October 16

Office Re-design Post Covid-19 - Ampersand

Planning to re-design your office space post covid [...]

October 16

Reliable Renovation Company in Singapore - Ampersand

Ampersand is the reliable commercial renovation co [...]
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Affordable Office Renovation Company In Singapore

We are designed to understand & deliver the best.

At Ampersand – Office renovation Singapore, we aim to provide a one-stop design-and-build office renovation service that is holistic,
strategic and in accordance to our clients’ needs. We do this by placing our unrivalled attention to details and deliver tasteful office design that is complemented with functional aesthetics.

The Ampersand (&) is one of the most unique and recognisable
characters in the world of typography. A ligature of the letters E and To (’et’ is Latine for ‘and’), it’s continuous curves and bold lines embodies the fundamental philosophy of our company — always going the extra mile to undertstand the needs of our clients and using what we know to amplify their presence.

We approach each project with new eyes and do our very best to
understand it from every angle possible. We conduct extensive research upfront to make sure that our design concept and proposal materials don’t just work but are a game changer in the design landscape. We balance this innovation with function while making sure that the end product is aligned with our client’s corporate identity.

Always going the extra mile to understand the needs of our clients
& using what we know to amplify their presence.

We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of corporate clients,
from local SMEs to local and regional MNCs.

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October 16

Extraordinary Commercial Design & Renovation Services by Ampersand

Are you searching for an impressive commercial int [...]
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Relocation & Reinstatement

We understand the strong need for businesses to experience minimal disruption while construction or relocation is ongoing. Hence, we aptly plan a well-thought out relocation schedule and advice our clients on the internal communications that need to take place. This will ensure a stress free move during the entire process.

For clients who need to reinstate their office to its original condition, we focus on the most cost-efficient ways to meet the
building management’s requirements. We do the best we can to help them achieve a desirable outcome.

What is expected when doing reinstatement work?

Reinstatement work should be managed by experts. Otherwise, it might cause future challenges and issues with the landlord or property owner. At Ampersand, we provide the following services as necessary:

Removing of tables, chairs, and other furniture
Removing of air conditioning units
Removing of floor finishes
Removing of partition walls
Renovating ceiling boards
Terminating power points and other wiring installed in the area
Removing minor structural works
Removing of doors
Removing or curtains
Repainting the walls

The list goes on and if you will do these on your own, it can cost you a lot of time. In addition, since you are not experts, you might ruin a number of things which will add up to the cost. Bottom line, leave this to professionals.

But before we start with the reinstatement, we would like to further understand the scope of work. As such, we require to have a site inspection and see how much work needs to be done. This will also be the basis for the overall cost of the project.

At Ampersand, we have highly-trained and highly-skilled manpower to complete the reinstatement process. We only use quality materials so as to avoid issues with the building management. All you need to do is to continue with your business operations and leave the rest to us.

October 16

Commercial Renovation & Construction Company - Ampersand

Hire Ampersand for your office design project. The [...]
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Construction Services

At Ampersand, quality is our number one priority. Having said that, we are strict when it comes to outsourcing services, most especially with construction.

Our partners in the building construction industry have already proven their work with the multiple projects they have completed. The services that are carried out by them include physical, M&E and IT infrastructure that are prevalent in all establishments.

How do we choose our partners for construction services?

To ensure that the projects will be delivered on time and according to the agreed standards, we also have a stringent process when working with industry partners. We look for the following:

Experience and track record

We understand the importance of experience as this gives any company a leverage. They know which systems work best, and they have strong connections with other industry partners. This saves time and energy when completing the project.

In addition, track record is also important. Five years in the business coupled with amazing reputation is better than a company of 10 years but with numerous red flags and unfinished projects.

Latest equipment and technology

A construction company must have the latest equipment and technology to efficiently work on our projects. Having such investments is also a manifestation that the company wants to provide the best for our clients.

Since completing an office space entails different processes, we want the construction company to have a communication plan in place. This will allow us to have an overview of the progress and to instantly see if there are challenges.

Commitment to safety

And lastly, we only work with construction companies that value safety above everything else. Before working with them, we try to understand all their safety measures and business contingency plans. We want everything to be smooth-sailing and to minimize risk all throughout the construction of the project.

With Ampersand and our partner companies providing construction services, you are sure to get the ideal office design that was agreed upon.

October 16

Office Space Planning in Singapore- Ampersand

Ampersand has highly trained and experienced proje [...]
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At Ampersand, our project managers are highly trained and experienced in terms of handling office space projects. They ensure that it is delivered according to the agreed deadline and within budget – while maintaining the highest possible standards. At our company, we consistently aim that our project managers provide superior services to all our clients.

Ampersand’s Project Management Team is Highly- Recommended

We are proud of our our project managers!
They are always on top of their game and they possess attributes of a great project manager. Here are some of those:

Strategic in disseminating information and instructions

As a project manager, you must have an excellent strategy in distributing information. One should have a communication plan which can easily be tracked by the entire team. If possible and available, the project manager should use the latest tools and software that can help in managing the project from the beginning until the end.

Knowledgeable about office design construction

Project management involving construction is a complex task. It isn’t enough that you are organized and detail-oriented. You must also know the construction process, the staff involved and their specific roles and responsibilities. At Ampersand, we always assign one of the best project managers for all our deliverables.

Outstanding customer service

In addition, project managers must have an impressive customer service skills. They are not only working with Ampersand’s team, but also with you. Thus, he or she must be able to conduct regular meetings to provide progress reports and updates. Similarly, a project manager must be ready to answer your inquiries with regard to your office design projects.

With Ampersand, we value outstanding quality not just on the materials used for the project, more so with our professionals and staff. This has been proven with our long term partnerships with our clients.

October 16

Expert Commercial Interior Designers - Ampersand

Find complete office renovation solution and engin [...]
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Engineering Services

At Ampersand, we only work with professional engineers to ensure the safety of your office space. This is because we understand that office interiors are not just for aesthetics.

Our engineers are experts in local building codes and regulations which our designs strongly adhere to. They consistently undergo trainings to ensure that they have the latest knowledge about the best processes and materials available in the market.

How can you identify good engineering services?

They must have strong communication skills

Engineers are expected to have good communication skills. This is so they can get their message across the team. Instead of using technical terms, they know how to translate it in layman’s terms to ensure that they are well-understood. With this, they can complete the project as precise as possible.

They work well with the team

In addition, engineers should know how to become a team player as they need to work with other professionals. These professionals include architects, interior designers, and other skilled workers to name a few. Having this skill is essential to finish projects on time while minimizing conflicts during construction.

They are analytical and have an impeccable problem-solving skills

Engineers need to be highly analytical and should know how to solve problems the fastest time possible. In our company, you can expect highly-qualified engineers for your project. We have a stringent process before they can join our team.

They have acquired necessary licenses and certifications

Most importantly, engineers must have the necessary licenses and accreditation. At Ampersand, we make sure that our engineers have completed and acquired necessary certificates and licenses. We want to entrust your projects to legitimate professionals as we always value quality in all our office designs.

Lastly, we want to create office designs that are of quality yet environmental-friendly. At Ampersand, we are able to achieve this with our pool of trusted engineers.

October 16

Get Incredible Pre-leased Consulting Services at Ampersand

Looking for the perfect space for your office? Con [...]
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Pre-leased Consulting Services

At Ampersand, we understand the need for pre-leased consulting services. Looking for the perfect space is crucial for an effective and efficient business, and not all office spaces are conducive for your operations. Thus, we help our clients in finding the best office space by doing the following:

Studying the business requirements

Our team of professionals will draft proposals according to your business needs. We envision maximizing every inch and every corner of your office. We aim for a space wherein your team will be more inspired to work. And we suggest initial ideas for designs and layouts that will represent your brand well.

As someone who also runs a business, we perfectly understand that you work on a specific budget, specifically for office renovations and designs. Having said that, we encourage you to be transparent with your allotted budget for the project. This gives us an idea if it should be adjusted. At the same time, we propose solutions that are already available in the market.

What to expect during the pre-leased consulting stage?

At this stage, there are crucial points that both of our teams will need to discuss in order to build the perfect office space for your company. Here are some of those:

How much space do you need?

This is according to your industry and the number of your team members. Consider if you regularlyentertain guests or clients in your office as well. At ampersand, you will be present in the brainstorming sessions to make sure that the design is perfect for your needs.

How much money are you willing to spend?

We work on designs according to your budget without of course, compromising quality.

What designs are perfect for your industry?

The design of your office plays a huge role in your team’s efficiency. For example, people who are in the creative industry or arts would benefit from an open office design to encourage collaboration. However, for industries holding confidential information such as law or accounting firms, then a closed office design is more ideal.

What amenities can be included?

We also want to provide your employees a dedicated space where they can pause and relax. Thus, integrating amenities and additional facilities are recommended when designing an office space.

In today’s age, offices are not just about chairs and desks. It’s about creating a space that is both visually appealing and functional. With Ampersand’s pre-leased consulting services, these things will be discussed right away.

October 16

Affordable Office Renovation Services in Singapore - Ampersand

Ampersand is the leading office renovation company [...]
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Office renovation is a huge thing. And that is why you have to make it right the first time. Otherwise, you’d be losing a lot money, time, and effort. Now, we made this page to help you on your office renovation plans. This can serve as your guide in preparation, and in choosing the right team.

Choose the Best Commercial Renovation Services in Singapore

What makes a good commercial renovation services in Singapore? What do you need to consider? How can you gauge if they are the perfect office space renovation team for your needs?

Before you do such a big move in your office space, you also have to consider your employees. What are their concerns? What improvements should be made? Can they operate seamlessly during renovations? Always bear in mind that your employees are your backbone. They need to be comfortable and at the same time, happy with their surroundings. This can help them reach their full potential.

In addition, you have to think if you need your team to be relocated. If yes, then think of how you are going to move your technology, furniture, and other equipment. You probably need an expert to help you on this.

Budget for Office Renovations in Singapore

Of course, you also need to check your budget. Most major office renovations will require a huge sum of money. If your cash flow will be greatly affected, then you have to look at other options. You can even talk to a small office renovation company in Singapore and be transparent with your budget. At least you would know what to get from your money.

If you are renting an office space in Singapore, renovating can be more complex. You have to understand building guidelines thoroughly so that you won’t break any rules. You have to double check if you can tear down walls, do massive repaint, or change the entire layout. These things are necessary before you finalize your plans.

It can get overwhelming to think of office design ideas when you are having a renovation. You will have a lot of things that you want to incorporate in your new office space. But that’s where the problem comes in.  You need to know your priorities. Is it open space for collaboration? Or more private space so you can think clearly? Would you like to have an improved pantry? Or perhaps, add a recreational area.

If this is too challenging for you, then go back to our first tip – ask your employees.

Meet with Multiple Office Renovation Companies in Singapore

You might already be in talks with a commercial building renovation company right now. However, we still suggest that you set up a meeting with other service providers. We recommend this so you can benchmark the rates and the service inclusions.

Affordable Office Renovation in Singapore

Who doesn’t want to hire an affordable interior office design contractor in Singapore?  We all do. After all, we want to maximize every dollar that we earn. However, do not be fooled by ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offers. They might be giving you the best rate, but is it worth it?

You have to make sure that they can deliver on time and with the best quality. Remember, your office should not only be beautiful, it must be a safe place to work in.

Don’t Forget These Things - Small Office Renovation in Singapore

And the list doesn’t stop there. You see, there are crucial things that you might forget when designing your office in Singapore. Think about the lighting that you need to use. Experts say that there is a specific brightness that can increase the productivity in the office. You might want to include that when you renovate your commercial space.

Also, make sure that everything is according to your company’s branding. You have to think of the theme and the colors as well. You would want your clients to easily identify the workspace as yours. It is a representation or an extension of your brand, so you have to align it.

Budget Renovation Package Ampersand, Is It Possible?

As we’ve mentioned, renovation is costly. But is it possible to have a brand-new look for your office while on a budget?

The answer is YES! With a good renovation design company in Singapore, they can help you find the most-cost efficient materials without sacrificing quality.

That’s what we do in Ampersand. We help you renovate your office by spending every dollar wisely. Plus, we do not stop until we have completed what has been agreed upon. Give us a call and let’s see where we can help you.

October 16

Best Office Interior Design Company in Singapore - Ampersand

If you want an office design interior that is func [...]
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Office Interior Design Services in Singapore

If you want an office design interior that is functional and aesthetically appealing to your clients, then working with Ampersand might be the best solution. We understand that office designs vary depending on the industry and even on its geographic location.And that is why our team conducts thorough research and listens to your personal take on office interior design. We want to you to have an office that will reflect your personality, and at the same time, can house what your business truly needs.

Office space planning is vital if you want to increase productivity. It is always advisable to work with an expert if you plan to reconfigure your corporate interior space in Singapore. This can definitely take a huge chunk off your shoulder. But for now, let us give you some quick tips on how you can maximize your office space.

The first step is to layout your plan. This can get pretty tricky if you are not an interior designer or an architect. We are not saying that you aren’t capable of doing it. However, it can take a lot of time to understand proper office space design. So, you better be prepared for that. You need to review the entire floor area, the number of your employees, the work that your team does, and even your equipment. Will it all fit? What would be the best configuration so that everyone can work efficiently? Planning isn’t easy but it’s all worth it.

A lot of people don’t realize that they are hoarding a lot of things. And this happens at homes and even offices in Singapore. Here’s what you need to do. Take a good look around your office interior. Have an inventory of the equipment and furniture. From there, decide which ones you can dispose, and which ones you can keep.

When working on your office design in Singapore, it is important that you consider your employees. After all, they too will spend most of their days in there. You have to get their opinion and ideas. Imagine if you consider those. Your employees will definitely appreciate it. And believe us, they will be eager to work more knowing that there is a piece of them in their workspace.

Leading Commercial Interior Designer in Singapore

Again, doing it on your own can be time-consuming. It would be a wiser choice to hire an interior designer in Singapore. But of course, you have to choose carefully. You need to work with someone with fresh ideas, values customer’s preference, and can deliver on time.

Work with a team like Ampersand. Our clients have been giving us great commendation. And we would like to help turn your workspace into your dream office design in Singapore.

Best Corporate Interior Designs in Singapore

Below are some of the best ways you can find the perfect office design company in Singapore.

Perhaps, you’ve already been into a number of offices. They can be the offices your clients or your partners. See if the office design resonates to what you want for your own space. Observe if the employees are satisfied and always pumped up to work. If yes, then chances are, the interior designer for the office made a successful project. In that case, ask whom they worked with, and set an appointment.

Here at Ampersand, we get most of our clients through referral. That proves the quality of our work.

One project isn’t enough. You can ask an interior design company’s portfolio. Perhaps, they have already created multiple projects for different industries. If that’s the case, then good! That means that they can easily understand what your business needs.

Remember to always do your research. Due diligence in this project is important most especially that it may affect your business or operations.

Top Office Interior Design Company in Singapore!

Choose the right office design and project services provider and transform your workspace. This can definitely improve your reputation and your entire business.

Ampersand has been helping a lot of companies and businesses with their office interior designs. If you believe you need some re-arrangement and a better office space, give us a call.

October 16

Preeminent Commercial Interior Design Company in Singapore - Ampersand

Ampersand is a Singapore based commercial interior [...]
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Pioneer in Office Interior 
Changing the Corporate Design Landscape

Find Out More

Office Interior Design Company Singapore

We are designed to understand & deliver the best.

At Ampersand – Office renovation Singapore, we aim to provide a one-stop design-and-build office renovation service that is holistic, strategic and in accordance to our clients’ needs. We do this by placing our unrivalled attention to details and deliver tasteful office design that is complemented with functional aesthetics.

Just like the all-encompassing nature and collaborative use of the ‘&’ symbol, we deal with everything from pre-leased services to project management and represent the perfect balance of empowering office design and impeccable service when it comes to office renovation.

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