July 02

HokuApps offers the best mobile app development service at minimum cost

When it comes to choosing a mobile application dev [...]

When it comes to choosing a mobile application development service, there are quite a few options to choose from. However, since you are looking for an effective mobile development platform with cost-effectiveness, the HokuApps mobile application development platform seems like the right fit.

Here is how HokuApps mobile application development platform is an efficient solution:

Cost efficiency

Developing native or cross-platform

Seamless integration capability and availability

Rapid development process

Complete solution

Pre-built templates


HokuApps mobile application development company provides the best solutions to all enterprise solutions.

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June 26

Should AI have a place for mobile app development?

Artificial intelligence has been a subject of hypo [...]

Artificial intelligence has been a subject of hypothesis for almost decades now. One can think of it as right around a staple of famous sci-fi and additionally hard Sci-Fi. Turns out individuals like William Gibson were not turning unthinkable dreams noticeable all around when they made cases of AI in The Neuromancer Trilogy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is especially a reality and a noteworthy thought for industry pioneers no matter how you look at it. 

Mobile app development

March 01

Custom Mobile application development services by HokuApps

Develop high quality mobile app with HokuApps the [...]

Develop high quality mobile app with HokuApps the leading custom mobile app development company in Singapore. We provide custom app solutions to your business. Whether you need a custom, native iOS, Android, Windows app or prefer a cross-platform hybrid app, We are here to help you. get a demo from us. Our executives are available 24/7.

March 01

How Mobile Application Development Companies Can Help You Choose the Right App Development Platform

Choosing the right app development platform is dif [...]

Developing a successful mobile application isn’t easy. One of the foremost tasks in any mobile app project is to choose the right platform for the app. Now, be careful about the term ‘platform’, because even mobile operating systems (OS) are often referred to as mobile platforms. So, you can say that there are two types of platforms—the mobile OS (on which you launch your app) and the development platform (which you use to build your app). The latter is also called mobile application development platform, or simply MADP. There are several factors that need to be considered to ensure that the OS you select provides maximum outreach to your target audience and the MADP you opt for fits like a glove for your project.

You can consult an experienced mobile application development company to assist you in making an informed decision and kick off the journey in the right direction.

Mobile OS

Android: Talking about mobile platforms, it is a well-known fact that Android is one of the most popular one, which can surely be an option to develop an application with android platform. This platform offers a wide gamut of benefits. Some of which are:

  • It is an open-source platform and is preferred by many developers and businesses alike.

  • Its layered architecture helps developers perform highly complicated tasks with ease.

  • Supports Flash that makes it easy to run videos that might not run on platforms that do not support Flash.

iOS: Coming to iOS, it is needless to say that Apple changed the equation of smartphones with its innovation. This platform is specifically popular among businesses for app development. A 2016 Statista report stated that the Apple App store comprised 2 million apps, reflecting how popular this platform is, after Android. Some of the key benefits of the iOS platform are:

  • Dynamic Icons that provide a pleasant and attractive look to the app

  • Ideal for tech-savvy audience and generates high ROI

  • Provides high security against viruses and malware

Besides Android and iOS, Windows is another platform that many mobile application development companies find it ideal to develop apps. It is important that one should choose the platform based on the objectives of the app, business strategy and target audience of the app.

MADP – Making a Difference

You need a MADP when you want to develop a mobile app and deploy it in the marketplace. A mobile application development platform is a collection of all the tools and functions that you need for enterprise mobile app development. It is a fact that with the wide variety of mobile devices and user groups, it becomes very hard to develop a mobile app that meets the expectation on all fronts. A MADP enables you to overcome this challenge.

A mobile application development platform facilitates efficient management of the entire mobile app development lifecycle. Some platforms provide extended service and cater to the post-deployment requirement as well. Besides, MADPs are extremely beneficial for both in-house and user-centric enterprise apps.

The Rule of Three

It is advisable that an enterprise should utilize a MADP when their requirements fulfill the “Rule of Three”. This rule refers to a mobile solution need where it works with three or more back-end data sources, integrates with three or more mobile apps, or is compatible with three or more operating systems.

Two Vital Aspects of MADP

Generally, MADPs comprise both a mobile middleware server and a mobile client application. Here the middleware server facilitates cross-platform support, security, communication, integrations, scalability, and other complex actions. On the other hand, the client applications connect the app to the server, acting as a bridge between logic and user-interface on any mobile device.  

A Quick Suggestion

To get the best out of the mobile application development platforms, one should keep in mind that developers are able to build, test, debug and deploy the application with ease. Also, after deployment maintenance of the app throughout the lifecycle is essential. Hiring a good mobile apps development company would help you to validate the platform in question for your app. Else, you can simply opt for HokuApps MADP, which facilitates up to 10 times faster application development with enterprise-grade features and functionality.

Based on the rapid development model, the platform offers pre-configured components that developers can ‘point and click’ to embed functions into the apps. HokuApps supports seamless integration with third-party applications and existing systems, is compatible with Windows along with Android and iOS, and also renders advanced encryption techniques for industry-grade security.