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At Homeflow, we offer smart living to our customers. As a brand, we recognize that this philosophy must come from within, which is why we aim to create and develop products that are innovative and meet the highest standards of quality. Homeflow is a leading smart home automation company.

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Homeflow is one of the leading smart home products brand in the UK. Being one of the most reliable smart home products brand, we have created a team of specialists that strive to deliver the newest cutting-edge products at the best possible price.

Homeflow is a subsidiary of Smart Homeflow UK. Homeflow’s motto of ‘Smart Living’ is what drives us to build easy-to-use smart home devices that are designed to enhance your life. Homeflow is also developing a new generation of connected devices and appliances that work seamlessly together to simplify the complete smart home experience.


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PPE Supplier in UK & Europe - Homeflow

Homeflow is PPE supplier in UK & Europe region. We are importing PPE kit including Hand Sanitizers, PPE face masks, PPE FFP2 Respirator masks, Non-Contact IR Thermometers, and wall mounted thermometers. Our PPE Kits are being manufactured by reputed manufacturers with whom we are tied up for quality standards and supply guarantee.



HOMEFLOW is a discovery platform for consumers to find technology solutions that fulfil and enrich their lifestyles, thus enabling them to live smarter.

TRUSTWORTHY: We strive to build a credible platform that gives consumers a true sense of how technology can enrich their lives. Additionally, our partners are hand-picked to ensure they bring only the most reliable technology to the end user’s doorstep.

NIFTY: Our offerings are nifty - be it content, products or services. The cutting-edge technology we advocate is truly functional and useful to the end user. We talk about products that can really transform living spaces, rather than just trends that will eventually fade away.

SAVVY: Our approach is savvy. We bring together two important facets of urban living – homes and technology – explaining the advantages of smart living to consumers who wish to better their lifestyle while lessening their carbon footprint.


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Home Security Systems

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This one here goes out to the guardians. The ones who love brilliant gadgets and items, making life simple and helpful.
Today, we're taking a gander at eight gadgets that bode well on the off chance that you have children at home. In no way, shape or form, every one of these gadgets are solely for guardians. Every one of them, however, will come in particularly convenient with youngsters in the condition.
We'll dispatch directly in right away to give you some something to think about.

8 Smart Home Products for Parents

Smart Garage Door Opener
Smart Lock
Smart Doorbell
Indoor Wireless Security Camera
Infant Monitor
Smart Changing Pad and Scale
Smart Thermometer
Smart Speakers and Smart Displays

1) Smart Garage Door Opener
Coming all the way back from an excursion or shopping with hands loaded with sacks and children running all over. Sound well-known?
By putting resources into a brilliant carport entryway opener, you'll have the option to supplant the disorder above with a passage controlled consistently from your cell phone.
A considerable lot of these clever gadgets can open your entryway consequently as you show up dependent on geo-fencing.
Bid farewell to hazardous doorways and make proper acquaintance with mechanized entryway control straight out of a science fiction film. Make your life simpler before you set foot inside your associated home.

2) Smart Lock
When your children start going out with companions, why not offer them a superior option than a key?
Numerous kids will in general lose keys, and concealing an extra outside is a security chance not worth taking. Surely not when you have choices like the Ultraloq UL3 Smart Lock available to you.
One of the essential reasons we reliably prescribe Ultraloq in a section loaded up with the high challenge is the differed methods of passage. It's particularly kid-accommodating.
Allow your kids to enter home utilizing unique mark acknowledgment. The UL3 can amass to 95 arrangements of fingerprints, and there's nothing for your youngsters to recollect. Simply show them how to obtain entrance, and you have absolute security.
In the event that you want to give them a code to punch in on the touchscreen, the counter peep tech is a pleasant touch. Urge your kids to enter the secret key some place inside a string of arbitrary digits. The Ultraloq will give them access while no bystanders with sick aim can figure the genuine section code.
Toss in access with your cell phone and mechanical back-up keys and Ultraloq UL3 is, as we would like to think, the most grounded brilliant lock available for guardians.

3) Smart Doorbell
On the off chance that your children invest energy at home alone before you return from work, putting resources into Ring Video Doorbell Pro is an incredible method to upgrade their wellbeing.
At the point when anybody rings the doorbell, your youngsters can see what it's identity is on screen and speak with two-path sound before giving them access. You'll additionally have the option to mediate and impart remotely in-application on your cell phone.
You can likewise get alarms on your telephone at whatever point the sensor recognizes movement outside your home, and you'll profit by a live feed.
What about determining the status of your kids?

4) Indoor Wireless Security Camera
Checking your children is likely the absolute most conspicuous use case for indoor brilliant surveillance cameras.
Our preferred remote indoor camera is the Wyze Cam Pan for conveying outstanding outcomes at a pocket-accommodating cost.
At the point when you have children, you can exploit the general view to perceive what they're up to when you're nowhere to be found. With a 1080p live stream on your cell phone and cameras sufficiently little to put any place you need them, Wyze enables you to watch out for your youngsters just as your pets when you're not at home.
What about on the off chance that you have an infant to consider? All things considered, you're in karma there.

5) Baby Monitor
HelloBaby produces one of the most grounded child screens in a glutted vertical.
The small 3-inch show is plentiful for monitoring your infant as she rests. You can container, tilt, and zoom so you can guarantee everything is protected and secure.
Strong two-way sound lets you hear what's going on in the nursery. You'll additionally have the option to alleviate your beloved newborn and sing her a cradlesong.
A room temperature show implies you can be certain your little one is comfortable.
Night vision guarantees you'll stay associated with your infant for the duration of the night.

6) Smart Changing Pad and Scale
In case you're searching for a multi-reason contraption to make your life simpler while helping you screen your infant's weight, the Hatch Changing Pad and Scale is an imaginative and powerful arrangement.
Presently into its subsequent age, the changing cushion makes diaper time somewhat simpler. Delicate and malleable just as simple to clean, the additional kicker is the coordinated scale.
Utilize the friend application to screen how your infant is developing and creating. You'll approach every one of the information you have to ensure your little one is drinking enough milk and putting on weight as required.

7) Smart Thermometer
This adaptable savvy thermometer from Withings enables you to store settings for up to 8 clients, making it perfect for the entire family.
With 16 infrared sensors taking a great many estimations, exactness is highest.
You'll have the option to screen information in-application on the two iOS and Android.
This no-contact thermometer is the perfect method to get an exact perusing regardless of whether your child is grizzling and colicky.
We'll balance now with a snappy look at shrewd speakers and brilliant presentations.

8) Smart Speakers and Smart Displays
Savvy speakers and smart showcase perform one focal general job: bringing voice colleagues and sans hands control into the home.
How do these gadgets prove to be useful when you have children, at that point?
All things considered, the modest and bright Echo Dot Kids Edition is a superb method for acquainting your kids with Alexa and everything she can do to help at home.
Make schedules to enable your children to remain on track with their tasks. Enable them to appreciate spilling their preferred music and tuning in to book recordings on account of a free year's membership to FreeTime Unlimited.
Parental controls enable you to remain in control while giving your children an incredible prologue to smart speakers.

You should now have no lack of thoughts on the best way to improve your life as a parent. Maybe you're hoping to make your home more secure currently you have another child. Perhaps you have adolescents who might profit by innovation to give them some assistance with their errands. Or on the other hand it may be that you need to give your home a general infusion of smarts this Christmas. Take your pick from the above gadgets, and you're in safe hands.

Smart Security Camera
Surveillance cameras have for quite some time been ordinary in homes and organizations the world over.
Your house is your most valuable belongings. Having the option to watch out for things in any event, when you're away in the midst of a get-away gives harmony. With true serenity, you can't put a sticker price on.
As innovation advances, brilliant surveillance cameras can without much of a stretch be altered to block out false triggers. You'll even have the option to organize the specialists to be alarmed in case of a certifiable break of security.

 Smart Lock
While you may expect keen entryway locks make your home more secure, it's increasingly about accommodation. Let's be honest, with a keen lock you're simply supplanting one type of a lock with another. The most ideal advantage of brilliant entryway locks is keyless section. No compelling reason to locate an open entryway or haul out your key, simply enter the code…
Keyless accommodation ought not be thought little of, however. On the off chance that your kids frequently overlook their keys or you like to go out running in the first part of the day unrestricted, keen locks are the perfect arrangement. They additionally function admirably on the off chance that you have an investment property and need to streamline get to while keeping things secure.
Keen locks can utilize WiFi, Bluetooth or Z-Wave to speak with other shrewd gadgets in your home. You can organize the lights to come on and the AC to ratchet up as you enter. Similarly as with all parts of home computerization, getting independent segments and frameworks working in congruity is the way to progress. 
Some shrewd locks like those from the incredible August space over your current equipment. Be that as it may, some others require a deadbolt substitution. In the event that the lock you pick calls for swapping out the deadbolt, you ought to take care of business inside the hour. So there's no reason to not have it.
Homeflow is the shrewd decision with regards to home robotization. We have basic, simple to utilize frameworks to suit each BUDGET. 

SMART HOMEFLOW UK LIMITED give a completely venture oversaw administration to configuration, introduce and commission both private and business A/V, lighting and Security frameworks. We invest wholeheartedly in building solid, proficient relations with our customers, to guarantee smooth running of your venture. At Cleverhome Automation, our principle point is to surpass our client's desires in all parts of our administration. 

Our Main Products to Focus on
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·         Movement Sensor
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·         Robot Vacuum

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