October 01

4 common myths about weight lifting - getgenesisfit.com

Losing fat/weight is a combination of various factors including having a proper diet, appropriate training program and adequate recovery at Gyms in Cumming GA. Doing cardio may help you lose some fat/weight, but if you want to get a toned body and build curves, doing cardio alone will not reach that goal.

October 01

Stop wasting your precious time and choose Fitness - getgenesisfit.com

It was a tough pill to swallow. The moment I realized that I had become what I loathed the most: a Personal Trainer GA that is out of shape. A fraud. I knew I can get back in shape. I knew how to do it. But here’s the rub…I wasn’t doing it.

September 18

Ways to Combat the Lame Hotel Gym Syndrome

Same goes for working out. Whether you are going to wake up earlier in the morning, head to the hotel Gyms in Cumming GA to do your treadmill sprints was already decided that night before you go to bed. That is why so many of us keep on hitting the snooze button when it comes time to wake up.

September 16

How a Personal Trainer is saving your life - getgenesisfit.com

Start down your path to good health and ideal fitness by hiring Personal Trainer Cumming GA. Take the first step to the improved fitness by joining your local fitness center today. By doing so, you will not have to think about what type of training exercises you will need to do to get your ideal fitness and your fitness trainer will guide you on how to do so.

September 09

Renew Your Mind with Gyms in Cumming GA

Fitness can be overwhelming at times, so I’m here to help you start with small simple changes. Being healthy is important physically, but also mentally. Gyms in Cumming GA is not a punishment, but a reward. You are a powerful person and should celebrate the fact that you have the choice to better your health.

September 09

Know Who You Are – 5 Ways to Stay on Track - Gyms in Cumming GA

Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. If you keep things simple, it’ll be harder for you to fall off track and use laziness as an excuse. Sleep in your gym clothes so you can workout first thing in the morning. Keep your gym bag in the car so you can go straight to the gym after work. Cook large portions of protein & veggies for the whole week so you won’t be tempted to buy an unhealthy lunch. Prepare your breakfast the night before (eg. put all the ingredients in your blender so you can just press a button in the morning)

September 05

Boost Your Superpower for Healthy Eating | Gyms in Cumming GA

For instance, I can choose to think, “Oh, I’ll just get one, I can’t help myself” at that plate of chocolate chip cookies that just came out of the oven, or I can choose to think, “Yes, they look delicious, yes, I love cookies, but no, I’m not going to eat one right now and I’m not going to feel deprived or punished by doing so.”

September 05

Why calorie counting isn't working for you - getgenesisfit.com

The FDA permits up to 20% of inaccuracies. So what about if I just eat “real food? “Well, guess what, the calorie of the food CHANGES once you chop, blend, or cook it! Let’s take a 6 oz Filet Mignon for instance. Depending on the cattle that you sourced it from, the same 6 oz filet mignon can already range anywhere between 323 to 506 Cal! That is already a 60% difference!

August 28

Calories Burning and exercising Myths - 3mbtech.com

Gyms in Cumming GA learn to commit to consistent daily movement, and also learn to understand the ball-park portion sizes of each marconutrients that we are consuming daily.

August 28

How to Combat the poor Hotel Gym Syndrome

Have you ever been on the road, wanting to keep up with your Gyms in Cumming GA fitness routine only to find a less than adequately equipped hotel Richmond Gym with barely enough space to fit a hobbit?

August 28

Pride not asking for help

It doesn’t matter whether I needed the special shoe or not, what it did for me was giving me the structure and focus that is required to get results. Now here is the thing. I have never told anyone about these jump soles. I didn’t want my peers to think that worked HARD to get these results.

August 28

Too Much positive mindset and Motivation doesn’t help with your weight loss.

We are also seeing this trend in the world of health and Richmond Gym. It is so easy for all of us to feel “motivated” and “inspired” after watching a Facebook post sharing either an inspirational weight loss video, or some photos of a fitness Goddess.

August 17

Mistake to Avoid When Starting a Fitness Routine for the First Time

It makes me sad every time I see somebody walking into the gym, walks up to a piece of equipment, fiddles around with it to try to figure out exactly how it works only to become self-conscious and quickly walks away before even doing a single rep.Usually, that same person would try a few exercises that he or she might have seen on YouTube before finally retiring to the “cardio” section feeling defeated.

August 16

Personal Training Georgia | Genesis Performance & Fitness Systems

In Home Personal training is considered successful if there is teamwork between capable trainers and determined clients. A successful training program will suffice when both of the parties meet each other half way.

August 08

The Best Way to Find a Personal Trainer in Georgia

At Georgia Personal Training we pride ourselves on providing the most elite personal training services Gyms in Cumming. We have strived to provide the most effective, cutting edge, science based training in the area at the most affordable prices.Our training programs include weight loss, fat reduction, sports performance training, speed and agility, physique sculpting, metabolic conditioning, physical therapy, injury prevention, nutritional coaching, yoga, kickboxing, and more.  For more than a decade we have consistently produced amazing results for people of all walks of life.