July 01

What's a WordPress Developer anyway?

So when you have an important WordPress web develo [...]

WordPress developers have a detailed know-how of all technologies used to develop WordPress, such as CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, and SQL.

June 27

How to Design a Website in 2020: A Step-by-Step Guide for Wix Website Design

With Wix app market, you can take advantage of num [...]

To hire Wix designers you can easily opt for wordpress to Wix migration. The steps are very simple to migrate from wordpress to Wix website. With Wix web design services, you can enjoy all their additional functions and facilities to create a tempting template for your business. Also, you can hire their Wix designers at as very affordable price.

June 22

Hire Shopify Experts, developers, designers and freelancers

Are you planning to set up a Shopify store for you [...]
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Are you planning to set up a Shopify store for your eCommerce venture? Shopify expert stands the best chance to deliver an eCommerce store of dreams, which looks great, performs right and has state of the art navigation and features.

What makes Shopify experts trustworthy?

When you hire Shopify experts, you know your venture is in safe hands because Shopify experts are certified by Shopify. They know their trade in and out and with their relevant work experience, they deliver the best possible results for clients.

The nature of the problem that you are facing with your Shopify store is of no relevance. Shopify experts will be easily able to resolve your issues in the finest of ways in minimum turnaround times. They have in-depth knowledge about ways to make the best use of the Shopify platform for creating eCommerce stores.

It does not matter if you want to do migration your store from another platform to Shopify or create a new Shopify store from scratch. A Shopify expert will be able to do it for you.

Hiring Shopify experts

When you hire Shopify expert, it is important to make sure that the Shopify expert is an expert in the kind of work that you want him to do, be it design, development, or migration.

So the right way to hire Shopify experts is to first go through the expert’s profile and portfolio. This will give you a fair idea about the kind of work the Shopify expert delivers and you can accordingly make a pick.

You are not required to go and contact a Shopify expert personally. Instead, you can hire Shopify expert online.

All Shopify experts do not do all things

A few Shopify experts specialize in multiple departments. Others specialize in one or two alone. Shopify experts are divided into five areas of specialization. They are store design, store setup, development, marketing, and photography.

There is also an additional section that is dedicated to smaller tasks, such as adding products to your store via CSV file and setting up Facebook Pixel for tracking conversions.

To know more about a Shopify Experts’ areas of specialization, a client should run through their profile. This will give one an overview of areas such as links to Shopify expert’s portfolio of Shopify stores, the services offered, minimum project budget, and testimonials.

Project budget

The project budget is frequently subject to the complexity of the project, and the amount of prior experience that a Shopify expert has.


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June 17

20 of the Lesser-known Tips and Tricks for Laravel Eloquent | Cyblance

Cyblance prepared a list of laravel eloquent tips [...]

20 of the Lesser-known Tips and Tricks for Laravel Eloquent

Eloquent ORM appears like a simple mechanism in the first instance. But upon taking a closer look, we come to discover that it withholds numerous functions that are semi-hidden. There are also a few lesser-known ways using which the functions can be put to the best possible avail. 

Only the best Laravel developers India may be aware of the tips and techniques mentioned in this article. Cyblance is the best Laravel development company for your Laravel Eloquent development requirements.

Let us consider some Laravel Eloquent ORM tricks in this article:

1. Increments and Decrements

Instead of this:

$article = Article::find($article_id);

You can do this:

$article = Article::find($article_id);

Also, these will work:

Article::find($article_id)->increment('read_count', 10); // +10
Product::find($produce_id)->decrement('stock'); // -1

2. XorY methods

Eloquent has several functions that are a combination of two methods. They may go as“please do X, otherwise do Y”.

Example 1 – findOrFail():

Instead of:

$user = User::find($id);
if (!$user) { abort (404); }

Do this:

$user = User::findOrFail($id);

Example 2 – firstOrCreate():

Instead of:

$user = User::where('email', $email)->first();
if (!$user) {
 'email' => $email

Do just this:

$user = User::firstOrCreate(['email' => $email]);

3. Model boot() method

There is a spot known as the boot () in an Eloquent model. One can override the default behavior over here.

class User extends Model
 public static function boot()
 // do some logging
 // override some property like $model->something = transform($something);

One of the most illustrated Eloquent examples involves setting the field value at the same time when one creates a model object. How does one go about generating a UUID field at the same time?

public static function boot()
 self::creating(function ($model) {
 $model->uuid = (string)Uuid::generate();

4. Relationships involving conditions and ordering

The following is a typical way in which a relationship is defined:

public function users() {
 return $this->hasMany('App\User'); 

We can also add where or orderBy at this point.

Just as an instance, in case you require a specific relationship for privileged users, which is ordered by email as well, this can be achieved in the following way:

public function approvedUsers() {
 return $this->hasMany('App\User')->where('approved', 1)->orderBy('email');

5. Model properties: timestamps, appends, etc.

In the Eloquent model, there are some parameters which are in the format of properties of that particular class. The following are the most frequently used among them.

class User extends Model {
 protected $table = 'users';
 protected $fillable = ['email', 'password']; // which fields can be filled with User::create()
 protected $dates = ['created_at', 'deleted_at']; // which fields will be Carbon-ized
 protected $appends = ['field1', 'field2']; // additional values returned in JSON

There are some more as well.

protected $primaryKey = 'uuid'; // it doesn't have to be "id"
public $incrementing = false; // and it doesn't even have to be auto-incrementing!
protected $perPage = 25; // Yes, you can override pagination count PER MODEL (default 15)
const CREATED_AT = 'created_at';
const UPDATED_AT = 'updated_at'; // Yes, even those names can be overridden
public $timestamps = false; // or even not used at all

6. Find multiple entries

find() is among the most frequently used methods.

$user = User::find(1);

Interestingly, find () accepts multiple ids as an array

$users = User::find([1,2,3]);

7. WhereX

There’s an elegant way in which the function can be used. Turn this

$users = User::where('approved', 1)->get();

Into this:

$users = User::whereApproved(1)->get(); 

This exemplifies that a user can not just change the name of any field, but also use it as a suffix to where. It will work.

Let us now take a look at the pre-defined methods in Eloquent, which are related to date/time.

User::whereDate('created_at', date('Y-m-d'));
User::whereDay('created_at', date('d'));
User::whereMonth('created_at', date('m'));
User::whereYear('created_at', date('Y'));

8. Order by relationship

This particular trick is more towards the complicated side. Let us consider a unique instance. 

One has forum topics but intends to order them by the latest post. This is a frequent requirement in forums, wherein one prefers to have the recently updated posts towards the top.

To proceed with the requirement, a separate relationship is first described for the latest post over the topic.

public function latestPost()
 return $this->hasOne(\App\Post::class)->latest();

Then one uses the following code in the controller.

$users = Topic::with('latestPost')->get()->sortByDesc('latestPost.created_at');

9. Eloquent::when() – no more if-else’s

We characteristically write conditional queries with “if-else” in the following way.

if (request('filter_by') == 'likes') {
 $query->where('likes', '>', request('likes_amount', 0));
if (request('filter_by') == 'date') {
 $query->orderBy('created_at', request('ordering_rule', 'desc'));

But, when() may be used in a better way.

$query = Author::query();
$query->when(request('filter_by') == 'likes', function ($q) {
 return $q->where('likes', '>', request('likes_amount', 0));
$query->when(request('filter_by') == 'date', function ($q) {
 return $q->orderBy('created_at', request('ordering_rule', 'desc'));

This does not appear shortly. It does not appear more elegant either. But the passing of parameters is more powerful.

$query = User::query();
$query->when(request('role', false), function ($q, $role) { 
 return $q->where('role_id', $role);
$authors = $query->get();

10. Belongs to Default Models

Let’s suppose you have a post, which belongs to the Author and the Blade code:

{{ $post->author->name }}

What happens if the author is deleted, or is not set due to any reason? You’ll get an error message, which says something like ‘property of non-object’. Using the following method prevents the same.

{{ $post->author->name ?? '' }}

You can also do it at the Eloquent relationship level

public function author()
 return $this->belongsTo('App\Author')->withDefault();

In the example mentioned, an empty App\Author model is returned by the author() relation. This is the case when no author is attached to the post. We can also assign default property values to the default model.

public function author()
 return $this->belongsTo('App\Author')->withDefault([
 'name' => 'Guest Author'

11. Order by Mutator

Let us suppose that the following is the case:

function getFullNameAttribute()
 return $this->attributes['first_name'] . ' ' . $this->attributes['last_name'];

When do you want to order this by full_name? , the following won’t work

$clients = Client::orderBy('full_name')->get(); // doesn't work

The resolution is simple. We order the results after getting them.

$clients = Client::get()->sortBy('full_name'); // works!

Here, notice the difference in the function name. It’s not orderBy. It’s a sortBy.

12. Default ordering in the global scope

What happens if one wants User::all () to always be ordered by name field? One can assign a global scope. Let us return to the boot () method, which we have already mentioned above.

protected static function boot()
 // Order by name ASC
 static::addGlobalScope('order', function (Builder $builder) {
 $builder->orderBy('name', 'asc');

13. Raw query methods

There are times when one needs to add raw queries to Eloquent statements. A few functions are available for the same as well.

// whereRaw
$orders = DB::table('orders')
 ->whereRaw('price > IF(state = "TX", ?, 100)', [200])
// havingRaw
Product::groupBy('category_id')->havingRaw('COUNT(*) > 1')->get();
// orderByRaw
User::where('created_at', '>', '2016-01-01')
 ->orderByRaw('(updated_at - created_at) desc')

14. Replication: make a copy of a row

The following is the simplest way to make a copy of a database entry.

$task = Tasks::find(1);
$newTask = $task->replicate();

15. Chunk() method for big tables

This is not necessarily related to Eloquent and is more related to the Collection. Nevertheless, Chunk () is powerful and particularly useful for the processing of bigger datasets. The bigger datasets can be chunked into pieces.

Instead of:

$users = User::all();
foreach ($users as $user) {
    // ...

You can do:

User::chunk(100, function ($users) {
    foreach ($users as $user) {
        // ...

16. When creating a model, create additional things

We are well acquainted with this Artisan command:

php artisan make:model Company

Numerous Eloquent users are not aware of the three useful flags that generate the files related to the model.

php artisan make:model Company -mcr
  • -m will create a migration file
  • -c will create a controller
  • -r will indicate that the controller should be resourceful

17. Override updated_at when saving

->save() method can also accept parameters. Correspondingly, it can be used while ignoring update_at default functionality, which needs to be filled with the current timestamp.

$product = Product::find($id);
$product->updated_at = '2019-01-01 10:00:00';
$product->save(['timestamps' => false]);

Over here, we override the default update_at with the one that we have predefined. 

18. What does update () result into?

In your option, what does the following code return?

$result = $products->whereNull('category_id')->update(['category_id' => 2]);

It is in the database that an update is performed. But what would that $result have?

The $result would contain affected rows. In case you need to check the numbers of rows that were affected, there is no requirement to call anything else. The update () returns this number for you.

19. Transform brackets into an Eloquent query

Let us consider the case wherein one has a mix of and & or in his SQL query.

... WHERE (gender = 'Male' and age >= 18) or (gender = 'Female' and age >= 65)

Here is the wrong way to translate this into Eloquent

$q->where('gender', 'Male');
$q->orWhere('age', '>=', 18);
$q->where('gender', 'Female');
$q->orWhere('age', '>=', 65);

This is wrong because it is difficult to manage the order in this way. The right way, however, is more complicated and uses closure functions for sub-queries:

$q->where(function ($query) {
 $query->where('gender', 'Male')
 ->where('age', '>=', 18);
})->orWhere(function($query) {
 $query->where('gender', 'Female')
 ->where('age', '>=', 65); 

20. orWhere with multiple parameters

One can pass an array of parameters to orWhere(). Here is the Ususal way to accomplish the same.

$q->where('a', 1);
$q->orWhere('b', 2);
$q->orWhere('c', 3);

But you can also do it like this.

$q->where('a', 1);
$q->orWhere(['b' => 2, 'c' => 3]);

How Cyblance can help you with Laravel Eloquent coding

When you intend to outsource Laravel Eloquent development or Laravel development, you will look out for a top Laravel development company. Cyblance is the best Laravel development company for your requirements. Our Laravel developers India have detailed know-how about using Laravel right, and have requisite relevant working experience as well. You can trust them to get the best custom outcomes from Laravel Eloquent development. 


Eloquent makes a measurable difference to work processes and ROIs when done right. This reflects over project efficiency, turnaround times, time to market, and the sustainability and scalability of projects. They become hassle-free and free from bottlenecks. App management becomes easier. 

You can trust our proficient Laravel developers India with your Laravel Eloquent development requirements. Cyblance is the best Laravel development company, and you can hire Laravel developers India from us.

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May 18

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Shopify Expert?

Several factors define the costs associated with h [...]

The Cost Factor Associated with Hiring a Shopify Expert for My Web Store

When one plans to create an online mall, Shopify frequently comes by as the default choice. Even while Shopify is more expensive as compared to several of its competitors, start-ups and entrepreneurs are invariably drawn towards Shopify. 

Shopify offers a range of advantages over its competitors as an eCommerce platform. It is more flexible and easier to manage, right from the very beginning. Shopify is scalable as well, and correspondingly a more feasible solution which lasts as your business grows. 

Overall, Shopify is value for money. It boosts conversion rates and results in higher ROIs. The robust admin panel is easier to manage for people from a non-technical background. To get started with, you’d need to hire a Shopify expert who will design your store in just the way desired and prime it for success.

Why do I require the services of a Shopify Expert?

Numerous business owners have the opinion that it is easy for them to create a Shopify store for themselves, with the tools available. They can then make a payment and host the store using one of the plans available.

This is possible. But letting a Shopify expert work over your Shopify store for you is the best way out.

On the other hand, if a business owner is planning to create a Shopify store for himself, he would require sound technical knowledge for the same. 

It is hence a common practice for start-ups and entrepreneurs to hire Shopify experts to create an online store for their businesses. Services of a Shopify expert ensure that your web mall has a trending storefront and aesthetic service pages. The functionality stays flawless. The responsive online mall loads quicker and is a high performer over SEO parameters.

Shopify SEO brings SEO value for your online mall but a Shopify expert can do more for the SEO, depending upon the unique market positioning of your store. Similarly, the services of a Shopify expert will result in an enhanced branding for your store. 

How much would I spend on hiring a Shopify Expert?

Calculating the cumulative charges involved

Before going ahead with a Shopify plan, a business owner should have an idea about the total expenses that he’d be incurring for creating a Shopify store.

One can buy any of the three Shopify plans available and make a selection based upon his requirements and budget. Then, one buys a domain name for his online mall. A business email and paid apps are optional purchases. Some free apps are available as well, besides paid apps. Another potential investment over your Shopify store will be a paid Shopify theme.

Factors that render an influence over the costs incurred

Several factors define the costs associated with hiring a Shopify Expert. They include the kind of the store, and the sections, functionalities, and features that it will have. 

When a Shopify expert does more work over your Shopify store, he charges you more. Similarly, Shopify experts who have elaborate work experience will charge you more as compared to Shopify experts who have only a year or a few months of experience.

A generic blueprint of the costs included

As a generic estimate, you are likely to spend $500 over hiring a Shopify expert and developing your store in entirety.

In case you want a very basic store with limited features, it is okay to hire a Shopify expert on an hourly basis. The work will cost you between $100 to $250, and creating the store won’t take over a couple of days to accomplish. Most of the building tools required are available at Shopify building tools.

Creating a store over a medium scale will cost you between $300 and $600. Similarly, expert development will cost you between $700 and $1000.

For a large scale store, it is preferable to hire experienced Shopify Experts


Cyblance is the preferred agency for Shopify store development and you can hire Shopify experts from Cyblance. We create basic and complex Shopify stores across domains and rework your existing Shopify stores. Our detailed know-how of Shopify helps us create winning stores, time, and again. They are high performers on SEO parameters, load fast, and attract the right kind of consumer cross-section demographics. The stores are the perfect amalgamation between aesthetics and functionality. 

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May 08

Wix Pricing Review 2020: Everything You Need to Know

Upgrading to any paid plan lets Wix developers ove [...]

How Much Would I Spend for Creating a Wix Website?

Wix pricing plans offer great value when we compare them to the pricing plans provided by any other of the drag & drop website builders. While Wix is the best all-round website builder available, the pricing range offered by the Wix is the most reasonable in the class. Using Wix, one can create a website without possessing refined technical skills.

Cyblance is the best Wix design agency and your top choice for end-to-end Wix web services. You can hire Wix designer or Wix experts from Cyblance for creating Wix responsive themes.

A quick look at Wix prices

Wix prices characteristically lie in the range of $13 to $500 monthly. But Wix bills users each year with an annual installment.

The most inexpensive plan made available by Wix is the combo plan – $13 monthly. This gives the users an ad-free site. 

For freelancers, the $17 monthly unlimited plan is the best. If you’re an online seller, the $23 Wix Business Basic plan is the best choice for you. Wix also makes a free plan available for testing purposes.

Paying monthly offers more flexibility than paying yearly

When a user is billed monthly by Wix for 12 months, it is a little more expensive than being billed annually. But it brings in more flexibility into play and one can cancel the subscription at any time. It is a nice option to go for when one is on a tight budget.



Wix puts forth eight premium plans for your selection, and a freelance Wix developer can go ahead with an alternative that best meets his requirements. 

By going ahead with an annual plan, one saves somewhere between 17% and 33% on the annual bills paid. Moreover, features such as premium apps and vouchers, and free domains are included only in annual plans.

Upgrading to any paid plan lets Wix developers overcome Wix advertisements from his website. The $13 combo plan is a fine option to go ahead with at such times. This comes with options such as 3GB storage, 2GB bandwidth, 30 custom minutes, and a free custom domain.

The utility of Wix goes beyond eCommerce websites

Wix makes four plans available for Wix designers who are creating a Wix website other than an eCommerce store, such as a business site, portfolio, or blog. These four plans are the combo plan, unlimited plan, Pro Plan, and the VIP plan. They are priced in the range of $13 monthly to $39 monthly. For large websites, the VIP plan is the best option to go ahead with.

However, the combo plan nicely covers the requirements of most non-eCommerce websites, in particular, if one is just getting started. The ad removal and custom domain features enable a professional look for a website. A Wix designer can further upgrade to a more advanced plan whenever such is the requirement.

Best Wix eCommerce pricing plans

Wix makes three eCommerce plans available for users, priced in the range $23 to $49 monthly. Each is billed annually.



The Enterprise plan is also made available as an advanced business solution. It is priced at $500 monthly and is billed annually.

The most inexpensive Wix eCommerce plan is the Business Basic plan. It is the best plan to go ahead with when one gets started with his eCommerce store. 

If one runs a smaller sized online mall, he wouldn’t require upgrading sometime soon. $23 monthly equips one with more or less everything one requires.

Wix Enterprise plan for big businesses



Enterprise is the most advanced plan offered by Wix. It is priced at $500 monthly. While the features from Business VIP plans are made available, the plan enables personalized hands-on service by the Wix staff for Wix website design. They help with on-boarding, setup, planning development and launch, and make services available for scaling the business. A business avails the services of an expert solutions partner, dedicated to their account. Related services include continual project monitoring and annual security audits.

How well does the Wix free plan work


The free plan allows one to create a Wix website slowly, and publish it for free as well. A few of the disadvantages that come into play with using the free plan are adverts and limited features. But the free plan helps get a feel of Wix.

The right time to upgrade



A user may want to upgrade to ensure that Wix web design delivers actual value. The right time to upgrade is when one starts selling products, or when the website represents professional services. Similarly, a user may upgrade if the website has begun to slow down or crash, or when one wants to promote his website. Upgrading will give a user a custom domain name.


Wix makes a range of premium features available for Wix web design at competitive pricing. They include a free domain name, high bandwidth and storage, and premium apps. Wix delivers value for money.

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Best Shopify themes to create a conversion-friendly store in 2020

Interested in finding the best Shopify themes for [...]

The number of e-commerce stores over the internet has reached a proportion that was once unimaginable. In such circumstances, it is important to prime one’s online store for success.

This starts with choosing the right platform for building one’s e-commerce store. Shopify has been the preferred platform for building e-commerce stores upon, ever since its release. As of present, over 600,000 online stores run over Shopify.


Shopify is the most comprehensive among all E-commerce platforms and brings ease to managing an online store. It has good SEO performance, insightful reports, and prime marketing features. Shopify apps meet a host of purposes and the stores created over this sophisticated platform stores are highly secure.

Cyblance is Shopify experts with specialization across Shopify theme development and uses custom Shopify themes for your store. We are also a seasoned Shopify theme editor and come up with a Shopify custom theme that matches your requirements in the finest of ways. A Shopify design that we create is a perfect match for your customer’s preferences. We are also the best in the class Shopify web designer. Contact us today to create Shopify store that is aesthetic, has a flawless functionality, a good SEO performance and delivers measurable returns.


Wokiee is a theme characterized by its versatility. They just got 16 all-new themes and several new blocks. This can create an e-commerce theme that is exactly like what you have been planning. Wokiee can be used to create several atmospheres for e-commerce, sophisticated or fun.

As a sustainable theme, WOKIEE is sure to deliver high performance for your store across the years to come. Cyblance is the preferred Shopify experts for working over WOKIEE.

2. Basel

Basel version 3.0, which is the recently updated version for Basel, is now out. Basel is characteristically a multipurpose theme for Shopify. A range of storefront styling can be achieved with Basel, for vendors across domains such as food and drink, electronics and fashion.

On can customize the color scheme or use the drag and drop page builder. Moreover, Basel has compatibility with the Nitro Apps range – Including Cartify, Stockify and Nitro live Coupon. We are your preferred Shopify developer for working over Basel.

3. Shella

Shella is the ultimate Shopify theme and we are the best Shopify experts for working upon Shella. The theme has a performance like nothing else. It starts delivering a high performance right from the initial fast upload of the store.

Shella comes with advance features such detailed, easy to use and powerful search functionality. They also have a banner builder and an advanced MegaMenu builder. Skins are added and updated frequently.

4. Ella

The catchiest feature about Ella is its regular updates. The store gets better and better with each passing day. Moreover, they keep adding new, attractive skins to their collection by the day. It allows one to easily use the best among the available alternatives for festive or holiday seasons or shopping offers.

Ella is among the most comprehensive of Shopify themes and with Shopify experts like Cyblance, one finds maximum value for money with Ella.

5. Boutique

Boutique is a theme with an attitude and is characterized by its raw finesse. Boutique initially started as a fashion theme, but with its clean lines, several e-commerce stores can be set up using Boutique.

An advantage that comes with Boutique is that it is highly affordable. The hundreds of options available let one come up with just the kind of store that he is looking out for. With Shopify experts like Cyblance, the functionality of Boutique is matchless.


An engaging and professional design comes by as the first step for growing a business and getting more sales. A visitor is likely to judge your web store based upon the first impression. If one does not like the look, one may choose to move on altogether. Alternately when one finds sync with the look, it reflects overview times, sales, CTRs, and customer retention rates. The theme used garners credibility for the store, and Cyblance is the top Shopify experts to get it just right for your online mall.

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April 13

Top 8 laravel framework features

A few of the other domains wherein PHP Laravel is [...]

8 Outstanding PHP Laravel Features That Reflect over the Framework’s Performance

PHP Laravel is the most popular PHP framework for web development. It offers a range of prime advantages, such as a scalable and credible code, powerful extending capacities with the use of multiple bundles or modules, a rapid institution, and a rapid turnover.

Cyblance is a Laravel development company that delivers a competitive edge for the clients. Our on-time web development services are cost-effective.

With its detailed technical know-how and elaborate working experience, Cyblance is in a position to leverage the functionality and features of the Laravel framework to the best advantage of the clients. We are the best PHP developer in the class for the purpose.

A range of satisfied clientele bears testimony for Cyblance, as a world-class Laravel service provider and a Laravel developer. With your online store built over Laravel eCommerce by Cyblance, the web mall is primed for success.

Market share of Laravel PHP framework

PHP Laravel comes with a range of advantages over other PHP frameworks. It is open source and entirely free. This makes it a preferred option for making customizations or adding new packages or functionalities.

Interest in Laravel has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2019 and is rising at an unprecedented rate. It is the market leader among other frameworks, such as Yii, CakePHP, and Codeigniter.

Laravel usage statistics

A total of 1,372 sites in India are created using Laravel. Of the top 1 million websites in the world, 8,432 or 0.84% are created using Laravel.

Laravel is used across a variety of domains. Computers, Electronics, and technology are one field where it is frequently used. 3.66% of all websites in the field are created using Laravel.

A few of the other domains wherein PHP Laravel is frequently used include Arts & Entertainment, Science & Education and Business & Customer Service.

Let us take a look at the top 8 features that make PHP Laravel framework the best:

Template Engine

PHP Laravel is recognized for its inbuilt lightweight templates. Dynamic content seeding helps create amazing layouts with distinctive sections. CSS and JS codes can be incorporated within solid structures using widgets. For Laravel website development services, Cyblance is the preferred vendor.


Artisan is an in-built PHP Laravel tool that performs the most of repetitive and tedious programming tasks. Artisan can also be interlaced to generate the basic MVC files or help developers create their own commands. You can hire Laravel offshore developer from Cyblance.

Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping)

Within the PHP Laravel framework, Eloquent ORM is available. It includes a simple PHP Active Record implementation. The need to write SQL code is done away with. Database queries can be issued using PHP syntax. ORM is faster compared to all PHP frameworks.

Libraries & Modular

Object-oriented libraries and other pre-installed libraries make PHP Laravel popular. Moreover, Laravel is segregated into individual modules. This simplifies making modular, responsive and handy web apps. Cyblance is the preferred avenue for top Laravel web application development services.

MVC Architecture Support

MVC pattern of PHP Laravel has multiple in-built functions to enhance documentation and performance. A senior PHP Laravel developer at Cyblance simplifies Laravel service.

Migration system for databases

PHP Larval migration system enables the expansion of the database of a web application to mitigate the risk of losing data. You can hire Laravel programmers from Cyblance.

Unit testing

PHP Laravel makes it easier to write unit tests over its code. This ensures that changes made by programmers are consistent with the web application.


Web application security is taken care of within the PHP Laravel framework, with the use of hashtags, salted passwords, and the Bcrypt Hashtag Algorithm.


The features as mentioned make PHP Laravel an excellent PHP framework which is frequently preferred for web development. A prime characteristic associated with PHP Laravel is its unique architecture. Developers create an infrastructure, designed for their application in particular.

A number of business websites are hence created PHP Laravel. Cyblance is a prime resource for Laravel website development services and Laravel web application development services, with specialization over the Laravel framework.

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April 11

8-factors to consider in choosing the best Laravel Development Company

Are you looking forward to invest your trust in on [...]

7 – Factors to Consider in Choosing The Best Laravel Development Company

Laravel is immensely popular since its inception, the main reasons are it has pure MVC structure, rich libraries, allegiant syntax, by default day to day functionality, strong support and active community, whose are constantly working for its improvements. Selection of the Laravel development company or hire a Laravel expert developer is a daunting task. A wrong selection may cost time, money, effort and much more frustration. Below a few points may make your Laravel development service provider selection is easy and foolproof.  

Laravel experience:

Before hiring a laravel developer or team, make sure they have enough experience to cater to your project challenges. Laravel community frequently upgrading Laravel’s versions, so the Laravel developer must have upgraded skills. Older version knowledge may be workable but it makes the development process quite slow, will it workable for you? Check their coding styles and standards match what they are promising. 

Laravel Portfolio:

The second point to judge your next Laravel development team is to their portfolio. Check out how’s the diversity and challenges in their portfolio. You can always ask if the company served in a similar industry in which you are planning for the website or web application. In the portfolio, you can check the details like development time, team size, what’s the role of your developer and how’s the handling day to day jobs.  

Laravel Reputation and knowledge:

You can always check if the Laravel development company or the Laravel developer to whom you are dealing, how’s their contribution for the Laravel. You can check their blogs, case study, white paper, code contribution and other supportive documents from there you can judge easily this factor. 

Laravel’s past client feedback:

One should always check the past client’s feedback before the hiring. You can ask for the reference or you can search online to check if the Laravel development company has positive feedback. Even if reference is given, you need to make sure if its genuine client and had a successful business with your future Laravel development team or the Laravel developer.

Laravel’s frequent adoption:

Before hiring, you need to make sure the Laravel developer or team are upgraded with the latest Laravel version and fully aware with day to day operation with the new version. In case if you are planning for maintenance work, then make sure the developer knows the in-depth your project’s version. Only Laravel knowledge is not enough, but the knowledge to specific version must be required.

Laravel’s execution process:

Before hiring check the execution process they are following and how closely it will align with you or your team. You need to check what’s development model they are offering, also need to make sure what kind of tools for the bugs, project collaboration and project management are used, which will make execution process smooth.

Laravel’s backup team and other supportive team:

This is the most crucial and most underrated but an important point to check if the company having backup plan for your Laravel developer is going for emergency leave for a few days, for a long vacation or permanently leaving the company, in case yes, if the next developer is capable enough to take handover quickly and having the same level of experience which project demands or the last developer had. Other points, also need to consider, how’s other supportive team capabilities like QA, Business Analyst, Project Manager and Front end developer whom frequent helps required in the project.


We all agree that the Laravel hiring is a challenging job, but if you focus on the right approach and consider the above points then this process made simpler, authentic and more accurate. If you have any query for hiring the Laravel developer then feel free to contact us.

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April 10

Skills All WordPress Developers Should Have

If you are a WordPress Developer or looking to lea [...]

Skills That Make the Best WordPress Developers

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) across the world. Many businesses frequently look for a WordPress developer, with search terms such as WordPress developer near me.

When one becomes a WordPress web developer, one can monetize his works or share them for free as well. But for the same, it is important to be thorough with the fundamental aspects of WordPress.


          What Can You Create and Develop in WordPress?
                1. Themes
                2. Plugins
                3. Widgets
                4. Entire WordPress websites
                5. Web Applications via Rest API      

         What Do You Need to Know as A WordPress Developer?
                HTML (preferably HTML5)
                CSS (Preferably CSS3)

         Sharing Your Work For Free through WordPress Repositories
         Monetizing Your Work by Finding Clients
               Dealing with Contracts and Invoices
               Counting Taxes and Income

What can you create and develop in WordPress?

When a WordPress developer modifies WordPress, he creates a standalone code that combines with WordPress core code. The developer can bring about a range of changes over his WordPress site by tweaking the standalone code, such as creating new profile pages or transforming the core behavior. The core code stays unaltered at all times.

A WordPress Developer primarily works upon five of these aspects:

1. Themes

WordPress theme development pertains to the styling and layout of a WordPress website. A theme can be manipulated in numerous ways. Multiple elements combine to make a WordPress theme, such as JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and HTML.

Keeping a WordPress theme responsive is a must nowadays, and allows the end-consumer to access a website easily over a smartphone. A responsive theme is created using CSS media queries and fluid workflow of grid systems.

2. Plugins

Plugins are the most used feature in WordPress and are currently over 54,000 in number. With WordPress plugin development, a Wordpress developer can add to the collection. Plugins add additional functionality to WordPress without altering the core code. PHP hooks are frequently used for creating plugins. As an example, WooCommerce is a popular WordPress eCommerce plugin while JetPack is a WordPress website design plugin, used to create a WordPress website.

3. Widget

When a WordPress developer creates his plugin or a theme, a custom widget can help create a function which one does not find otherwise.

Widgets are web components and may also be used to access specific parts or pages of a website. As an example, they may enable a quick getaway for certain features, such as the shopping cart in WordPress eCommerce. Creating widgets requires a good working knowledge of PHP.

Default widgets over WordPress can be accessed by appearance -> widgets. Similarly, installing plugins give access to third-party widgets such as Ninja Forms and Simple Page Sidebars.

4. Entire WordPress websites

Entire WordPress websites are created by combining widgets, plugins, themes and custom codes created using PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and SASS. One requires not just WordPress developer skills, but WordPress web design skills as well.

5. Web Applications via Rest API

WordPress now uses REST API, a bridge connecting any working application over a web server with the WordPress core.

By knowing REST API, a WordPress developer can create a working application over WordPress.

What Do You Need to Know as A WordPress Developer?

HTML (preferably HTML5)

HTML ensures that your web pages display nicely across browsers. It is among the key skills for a WordPress designer to know.

CSS (preferably CSS3)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) determine how HTML elements display over different screen sizes. This makes WordPress web design responsive.


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a powerful and feature-rich scripting language that takes care of the backend. The results of scripting are displayed by HTML.


MySQL stores all information about the website, wherein PHP dynamically retrieves the information.


JavaScript is a web scripting language. It allows WordPress developers to manipulate the content’s behavior over a webpage.


jQuery is a frequently used library for JavaScript. Multiple JavaScript functions can be chained together using jQuery. This makes the end code easier to read.


AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) allows a WordPress developer to send or receive data without entirely reloading a page. This makes a webpage more interactive.

Sharing Your Work For Free through WordPress Repositories

When a WordPress developer creates a plugin or a theme, he can share it using a WordPress repository. But it is important to release the work under a General Public License (GPL). With a GPL in place, the users get certain rights to your work when they download and use it. In general, the GPL allows you to retain appropriate copyrights to your work. So, each of the files in your works must have this license.

Monetizing Your Work by Finding Clients

For finding clients, it is preferable for a WordPress developer to have a strong portfolio. Similarly, one must be knowledgeable about the skills that his future clients would be on a lookout for. They are looking out for the best WordPress developer.

One can find out the skillsets of WordPress developers in demand online.

Dealing with Contracts and Invoices

A WordPress developer must create a written contract with the client, which specifies the extent of work and the pay rate. Similarly, the contract must specify if the developer is charging an hourly rate or a flat fee.

After the project is through, one must send an invoice to the client. This must list the work done over the project, and the date when it was delivered.

Counting Taxes and Income

Regarding taxes and income, rules differ by the country. But a WordPress developer must understand his tax obligation.

Above a certain income, one is required to pay taxes or a VAT as well. Paying taxes on time helps prevent legal issues at a later point in time.


There is a range of development related to WordPress that a WordPress developer can do. The top five include making an entire WordPress website, plugins, themes widgets, and web applications. One must be technically thorough and know Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, CSS3 and HTML5.

Then, one must share and monetize one’s work. A bright portfolio helps find high-paying clients. One can also access WordPress help, for a range of developer resources available over the website. WordPress support forums are easily accessible as well.

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April 07

The Procedure for Hiring a Talented Shopify Expert | Cyblance

Need to hire a Shopify expert? Designer, developer [...]

The Procedure for Hiring a Talented Shopify Expert

Is there a requirement of a Shopify developer for your store? Do you need a Shopify expert for setup, development, design or marketing purposes? The choices at a business’s disposal are going for a Shopify expert or a Shopify plus expert.

For the success of an online mall, the web store should be outstanding and be characterized by matchless accessibility. The competition levels are high, with many entities selling their goods online.

Requirements of most merchants are basic

A majority of merchants are looking for a certain degree of customization for their stores. This should be combined with high and varied functionality. It is here that the role of a Shopify expert becomes indispensable.

Setting up a Shopify store is indeed easy. But it comes by as a time-taking task, which may not be possible for a business owner. To counter the issue, Shopify has cultivated Shopify Experts, which is a community of e-commerce specialists.

Where do I hire an official Shopify expert?



In the primary Shopify domain, one comes across a microsite that has Shopify Experts’ list. One can figure out a Shopify expert by typing in the name or the relevant keywords in the search box. This helps find an expert based upon his niche of expertise.

Key things to consider when hiring a Shopify expert

What’s the issue?

Identifying the problem is the first step to consider when you hire Shopify expert of any kind, Shopify developer or a Shopify designer. He would be able to present a flawless Shopify website design or create a Shopify store for your business.

So what is it that you are planning to do? Develop a new Shopify website or looking for a Shopify design that is the best match for your requirements?


Location is ideally of no relevance. Shopify experts seldom meet their clients face to face. This allows businesses to collaborate with Shopify experts from all across the world.

Most of the experts use tools such as Invision and Sketch for prototyping. The need to meet face to face is hence done away with. One also has a choice at finding only a Shopify web designer who is nearby his location. But then, a business would be paying up to 100% more for accessing Shopify help by meeting a Shopify expert face-to-face.


Pricing is one of the key defining factors for the selection of a Shopify Expert. Before one finalizes a deal, one should ask an expert about the price he is going to charge. An experienced Shopify expert would be in a position to quote a reasonable price with an instant effect. This is also subject to the changes you want for your store. A business is likely to come across Shopify experts who undertake the project at a reasonable price.

Check portfolios

Checking portfolios is the best way to figure out a Shopify expert who is ideal for your brand, based upon your requirements. One must go through the projects that an expert has completed in the past. This goes to show that the expert has relevant experience in a particular field. There may be cases wherein a project created by a Shopify expert links to his website.

Should I hire a developer who is not an official Shopify expert?

No, as this would reflect over the quality of work. Alternately, hiring an official Shopify expert ensures peace of mind for a business owner.

Shopify experts program has stringent requirements for inclusion for experts across all genres, designers, marketing specialists, and photographers.



Are all Shopify experts capable of design, setup, and development?

No. They are subdivided into 5 categories.

Shopify designers  Primarily concerned with visuals and a website’s presentation. They take care of user-interface and design elements.

Shopify Developers – They work on apps and back-end.

Setup Experts – They have expertise over store configuration and setup.

Marketing Experts – Marketing experts deliver a competitive edge for your store. They bring in even more customers with the use of digital marketing strategies, such as SEO.

Photography Experts – Photography experts use strategic positioning and photography to draw attention to your products.

A few of the Shopify experts are listed under one category alone, owing to the specialization of their services. Others are listed under multiple categories and provide an all-round package for their clients. If a business owner is sure of his business requirements, he can avail of the services of a single Shopify expert and make sure that the services are seamless. A few of the Shopify experts deal with the Shopify Plus platform. A business owner can hire Shopify plus experts as well.

Need to hire a Shopify expert?

Cyblance is a premium choice for Shopify customization, development and design. We are official setup and marketing experts, developers and designers for Shopify. It is almost daily that we work with Shopify plus. Each of the aspects of eCommerce is our niche. Our skills help your business grow and succeed.



Cyblance is an all-round expert for your Shopify related requirements and has a commendable portfolio of delighted clients. Their services are the simplest way to ensure sustainable success for your Shopify store.

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April 02

Most Popular Website Templates

Are Wix’s templates the right ones for building yo [...]

5 Wix Themes and Templates to Watch out for in 2020

As a cloud-based website builder designed for SMEs in particular, Wix is used elaborately. With prime features offered by Wix, creating innovative and out-of-the-box business websites becomes easier.

Wix is a dynamic platform and enables users to create just the kind of websites they desire across domains. Personalization is among the unique aspects of Wix and their templates are all modifiable.

Cyblance is among the best in the class Wix design agency, with specialization over Wix web page design. Apart from Wix web design services, you can access Wix design help, or hire a freelance Wix developer from us.

Prime features of Wix include an intuitive website builder and designer templates. The hosting is free and reliable, and Wix is among the finest website builders for creating a one-page website.

Cyblance is the finest Wix web services and we always create a Wix responsive site. Wix websites are secure and feature SSL templates. A Wix developer from our agency primes your website for success. For the best of Wix web design, we are the prime choice.

Let us take a look at 5 of the best Wix themes and templates for 2020:

1. Outdoor Bags



For an e-commerce store, Outdoor Bags is among the best theme to go ahead with for Wix web design. The different templates can be chosen based upon your operating domain and preference. Aesthetics are top class and functionality is flawless for your secure online mall. Wix has some fine themes for your e-commerce store such as The Poster Shop and Fashion Designer Boutique, which make your customers buy. Cyblance is the best choice for your Wix responsive site.

2. Event Planners



Event Planner is the best theme to go ahead for entities in the event management business. It is the website for businesses into organizing marriage functions and seminars. An unforgettable website is an assurance that the event is going to be unforgettable. Event Planner has a contact page, about page, a gallery, and services page to build consumer trust in your services. With Wix web page design services like Cyblance, the Wix web design can’t go wrong.

3. The Food Feed



The Food Feed is a Wix theme for the hospitality industry. Food incites positive reactions from viewers. The theme creates a delicious story. It is a fine way to find more visitors for your eatery or café. The theme has an inherent simplicity in Wix web design. The title element progresses with the screen as one browses down a page. Cyblance creates the best Wix web page design using The Food Feed.

4. Classic Layout



Classic Layout is a Wix theme that offers an outlet for a business owner’s creativity. One puts the features and tools provided by the platform to the best possible advantage for Wix website design. Classic Layout is essentially a versatile theme, and one is not bound to stick to any particular styling for the website. This reflects over the uniqueness of the end design. Cyblance is the Wix design agency of choice for working over Wix’s Classic Layout.

5. Start From Scratch



Start From Scratch enables one to create highly versatile websites. If you have a unique idea in mind, Start From Scratch is the best outlet to materialize it. It provides a blank canvas, and the Wix web design is created right from the scratch. It is among the most popular of Wix themes and as a Wix developer, Cyblance delivers the best outcomes for you, working over the Wix’s Start From Scratch theme.


Wix templates are numerous. One has a choice at trying out a template and see if it meets his liking, or try out another template altogether. Each of the themes is aesthetic, which ensures the best odds for a state-of-the-art Wix web design. One is sure to find a theme that meets one’s taste and preferences in the finest of ways. The variety is high but makes more choices available. As the prime Wix design agency, we are at your service.

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April 01

Squarespace Templates - Your 2020 Ultimate Guide

Pacific is probably the best Squarespace template [...]

If the business is into a food and beverage business, Foster Juice Co is the best Squarespace template to set up a Squarespace website. It can be used to create a range of aesthetic website.

March 28

Our Website Design Process - Squarespace Specialists

Cyblance has developed a well-defined process when [...]

An Effective Squarespace Client-site Design Process

Creating a website using Squarespace comes with a number of advantages. A Squarespace website looks good while being easy to customize and use as well.

Squarespace is relatively newer. Correspondingly, Squarespace designers are fewer as compared to WordPress designers. Let us take a look at the ways to create a Squarespace website right from scratch.

1 | Create a trial site

For someone who intends to create a Squarespace website, Squarespace makes a 14-day free trial available. This helps a Squarespace designer without having to purchase anything in the first go.

In these 14 days, one can create a nice Squarespace website. It is unlikely to take any longer. A new user can also create a trial site.

An advantage of making websites using Squarespace is that one has easy access to each of his websites. One can access them by clicking over one’s profile image, which is right below the main menu.



When one is required to work over a site that already exists, one can create a trial site to be sure about the layouts, without messing the pre-existing site. 

A trial site also gives one a better understanding of Squarespace’s capabilities. This is important when makes a switch from some other platform to Squarespace.

2 | Customize the design 

Choosing a template

When one is through creating a trial site, one is prompted to choose one of the Squarespace templates.

A range of custom Squarespace templates is made available for a Squarespace designer’s selection. They are across different categories, such as restaurants, portfolios, and businesses and help create a nice Squarespace design for a website. One can browse across the different templates easily.

A few of the top points which a Squarespace designer should keep in mind when choosing the templates are its functionality, the layouts, and the feature index. This demonstrates the template’s capabilities and gives a fair idea of its feasibility for a particular website.



With each template, Squarespace gives an overview of other websites that were created using the templates. A Squarespace web designer must run through those as well. This helps with designing sites in Squarespace. The template chosen depends on the kind of website that one wants to create and the functionalities and features one wants the site to have.

In Squarespace, one can switch templates at any time and bring about a change in the Squarespace site design. One keeps all the content one created while using a prior template. Customizations made over colors, spacing, and fonts are however not saved. It is, therefore, recommendable that one does a bit of homework and chooses the best-suited theme right from the start. Being sure of one’s requirements, before getting started help.



Mapping out the content

Many of Squarespace themes have predefined spacing and require no knowledge of coding. Mapping a wireframe beforehand, based upon your requirements is likely to be helpful. 

So make a list of pages and see the ones that will be listed in the main navigation menu. Calls to action create a flow for the end-users of the website.

After choosing the template, work on the pages and the navigation.

Receiving content from clients

When a Squarespace web designer receives written and multimedia contents from the clients, it is preferable for the same to organized, in folders and subfolders for each webpage and section.



Customizing the template



If a Squarespace specialist has the framework for a website ready with him, he can add in the logo and use the Style Editor to make adjustments in colors, fonts, and sizes. 

One also previews the changes while one makes them. This saves time. After finalizing the presentation of the website, one adds in the buttons. 



3 | Client approval

The first step involved with getting a client approval is sending the link of the trial site over to the client. 

By default, each Squarespace site receives a unique Squarespace URL. But customizing the Squarespace domain name for the website makes it easier to recall. This is done by going to the Main Menu and clicking on Settings followed by Domain.

Client feedback guides a Squarespace designer to make changes or revisions.

4 | Add client as a site administrator

In case the client is switching over from WordPress or some other CMS to Squarespace, the client is then added as an administrator. This is after they approve the site by clicking over Settings>Permission>Invite Contributor.



First, they create a Squarespace account. This lets them log in to the backend of the site. Here, they can make an upgrade to a paid site from a trial site. The billing information can also be set up over here.

In case the client already has a Squarespace site, the Squarespace designer can ask the client to let them be the administrator. This lets the designer bring about changes in Squarespace website design and Squarespace themes over the preexisting site.

5 | Transfer content and reroute domain

When clients make a switch from WordPress to Squarespace, a Squarespace designer can transfer the prevailing blog posts and reroute the domain name. This saves trouble for the client. A square space designer should know the login details and the existing domain content for the same.



In case the client already has a prevailing Squarespace site, put a cover page before getting started, in order to mimic the trial site.

6 | Client tutorial

Once the site is ready, a Squarespace designer meets the client over Google Hangouts or Skype. They share the screen and explain the backend.

It is preferable to explain basic items such as:

  • Updating text and images
  • Editing or adding blog posts
  • Go through site metrics
  • Add items to the shop
  • Connect social media accounts

Squarespace is intuitive and user-friendly. The final consultation takes less than an hour.

It is time to transfer the ownership of the site to the client, send an invoice and celebrate.


Squarespace is used by designers who want to create a streamlined, professional, user-friendly and efficient website. The aforementioned is one of the processes that work best for creating a Squarespace website. 

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How to Use Wix: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

You’d have a choice at uploading your logo. You co [...]

Once you upload your logo, Wix AI will come up with a matching color palette. The quality of the palette makes it a great deal. Next, choose the theme that you like. This defines the Wix website design of your website.