February 11

Reasons You Should Work Out With A Personal Trainer

Nail Your Form -Often, people jump into weight tra [...]

Nail Your Form -Often, people jump into weight Personal Training Cumming GA thinking they’re capable of lifting much more weight than is safe. The key to weight lifting is not lifting too much at once, but rather lifting a proper amount of weight many times using the right techniques. Lifting can be a very complex movement – and doing it properly can be something that your body isn’t used to. It’s important to start out with very little weight and simply repeating the proper movement until that proper mind to muscle connection is made.

February 11

Benefits Of Personal Training | Why Hire A Personal Trainer?

Life becomes easier - Training at Gyms in Cumming [...]

Life becomes easier - Training at Gyms in Cumming GA can be rewarding as you would be more productive and it helps perform your work with confidence. You would automatically feel positive when you are full of energy and stay energetic throughout the day. So, do not consider personal training as an expense. It is a small investment that secures your health and other unwanted and unexpected medical expenses in the long run. We are also read for Use of GIS Mapping as a Public Health Tool

February 05

Top Five Workout Machines That You Should Be Using

Cable resistance machines – These are often used i [...]

Cable resistance machines – These are often used in replacement of weights Personal Training Cumming GA. Many people have issues with pumping iron but will not have a hard time using cable resistance machines. These types of machines have been on the market for a while and there are some really nice ones out there. So if you have not used the one at your local Richmond fitness centre before, today, just might be the day for you to try it. You might be surprised at how fast it will help you build strength and muscle mass.

January 13

Benefits Of Keeping Things Simple

If you eat crap, you will feel like crap. Your bod [...]

If you eat crap, you will feel like crap. Your body is a machine. Fuel it with real, whole foods as much as possible Gyms In Cumming GA. Hint: that won’t come in a box. The only effective exercise plan is one that you can stick to. Find something you like to do and keep doing it. Your body will adapt so continue to increase length and/or intensity to avoid plateaus. Don’t commit yourself to something you hate and a schedule you can’t maintain. Your body hears what your mind says. If you wouldn’t say it to your kids, or your mom, don’t say it to yourself. Would you tell your kids they can’t do something they are trying hard to achieve? No, so don’t tell yourself that. Unless you’re a professional boxer you don’t need to get to a specific weight. Focus on your body’s composition rather than the number on the scale. Also, if you constantly repeat numbers 1-4 the weight will take care of itself.

January 06

Move Often And Strive To Build Lean Muscle | Genesis Performance & Fitness Systems

Start Slow - As someone new to exercise the last t [...]

Start Slow - As someone new to exercise the last thing you want to do is go into your first day/week full speed Gyms in Cumming GA. This is one of the biggest reasons people quit working out. They go too hard too fast and are so sore they hate it. You should leave each workout that first week thinking you have more in the tank. If you stop before you reach total exhaustion, you will feel the workout over the next couple of days, but you will not be miserable, and you will want to come back the next day. So always err on the side of stopping too soon that first week.

December 24

10 Small Ways To Start A Health Journey | Personal Training Cumming Ga

That is why we have to learn to commit to consiste [...]

That is why we have to learn to commit to consistent daily movement, and also learn to understand the ball-park portion sizes of each macronutrient that we are consuming daily Personal Training Cumming GA. Once we have established a routine, then we can start making small adjustments based on the results that we are seeing. It is the only way to be “scientific” with your approach. After helping hundreds and hundreds of clients in all 3 of our locations (Richmond Gym, Cloverdale, and Walnut Grove), we have been able to put together a program that addresses 3 extremely simple things to ensure sustainable results:

December 18

How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight?

Our clients who are struggling to see results ofte [...]

Our clients who are struggling to see results often tell me the same story: they have increased their exercise and decreased their calories, only to be frustrated by a scale that doesn’t budge Personal Trainer Cumming GA. They might even gain weight! What’s the deal? Balance Your Meals - Include sources of fiber, healthy fats and protein whenever you can. Fiber makes you feel full without piling extra calories into your belly. Complex carbohydrates like brown rice and whole wheat bread also help you feel satisfied longer. The best Gyms in Cumming GA for success? Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time to stay consistent.

December 18

Increasing Exercise Difficulty to Get Better Fitness and Weight Loss Results

When you visit the gym, talk to the staff members [...]

When you visit the gym, talk to the staff members and find out what kind of experience they have. Are the Personal Trainer Cumming GA experienced and qualified? Is the staff co-operative and friendly? Ask them as many questions as you may have and collect all the details before paying for the gym membership.

Some gyms offer a short-term trial period to the joiners so that they can check the atmosphere and figure out whether they are comfortable there. Take a tour at the gym you are planning to join and make sure that you get the best value for the money you spend. Think of the long term benefits and choose the best gym around you.

December 18

5 Benefits Only A Personal Trainer Can Provide

You’re not seeing results - If you have been exerc [...]

You’re not seeing results - If you have been exercising consistently and not seeing results, hiring a professional for Personal Training Cumming GA can be a good idea. When you hire a trainer, he/she would be able to look at your current program and suggest modifications. The best trainer will push you a little harder and help you stay motivated all the week long. He would also be able to teach you new exercises and physical activities to achieve your fitness goals faster.

December 11

Physical Activity It's Important Better Health

Overload is the principle of Pasadena Personal Trainer that describes how to get stronger, faster, leaner, or more mobile. First, you stress the body. For example, if you are looking to build leg strength, you might hit a set of 10 barbell back squats at 100 pounds in gyms in allentown pa. Then, you add more stress to the body after it has sufficiently recovered from the first Personal Training Cumming GA.

December 04

How To Set Fitness Goals And Why? - Genesis Performance & Fitness Systems

Pre-Workout Nutrition - Make sure you fuel your bo [...]

Pre-Workout Nutrition - Make sure you fuel your body properly before your workout. Working out on an empty stomach may make you feel tired too early into your session while having a large meal before your workout may make you feel sick. Therefore, plan your meals around your workout ensuring that you have enough energy to power through. A big part of our weight loss AND muscle building program in Gyms in Cumming GA around making all of our personal training and group training clients understand how to fuel their bodies the right way.

November 28

Gym With Personal Trainer In Genesis Performance & Fitness Systems

Jason’s face lit up and said, “Richmond fitness Pe [...]

Jason’s face lit up and said, “Richmond fitness Personal training? That is great! I have been thinking about losing some weight and getting back in shape for a while Personal Training Cumming GA. In fact, I have started reading up on some books and researching on the internet for some workout plans.” I love it whenever I hear people talk about the intention of getting fit and healthy! But at the same time I also hate it when they admit that they have been thinking about it and researching and reading up on books for a while. I mean, come on dude, this is your health we are talking about! And you have a young child depending on you to stay fit and healthy so you can be the parent that the child deserves.

November 12

How Can I Challenge Myself To Lose Weight?

Today I am gonna discuss THE most deadly mistake t [...]

Today I am gonna discuss THE most deadly mistake that most Gyms in Cumming GA new gym goers make when starting a fitness routine and how you can avoid it. The Most Deadly Mistake – JUST DO IT! All the motivational quotes and Instagram famous fit gurus will all tell you to “just do it!” don’t wait to get started! While the intentions are good, sadly most people take it literally and signs up at a gyms near Allentown PA right away with NO solid plan or idea of how to proceed. How are you gonna get fitness results if you don’t even know what needs to be done?

November 08

Genesis Performance & Fitness Systems Personal Training

We instantly hear the Rocky Balboa theme in our he [...]

We instantly hear the Rocky Balboa theme in our heads and tell ourselves that this is the day that all of our fitness goals and aspirations comes true. Only it never lasts Gyms in Cumming GA. What I have found from my own personal struggle is that if you always associate “working out” and “eating healthy” with the feeling of positivity and motivation. Then the moment you start feeling the grind of the real world, the first thing you don’t feel like doing would be “working out” and “eating healthy”. If you wire your brain that way, what other results do you expect?

November 01

Is Your Personal Trainer Telling You To Count Calories? Don’t Be Crazy!

Here is an analogy I like that I heard from Remit [...]

Here is an analogy I like that I heard from Remit Sethi Gyms In Cumming GA. When you go out on a first date with a girl, whether or not she is gonna kiss you at the end of the date has already been decided within the first 5 minutes of the date. The other 2 hours of the date is inconsequential. Same goes with working out. Whether you are going to wake up earlier in the morning, head to the hotel Gyms in Cumming GA to do your treadmill sprints was already decided that night before you go to bed. That is why so many of us keep on hitting the snooze button when it comes time to wake up.