >> Linsn

January 16

Linsn EB901 Replace EB701 LED Display Control System Splitter

LINSN Control System EB701 HUB Sender is designed specifically multi-display or large screen. The EB701 card has two input ports and eight output ports. Support 1 input 8 output or double 2 input 4 output, support automatic switching function. When used as a 1 input 8 output module, support multi-card cascade, Max 8 cards can be cascaded up, means 1 input 64 output. Used as one spliting to eight.

January 13

Novastar | Video Processor | LED Screen Parts

All of Novastar products like Asynchronous controller, receiving card, Single Color USB Control Card, Serial Port Control Card, LED Sender Card, Multi-Function Card, Fiber Converter, Single Mode Fiber Converter. Novastar Products also contain more specification. With the continued development of LED displays, our industry has already entered the generation of 4K displays. So what kind of 4K solution can NovaStar provide? For stage events, Colorlight LED Controller is definitely the complete NovaStar solution for you, which is the perfect pair for live stage and broadcasting.

January 10

LED Display Parts Accessories You Should Never Know

As a global leading LED display solution provider, we design and develop LED display control solutions for a variety of market applications including entertainment, digital signage and rental. NovaStar commits to pioneer innovative technology in LED display control and has been offering products with exclusive proprietary intellectual property rights identified as industry standard. Our goal is continue to create value for our clients with pioneer technology, tailored solutions, user-friendly products and professional support. Read More >>  Novastar600 Sending Card

January 07

Colorlight LED Controller For LED Display And LED Screen

Since founded LED Screen Parts company is focusing on improving the research technology and developing new LED Control System products for LED screen field, will commit to offer the top professional and industry-leading LED control solutions, competitive products and services for engineering contractors, operators and LED display manufacturers.Over the years, Colorlight LED Sign Parts adhere to the principles of “quality first, best service, customers our priority, leading technology, reliable quality.

January 07

Colorlight S2 Sending Box – LED Screen Parts

We sell many Kinds of LED displays, led parts like [...]

As a new generation of a sender, Colorlight S2 Sending Box has updated its core chips, and the performance significantly improved. It adopts dual USB2.0 as the communication interface to achieve high-speed communication between the PC and senders. Colorlight S2 Sending Box NovaStar NovaPro UHD Jr realizes cascading between multiple cards and much more convenient. Colorlight S2 Sending Box can be applied to small display perfectly.