October 20

Top Executive Protection Companies | ETS Risk Management

What we do know however is, that it is vital to se [...]

What we do know however is Vip Protection Companies, that it is vital to see and not just look, attention to detail, powers of observation and preempting danger are vital in our roles as protectors. If suicide bomber indicative behaviors are noted early then further interest can be paid to the potential threat, preemptive measures can be taken. It is by no means an exact science but security professionals must constantly add skills to their protective arsenal, using everything in their means to offer the best level of protection to the client.

October 13

Advantages Of Travelling Abroad During Covid-19 – A Personal Experience And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

COVID-19 has been the topic of conversation across [...]

COVID-19 has been the topic of conversation across the globe for several months Secure Transportation Ghana. No matter where in the world you are located, you will know about the virus and the destructive path it is leaving behind. Many countries now appear to be maintaining, or at least have mitigation measures in place to reduce the risk to their communities. However, are these measures enough to reassure the population, especially when it comes to thinking about travelling again?

This article aims to provide information from a recent travel experience to Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is mainly focusing on the safety measures implemented for travelling abroad and their effectiveness. From a personal perspective, I felt the COVID-19 response measures from both the UK and Italy’s travel industry were well managed and at no point did I think my safety was compromised. However, airports are likely to be less busy, and flights are not at full capacity yet, which makes social distancing and crowd management more achievable.

October 06

The Dangers Of Public Transportation In Colombia

Trains are prone to delays and are often affected [...]

Trains are prone to delays and are often affected by deficient signaling Secure Transportation Colombia, ageing infrastructure, and poor maintenance. Derailments and overcrowding can occur, increasing the risk of becoming a victim of criminal activity, including petty crime and assault. Local buses in Colombia are equally as dangerous. Overcrowding, poorly maintained vehicles and driving at excessive speeds have resulted in multiple road traffic incidents in recent years. Public transportation anywhere in Colombia is not recommended due to the increased risk to personal security.

September 28

Security And Safety On-Arrival | ETS Risk Management

The Host could have in the vehicle an ‘Emergency” [...]

The Host could have in the vehicle an ‘Emergency” Abaya-cover Insider Threat Consultancy, in case the female traveler has to leave the vehicle before arriving at the hotel (Upon Request). After arrival, and at Immigration: All new Visa arrivals will be subjected to Bio metrics (Finger Printing and Digital Portrait), and there is a special lane for that. It has also happened in the past that external drives/USB memory devices have been temporarily confiscated and checked, so it is also important that all software/content installed on laptops or devices is licensed proprietary software.

September 22

The Alternative Isn’t So Bad? - ETS Risk Management

If there wasn’t an Executive Protection Officer, t [...]

If there wasn’t an Executive Protection Officer Surveillance Training, then the driver would have had to park the vehicle, meet the travelers and then escort them to the staging area. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but it is slower than the alternative. Depending on the airport this may require some extra time, parking ticket complications etc. However, for medium to high risk locations, any delays can increase risk. This is why it is important to make risk based, intelligence-led decisions.

September 15

Security Transportation And Executive Protection

ETS are Special Event Security and secure transpor [...]

ETS are Special Event Security and secure transportation providers with extensive experience of operating throughout Mexico. We utilize trusted, vetted local personal security specialists and have a pool of vehicles available, including armored vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or consider visiting our innovative web-based platform providing our clients the capability to book security transportation and executive protection services online ETS-Risk Management.

September 08

Travel Risk Management And Security | ETS Risk Management

To that end – we have devised a deliberate set of [...]

To that end – we have devised a deliberate set of steps to take to aid this process Travel Risk Management. Put simply – “think oh CRAP™” Should you find yourself in a situation which is uncomfortable or with the potential to deteriorate – or simply something doesn’t feel right remember CRAP. RAPID ASSESSMENT – then make a rapid assessment of your situation. What is the threat, what could do you harm, what is available to assist you, or can you extract from the situation? Just a few seconds spent on coming up with a plan rather than running blindly or reacting wildly will significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

September 02

Communicate With All Stakeholders | ETS Risk Management

Event security is a team sport. Hospitality team m [...]

Special Event Security is a team sport. Hospitality team members, Audio-Visual technicians, Stage crews, Volunteers, Transportation Coordinators, Ambulance crews and others should be viewed as your “eyes and ears” and should understand at least the concepts behind your plan. Just because you have a plan does not mean everyone is aware of it. Build relationships across components and view your team as part of the overall event team as opposed to a distinct security component. Implement redundant methods of communications for both routine messaging – “The guest speaker has arrived” – and for emergency communications – “A protestor has breached the back door”. Rehearse various scenarios with the key stakeholders.

August 24

Secure Airport Transfers To Cairo And Sharm El Sheikh

ETS provides return security transfers to and from [...]

ETS provides return security transfers to and from the airport at affordable rates Low Profile Egypt. Our exceptional security services include armed executive protection officers, and a range of options for non-armored vehicles. Our local English-speaking security team meets and greets in a low-profile manner at the airport or hotel, escort you to the vehicle, and ensure a secure transition to your destination. Secure airport transfers and secure transportation in Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh can be booked online. Please visit ExecSecure or if you would prefer to speak to one of our team, contact us.

August 18

How Can Hostiles Identify And Avoid Good Counter-Surveillance?

If done correctly, effective counter-surveillance [...]

If done correctly, effective counter-surveillance is extremely hard Protective Surveillance to identify and nearly impossible to avoid. If a professional counter-surveillance team carries out the role, the hostile surveillance team will never know they have been identified. This is what the PST does, they undertake counter-surveillance in a dynamic role, but ready to function in other roles including as a QRF.

August 15

Maritime Security Services in Papua New Guinea

We have an excellent team of local and expatriate [...]

Secure Transportation Papua New Guinea Informal reports identify that piracy is on the rise due to the sheer area of coast, and offshore waters to be patrolled and a severely underfunded, undertrained and, and overstretched Police force. The vast majority of pirate issues are not reported, logged or communicated. There is currently a Most Wanted hunt for a renowned Pirate called Tommy Baker who fled police custody and is apparently responsible for a rise of piracy attacks, but these appear to be focused to the South in Port Moresby. Local security professionals identified that Piracy is a low risk off-shore, but informal reports have heard of small boats, skiff type boats (which are very common) moving to vessels at night in hopes of opportunistic crime, which in PNG can turn violent very quickly. Read More...

August 11

private transportation in israel

ETS provides worldwide executive protection, secu [...]

ETS has the comprehensive capability to provide clients the very highest standard of service within Israel. We have local resources available to ensure your safety through our local trusted suppliers of bi-lingual drivers and Executive Protection Officers.ETS Risk Management has been operating in the Middle East since 2012, producing positive results in challenging environments. ETS has a specialist team located in Israel, highly skilled and professional individuals who prosper in their roles. Our team includes security drivers who are locally sourced and experienced executive protection personnel so that we fulfill all of your criteria.

August 06

ETS Security Services Offered In Ethiopia

Secure Ground Transportation, Licensed Executive P [...]

Secure Ground Transportation, Licensed Executive Protection Personnel, Local Drivers – Amharic and English speaking, Non-Armored Vehicles, Unarmed protection, Site Security Survey, Risk Reports, Travel Risk Management Our trusted Ethiopian Executive protection team are incredibly professional and highly trained; their knowledge of security and understanding of local cultures ensures client operations are deployed securely and effectively at all times. Click Here

July 28

Chile Protection Services And Private Travel Security

The vast majority of our work is through the facil [...]

The vast majority of our work is through the facilitation of secure transportation of business and executive travelers in Santiago Threat Monitoring Services Chile. We also assist with the movement of valuable assets over ground and project management of complex operations and crisis risk management. ETS has a full range of non-armored vehicles and low profile armored vehicles to suit our clients’ requirements.  ETS Risk Management secure transportation network consists of English speaking security drivers, well-maintained vehicles, and local experienced protectors to support even the most complex of travel itineraries.

July 20

Nigeria Secure Airport Transfers and Secure Transportation Services

Nigeria Secure Airport Transfers and Secure Transp [...]

ETS operates in conjunction with MOPOL throughout Nigeria to provide an armed security capability for our clients. We provide the security driver and CPOs and direct the police while on our missions. It is important to note that ETS will never have the client based within the same vehicle as the MOPOL. The MOPOL is an armed back up for traveling during the evening hours or when moving through remote locations. An ETS close protection officer will travel with the security driver and client vehicle at all times.Public transport is dangerous and should be avoided at all times. Vehicles are poorly maintained, and drivers are unqualified. Strongly consider secure transportation Nigeria when transiting in Lagos and throughout Nigeria. A non-armoured SUV accompanied by a security driver and close protection officer will reduce the risk of being involved in dangerous or threatening situations. If traveling outside of Lagos or during the evenings, MOPOL are advised to travel in convoy at all times.