January 05

Simple Lessons About Outsourcing to Grow Your Business

Due to this sole reason, outsourcing your iPhone Application Development to such companies can be highly beneficial for you and your business. Firstly, they have an obvious stand out position with their experience in the market and expertise in the domain. Having dedicated teams of developers gives them an upper hand and the professional grasp of the subject matter.

January 02

Hubspot Web Development Services - Cornerstone Digital

eCommerce website development for small businesses [...]
December 30

Top most offshore mobile application development Toronto

Cornerstone Digital is the biggest offshore app development company Toronto both in terms of projects and personnel count. Our focus has always been on providing the best iPhone apps on the market to our clients so with us you get the entire package from the planning stage of the app, to its development and its marketing. Whatever it is you need, we are the one team that can best help you achieve your goals.

December 25

Useful Tips To Choose An Ideal E-commerce Development Company

Ecommerce solutions system can be developed and tailor-made to meet special business requirements. Custom systems address unique configuration, business processes and practice as well as specific end-user expectations. The customized software will handle all spheres of client needs including a rich variety of payment methods, payment security, different shipping options, inventory tracking, and numerous others. A successful storefront will give buyers the choice and tools to help them fulfill all their shopping goals.

December 21

Rules for Selecting the Right Content Management System

Well not everybody, because as we know there are lots of other CMSs available. WordPress just happens to be the most popular one. So if you are just starting out and you need a new website, should you simply follow the herd and use WordPress? Or are there other CMSs that might better suit your needs?

December 18

Three ways to speed up your E-commerce website

Speed is a huge factor in increasing conversions on Ecommerce websites. So how do you make your Ecommerce site faster? Well first you need to know the loading speed of your web pages before you make any changes and there are several free tools you can use to discover this. You can also hire developer for your eCommerce website design as well as development.

December 16

Benefits of Having an E-commerce Website | Cornerstone Digital

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or enterprise, in products or services, physical or digital, in B2C or B2B. If you haven’t set up your eCommerce solution, or optimized your existing one, then you’re missing out on a slice of the action. Let’s dive on into some of the best benefits of eCommerce.

December 12

How TLS Works to Secure Your E-Commerce Website

Specifically, online shoppers need to feel completely confident that their credit card and banking details are secure and can’t be accessed by hackers. SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) was developed to fill this need and to essentially guarantee payment transactions, from the shopper’s desktop to the merchant’s website and on to the banking gateway.

December 10

Best Benefits of iPhone App Development

From the time iPhone was launched till the present day, it has come a long way entering into all walks of life from business to entertainment. More and more people are realizing the value propositions it lends in the day to day life. It has become one of the main proponents for running a business online as its various business Calgary iPhone app developers provide many ways through which you can run your business successfully over the internet.

December 05

Which tool is best for website design?

Cornerstone has been one of Calgary's top web deve [...]

Web development is a fast paced business and if you want to stay on top of your game, you need to keep learning, adapting and moving forward. So at Cornerstone Digital, we have put together a list of 10 top resources for both the beginner and veteran developer, resources that will keep you ahead of the pack in the coming year.

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December 05

Android Mobile Application Development

We develop a customized application for all latest versions of iPhone like iOS 5 and even we take care of all lower versions to be supported.We provide premier Mobile App Developer Calgary. We develop advanced feature-rich mobile app development used for professional and personal purposes. Each Android mobile is tested to match up to the industry standards and give satisfying user experience.

November 25

When you are ready to submit your personal details - Cornerstone Digital

You can imagine how important this security is, if [...]
November 22

How to Create a Quality App Developers Canada

Foreclosures= uninstall, negative comments and refunds. It is so important to make sure that your app does not have force close errors. Also, testing your Best Website Design on different Android devices can be helpful when debugging if you have the devices available. If you do not have access to all of these phones, pay close attention to the comments being left by users in the Market. Contacting an app review website to see which devices they have available to do a review for you can help as well.

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November 21

Mobile First Design: Why It's Great and Why It Sucks

So turning this approach on its head, a mobile first approach means that the developer designs the website for mobile devices first and then upgrades this to a desktop version. Sounds simple? Well maybe it is and maybe it isn’t – let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this type of revolutionary approach to web development.

November 11

The eCRATER provide a free online store with unlimited capacity - Cornerstone Digital

eCRATER will give you an opportunity to build your [...]