December 24

The Top Five Things to Know about Security Professionals

It may happen when you are least able to prevent it – when your executive or his family are alone and most vulnerable. Learning what to expect in the hours and days after an abduction will help you avoid becoming a bystander at a time when your leadership is most needed. The first article of this series focused on the early hours, activating your plan, confirming a kidnapping, engaging an expert consultant, establishing a negotiation operations center, and selecting a communicator to receive ransom calls.

The second article dived deeper into negotiation techniques and financial criteria. In this last article of the series, we address engagement with law enforcement, victim families, and the Media Security.

December 24

Here Are Ways To Cyber Security Services Better

How often though do we stop to consider how the use of social media can itself create or contribute to a dangerous incident, and unwittingly place innocent people in harm’s way? As we feel more and more at ease sharing details of our travels with wide groups of online friends do we really understand the level to which that information can be exploited and in so doing set conditions for a severe compromise of the both our online and indeed cyber security and safety?

December 23

Armored Vehicle Ratings | ETS Risk Management

Are you considering utilizing an armored vehicle? Perhaps you are heading to an area of increased risk and want to understand more about Armored Vehicle Rental, or are considering armored vehicle Brazil.

December 16

security transport united states | ETS Risk Management

With the World becoming a much smaller place to conduct business, and simple security transport united states solutions readily available to many, it is vital that travelers have at least a fundamental grasp of the different cultures they will experience in order to avoid basic faux-pas’. These easily avoidable errors can at best possibly damage potential, or existing relationships, and at worst increase the chances of conflict.

December 16

Traveler Tracking Corporate Travel Management

At Explore Secure the travel safety training arm of ETS Risk Management Inc. we are dedicated to improving Traveler Tracking and strongly advocate that all travelers – especially young or solo travelers, or people visiting higher risk environments consider how best to respond should a difficult situation emerge. This can be challenging – and making decisions when under pressure is never easy.

December 11

Corporate Travel Security Is There Such a Thing

The business traveler to Mexico is ill-served by a national or regional level risk assessment approach.  Rather, Mexico travel risk must be viewed through the lens of locality. For example, risk levels in Cancun are not nearly the same as Monterrey. Corporate security transport china organizations wedded to general travel advice for Mexican regions will not only find themselves saying “No” to business opportunities in safer towns but saying “Yes” to potentially life-threatening visits to villages that should be off-limits.

December 10

Armored Vehicle hire Australia

It is strongly advised that any armored vehicle is of low profile and that your use of an armored vehicle Australia is not common knowledge. ETS can provide low profile executive, sedan, SUV and Sprinter type vehicles in various countries throughout the world. There are multiple ratings of armor, and each will have varying levels of effectiveness against different ammunition, and explosives.

December 10

Armored vehicle Hire in UK

In other regions, predominantly Europe they are typically rated as levels B1-B7 using the Standard EN1063 scale. Both scales are similar in how they rate protection. Armor is typically tested at ranges from 5 meters to 15 meters, depending upon the class/rating and weapon. The class most likely to be found utilized and available on LATAM armored vehicle UK for rent is Class NIJ IIIA/ and EN standard B4. This will defeat .44 Magnum rounds, 9mm, 12 gauge shotguns and lesser threats.

December 09

Business Travelers Security transportation South Africa

If you are not paying attention to the additional safety and security transportation south Africa needs for staff on travel abroad then it is highly likely that you may be placing your own organization at risk – both in terms of their physical safety, but also of potential future litigation.

December 04

Tier One Operators for VIP Protection

There are multiple untold horror stories of VIP security gone wrong including personal security operators and drivers getting lost on the way to meetings, driving through high-risk environments, and having their VIPs attacked. There are examples of personal special event security negligently discharging firearms, crashing vehicles, and losing track of their protected.

December 03

The Things Know about Executive Protection

ETS are executive protection and Security Transport China providers with extensive experience of operating throughout China. We utilize trusted, vetted local personal security specialists and have a pool of vehicles available, including armored vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or consider visiting our innovative web-based platform providing our clients the capability to book security transportation and executive protection services online ExecSecure

December 02

Tier One Operators for VIP Protection

VIPs chaperoned by world-class tier one operators can safely and efficiently move on foreign turf while remaining under the radar. Low profile, discreet and respectful, the former Special Forces operator is a proven and powerful enabler. A conscientious operator able to read the environment and quietly get the job done is an invaluable part of a VIP protection team.

December 02

How To Do Security Services In United States

In higher risk environments with an increased likelihood of criminal activity, you may wish to use the enhanced security services united states of a close protection officer in conjunction with secure transportation. It will keep you out of the courts – but above all will set conditions for a safer workplace abroad which in turn will allow your staff to focus on your organizational goals.

November 27

Learn How To Robust Travel Risk Management Program

Opportunistic crimes such as pick-pocketing and other thefts are common in major Russian cities. This Travel Risk Management includes theft from hotel rooms and theft from vehicles. Cases are well-documented of visitors whose drinks were spiked at bars for the purpose of robbery, rape or other violence.

November 26

How To Protective Surveillance Work

When it comes to Media Security there are a myriad of options available, often (and hopefully) with multiple, complementary components working together in harmony. One weapon in the personal protection armory is Protective Surveillance.