October 20

Machine Learning vs Predictive Modelling

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The goal to discover hidden patterns from the raw data, Data Science has a blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles. Data science course explains how to process history of the data. Data Science does the analysis by using advanced machine learning algorithms to identify the occurrence of a particular event. Data science look at the data from many angles sometimes angles not known earlier. Data Science is used to make decisions and predictions using predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics, and machine learning.

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“One of the great luxuries of being an academic is that you have a relatively broad license to research and explore a wide range of disciplines if you choose,” Lipton continues. “Over the course of my academic career, I’ve been able to research topics including machine learning methodologies, applied machine learning with healthcare applications, ethical concerns with automated systems and much more.”

October 13

Data Science Online Courses

“When managing an interdisciplinary team, being a [...]

Data professionals aren’t fortune-tellers, and analytics tools aren’t crystal balls. Nonetheless, predictive analytics enables an organization’s stakeholders to think ahead with algorithms that extrapolate from past data to determine what changes are likely over the months and years to come. These findings may reveal what products existing customers will probably buy next, warn cybersecurity teams about potential incidents of fraud or project the performance of financial assets.     

October 05

Best Business Analytics MBA Programs of 2021

The Tepper School developed the MSBA from the grou [...]

“We wanted to enter the ring with a program that fully reflects the Tepper’s School’s reputation as a leader in the development and use of analytical tools for business application, and draws on the breadth and depth of our research faculty,” says Willem-Jan van Hoeve, Ph.D., Carnegie Bosch Associate Professor of Operations Research and faculty head of the new program. He adds, “Having operated at the intersection of business and technology for so long, we are well-positioned to offer a premier online MS in Business Analytics.”

September 30

Willem-Jan van Hoeve - Tepper School of Business

A: Industry needs individuals who understand both [...]

Willem van Hoeve, the academic head of the Tepper School of Business’ new Online Master of Science in Business Analytics program and Carnegie Bosch Associate Professor of Operations Research shared some details about the program.

September 22

Masters in business analytics - Carnegie Mellon University

Web analytics is critical for your online business [...]

September 21

Master in business analytics - Carnegie Mellon University

Business Analytics and any kind of Analutics provi [...]

September 17

Benefits Of Best Online Business Analytics Programs

The Tepper School developed the MSBA from the grou [...]

The online MSBA is geared to individuals with technical backgrounds who want to deepen their analytical skills and move into senior business analyst positions. Online MSBA students have varying levels of professional work experience and may have little or no background in business or analytics. They typically relish the challenge of solving complex problems, are passionate about data, and adept at or intrigued by coding and algorithms.

September 10

Details on Master’s in Data Analytics vs Business Analytics | Castella Mare Online

With 163 zettabytes of data to be created by 2025 [...]

September 04

Do You Know about Tepper School Of Business?

The online M.S. in Business Analytics has been tai [...]

The MSBA can be completed part-time in 18 months and provides students with opportunities to build foundational business knowledge, practical experience using analytics and the communication skills to persuade stakeholders to take action.