August 01

What is Healing Genius? | Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing, Natural Healing, By Ed Strachar

Ed Strachar is an incredibly powerful Remote Dista [...]

Do you feel you qualify to become an Elite World Class Spiritual Healing Trainer? You are invited to apply Healing Genius Mastery upcoming live event here: This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a true master! Ed Strachar, who is known as the “Healing Genius”, has healed people across the planet from a wide range of ailments – from bad backs and injured knees to life threatening diseases from across the planet by phone or internet. What Ed will be sharing, training and teaching to a very select group of committed individuals, of which you can be one of, is the High and Narrow Road of Spiritual Healing. All energies and alignments are in unison with the Love, Life and Light of Jesus Christ and all throughout the multiverse who share in this alignment. This is for the brave and serious ones who have decided to break new boundaries and make a positive difference. It will be a teaching like no other. You will have the opportunity to learn firsthand how to heal beings of any kind: animal, plant, people, business deals, relationships and even your homes as everything has a spirit. As such, every spirit has an optimal Divine Resonance when healthy. This is an exclusive opportunity to work with privately with Ed. Join Ed Strachar on a powerful 5-day retreat that will have permanent and life-changing results for your entire life… and beyond. You will be immersed with many other successful and awakened souls and will have access to Ed’s incredible Elite Spiritual Healing Genius. Ed will personally take you deeper and higher then you’ve ever thought possible. While most healers work at the 4th or possibly 5th dimensions, Ed will show you a path to get beyond the frequency fence and move into realms you never knew existed. Ed has walked this path before and deeply understands where you are – and can help you overcome common challenges as you access higher dimensions and unlimited power. Because of the group’s intimate size, we can help you go deeper and farther in helping you connect to the Universal Energy fields, the deep power of Mother Earth and even our celestial friends. Best of all, you’ll complete your transformative work in this tropical, luxury, 5-star resort in Cebu, Philippines!