April 03

Personal Training & Gyms In Cumming Ga

Your heart rate should slowly return to normal and [...]

Your heart rate should slowly return to normal and you should start to feel as if you did before you began your workout Personal Training Cumming GA. Adding a cool-down to your routine will help to reduce lactic acid build-up by giving your muscles time to push it and other substances out of the muscle as well as increasing blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. Try and add a cool down period to your works this week!

March 28

What is the best supplement to build muscle and burn fat?

What is the best supplement to build muscle and bu [...]

Back in the day, men who wanted to build muscle and bulk up their bodies were constantly seen devouring raw eggs – almost a cliché when it comes to body building, raw eggs were a kind of body building supplement of that time. Now science suggests the eggs were actually a rich source of protein which is the building block of muscular growth. Since eggs were found to be dangerous if taken in high quantities (being laden with cholesterol), various other methods of concocting Gyms in Cumming GA supplements and body building supplements evolved.

March 26

Tip of the Week and Proper Importance Of Gyms & Fitness Goals

When you think of fitness goals and victories you typically think of a number on the scale. Those are good and are motivators but we cannot dismiss all the non-scale victories we see everyday. Non-scale victories can be anything – your pants/shirts fitting looser, hitting a PR in the Gyms in Cumming GA, making wise food choices, etc. These are the victories we need to celebrate day in and day out.    

March 26

5 things right in order to be successful on your fitness journey

You need to build muscle to change your body and your mind. Physical strength builds mental strength. As you feel yourself getting physically stronger you will feel more confident in other areas of your life. Strength is power.

February 29

5 Tips for Starting a New Fitness Program

If you have been thinking about starting a fitness program and haven’t exercised on a regular basis in quite a while, here are 5 tips to help you get started. These tips will also make getting started easier and give you a better chance of sticking to your new program long term Gyms in Cumming GA.

February 22

5 Ways to Optimize Your Workout

Then one day, I saw this glorious ad in one of the “Slam” basketball magazines (it was back in 1996 when internet hasn’t taken over all aspects of our lives.) which I used to read cover to cover several times. And here it is: the ad looked something like this in Gyms in Cumming GA.

February 14

Personal training hire in Genesis Gym

What I have found from my own personal struggle and my personal trainer in Allentown PA has given advice that if you always associate “working out” and “eating healthy” with the feeling of positivity and motivation. Then the moment you start feeling the grind of the real world, the first thing you don’t feel like doing would be “working out” and “eating healthy”.

November 26

Why is calcium important for our bodies?

Why exactly do we need calcium?

We need calcium mainly for bone health. You may have heard of the saying “drink milk for strong bones”; and it is true. Calcium also has other functions such as muscle contractions, blood clotting and assisting enzymes at work. Without calcium your body will have a fragile frame and inefficient system operations. Having enough calcium is important if you want to get fit, strong, lose weight.

November 26

What are important reasons for warming up? | Genesis Performance & Fitness Systems

We have stressed the importance of a proper warm-u [...]

The 9/2/1 Rule

We move faster than ever before from day today. We demand a lot of ourselves in many facets of our lives. We cannot maintain a high intensity in these all of the time. We need to strategically think about when we are going to maintain, surge, and step back. I have noticed this with my clients over the last 13 years. They either want to go super hard or they want to just take a break. They find no middle ground, which is where we should be living the majority of the time. So, I developed what I call the 9/2/1 rule. This can be used in all areas of life, but I will relate it to nutrition and exercise here.

9 – Baseline

This is where you will be living for the majority of the year. For 9-months, you will strive to move a little bit each day, get a few hard workouts in, and eat well 80-90% of the time. You make good progress and don’t go backward. You continue to see changes in your energy, mind, body, and physical fitness. Not huge leaps and bounds, but just enough. You can fit this routine into your daily habits without too much difficulty. This is where you really succeed.

November 14

Ways to get recover from a workout - getgenesisfit.com

The worst thing you can do for your recovery is sit still and stop moving. Even if your muscles are feeling sore and your instinct is to rest, the best thing you can do is get up and get moving. Go for a walk or a jog, or do a light day Gyms in Cumming GA. The more you rest, the more stiff you’ll get, and the longer your recovery will take.

November 07

Ways to recover from a workout - getgenesisfit.com

You read that right. Coach’s orders! The protein in chocolate milk will rev up your muscle recovery, and the chocolatey carbs can reduce the length of time it takes for the body to prepare for its next challenge with our personal trainer Cumming GA. It’s science. The more water you drink, the better your recovery can be. When you exercise while dehydrated, it can cause a lot more damage to your muscles and reduce your body’s ability to repair itself. Reach for water before Gatorade to keep your hydration up and the calories down.

October 31

Strength training for beginners- getgenesisfit.com

You know you should be strength training regularly, but let’s be honest: starting a whole new way of working out can be daunting. It’s the reason so many people stick to the same old habits. We understand that this stuff can seem intimidating, and if you don’t know how to get started or are looking for more specific instruction, we have you covered. But enough of that, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to get started with Personal TrainingCumming GA!

October 31

The ultimate guide to non-scale victories & why they’re important - getgenesisfit.com

Hopefully, by now you have met with one of the personaltrainer Cumming GA at Genesis (and if you haven’t, schedule it now!!) and have used the InBody. In the short time we spend in the back we discuss your goals and how to approach them based on your current InBody results. As you have heard many times, especially as we go over your InBody results, we always want to make sure you are eating enough and how under-eating can prevent you from achieving your goals. One of my favorite numbers that the InBody provides is your BMR or your Basal Metabolic Rate.

October 16

3 ways to actually achieve your personal fitness goals - getgenesisfit.com

These 3 tips can help you on your journey to living a balanced lifestyle that you actually enjoy. To achieve the life we want, we must first renew our mind. Having a healthy mindset is key to having a healthy life. Our best Personal Training Cumming GA will be glad to give you guidance wherever possible.

Click here for more info... https://www.aigapda.com/3-ways-to-actually-reach-your-personal-fitness-goals/

October 15

4 Benefits of Hip Hinging

There are plenty of benefits through deliberately by Personal Training Cumming GA this movement. Performing a proper hip-hinge requires the humerus (upper arm) to be stable and solid in place inside the shoulder joint. This movement requires the small muscles and upper back to perform their specialized function, pulling the shoulders back and creating a better posture.