February 19

What Is A Crossfit Workout And What Are Its Benefits?

CrossFit can be defined as the functional movement [...]

CrossFit Pittsburgh can be defined as the functional movement carried out at high intensity. You will find constant variation in this workout that offers a boost for your body with each session to enhance your fitness levels. It is a high-intensity fitness regime that includes the following exercises. Explosive bodyweight movements, Kettle bells, Olympic weightlifting, Polymeric jumping. Crossfit gyms also known as “boxes” are trending and gaining popularity across the world. Let us have a look at some of the benefits that CrossFit gyms can offer.

February 10

The 10 Best Crossfit Gyms In Pennsylvania

WHAT MAKES IT PRACTICAL? - We don’t like this ques [...]

WHAT MAKES IT PRACTICAL? - We don’t like this question because we feel so hokey answering it Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh. How many times have you heard that this or that diet is perfect for your life? We don’t want to be another diet program making those “sales pitch” claims. The reason we call it practical is because we don’t try to force you into a box. Instead of telling you that you can eat this or you can’t eat that, we help you learn to make smart choices in your life regarding when to eat, what to eat, and a basic idea of how much to eat. Don’t have time or the desire to weigh and measure your food? Great, we will help you learn to eyeball it. Still want to indulge at the birthday party? We agree that you should feel like you can. We will help you organize the rest of your diet so indulging doesn’t equal five pounds.  Going on a work trip? Let’s sit down and figure out the best way to stay healthy while traveling.

February 04

Selecting The Best Crossfit Training Center In Pittsburgh

What CrossFit is, and what people often perceive i [...]

What Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh is, and what people often perceive it to be, can be quite different. This often leads to frustration when new clients join a CrossFit Affiliate with specific goals in mind that don’t line up with what CrossFit is designed to achieve. One area where we see this a lot is with fat loss.

CrossFit is a fitness program that will help you get into the best shape of your life. It is constantly varied. That means you should never be doing the same thing every day. The movements that make up CrossFit workouts are functional. Generally speaking, the movements will train you to be better at life, sport, military, etc. Finally, CrossFit is performed at high intensity meaning you are putting your max effort into a workout in order to produce fitness related results.

January 08

My first 24 hour fast and what I learned from it

For anyone looking to try fasting, start small.  Try 12 hours and see how it goes.  Or, do what I did, set some plans, and jump in for 24 hours.  What’s the worst that will happen?  If you start feeling light headed, just eat something.  You learned your limit for now.  Oh, and if you have a medical issue, like low blood sugar, don’t try this without consulting a doctor, you may actually die.Before I started fasting I would graze all day, from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. CrossFit Pittsburgh  Although I was eating a healthy balanced diet I could not lose the extra weight and I was frustrated. I worked out all the time and found that I was picking up weight instead of losing it. I turned to fasting to help me solve my weight loss issue.

December 31

Cross Fit Classes In Pittsburgh | Industrial Athletics

We can also take note that even when we try to pre [...]

We can also take note that even when we try to predict or plan for the future, we are almost always wrong about how we think something will play out and we often fall off a strict path to our goals Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh. Thus, there is no reason to predict the future too much.  Finally, we can use things like journals and calendars to record future events. This allows us to forget about what’s to come now knowing that when it is time to concern ourselves with a future event, we will be reminded at that time.

December 24

Picking The Best Crossfit Pittsburgh Box

During a recent staff meeting, Coach Jen and I wer [...]

During a recent staff meeting Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh, Coach Jen and I were talking about 2018 and where we are headed as a gym/community/fitness leader in the area, and our conversation migrated from all that CrossFit has to offer, to the negative aspects of our society that are a direct result of an overly technological environment.

News stories are everywhere talking about how inundated we are with beeps, buzzes, alerts, reminders, vibrations, etc. It started with the invention of the cellular telephone and Electronic Mail. Two forms of communications that were designed to speed up contact between two or more people. Then the two were put together and we added the internet, games, and apps to mini computers that could be carried in our pockets at all times.

December 23

Industrial Athletics | Does Crossfit Help Lose Belly Fat?

As the best CrossFit Pittsburgh box, we believe in [...]

As the best Cross Fit Pittsburgh box, we believe in elevating the individual. We pay attention to you and your goals. We make sure you that you reach those goals in a safe manner so that you can continue to receive the benefits of CrossFit, our Culture, and our Community for a long time. We also make you part of our Community. It is vast social network that provide support, accountability, and fun. We are constantly planning and participating in social events both inside and outside of the gym. We also get involved in volunteer opportunities so we are always giving back to the city we love.  We will be more to you than just a place to sweat.

December 17

Truths About Exercise That Nobody Wants To Believe

So, when I opened, I set a rule that no one was al [...]

So, when I opened, I set a rule that no one was allowed to enter one of our Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh classes until he or she completed a proper CrossFit introduction course. We call ours the Fundamentals Program. In that Program, we follow the proper progression of Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. To do CrossFit safely for a long time, you have to be taught the proper way to do the movement (mechanics); you have to be able to reproduce proper movement multiple times (consistency); and only then can you add weight, speed, time, etc. (Intensity).

December 12

Increasing Exercise Difficulty to Get Better Fitness and Weight Loss Results

There are a number of ways an exercise can be made harder other than packing on more weight. This is important knowledge for injury prevention as well as for specific training purposes. A personal trainer CrossFit Pittsburgh will have the knowledge to scale up and down the movement depending on the level of the client or athlete.

December 04

Can I Still Sign Up For The Crossfit Open?

The first thing you need to do is check out the we [...]

The first thing you need to do is check out the website and social media for each Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh box you are considering. Does the gym has a clean website? Is it user friendly and give you the information you need? In today’s internet world, a website is like a business’s storefront.  If the website isn’t clean and easy to navigate, that can be indicative of the actual business. We’ve spent a lot of time making sure we present our brand through our website. We believe that it shows you the welcoming Community we spend so much time trying to create.

November 12

Fitness & Strength Training | Industrial Athletics

First, pick your end result and a deadline. For th [...]

First, pick your end result and a deadline Cross Fit Pittsburgh. For this example, we will keep it close to the gym; the goal is to get stronger in our snatch. Unfortunately, this goal is abstract and unachievable.  What does it mean to “get stronger?” When do I know whether I have achieved my goal?  Instead, rewrite your result to be something measurable: “I want to add 10 lbs to my snatch in the next 3 months.”

November 01

Learn Crossfit In Next Crossfit Elements Session!

THE GOAL - The primary goal of this challenge is t [...]

THE GOAL - The primary goal of this challenge is to raise awareness Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh.  We don’t actually expect people to make it 1 month without complaining.  We are all humans and complaining is in our DNA. The psychological principle of “Frequency Illusion” states that you see more of what you focus on.  In other words, if I tell you to focus on red cars, you will see more red cars.  It’s not because more red cars are on the road, it’s because your mind is looking for red cars.

October 29

How Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

How many times have you been presented with an opp [...]

How many times have you been presented with an opportunity in life Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh, but can’t decide whether you should take the opportunity or let is pass? Unless you live in a box and have complete control over your life, opportunities are impossible to avoid. These might be opportunities to move to a new town, take a new job, add a member to your family, or go out with friends on a Saturday night. Additionally, once presented with the opportunity, how many times have you thought to yourself, “I just can’t decide if I want to do it or not?”

October 23

Reflections Of A Crossfit Competition | Industrial Athletics

Perhaps the most important supplement is Protein P [...]

Perhaps the most important supplement is Protein Powder Cross Fit Gyms In Pittsburgh. Assuming you are receiving the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet, a hard working CrossFitter needs some extra protein right after a workout to help rebuild the torn down muscle tissue.  This added protein will aid in recovery and the building of lean muscle mass.

October 15

A Beginner’s Guide To Crossfit Training

For an evening routine, the goal is to wind down, [...]

For an evening routine, the goal is to wind down Cross Fit Pittsburgh, destress, and quiets our mind to prepare for a restful night of sleeping. To start the distress process, shut work off at a consistent time every night, i.e. I don’t check any emails after 7pm, or something similar. Make or buy a healthy dinner and sit down to enjoy it.  If you like a particular television show, use it for the right reason, maybe to relax your mind or laugh a little. Add a reflection journal through with you can reflect on your day and possible changes for the future. Maybe take a quiet walk or read a book.  You want to start creating with your mind and consumer a little bit. And finally, set a consistent bed time.