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Legal Drinking Ages Around The World | Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

The What, Where and How Old for Drinking in Puerto [...]

The What, Where and How Old for Drinking in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta nightlife is legendary, one of the many factors that make it one of the best Spring Break destinations in Mexico.

One reason why many younger travelers opt for a party vacation in Puerto Vallarta is because the legal drinking age in Mexico is lower than most parts of Canada or the USA.

The official drinking age in Puerto Vallarta is 18 years old, so you don’t need to wait until 21 to get into the hottest clubs in Mexico.

Now, like a lot of things in Mexico, there is the official law….and then there is the way things sort of go.

While 18 is the legal drinking age, and should expect to be asked to present identification at your resort or at any of the nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, you certainly won’t always be asked.

Getting carded in Puerto Vallarta can be hit or miss, based on a few factors:

  • You look super wasted and already messy when you roll up to the club (getting carded)

  • You are a jerk to the bouncer (getting carded)

  • You look like you’ve got a lot of money to spend and you’ve already ordered bottle service (probably not getting carded)

  • You’re super hot and so are your friends (probably not getting carded)

But just because we’re telling you the truth, doesn’t mean that we’re condoning it. It’s never a good idea to break the law when you’re in a foreign country and you don’t want to put yourself at risk.

That said, if the question is “All my friends are 18 and over and I’m almost 18, do I have to stay at the hotel and feel like a sad and lonely loser when they go clubbing in Puerto Vallarta?” then the answer is (keeping in mind our handy checklist above) that you can most likely get yourself into the club but don’t be an idiot while you are there.

If you are heading down for a Puerto Vallarta spring break vacation, whether you are 18 years or older, there are a few things that you need to do to keep yourself safe and have a good time.

Nobody wants to wreck their vacation with an easily avoidable visit to the hospital, the consulate or the state prison. Here are some easy adulating tips to keep things right and tight:

  • Use the in-room safe or the hotel safe to store your passport and your tourist visa. The tourist visa will be given to you when you enter Mexico at immigration. You need it to leave, so tuck it in your passport where it won’t be lost. And then don’t lose your passport. Easy. Didn’t listen to us? That was dumb. There is a Canadian Consulate in Puerto Vallarta and an American Consulate in Nuevo Vallarta to help you out. But seriously, lock it up and use your driver’s license or other government ID while you are partying in Puerto Vallarta.

  • We are big fans of using Uber when you are club-hopping in Puerto Vallarta because you can share your ride with friends, so they know where you are. But taxis here are generally safe and you don’t need to take a “registered” taxi. The regular yellow cabs and white airport taxis are fine, just make sure to check the fare as you get in and text the taxi number on the outside of the car to your friends as an extra precaution.

  • Don’t do drugs in Mexico. Just don’t. Bad idea. And illegal, including marijuana – and if you happen to be from a legal weed state or province, you will find that pot here is crappy by comparison, so the risk of getting busted is nowhere near the reward.

  • Stay off the beach late at night. Not only will a mugger be happy to relieve you of your wallet on the beach in the wee morning hours, you may also encounter a wild crocodile who would be happy to relieve you of a limb. And swimming? No. You are not Aquaman. Swimming in the ocean, drunk and late at night, is a fabulous way to drown, because our water is calm and safe in the day but can have a strong undertow at night. And don’t do it at the resort either, because a loud drunken swim when the hotel pool is closed promises an easy way to earn yourself a forced early check out and get escorted off the premises by security.

  • Be careful before taking someone home. Is he or she insanely hot or super interested? Hotter or more interested in what you’re used to getting at home? You may have just met yourself a prostitute, my friend, who will have a big bodyguard making sure she gets paid, or a really nice guy who wants to “cuddle” until you fall asleep and then steal your watch and your wallet on his way out. We’re not saying you’re not a total babe but be smart about things.

With the legal and “being responsible” part out of the way, let’s talk about what you should be drinking while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta

Allow us to present your guide to the top three most popular Mexican spirits, so that you can order like a champion and be king of the club.

Tequila: yes, obviously you know Tequila, but did you know that Puerto Vallarta’s own state of Jalisco is the home of Tequila? To officially be considered Tequila, it must come from the region of Tequila, Jalisco, just like true Champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France.

You can just drop that little fun fact as you order a round of shots and be impressive. Tequila comes in 5 distinct forms:

Blanco or Silver: colorless and with a strong taste of the blue agave plant, from which all Tequila is made, blanco goes straight from the distilling process to the bottle or may be aged up to two months in stainless steel tanks. Some people think that silver Tequila is the cheap stuff but there are some that are distilled to be very smooth and of high quality. How do you know the difference? The price tag will tell you – or the brutality of the hangover the next day.

Joven or Gold: Young and usually inexpensive Tequila, this is the stuff usually reserved for making mixed drinks.

Resposado: meaning “rested”, this Tequila is aged in wood barrels for 2 to 11 months, and each brand will have its own distinct flavor profile. Grab some salt and lime, because this is perfect for shots.

Añejo: Tequila Añejo is made in small batches and aged in wood barrels for no less than one and up to three years, and is meant to be sipped and appreciated, like a fine cognac or brandy.

Extra Añejo: Now you’re getting fancy. Extra Añejo is “ultra-aged”, having rested in wood barrels for over three full years. Extremely smooth and with complex flavor profiles, prices can run up to $2000 USD for an elite bottle.

Mezcal: whereas Tequila can only be made from the blue agave plant, mezcal can be made from any type of agave plant, giving it a different flavor. Sort of like scotch and whiskey, they are related, but not the same. And like Tequila, mezcal also comes in blanco, reposado and añejo form.

Raicilla: another cousin of Tequila, this agave-based spirit has only recently become legal for sale in Mexico, having been a favorite bootleg booze made in underground distilleries in Jalisco for literally generations. Ask for this and enjoy the look of approval from your waiter or bartender.

And where should you be drinking? For the best Puerto Vallarta nightclubs, you will want to head to Bar Morelos in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Mandala and La Vaquita on the famous Puerto Vallarta Malecon, or La Santa, Strana or Biblioteca in the Vallarta Hotel Zone.

Even better, book one of our VIP Packages and experience Puerto Vallarta nightlife like a rock star.

Perfect for a bachelor party in Puerto Vallarta or bachelorette, New Year’s Eve, birthday parties, or a girls or guys trip to Puerto Vallarta, let our local area nightlife experts make sure you get the exclusive PV Nightlife’s VIP treatment, guaranteeing that you and your squad get the best service for the best price.

In fact, our party planning experts can take care of your Puerto Vallarta party vacation from start to finish, with everything you need for an epic holiday.

With just a click, access expert planners to book you and your group private villa accommodations, transportation, Puerto Vallarta sightseeing tours, beach and jungle excursions, spa packages, sport fishing or luxury private yachts, reservations at Puerto Vallarta’s most trendy restaurants or VIP booths at Puerto Vallarta’s hottest nightclubs. Whatever you need, the local party-planning professionals at PV Nightlife will be there to make sure your trip is amazing, and your partying is on point, every day and every night of your Puerto Vallarta vacation.

July 08

Spring Break 2020 in Puerto Vallarta: Where to Party

Bar Morelos is one of the hottest spots on The Malecon for spring break. This trendy, low-light lounge and club has an electric atmosphere thanks to its location—nestled between the beach and the hoppin’ Zona Romantica. Bar Morelos has something for everyone. The first floor is a trendy lounge for excellent cocktails in bachelorette party packages, live music, snacks, and flirting. And when the time comes, the second floor is one of PV’s most frequented dance clubs. Just grab someone by the hand and head to the dancefloor—no taxi needed.

June 19

Classy Hens Party Games For an Unforgettable Hens Night

Hens Night Games One of the most difficult things [...]
Hens Night Games

One of the most difficult things when organizing a Hens night in Adelaide is deciding what fun hens night games to play – here is a list of a few I know and the ones I would avoid in my experience.

All of these games are best enjoyed with groups of 16+ and are definitely best enjoyed with topless waiters! Here are the best hens night games.

Good hens night games Penis Playdough!

Separate the girls into even groups (2-3) and make them battle it out in an epic sculpting contest of who can sculpt the best penis! Give each girl different prizes, most realistic, most creative and best representative of grooms! Let the Topless Waiters choose your winner! All you need is a few tubs of playdough, you can give them out at the end of the night to ladies with children/nephews anyway.

Q & A

Have the groom record himself answering pre-determined questions given to him by the bridal party about their relationship (make them interesting and a bit embarrassing) – then have the bride answer the same questions – whenever her answer doesn’t line up with the grooms she has to take a shot! When it does line up, the bride can nominate another to do the shot!

Jelly shots are great for this game, use a topless waiter to do body shots off for extra punishment! Don’t make the questions boring and keep it to 5-6 questions (otherwise the game can drag on), it’s more interesting to ask raunchy questions, which will force the bride to either lie or to guess whether her husband is going to lie!

This one is a classic, it consists of grouping up into pairs with one decorator and one model!

Essentially you must dress your model into the best toilet paper bridal dress possible! Place a timer on to give a sense of urgency, then perform a catwalk and let the Topless Waiters pick out the winner! Maybe not the best game to pay if someone is very environmentally friendly though… (save the trees!) A fun twist is to see how long the ladies can leave their dresses on for – with a prize for the winner (I’ve seen ladies take this so seriously they wear their toilet paper dresses out!!)

Ping Pong Twerk Off

Attach an empty tissue box to the bum of the different competitors and fill it with ping pong balls! They then must twerk-off and whoever gets all the ping pong balls out first wins!

Bad Malteser in bowl game

This game involves girls forming teams of two and attempting to pick up a malteser out of a bowl using a straw and drop it off in a bowl – it is not a terrible game but it tends to be actually very hard and quickly grows quite boring. If you’re going to do this make sure you don’t use too many maltesers otherwise it will take ages!

Popping Balloons on people in sex positions

This is one that sounds like it would be a lot of fun in theory, but in practice almost always devolves into stupidity – basically anything that involves popping balloons is actually really hard to execute! Why? Because balloons are actually really hard to pop! You actually have to squeeze extremely hard on the person to pop the balloon and even then it may not pop – people begin using sharp objects or dig in their nails and the whole purpose of the game just gets ruined!

Games in general are a great addition to spice up a hens night, however they are not really essential to make your night a good one. If you see the ladies having a good time just chatting on their own and the party has good vibes then there is no real need to stop everything in order to play a game, however if it is a little dull then that’s a great time to get everyone into a game and a few shots in their bellies! I wouldn’t go too overboard on the games, 1-2 games across a 3-4 hour period is more than enough! Many hens I’ve been to don’t even play any hens night games, each to their own. The best night club in Puerto Vallarta contains 2 free hens night games to spice up your event, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

May 25

Easy Cocktail Party Ideas and Themes

So you’ve been given the daunting title of “maid o [...]

So you’ve been given the daunting title of “maid of honour” – in my eyes this title is more along the lines of “maid of organizing everything including being solely responsible for the success or failure of my best friends hens night!” but who cares about titles! It is your duty to ensure this night is one your guests and more importantly, your hen, will always remember (or forget completely).

Hen’s nights might seem like an awful lot of work – and they are – but there are many things you lovely ladies can do to make life easier. Topless Waiters, Male strippers Melbourne, Cocktail Parties, I have organized thousands of hens nights across Australia – starting as a topless waiter myself and working up to the manager/owner of my own hens night company I have seen all sides of the Hens Night process. Below is an accumulation of hens night information that I think will benefit you, from conception to delivery!

This isn’t going to be like other articles that put out basic things, like “save the date” as a key pointer on a hens night (duh?), I'll be leaving out the common sense stuff and going straight for the nitty gritty of the best hens night ideas

Starting with Hens night in Melbourne and now located all across Australia this guide will draw from my experience in the hens night industry, however I will make it very broad and include hens night ideas for people from all around the world. Happy Reading!

Preliminary Easy Stuff;

  • Figure out who’s doing the guest list – you or the hen

  • Get a feel for what the hen wants – if you know her well (I would hope you do?) you might not even need to ask her (surprises are better) – brainstorm some hens night ideas

  • Determine a location you want your hens to be (I’m talking geographical here not specific), would you like topless waiters Melbourne? Male Strippers Brisbane? A mobile bar in Sydney

Those things should be easy to do, once you have a rough idea of what country you want to have your hens night in and generally what you will be doing – you can continue down the guide!

What Do You Want Out Of Your Hens? Hens Night Ideas!

This may well be the hardest section of the entire bachelorette party planning process – what is it that you actually want to do? Now this isn’t an scary option because there isn’t enough to go off, it’s actually the simple Netflix problem – there is too much to choose from.

I would start by asking yourself the question of guests – because in the end you have to find that right balance between what the hen would like and what the guests would be into.

Ask yourself the following validating questions before brainstorming hens night ideas!

  • How much age variety is there at this hens, will any oldies be attending who will be less inclined to participate in a raunchy hens? Or the opposite, nervous youngsters who wouldn’t know how to relate?

  • Will your attending guests be of a conservative nature – i.e will they be for or against having topless men / topless waiters walking around handing them drinks? What about a male strip show?

  • Are your guests big drinkers? Would they be satisfied with only a couple of cocktails, or do you want to go all out with an unlimited cocktail bar? (I know I would!)

  • How much do your guests make in a year? Would they be happy to put in $80 each for an awesome hens night? What about $100, $150?

  • Are your guests the adventurous type? Would they want to do a fun activity – or keep it a bit more classy, such as a cocktail package?

  • How many people will be attending? This one is crucial, is it 8-9 people? 20? 40?

These are some great screening questions to ask your hen also, you probably won’t know everyone who the hen has invited personally so it’s important to gather this information before making any decisions.

Everybody is different, your hens may be the perfect bunch of ladies who all get along famously and who are all big party girls who love going out! In which case congratulations, your hens night will pretty much run itself! But the majority of the time there is a big split within hens nights in terms of age/nature/family (especially as the numbers creep higher).

My solution to this is never be afraid to have a hens DAY, this could be something as simple as a daytime wine tour through your local area (mine would be the yarra valley), enjoying some casual drinks with all the ladies involved (including the prudes/oldies/unwanted family members/mother in law) and then dispersing after the event and heading to your Hens Night – where you can get as wild and crazy as you see fit, without feeling like you left out the other guests. Trust me, the oldies are going to thank you that they can get an early night anyway. High Teas are also a quality option, as well as day spas/manicures/massages and day cruises! Contacting the people you are unsure about and brainstorming a few Hens night Melbourne ideas is also an option!

If this divide of night/day is too big of an issue, you can also do the following – organize a topless waiter cocktail package to the venue/location of your choice, have it kick off at around 6pm and run for four hours of unlimited cocktails/drinks. You’ll have yourself a fantastic four hours of topless waiter entertainment, laughs and cocktails – the event can wrap up after four hours at around 10pm, which gives the oldies plenty of time to go home to an early night whilst still feeling like they are part of the hens night itself and gives you the time to head out into the town! You can check out our unlimited cocktail packages here.

May 04

How to Throw an Awesome Party in 10 Steps

Everybody is different, your hens may be the perfect bunch of ladies who all get along famously and who are all big party girls who love going out! In which case congratulations, your hens night will pretty much run itself! But the majority of the time there is a big split within bachelorette party planning in terms of age/nature/family (especially as the numbers creep higher).

March 16

Best Bachelor Party Ideas To Plan A Night To Remember

If the party is small, it’s warm out and you can h [...]

It’s a Bachelorette party planning, so drinks are a must. The general rule is that if the bachelor remembers the evening, the party was a failure. Simply: If he can remember, he can be held accountable. Be a good friend and do what’s right. You can have our entertainer(s) perform at just about any private location such as someone’s house, a hotel room, private banquet room, hall, or a party bus or limo. You can also have the entertainer perform at a public location such as a office, bar or nightclub.

March 11

7 Fun & Easy Bachelorette Party Games | Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

Planning a Hens night Adelaide party is a fun and [...]

If you are planning a wild night out on the town you need to get your hands on some awesome hens night ideas, such as the ‘scavenger hunt’ game where each member of the party need to collect random items from men to complete their list and earn points. Flashing earrings, glow in the dark badges and shot glasses hanging from the hens neck are all great attention grabbing hens night ideas, and you will find them all in our bachelorette party planning.

March 02

Fun Activities And Themes For Bachelorette Parties

Whether it is a Bachelor, bachelorette party plann [...]

Whether it is a Bachelor, bachelorette party planning, Birthday, or any party occasion you want to make sure to invite the right people. Friends who are bad drunks or who can’t behave themselves in a Cocktail making class Melbourne should also be excluded. Drama is the last thing you probably want on this night of partying.

Make sure to get out the invites with enough time for people to put it in their schedules. In the summer it is even more important to leave people enough time in advance. Promote the hell out of your Cocktail making class Melbourne party to increase attendance. Let everyone know everything that will be taking place

February 03

When Should You Throw A Bachelorette Party?

There seems to be a preconceived notion that male [...]

If organizing a deposit payment with any hens night / party planners always ensure they are providing a copy of their terms and conditions, read them carefully as to be sure there aren’t any hidden costs. Particularly read the different refund protocols for the service you have selected, if you have just booked a topless waiter then your refund policy may be different to that of a male stripper or a bachelorette party planning.

February 03

What Do You Want Out Of Your Hens? Hens Night Ideas!

Starting with Hens night in Melbourne and now loca [...]

This may well be the hardest section of the entire bachelorette party planning process – what is it that you actually want to do? Now this isn’t an scary option because there isn’t enough to go off, it’s actually the simple Netflix problem – there is too much to choose from. I would start by asking yourself the question of guests – because in the end you have to find that right balance between what the hen would like and what the guests would be into.

January 02

13 Tips For Planning The Perfect Bachelorette Party

A Hens night Brisbane party should be outrageous, funny, sexy and stress free. We have searched the globe to find hens night accessories and hens night ideas that women love and combined them into Hens night Brisbane party packs to make planning your big night out simple and fun. With the click of a button you can have your hens night out organized and the Hens night Brisbane party pack of your choice delivered promptly to your door. We understand that every bride-to-be has her own style and character so we have included a range of bachelorette party planning ideas and accessories into 4 different combinations of Hens night Brisbane party packs. All of our hens party packs are presented beautifully and all of the contents are top quality items.

I would also proceed with caution in regards to the word “unlimited” when discussing cocktail bachelor party packages with your spoken provider. Many providers will state the word unlimited but in fact they will provide you with maybe 40 cocktails max, always investigate whether or not you can truly help yourself to unlimited cocktails for the full duration of your event and keep an eye out for any soft-caps that may be put on your event.

You’ll get a favorable exchange rate and some American and Canadian banks even have agreements with Mexican banks to bypass international service fees. Check with your bank before you arrive. If you do arrive with USD, consider changing for some smaller bills in pesos when you get here for your Puerto Vallarta Nightlife, like $20, $50 and $100 MXP denominations.

November 14

Why Choose PV Nightlife For Your VIP Experience

From the lap of luxury in world-class spas and yacht excursions to the exotic adventures to be had in the streets and bars of antique Puerto Vallarta, you and the girls will experience an adventure like no other. 10 Can’t-miss Activities for your Bachelorette Party in Puerto Vallarta.

October 10

Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta Nightlife

We offer an extensive range of male amusement serv [...]

At Male strippers in Perth, we aim to please. We have a complete range of Bachelorette Party Packages customizable packages available for all types of events and functions. You can choose from 1 entertainer to a group male revue! We try and customize our packages individually for each client so get in touch with us and lets us know about your event and function.