January 17

iPhone App Development in Toronto | 247 Labs

Toward the finish of this stage, you ought to have [...]

This is where the app is submitted to Apple and anticipates approval. While approval times have significantly enhanced since the App Store was first propelled, we by and large advise our clients to expect somewhere in the range of 6 to 14 days to have their app approved. It is conceivable to endeavor to assist your approval; however with about 500 apps being submitted every day, we witness this once in a while.

Toward the finish of this stage you ought to have a completely working app prepared to be downloaded from iTunes.

This diagram is the thing that we see for the run of the mill app development. One ought to expect generally 2.5 to 3 months all the way to build up an iPhone application. Some apps may require additional time, while others might have the capacity to be pushed through the procedure somewhat quicker. We were as of late ready to finish an app in less than a month; anyway a ton of the structure was finished and there was amazing correspondence among us and the customer.

January 16

Cost of iPhone App Development | 247 Labs

Developing your app should not be left to chance a [...]

Developing your app should not be left to chance and in the Toronto there are plenty of programmers to choose from. But how do you get the best value whether you are looking in Toronto or other nearby towns and cities?

Your app should be something that you, yourself, have a hand in designing. But, you should also be able to rely on the skills and talents of your design and programming team. Can they deliver what you want and on time?

Ask the Following Questions:

1. Is your developer a specific company or an individual working alone? If they are an individual, do they have the experience, time and reliability to deliver what you require?Your app is an investment for you – you want to know that it can be delivered to your requirements.

2. Does your developer have a good grounding in web design, app design and programming methods? These are essential skills if you are going to have an app developed and accepted into the Apple iTunes store.

3. Does your developer speak to you in plain language or are you blinded with jargon that you don’t understand? How can you be expected to know what decisions to make if your developer is not speaking your language.

4. Does your developer give you a quote that is reasonable for the time and effort that is put in or are charges excessive and/or hidden? Many app developers in Toronto, Canada, will charge high fees as they know you have no real clue of the type or amount of work you put in.

5. Does your app development team give you the ability to be involved with the design and enable you to have a robust after sales service? Your app is your pride and joy. All developers in the Toronto should be able to support you THROUGH the development process AND afterwards.

6. Can you get hold of your team when you need to? Not all developers want to be called up every 5 minutes, but it is nice to know that your designer will get back to you if you have questions and queries.

Don’t forget, you need to have confidence in your iPhone app development team. Make sure you look around and ask questions before you commission your iPhone app development, Toronto, team.

January 16

Best Website Development Software | 247 Labs

You have spent a long time to choose the perfect d [...]

What You Need To Know About Domain Names And Keeping Control Of It

You have spent a long time to choose the perfect domain name for your soon to be a website development and found that it is available. Now, most people simply purchase their name through the host while some purchase on their own. The problem is that one of those groups of individuals did the worst thing possible in registering their domain name. This article will not only address what not to do when purchasing a domain name but also what you should do to ensure that you have complete control over the domain. Continue reading to learn more as the wrong choices can actually leave you in a position where your domain is no longer yours to own.

The biggest mistake people make when purchasing a domain name is by allowing the hosting site to purchase it for you. The fact is that even though you are purchasing the name, they are registering it on your behalf and actually owning it if you default on your hosting payments as the registers mailing address will be theirs and not yours. When you read the terms and conditions of your hosting agreement, you will also see clauses pertaining to the domain name that may not be favorable to you as far as linking to other sites or revenue generation that may be required to be shared. You need to register the domain name on your own as you will be able to take the name with you if issues arise and you need to break your hosting contract.

Another mistake many people make is by purchasing the domain one year at a time. If someone likes your domain name and they want it, they can sign up for alerts as to when the name may be available. This can be an issue for you as, despite claims of email providers, email disappears in cyberspace and if you do not receive a renewal notice and forget it is due, you just lost it to somebody who slid in the backdoor and grabbed it. You need to lock in your domain for as long as possible.

There are also people who will piggyback on your success by using the name on a common domain that you may not have chosen like .net or .org. You should always lock up the domain name on all popular platforms to prevent someone from stealing traffic based on domain confusion. These additional domains can be set up to jump to your main site as well instead of setting up websites on each one. You are simply protecting your business by locking in the domain name on all popular platforms.

Finally, make note of the payment dates for your domain names. As mentioned, someone could slip in, purchase your name and actually try to sell it back to you at a higher cost. There are some things that can be forgotten for a few hours when maintaining a site but the domain name needs to be paid promptly to prevent loss.

As you can see, the domain is everything and you need to maintain control of it at all times. Register it on your own and do so for multiple years at a time. Make sure that you register on all domain platforms and you will ensure that traffic is driven to your revenue generating site and not to someone else.

January 11

AngulareJS Mobile App Development | 247 Labs

247 Labs is an award-winning team of trained, cert [...]

Bringing this into the 21st century point of view, web developers ought not to see app developers as a danger, rather showcasing organizations should see app developers who are utilizing Apps as the lead of extensive computerized promoting plans as the most serious risk since web and versatile advertising advanced as a business.

January 11

Cross Platform Mobile App Development | 247 Labs

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While choosing an app designer to deal with your next iPhone, iPad or Android Mobile App Development, people, organizations and brands need to think about what esteem add every engineer offers to augment both App appeal and App reach. Without both your sparkly new App may never be found, downloaded or utilized.

January 11

Best Ecommerce Web Design Software | 247 Labs

According to 247 Labs, a website is a simplified r [...]

If only having an online presence is adequate for your business, 247 Labs advises going for a static website, which will provide all the information that your target audience needs. It is an affordable option, as the amount of design and content is minimal. While it is simple in nature, it must be attractive enough to pull customers. eCommerce Website development 247 Labs excels in creating impressive static web pages that looks professional and simple. Before working on the design, we understand the nature of the business, its purpose, target audience, and penetration strategy. Only after understanding these aspects, we initiate work on the project. The final outcome, therefore, has to be a brilliant piece of work.

January 10

Advantages of Ecommerce Web Design | 247 Labs

Product Descriptions needs to be short and sweet s [...]

There is no actual right response, but to find out which is best for your website according to eCommerce web design Toronto rules you can sketch from the concept of marketing techniques for help. A marketing concept is known in the marketing industry as “AIDA” says that any form of marketing must take clients through four levels before they will be motivated to buy.

January 09

Mobile App Developer Jobs in Toronto | 247 Labs

Actually Sencha touch is a unified user interface [...]

A trend which is generated a file that you have finished drawing your three buttons which you will need to draw yourself – Start Options and quit. It should be pointed out that Java is case-sensitive so you should comply with a smaller market. It is the change in the awareness & demand of app developers work and mobile protection pack app if developers are less code and maintenance because it helps them in accessing the user internal and external operations.

January 09

Mobile App Applications With Reference To HTML5 CSS3 | 247 Labs

The latest technological developments in the virtu [...]

Mobile App Applications With Reference To HTML5 CSS3 and Conversion from PSD

The latest technological developments in the virtual world of internet and telecommunication have made real the things that were thought to be impossible some years back. The HTML5 and CSS3 have empowered the mobile phones with features that transform them to smartphones. The expectations of the corporate world as well as the web site visitors from the virtual world of internet and the website has increased much fold and to meet those expectations the HTML5 has come into being. As far as smartphones are concerned the major players in the market of smartphones are Google and Apple which are the big names in the 247 Labs mobile app developers Toronto. There is a lot of difference among the operating systems and platforms of smart phones. The businesses and the website visitors want the web applications including the websites to perform as they used to in case of desktop personal computers. One of the purposes served by HTML5 and CSS3 is facilitating the businesses and visitors with web applications and websites that are compatible with different operating systems and platforms.

Some of the Characteristics of HTML5 that Make it a Popular Coding Language Are as Follows.

• HTM5 helps to store the data offline and on the client’s side too. The availability of the application is not totally dependent on online internet connectivity. This facilitates the utility of the application by the user.

• The user can easily get connected to the server. The availability of the web sockets allows easy utility of application like chat applications.

• Coding with HTML5 facilitates the user with information and content that is concerned with his/her (visitor’s) physical location. This facility is going to depend on the GPS and Wi-Fi signals.

• The web application can be designed to capable of playing multimedia. Coding with HTML5 supports audio and video as well as playback. This implies that there is no need of installing audio payers or Flash for playing the multimedia.

• The operation of dragging and dropping becomes easier.

• The capability to draw things is enhanced and extended. This sort of facility allows the drawing of flowcharts and games in two dimensions. With the help of HTML5, the designer can create an exceptionally excellent graphic interface.

Some of the Most Attractive Features of CSS3 Are as Follows.

• The elements of the page can be designed to be translucent.

• The regions or layouts that have rectangular shape can be designed to have rounded edges.

• The various regions and fonts can be designed to have shadows.

• The fonts or typography can be customized as well as incorporated into the web applications.

• The designer can have multiple pictures in the background.

Most of the companies offering the services of PSD to HTML conversion have started using HTML5 and CSS3.