August 20

3 Ply Mask (3 Layer Disposable Masks) - Quality & Features

This 3-Ply Masks (3-layered mask) covers the weare [...]

Case Pack: 2 X 25 pcs/box

Product Size: 175 x 95 mm
Main Material: Spun bond melt woven fabric + melt-blown fabric
Density:25 gsm
Lifetime: Valid for 2 years
Usage Type: Disposable
Standard 3-Ply Masks Secure & comfortable. Perfect for everyday protection against viruses, bacteria, and pollutants

Item Details

Face Masks
The key feature of the coronavirus is respiratory symptoms, such as dry coughing, and it spreads primarily through saliva droplets or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes.This is why masks are essential – for the infected and those around them.While it does help to cover your cough or sneeze and face away from others, covering your mouth with your elbow or sleeve does not fully contain saliva droplets flung into the air. A face mask keeps saliva and discharge completely contained, protecting those around you.In addition, face masks protect healthy individuals by preventing them from breathing in saliva droplets of an infected person.

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