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Are you too lazy to drive to a nearby gym? Do you [...]

July 18

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Trap bar chest press. This variation of the chest [...]

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As a coach, this is concerning when my athletes re [...]

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At Crux Fitness Gyms in Richmond BC, our trainers [...]

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The Secrets To RICHMOND GYM | Crux Fitness

But I guarantee that both clients are putting in t [...]

But I guarantee that both clients are putting in the same level of effort; our Personal Trainer Richmond BC keep an eye out for things like breathing rate, heart rate, and other body language clues to make sure that the workout is (subjectively) equal in intensity. The workout needs to be sufficiently difficult in order to overload the system. If not, nothing will change.

July 08

The Secrets To RICHMOND GYM | Crux Fitness

Good breathing mechanics can improve thoracic mob [...]

It may seem like a fad in the fitness world these days, but the benefits of deep breathing have been known for thousands of years. From the yogis, to the Zen Buddhists, to the Qi Gong practitioners – breathing has always been espoused as one of the most important tools for control of the body and mind. Nowadays, Personal Trainer Richmond like you and I can also be assured of the health benefits of deep breathing, as science continues to strip the mysticism away from such a basic but vastly important bodily function. Here are 3 of the top reasons as to why we all need to be concentrating on our breathing all day, every day:

July 02

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Appropriate training and adequate recovery and res [...]

It is imperative that anyone following a serious training program receive oversight from an experienced coach or Best Personal Trainer Richmond BC.

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Consistent resistance and endurance training produ [...]

At Crux Fitness Richmond, our Personal TrainerRichmond strive to get our members to maintain a baseline level of fitness.

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Overload is the principle of physical fitness that describes how to get stronger, faster, leaner, or more mobile. First, you stress the body. For example, if you are looking to build leg strength, you might hit a set of 10 barbell back squats at 100 pounds. Then, you add more stress to the body after it has sufficiently recovered from the first stressor. In keeping with the same example, you might hit 2 sets of 10 barbell back squats at 100 pounds, 3 days after the initial workout Personal Trainer Richmond. In this way, becoming fit is a never-ending, progressively more difficult journey of stressing the body (a good kind of stress, refer to my article on allostatic load if you are confused) and letting it recover. This is why the principle of overload is sometimes referred to as the principle of “progressive overload”.

July 01

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So there you have it. No talk of chakras or chi, [...]

Good breathing mechanics can improve thoracic mobility as well as diaphragm, transverse abdominus, and pelvic floor function. All of these traits are prerequisites for proper spine, hip, and shoulder function Personal Trainer Richmond BC. So in short, without all the fancy science lingo, deep breathing helps reduce chronic pain by improving joint mobility. Our bodies primarily run on the aerobic energy system. This means that for most of the day, our bodies are designed to utilize oxygen in the process of burning fat for energy. Deeper breathing leads to better oxygen utilization, higher energy levels, and more fat burned.

June 27

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Our professional and skillful personal trainers are there to facilitate and support clients, guide them through necessary changes so the client becomes successful at managing their weight. This is done with nutritional coaching, work out programs, lifestyle changes, and maintenance programming. Personal trainer Richmond BC view program writing as a science and an art. They will go through a process of understanding the client’s needs, wants and lifestyle to negotiate an agreed program. This enables the personal trainer to be more effective at shaping the behavior of the client forever. Personal trainers will confidently write programs ranging from basic to advanced, including specific sports (football, rugby, tennis, etc), and also cover specific groups (elderly, obesity, children, heart problems, arthritis, pregnancy).

June 24

3 Big Mindset Shifts For A Successful Transformation | Crux Fitness

There is an over-saturation of personal trainers. [...]

Over the years “guru”-type figures have gained large audiences by being overconfident in the small amount of kinesiology-related knowledge that they have. The trend has gotten worse in recent years, as social media has made it incredibly easy for anybody with high charisma and low body fat to gain followers and clients, oftentimes pushing advice that is ineffective at best (“30 day crunch challenge”) and dangerous at worst (“drop 20 pounds in one week”) of Richmond Fitness.