January 16

PV Nightlife | The Hottest Nightclubs to party at in Puerto Vallarta

Street vendors laugh as they sling zesty fish tacos and crispy churros, locals relax with beers in hand along the beachfront malecon (boardwalk), and the nightclubs open their doors to another world of beats, dancing, lights, and emotion. But don’t be fooled into stepping into any old nightclub in PV. Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s premier destination for pristine beaches, exotic flavors, and serene relaxation. But when the sun goes down, another side of the city wakes up. The streets come alive with an electricity that can only be felt in PV.

Our list of the best nightclubs in PV was compiled by real Puerto Vallarta Nightlife residents and partygoers. We love everything about our town, especially the epic party scene. We’ve watched nightclubs open and close their doors over the years, but only the ones that have stood the test of time deliver the unforgettable experiences you can only find here. These are the Puerto Vallarta nightclubs that you cannot miss.

We saved Strana for last, because if it was first on this list, you may have stopped reading. We promise your jaw will drop when you walk through its doors. This Puerto Vallarta nightclub brings to mind a huge gothic cathedral. Say goodbye to smoky clubs with low ceilings, Strana is open, epic, and full of life. This club is known to be the top pick of the chic and sexy of PV, so make sure you dress to kill.

May 11

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Accommodation is always a tricky one in Puerto Vallarta nightlife , it’s impossible to organize accommodation for everyone invited out to the night – unless it is circumstantial and you are all at a interstate/international location – but the typical hens night usually goes down as follows; The bridesmaids stick together with maybe the absence of a few and then everybody else is on their own. It is perfectly normal to organize accommodation for you and the hens a select few others and expect everybody to organize their own way, especially when you are heading out to a night on the town.

May 11

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When examining their reviews on facebook, you want to avoid any companies that have reviews discussing poor refund policies or topless waiters that didn’t get the job done. If choosing to proceed with this company, take down the names of the waiters who didn’t do a good job in the review section and ensure you don’t get them! John Parker Events has some of the best topless waiters Australia wide and can easily be incorporated into any of our  bachelor party packages Puerto Vallarta Nightlife. Be careful not to get tricked by “fake” reviews – the biggest male entertainment provider in Australia has thousands of fake reviews to inflate their score, but realistically they actually have hundreds of real “one star” reviews (they really aren’t that great after all). John Parker doesn’t hide their poor reviews, we only have two 1 star reviews in over 5 years of operating, with hundreds of real, verified reviews.

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Puerto Vallarta nightlife is vibrant and jam-packed with entertainment. Each venue has it’s own atmosphere, crowd and attractions. Keep your eyes open for special events like foam parties, open bars and ladies nights. Depending on where you are in the city, your options will change. Clubs on the Malecón are right next to each other and tend to have a younger crowd ranging from about 18 to 35. If you’re planning a night in Centro, the bars are still close together but you may do some walking.

April 27

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Puerto Vallarta Nightlife’s pre-game gurus have explored every nook and cranny of our beautiful city to bring you the best places to munch, sip, and groove when the night is still young.Mexican party culture runs deep in Puerto Vallarta, meaning the nightlight doesn’t get going until after 11pm. Sure, you could empty out that expensive mini bar in your hotel or stop at OXXO or Kiosko convenience store to grab some bottles and pre-game in your hotel room, but that’s not living the Puerto Vallarta party dream to the fullest.

April 20

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The local party gurus at Puerto Vallarta Nightlife are dedicated to making your night spectacular. Our guide to hooking up in Puerto Vallarta will tell you how to tweak your game for some guaranteed action south of the border (pun very much intended).Hooking up in Puerto Vallarta is easy… but only if you know these tips from real PV locals! Puerto Vallarta is one of the most epic party cities on the planet, but if you want to hook up with a local, you need to know where the hottest girls hang out (and how to talk to them so you don’t seem like every other tourist).

April 20

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When the sun goes down, the vibrant streets of Puerto Vallarta come alive. This city is home to the most epic nights on the planet…but the mornings can leave you feeling like you spent the night on the wrong side of a Tijuana donkey show. At Puerto Vallarta Nightlife, we know a thing or two about the dreaded resaca (hangover). And lucky for your aching liver, our abuelas (grandmothers) taught us exactly how to refuel and recharge for another day of adventure.

February 24

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Making party life easy, the dress code for clubbing in Puerto Vallarta is pretty standard at most of the clubs, with the exception of La Vaquita – and we’ll get back to that one later. Furthermore, if you have Puerto Vallarta Nightlife book your VIP Puerto Vallarta nightlife experience, the dress code regulations are sometimes even a little more relaxed. Vallarta’s hottest nightclubs are all going to have these “official dress codes” in place, but that said, in Puerto Vallarta, just because something is official, doesn’t always make it so.

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Welcome to the church of Puerto Vallarta nightlife, where you will pray to the alter of the DJ in this cathedral-like club that elevates clubbing to an almost religious experience. Strana is the high priestess of exclusive nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta and playground to the young and beautiful people and is the best spot in town for bumping into Latin celebrities.

Extravagance rules at Strana, with each group lucky enough to make it past the velvet ropes, being escorted to their own private table where they will have individualized service of the highest caliber all night. Top-billed international DJs fly-in for guest appearances at Strana, as well as their phenomenal resident DJs, who keep the party kicking until dawn. But don’t take your entrance into this holy space of club life as a given – the velvet ropes are serious at Strana.

January 17

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One of the best ways to ensure your night is epic is to plan in advance. If you’re thinking about going clubbing or wanting the best seats in the house, it is highly recommended to speak with PVnightlife for the best deal and to help you organize your night, Visit Puerto Vallarta Nightlife for more information, regarding VIP packages, bachelorette packages, girls night out packages or book a table ensure a fantastic night out in Puerto Vallarta.

January 09

The Best Way To Hook Up In Puerto Vallarta

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to making bookings in Puerto Vallarta, don’t worry—that’s where we come in. Puerto Vallarta Nightlife can book everything for you, and we’ll even dedicate a personal planner to your trip who will give you advice on where to find girls on the specific nights when you’re here. Your day game won’t suffer in PV if you know where to go and what to do. As we mentioned before, you can’t just walk up and down the streets or cruise the beach ogling women as you walk. Non es chido (it’s not cool). These top spots are great places to lay the groundwork for a steamy evening.

Puerto Vallarta is a city made for fun. Start with cocktails by the pool, move on to drinks with dinner, and then hit the town for some of the best nightlife you will ever experience. As you might imagine, you wouldn’t be the first to fall prey to a Vallarta-induced headache the next morning. If you wake up from a night of partying in PuertoVallarta Nightlife.

Think ahead before day drinking on the beach or take a little siesta in the afternoon before heading out for dinner. Some of the best memories are made late into the night when the beats get louder and people come out to play. Puerto Vallarta Nightlife amps up after 11pm so be ready to party until the early morning!

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