October 29

Challenges Faced By Deaf Students In A Classroom

The good news is, today we have expert deaf communication services that allow you to bridge the communication gap between students with hearing impairment and teachers and fellow students. But, before you dive right into the hiring process, you must invest your time to completely comprehend the challenges of a deaf student while attending the classroom for better decision making and a wholesome learning experience View More....

October 28

How to Use Sign Language Interpreters EffectivelyA sign language interpreter is the best way to establish communication between people that use spoken languages and signed for conversation. But if it is your very first time communicating through an interp

A sign language interpreter is the best way to establish communication between people that use spoken languages and signed for conversation. But if it is your very first time communicating through an interpreter, you are likely to have doubts and must know what are the do's and don'ts to make communication as effective as possible. Here are the 10 best tips to that will make it easy for you: While speaking to someone with hearing impairment, it is advised that you don't look at the language interpreter but make direct communication with the deaf person. This helps them understand that the information is for them and they pay close attention to your conversation the whole time View More...

October 21

How To Make Family Gatherings Inclusive And Easy For People With Hearing Impairment?

Consider hiring an ASL translator, or you can also use mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to facilitate communication between guests and specially challenged people. However, using tablets, mobile phones and laptops can be a huge task, as you have to consider a lot of other things and set a ground rule of using the device at the event, which is exhausting

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October 14

Why you need a certified ASL translator?

As a society, it is our moral duty to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to gain critical information. Thus, hiring a certified ASL Translator is of importance, as it helps people to accommodate deaf and people with disabilities at their organization View More.....

October 14

ASL Translator - Deaf Communication Services

The tone and pace of the conversation should be kept normal for the interpreter to effectively communicate your statements. It is very common for a sign language interpreters to indicate you to slow down or pause. Also, using difficult words can make the job much tough for the interpreter as they might be unfamiliar with it. They might even stop and ask you to spell it View More...

September 23

Sign Language Interpreter - Deaf Communication Services

American Sign Language (ASL) is used for interacting with the people who are deaf or hard in hearing. Communication between humans is of utmost importance, and deaf people get left out from gaining some of the vital information because of their shortcomings. Therefore, ASL Translator comes in the picture and help people to communicate with the deaf people at their office, hospital, and schools.  https://3mbtech.com/when-does-law-ask-you-to-hire-asl-translator/

August 26

Tips For Certified ASL Interpreter

Our leadership team has decades of experience upho [...]

At DCS, we are committed to the highest quality of customer service and hold to the very highest standards of our profession. We are honored to be supported by our advisory board made up of industry experts, Deaf professionals, as well as Deaf community members.

Deaf Communication Services is committed to providing high quality services that include American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, tactile interpreting, oral transliteration, and translation services.

August 19

Expert Sign Language Interpreting

DCS provides interpretation for any situation from [...]

Deaf Communication Services has a specialized division that focuses on American Sign Language (ASL) and sign language interpretation services.we will provide you with a professional, high-quality and cost-effective solution.

August 14

What is a Sign Language Interpreter?

Deaf Communication Services is committed to provid [...]

A sign language interpreter is someone who helps hearing impaired or deaf individuals understand a spoken language by converting it into sign language. Interpreters are needed in both one-on-one situations as well as group settings. This service is needed in a variety of settings, such as the performing arts, schools, hospitals, doctors offices, court rooms, law offices and the government.

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August 13

How Can Deaf Communication Services Make Your Life Easier?

If you or your family member is deaf or hard of he [...]

You may want to book an appointment with your doctor over the call. You can choose to hire an interpreter to help you communicate with the receptionist for booking an appointment.

July 31

Can you get an ASL degree online?

Deaf Communication Services is committed to provid [...]

The best way to prepare is to get a two-year or four-year degree in American Sign Language Interpreting. Many colleges and universities offer ASL interpreter training programs. You can find interpreter training program listings on the RID website: RID's database of interpreter education programs.

Certified ASL Interpreter