April 18

The reasons to do some Spring Cleaning

Whether you hire a company or do it yourself, ther [...]

What is Spring Cleaning If you go back many years, spring cleaning was a term used for a process that was necessary during the start of the Spring season.

April 18

Why hire a Professional Cleaning Firm

There are many reasons to hire a professional clea [...]

Using Professional Cleaners These days more and more people are choosing to hire a professional cleaner, or a cleaning company to help them take care of day to day cleaning chores. This is normally due to people having more hectic work or family schedules, and simply not having the time for cleaning.

April 18

Great ideas for bedroom cleaning

Here we give some cleaning advice on bedroom clean [...]

How to Clean your Bedroom Tips When it comes to home cleaning, the team at Johnson House Cleaners have encountered their fair share of bedrooms in need of a good clean, and here we share some handy bedroom cleaning tips

April 18

Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Some great ideas to help with cleaning your bathro [...]

Top Bathroom Cleaning Tips If the bathroom is not kept clean, it can very quickly turn into a health hazard for the family. Things like blogged sinks, showers and baths, the build-up of limescale on taps and shower heads

April 18

Five Top Cleaning Tips

Some of the best tips for home cleaning

As we all lead very busy lives nowadays, we generally like to get things done as quickly as possible, and this very much applies to cleaning around the home. Here we have compiled a list of some great cleaning tips to help you save time in your domestic cleaning duties

April 18

Using Vingear for Household Cleaning

Some great reasons to use vinegar for cleaning

If you are looking for a more natural and toxic free approach to cleaning then vinegar can be a great tool to clean many surfaces. Here we look at some of the common uses of vinegar when it comes to your domestic cleaning duties: Adding Vinegar to the rinse cycle If you are looking for

April 18

Using and End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Some of the main reasons to use and end of tenancy [...]

A popular service that we offer at Johnson House cleaners is end of tenancy cleaning. This is a service that is widely used by both tenants and landlords to ensure that properties are restored to the condition that they were rented in. We can often work at short notice for end of tenancy cleaning services

April 18

Keeping your Carpet Clean

Great tips from the Johnson House Cleaners team

One of the trickiest things for homeowners with kids is managing to keep the carpet clean. In this blog we will give some advice you might like to follow to ensure your carpets stay as clean as possible: Baking Soda before turning on the Vacuum Baking Soda is one the cheapest ways we can clean....

April 18

Regular Cleaning or a One off Clean?

Best regular and one off cleaning services

When selecting your cleaning service with us, one of the big questions that we get on a regular basis is whether clients should go for the regular cleaning service or just a one off intensive clean.