LED Screen Parts are extremely versatile. One thing many engineers have spent considerable time on is constructing the optimal outdoor screen. Exterior screens face significant challenges including temperature swings, humidity, coastal air, and extreme dryness. Modern Novastar J6 can handle just about anything that the weather brings. And because LEDs are glare-free, they are a perfect fit for many environments—from a stadium to a storefront to a broadcast set.

January 08

Magnimage LED-550D(Basic version) | LEDSCREENPARTS

Magnimage LED-550D is designed for exhibition,tele [...]

Magnimage LED-550D(Basic version)

Magnimage LED-550DS/LED-550D series is designed for exhibition,television broadcasting center, conference, the stage theater and other large LED sceen display application occasions.

Support oversized LED screen seamless splicing, through DVI loop interface, realize nondestructive digital signal transmission, and support multi machine to cascade splicing, support multiple switching effect(cut, fade, wipe)

Magnimage LED-550D/LED550D series is a high performance full color LED video processor which has 16 switching effects; including fade in/ fade out. cut. switch and so on it can customize any DVI input resolution improve the system stability. customized output resolution based on real specification of LED screen to reach the effect of pixel to pixel display intelligent seamless splicing technology of super size LED screen with multi-sending card image splicing The unique synchronous follow-up technology; when it’s high speed action.
LED550D is suitable for stage show. conference. large events. exhibition. command. and surveillance center

Seamless splicing
Seamless switching
Part / Full image freeze/ Test overlay
Customized output resolution
Support DP input
Dual channel image crop
Customized DVI input resolution u Fade in /fade out
Hot backup
Dual pictures
Various test graphic cards
User-defined resolution
Accurate brightness control
More friendly interface
Template setting l multi-machine cascade
Single machine maximum output resolution:2560X816/Hz 2304X1152/60Hz 1536X1536/60Hz

LED-550D don’t have SDI module, if you want SDI module, you can order LED-550DS, please check the detail inputs & outputs as following:

LED-550D Inputs:
AV x 2; VGA x  2; DVI x 1; HDMI x 1; DPx 1;
LED-550D Outputs
DVI loop out x 1; VGA x 1; DVI x 2;

LED-550DS Inputs:
AV x 2; VGA x  2; DVI x 1; HDMI x 1; DPx 1; SDI x 1;
LED-550DS Outputs
DVI loop out x 1; VGA x 1; DVI x 2; SDI loop out x 1;

Magnimage LED-550D Product Specification

 SDI (For LED-550DS)480i 576i 720p 1080i/p(3G SDI)
1280×1024/60Hz 1440×900/60Hz
1680×1050/60Hz 1600×1200/60Hz
1920×1080/60Hz/50Hz 2560×816/60Hz
2048×640/60Hz 1920×1200[60Hz
2304×1152/60Hz 2048×1152/60Hz
1024×1280/60Hz 1536×1536/60Hz
Customized output resolution:
Horizontal resolution.may 3840, min 640
Vertical resolution : max.1920, min 480
SDI loop (For LED-550DS)480i 576i 720p 1080i/p(3G SDI)
100VAC – 240VAC 50/60Hz
Basic Expanding SDI input module



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Briefly speaking, LED screen is made up of two parts: main display body which is composed by several display units Novastar MCTRLR5 (display panel units or display cabinet units) that can be connected together and a set of controller (main control board or control system). Multifarious display panels (or cabinet units) with different specifications and controllers with different control technology can be constituted into various kinds of LED screens to satisfy different application environments with diverse requirements.