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Top App Development Frameworks near me | 247 Labs

There is a paradigm shift in deploying apt busines [...]

Top App Development Frameworks in 2019

There is a paradigm shift in deploying apt business tactics. Most of the corporations are using mobile apps rather than desktop websites. Which framework can help you to boost your business is the biggest question among entrepreneurs. Let’s figure out more in the write-up!

With the increasing demand of mobile apps in the market, the industry is encountering one of the competitive stages where the choice of the precise framework with a suitable platform, as well as the development approach, becomes critical.

Within the past few years, there has been a stable enhancement in the quantity of coding languages for iOS and Android OS. In fact, the cross-platform mobile app developers have acquired the speed and one can surely credit the greatest framework for this key revolution. The frameworks are even responsible behind altering an iOS application into an Android application and vice-versa.

Let us have a look at what frameworks are generally used by the top mobile app developers companies in the upcoming section.

Top 5 Frameworks for Your Next App!


Ionic is a broadly utilized framework for the building of mobile applications. What’s more appealing to note down is that it is absolutely free of cost. The framework is a client-side framework, which assists in developing native-based applications with an amalgamation of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3. The Ionic framework even is compatible with the most recent mobile gadgets and arranges a strong ground for the app prior to its introduction in the market.

The component of HTML5 assists in structuring hybrid applications as well. Without any doubt, it is considered to be the best assets for building progressive web apps. It can work well with the influential Software Development Kit like the Angular. It even works greatest with PhoneGap, as well as Cordova.


Microsoft introduced Xamarin and to make the most excellent utilize of the Xamarin, the mobile app developers must discover to perform the C# codebase, as well as develop helpful applications for iOS, Windows, and Android. It is possible for you to share these codes by using Mac OS and Windows platforms. As a matter of fact, it permits the advantage of code sharing; a lot of time can be saved.


Flutter was introduced lately by Google, which is an open-source app development SDK. This is an admired framework and jotted down in the Dart language. Nevertheless, if I talk about the preference of framework, it is the finest choice for hybrid apps’ development.

Flutter uses the 2D rendering engine known as Skia to design the visuals. The visuals look like the Material Design and Cupertino technique. It is much simpler to analyze your project in Flutter. There is no need to start the project once again even if you make any mistake.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is quite quick in comparison to the different mobile app development frameworks. The crucial aspect is that it is compatible with Lua, which is a light-weight coding language that provides speed, effortlessness of usage, and elasticity to develop apps. Therefore, if you need to code at a high-quality speed devoid of comprising the mobile app superiority, then the choice is all yours. In addition, it is free and works fine with Mac and Windows as well.

JQuery Mobile

It is an HTML5 based framework popular across the globe. What makes it unique is the fact that it can be accessed all through the devices with just one code edition. You can make use of this framework to design both mobile apps, as well as websites and obtain widespread support for different kinds of OS including Blackberry, Firefox, Windows, Mac OS, Kindle, and much more.

You can install the jQuery edition in 2 variants; as a tailored framework or the recent steady edition. This voluntarily displays that its fame and requirement is surging elevated with quicker app development in mixture with the plugins.

React Native

Mobile app developers across the globe consider React native as a good choice when it comes to building apps. The framework has been launched through social media giant Facebook. Though it made its beginning approximately in 2013, it has turned out to be one of the favored choices for the organizations.

React Native is fundamentally an open-source framework giving plenty support to the IDEs, along with the other app development utilities. It is believed to be one of the finest JavaScript frameworks for building native apps for iOS and Android. You can prefer the React Native for the mobile app developers and React for the web.

Native Scripts

Most of the people must be aware of the fact that Native Scripts as the finest frameworks when it comes to building hybrid applications. The mobile applications that are utilizing the Native Scripts access the similar APIs, which is possible to use same as Android Studio or Xcode. You can get abundant assists by means of tutorials with the help of official website.

Final Thoughts

The frameworks are considered to be the greatest driving tools for developing a mobile or web app. The year 2019 will surely see the appearance of a lot of accepted frameworks, however; the above-mentioned frameworks are going to be on the priority list. In case, you want to build an app, then Fluper can help you out. It is a leading iOS and Android app development company around the globe.

Official Source:- https://www.whatech.com/mobile-apps/blog/562702-top-app-development-frameworks-in-2019

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How Can a Custom Web Development Toronto Company Work? | 247 Labs

This could be just the injection of knowledge and expertise that your business needs to grow and thrive in a crowded marketplace. Outsourcing some of your operations to other companies with the knowledge and skill sets that you need allows you to distribute your assets in a more effective way. Choose the right partner and it could even be key to your success. Working with a suitable partner can complement your core skill areas, save resources, save time and build your product

One of the key areas where outsourcing can have the biggest effect on your business is with custom web development toronto. This isn’t just a resource-saving option – although that can be a key part of it – but it can be a way to take your business to the next level. Here are just some of the ways that a partner custom web development toronto company could be a benefit.

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20 Web Design Trends for 2019 | 247 Labs

A portfolio showcasing the work of 247labs ca

Ai & Web Development: How Both Affect Wordpress Website Building?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making their way into our lives. AI is not only influencing WordPress platform but also web.

Machine learning is developing at a relatively fast pace and that can be considered as groundbreaking innovation. But on the other hand, experts are really concerned about that these machines will be hijacking jobs of human beings.

Interestingly, artificial intelligence will soon step into mobile app development and take over the tasks such as application and website designing. In the upcoming days, it is expected that artificial intelligence will transform custom web development toronto as well as WordPress website building.

Where did it all begin?

In past times, app developers build websites using HTML. At that time, the internet was not about compelling website designs.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, web designing has moved to the next level. Soon, it is expected artificial intelligence will become able to automate a large number of web designing tasks.

What exactly is Artificial Design Intelligence?

When we talk about artificial intelligence, the concept revolves around the machine learning that implements the leading web design trends. In other words, we can say that artificial design intelligence can develop websites automatically.

AI and WordPress Website Building

In present times, various companies have started working on AI centric website generation solutions. There is no doubt in saying that WordPress is the mainstream content management system that is opted by thousands of websites around the world.

WordPress AI Plug-in

There are various WordPress plug-in that utilize machine learning. On the other hand, there exist various users that have raised queries about the difference between AI focused plug-in and non-AI ones.

How Artificial Intelligence is transforming web design and development?

When we talk about web design and development, there is no doubt in saying that artificial intelligence has gained control over increasing the online presence and customers’ engagement.

Website Building Machines

It might be a surprising fact for you that machine can build websites. But there are various Android app development companies that are working algorithm of artificial intelligence for building websites.

The companies basically tend to provide users with an AI assistant through which users can easily find the website that they are looking for.

Adaptive web design

We generally use the website to gather huge data and then utilize it for presenting users with useful information in an effective manner. One of the interesting things is that AI not only offers website development but also help in adopting a design according to individual specifications.

Needless to mention, AI has the ability to process the huge amount of data and deliver the superior experience.

Machine Learning AI & E-commerce

In a report, it is predicted that e-commerce is the best sector that is empowered by AI. In fact, it is also expected that 72% of retailers tend to invest in machine learning by 2020.

Customized Users’ Experience

Artificial intelligence will soon be able to understand the customers and provide them customized experience. For example, the latest development in image recognition allows virtual shopping AI assistants similar products.

Artificial Intelligence and Web Content Development

There exist a large number of content producers that are concerned about how artificial intelligence influences content writing and proofreading work. WordPress is undeniably the mainstream Content Management System that is opted by almost one-quarter of websites around the world.

a) Machine Aided Research

There is no doubt in saying AI assistant performing one of the biggest parts of writing and that is research. AI will be able to perform tiresome tasks of reading and compiling without any problem.

b) AI-based proofreading services

Although we have spell check in Microsoft word now users, app developers will have the ideal assistant that can understand the squiggly line beneath the misspelled terms. Needless to mention, machine learning can do more tasks more than just proofreading.

Overall, AI is taking the content writing and proofreading to next level.

c) Content Producing Robots

When we talk about content creation and AI, various algorithms have enhanced online writing. Google updates have made the content to switch from keyword-focused to value delivered to human beings.

Thus, AI can now supply grammar corrections and offering the writers with textual content recommendations for enhancement of the content material.

Besides this, it is also expected that AI journalism will soon allow the machines to develop content including Business reports, Press releases, Stock reports etc. In present times, we can find various content spinning services but you can easily get quality content from AI-driven writing services.

Source : https://www.whatech.com/mobile-apps/blog/534449-ai-web-development-how-both-affect-wordpress-website-building

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February 21

Web Design Color Trends 2019 | 247 Labs

Present day brands tend to boost the active associ [...]

Web Design Trends for 2019

Present day brands tend to boost the active association with clients. Subsequently, the structure of the site must pass on feelings. If you need to make it extremely unusual, it's insufficient to have great photographs. The entire idea must relate to a specific enthusiastic foundation. The accomplishment of offers through the interpersonal organization Instagram affirms this pattern.

Here we can see a particular connection to the Web-based business, which enters relentlessly to each informal organization. The shopper may feel that he purchases and a la mode shirt, concentrating on it.

Indeed, he pays cash for the picture that is behind this thing – he outwardly sees the person who is wearing it.

A striking case of such can be called Lacoste.

Investigators take note of this who is examining the website composition patterns. The accentuation is on daintiness, which is wholly transmitted outwardly.

The Relationship of Gentility passes on a message on the style of garments, as well as on the way of life.

Here is a list of few web design trends that are popular in 2019

Non-standard is a powerful move!

Website composition is a field that will create in a somewhat intriguing situation in 2019. Some visual haphazardness is slanting, yet it ought not to go past the general idea.

For instance, the non-standard position of data squares is pertinent. As per practice, this methodology isn't a coincidental trial, however, a skilled arrangement that warms up the client's advantage.

Besides, even with non-standard convenience, you don't need to forfeit your corporate style.

Full-screen video as a helpful and enlightening component on a site

On the web, you can discover forecasts that full-screen video will lead the pack among different parts of website composition in 2019. They are instructive and advantageous.

The client does not need to look over the page start to finish seeing the data of intrigue. He can watch it in the video you gave.

Beforehand, the recordings were at that point in high places of notoriety, yet later they blurred away from plain sight, as smartphones scarcely showed sites. Much weight impacted the way that the heap speed was negligible.

Subsequently, the transformation was diminishing. Presently, plenty of hire web developer attempt to think about this issue.

Geometric shapes as freshness and inventiveness of website composition

The utilization of different geometric shapes in website composition is certifiably not another pattern. It started to show up around 2016, and after that was picking up prominence and keeps on doing as such in 2019.

As per practice, clients agree to structured sites along these lines. Although the more current impacts are getting an acknowledgment in the meantime, this essential and subsequently not all that expensive choice would be the best choice.

An apt structure of geometric shapes will agreeably astound the clients.

Cinemagraphs as a phenomenal swap for exhausting gif activity

Once in a while, people make a mistake that cinema graphs as the standard gif activity, yet in certainty, there are sharp contrasts between these two impacts. Cinemagraphs are static pictures that contain just an individual dominant component.

For instance, it very well may be a static piece of a table in a café, outside the window of which a taxi goes. Such a thought will be ideal for the tax benefit.

You can likewise design numerous other intriguing ideas that execute with the assistance of present-day PC impacts.

Similarly, it is essential to think about the brain research of website architecture. Notwithstanding cinemagraphs, the importance of constant liveliness is still alive.

If the main alternative is inventive, at that point, the second one is regular, tried and continuously compelling. Liveliness is additionally called gif.

Such components pull in consideration. They get the guests consideration and urge them to acquaint themselves with whatever remains of the substance of the site.

Read More: Top 10 Web Design Trends in 2018: Let’s be Creative

Splendid hues:

Such a pattern has not lost prevalence for a long time. You can utilize the Google palette for speedy and proficient determination.

The utilization of angles in website architecture is an incredible thought regarding shading. The foundation of the page with an edge makes the impression of uniqueness and freshness.

In any case, be cautious. A gradient is an exceptionally perplexing component. Its utilization requires understanding and demonstrable skill.

You can frequently observe the inappropriate use of the slope.

Basic plan and one of a kind textual style:

People very well know remarkable textual styles in the website architecture industry. Notably, once it is a blend of one of a kind text style, it is a moderate structure.

For instance, Airbnb structured its textual form – Oat. In any case, in some cases, the standard textual forms can corrupt the plan of the Web asset when for reasons unknown, it denies any visual accents.

You need to be cautious.

Moderation and translucent catches

Quite recently brilliant impacts were significant for the circle of custom web development toronto architecture by and large. Furthermore, now it is taking a stab at moderation.

The existence musicality of a cutting-edge individual is dynamic, so he doesn't have enough time to focus on the diverting moves of experts in the PR business. He is utilized to plainly and fundamentally get data in the shape in which it doesn't trouble him.

In this way, an insignificant structure in the mix with translucent catches isn't just important from the viewpoint of patterns, yet also useful.

Utilizing photographs in the middle

Photography customarily holds high positions among the components of website composition. Particularly, with regards to the utilization of pictures in publicizing of an item.

Such an alternative enables you to maximally "adapt" the promoting effort and show that the item meets a particular need. For instance, marked garments begin to be related to style and feel.

The contraption helps that the way to remember correspondence enables you to tune in to music, take brilliant photographs, and make recordings.

Normal and streamlined shapes

There are no straight lines in nature itself. Hence, smooth structures, making the deception of adaptability, man observe it with significantly more dependability.

The adjusted corners in the components of website architecture started to go in the pattern a year ago.

Presently they are solidly set in and mammoths as Google Now, Facebook, Twitter uses them. Streamlined lines are especially fruitful if shaded drops of altogether different shapes enhance them.

Such a structure quiets and acclimates to a wonderful hobby when utilizing the site. It is one classic web design trend in 2018 and also one for the future.

From This Source:-https://www.whatech.com/mobile-apps/blog/546355-web-design-trends-for-2019

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10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales | 247 Labs

It's true that many factors may contribute to the problem. Believe it or not, web design can have a powerful impact on buyers and their choices. Studies show product assessment takes about 90 seconds. Users grant websites a fraction of that time: less than eight seconds. Those first impressions are about 94 percent design-related. What's more, about 75 percent of users will judge your brand credibility based on your website design.

Most first-time visitors to your site are not ready to buy. They're investigating options and comparing you to others. Do you know how you stack up to the competition? Take a look at custom webdevelopment toronto for leaders in your market space. Then, turn your critical eye inward.

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Mobile Application Development Using Agile Methodology | 247 Labs

To build a perfect mobile app, you need to execute [...]

Build an Advanced Mobile App with Agile Methodology

To build a perfect mobile app, you need to execute great planning and agile methodology is what makes you capable of achieving your this goal. There are several benefits of agile methodology when it comes to project management. This strategy can assist your teams to direct their work more proficiently within the limit of your budget. While agile teams work competently as a unit and can respond in a better way to the expected modifications, there is one face of the project management overlooked by agile i.e.

Visual management. By visual management, they can easily improve their aptitude to work efficiently by offering the data visually instead of in a wiki or list-form on a spreadsheet. Hence, t is simpler to understand project details, as well as to manage change. Key advantages of agile methodology that make it one of the primary choices of mobile app developers company:

  •     Capability of scaling
  •     Visibility of project details
  •     Aptitude to adapt to changes
  •     Increased team efficiency

Let us have a closer look at key characteristics of an agile team and its benefits.

Agile Characteristics

It is an approach to get complete the work that actually matters. For instance, rather than spending days or hours in developing out a thorough project plan, which may or may not match up with the project’s execution, the team using agile tactic would start with a small piece of work and evaluates progress.

One of the main sections to focus for an agile team is the capability to work iteratively. This kind of work is done in short cycles with a little portion of the project done at a single time. The main advantage of iterative work is the less wastage of the work. Yes, when something modifies about the project, it is likely to minimize the amount of re-work. This implies that the teams do not have to follow the same procedure from scratch; they can backtrack and begin all over again.

The idea of iterative work expands beyond the project level, as well as can be implemented by breaching down an amount of work. It is common for the Android or iOS app development company to complete their assignments in a few months or sometimes years. In a project’s timeline, modifications can happen in technology or with the business needs.

Modifications to the business necessities of a project recurrently denote the project is going to take more time, which means more cost. Since the change is constant when we talk about the project management, strategies like Agile are essential to regulate a project’s final cost.

Top 3 Benefits of Agile

Team Efficiency

Agile teams are called extremely competent at getting work done. Since an agile team shares a mutual culture, effectiveness has a ripple outcome. At the time, everyone consents on what the core work is and centered on it to work collaboratively, they can achieve the goals easily and can enhance the work productivity. We all know that, it is quite mandatory to set a relationship between collaboration, predictability, and efficiency to get a project done and agile is what makes it complete.

Project’s Scalability

Cost, as well as time, is the key facts in finding whether an organization will go ahead with a project. Apart from this, there are several other methods too that can check the project’s estimated cost, such as:

  •     The duration of the project
  •     How much will it cost?
  •     Will it be worth to do the initial investment for getting a project done?
  •     What could be done to add more value to the same resources?

How you can make use of people, as well as resources is a question that brings forth continuously, particularly for companies that cannot predict the frequency of projects yet to come. As a matter of fact, businesses persist to struggle with too much work, new methods of scaling projects have introduced.

Productivity examination can assist teams to know how the similar amount of people that can work in a smarter way and produce more devoid of investing in extra resources. On the other hand, enterprises must ensure that entrusting several resources to a project, in order to figure out the value does not validate the costs related to getting it done.

Certainty for Agile Project Managers

Enterprises calculate the worth of a project when it comes to cost and returns. In case, the outcomes from a project prevail over the cost, then an organization may choose to go ahead with that project. However, if the cost of a project is unidentified, the outcome of that project in terms of success becomes almost impossible. This is why predictability in projects is quite crucial. With agile, it is feasible to figure out an estimated cost for your project.

Final Thoughts

From the above-blog, it is quite clear that agile methodology is helping several businesses to grow. If you are also looking for a perfect partner to build a flawless app, then Fluper can help you out. Hiring the reliable app developers will help in your business expansion in the long run.

Official Source:- https://www.whatech.com/mobile-apps/blog/550108-build-an-advanced-mobile-app-with-agile-methodology

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Mobile Game Development Company | 247 Labs

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yo [...]

Global Mobile game development companies have seen exceptional growth in the last decade. The number of millennials using smartphones is increasing. Next generation expects more innovative games from developers. Mobile app development services consider mobile games as a major industry.

Every smartphone user has around 70 to 80 mobile apps in their phones. 40 percent of these apps are games. mobile app developerscompanies have gained huge revenue till date. So let us jump to the main topic of this article. Here we are going to discuss the best tools for mobile game development.

February 08

What Is Custom Web Application Development | 247 Labs

One of the underestimated CRO hacks is the exit intent pop-up. Put simply, it's a pop-up that appears once the visitor is about to navigate away from the website. Usually, it encourages site users to sign up with an email, introduces a special offer or motivates visitors to stay otherwise.

A number of custom web development toronto, both big and small, have already taken advantage of this simple and easy-to-implement technique. For example, Sumo has witnessed amazing results of growing its email list by 40,000 subscribers thanks to the exit intent pop-up. Our marketing team at Chanty has also tried the trick and is happy to confirm a significant 25 percent boost in sign-ups thanks to the exit pop-up magic.

CRO is all about experimenting and testing. An exit intent pop-up isn't an exception. Chasing the silver bullet, our marketing team has tested different pop-up sizes, and experimented with pop-up frequency, designs and texts. Here are a few exit pop-up best practices, based both on our experiments and extensive research.

February 08

Web Design Company for eCommerce | 247 Labs

The ecommerce industry is growing rapidly every ye [...]

How ‘Good Design’ Will Help Your Ecommerce Business Grow Faster Than Ever

The ecommerce industry is growing rapidly every year, but that doesn’t mean that all ecommerce businesses are growing at the speed they’d like.

Whether your sales are actively lagging or just okay, if your business is like most, you want to grow your revenue faster. And, here, good design is one of the most effective growth tools you can put to work to get there.

What does “good design” comprise? It covers nearly every aspect of your ecommerce’s external elements, from your company’s logo design, to your website’s appearance, to your marketing brochures, to the user experience itself. All must be smartly designed. The reason is simple: Poor design will undermine your business.

So, now that (hopefully) you’re convinced that strong, smart design is for you, here are six strategies to help you achieve it:

Your ecommerce business is only as strong as your website. If visitors are met with inept design and slow load speeds, they’re going to leave before you’ve had a chance to engage them, much less make a sale. Research from Stanford reveals that 75 percent of internet users surveyed will make judgments about a business’s credibility based solely on how its website looks.

A Kissmetrics infographic, moreover, shows that by the time your website hits four seconds of loading time, you’ve already lost 25 percent of your potential viewers.

To reduce your load speeds, think about what you want your ecommerce website to include. If it’s laden with data-intensive graphics and photos, load times will be longer than what you’ll see with a sleek, cleanly designed website using minimal graphics. Still, the takeaway here is not that you should eliminate photos and graphic elements from your entirely. Instead, the lesson is to use design elements smartly for maximum impact and quick load speeds.

That’s what Basecamp (project management software) does on its home page and product pages. It uses large fonts, a few smart colors, fun illustrations and great copywriting to explain its product. Its pages load quickly and are highly readable.

Next are those photos: Many ecommerce stores out there remain photo-heavy, and that can be problemmatic. Make sure that you minimize your photo file sizes as much as possible while still maintaining good photo quality.

Then there’s color: Artful and intentional use of color, white space and text can go a long way to your achieving smart design. Throw in a few minimal brand-specific graphic elements to create a website that is a pleasure to navigate.

But, overall, when you work with your website designer, be sure to communicate that quick load speeds are a high priority.

  1. Target existing customers, using remarketing ads and email campaigns.

It’s more cost-effective to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. If you want to grow your ecommerce business quickly, focus some of your marketing efforts on gaining repeat sales from current customers. Two great strategies for engaging with these people are: “remarketing” ads and email campaigns.

Google’s remarketing ads target users who have already visited your website. This means that the people receiving these ads are those likely to be the most receptive to your message — because they’ve already sought out your business on their own. An eye-catching ad design steeped in your visual brand will help to keep your business on your customers’ minds. Pair that compelling design with a valuable offer, and those existing customers will flock to your site to take advantage.

You might also want to consider reaching out to past customers with an email campaign. Email is still a highly effective tool for contacting customers, especially web-savvy, smartphone-toting customers who are comfortable shopping online.

Just be careful that your email campaigns are well-designed. Here’s an example of one that wasn’t, from the grocery chain Foodtown. The email is too busy and it’s impossible to quickly tell what’s going on. Instead of highlighting everything your company offers, highlight a few key items or services.

The way people access the internet has changed. Over the years, the number of users accessing the internet from computers has declined, while more and more people access the internet from their mobile devices. As of November 2016, mobile devices became the most popular way to access the internet.

When you build an ecommerce site, it’s wise to optimize it for mobile users. Otherwise, the site will be behind the times and lose you business. After all, there are few things more frustrating than trying to navigate a traditional, desktop website from your smartphone.

Your ecommerce website design should also be responsive. This means that it is designed to visually adjust to the size/shape screen on which it appears. And, the most responsive websites not only adjust to the new screen size, but they’re also intuitive and easy to navigate, as well.

If you’re serious about achieving rapid growth with your ecommerce business, you need to embrace the landing page. A landing page is a web page specifically devoted to a single product or offer. And, unlike your traditional website home page, every element is laser-focused on a single call to action and intentionally designed to convert.

So, feature each marketing offer and product with a unique landing page on your website. You may even want to consider creating landing pages for specific target audiences. That way, people who search for your product online will be taken to a web page that caters to their specific needs and perspectives.

When designing landing pages for your ecommerce website, remember to eliminate distractions, provide a clear call to action and make it easy for the customer to complete that call to action.

Below is a good example of an effective how-it-works landing page from QuicklyLegal, an online service that helps entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses create, sign and manage legal agreements on any device. There’s a clear call to action (START FREE TRIAL), concise content and useful examples of the product in action.

Article Source

February 08

Web Design Software with eCommerce | 247 Labs

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yo [...]

I’m not exactly putting my neck on the line in predicting video will be big. It already is. From media sites that are pivoting to video, to more ephemeral video on social networks, and video in website design – it’s everywhere.

Video, however, remains a bit of a controversial ecommerce web design toronto element to some UX professionals. Especially in ecommerce, it can be seen as a distraction, lumped in the same category as auto carousels (just read the comments on a previous article about video backgrounds).

However, as always, the usefulness of video depends on what the website and designer are trying to achieve. I still believe hero/background video has a place on desktop – for example, click through the GIF below to visit the new Barbican website and I defy you to say the video background doesn’t convey the scale and splendour of the Barbican’s architecture.

February 07

Masterful Website Design | 247 Labs

Websites are a dime a dozen and most is ugly, hard [...]
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Tips for Creating a Masterful Website

Websites are a dime a dozen and most is ugly, hard to get around or have no engaging content. Only those which have been created by a designer who truly cares about their craft stand out from the rest. Be it a site for a large corporation, a non-profit organization or even a personal blog, effort shows through. Continue reading to find out where you should put your effort to ensure that your website is truly the cream of the crop.

What do you want your website to do? You need to know its theme or niche, who it is to cater to and what it needs to accomplish. For example, you may want a website which sells hats with sports teams’ logos on them, focused towards teenage and 20-something males, and you want to make enough money to live on. This is a detailed statement which allows you to easily build a custom web development toronto website to meet those standards. “I want to sell stuff online” just doesn’t provide the detail you need to begin planning.

Most people find that a quick draft on paper is the easiest way to determine a layout. Remember that web surfers are used to menus at the top, left or bottom, and if you mess around with their expectations, they may not stay on your website for long. A logo or masthead at the top is another expectation, and some sort of contact information has to be available from the front page, even if it is just a link to a “contact us” page.

Now you need to create a color palette for your site. If you already have a logo, it is best to integrate its colors into your site design with one or two contrasting colors. You can find color wheels online so that you know which colors would look best. If you don’t have a logo yet, remember that the colors you choose will be associated with your site, so you should make use of them not only on the site itself, but your social media accounts, any paper advertising you do, etc.

Lastly, you need to find a web host. The reason this should be done last is that you won’t know how much space, bandwidth or other features you need until your website is built. From hard drive space to the ability to stream video, you have to be able to provide all the details of what your website will use to hosts to get an accurate quote. In fact, some hosts might not even offer the ability to host your site due to the programming language you used or its expected popularity. Shop around and compare your options until you find an affordable, reliable choice.

With these tips at the ready, you should start creating a plan for your website. Go through them one by one until you know what steps you need to take. Once you begin, you will find the process is easy and it gets you to your goals in a hurry. Your resulting website will be the best of the best, and you will be proud of your efforts.

February 07

Affordable Smart Phone Apps | 247 Labs

We also help you market your investment in your ne [...]

Affordable Smart Phone Apps

The growth of smart phone’s in the world is increasing significantly every year since Apple revolutionized cell phones in 2007 with the introduction of The iPhone. Over 40 BILLION Apps have been downloaded from The Apple Appstore, and 20 Billion of those were in 2018! People are using their smartphone mobile apps to make their day to day lives much easier. If your small business does NOT have a smartphone app, you are most certainly losing business. This is 2019 and the vast majority of people with a smartphone are using them more than their personal computers.

We make affordable mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices for small and medium-sized businesses. We specialize in developing apps for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hair salons, lawyers, realtors, churches, gyms, etc… Our Apps are fully customizable and easy to use. Can we develop an app to make reservations for a major airliner? Yes. Can we develop an intricate app to order anything Wal-Mart or Target sells? Yes, but that is not our niche. We prefer not to have an entire team of app developers concentrates on a major app that will cost upwards of $250,000 and take several months to design, develop, test and launch. Our focus is on developing mobile apps for small businesses that don’t think they can afford a mobile app. We have a systematic, streamlined approach to developing apps that significantly reduces development time and overall costs.

Having a mobile app for your small business will do nothing to increase your business and have a great ROI(Return on Investment) for your company unless it is marketed and promoted. The vast majority of business owners want to know that the investment in developing a mobile app for their business will pay for itself within 2 years. Our goal is to make your investment back within 1 year, hopefully, faster.

We also help you market your investment in your new mobile app. The president of our company is a highly respected marketing consultant and you also get his expertise included when you have us develop your mobile app. You will also get a 2-hour phone consultation with him included free of charge (you must schedule 36 hours in advance and the consultation will most likely occur in the evenings). We will supply you with custom designed POS (Point Of Sale) flyers/posters to display in your business. We also will supply you with 5,000 custom designed flyers to give out to your clients. Everyone that gets a receipt will get a flyer encouraging them to download your new mobile app. We also offer sales training to encourage your clients to download your mobile app while they are in your business. If you are a restaurant, we suggest offering an incentive to download your new mobile app right there in your business. Something like comping their soft drinks, a free appetizer with a low food cost (chips and queso, onion rings, potato skins, etc…) a free low-cost desert, a 10% discount, or simply to join your digital loyalty program and get double or triple points. You will notice a fantastic return on investment from us actively assisting you in promoting your new mobile app.

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Simply Available Resources
Finding mobile app developers who can easily write mobile apps with React Native by keeping performance in mind is fast and simple. The reason behind is that React Native utilizes JavaScript, which is one of the widely-used, as well as fastest rising programming languages.
 One Framework for Different Platforms
Another benefit of React Native is that it allows the copying of codebase between Android and iOS. In practice, few features are required to be printed from scratch; however others will be accessible in-app packages.
The React Native community supports the framework that adds new utilities to open source.
Why Flutter?
Flutter was introduced in the year 2017 and it came into the market with the alpha version. However, later it was upgraded to the beta version.
There are numerous advantages of utilizing flutter for building mobile app developers. Some of these are mentioned below:
Fast and Simple Coding
It provides a range of features; this is the key reason behind its popularity among mobile app developers. These features leverage them quicker coding.
One of its feature i.e. hot reloads empowers the developers to perform modifications in coding and ultimately check them that turn the whole process to go faster and easier.
Single Coding Based
The best part with Flutter is that the Android or iOS developers no longer need to make duplicate codes for different platforms. Yes, it provides code for, Android, as well as iOS.
You don’t have to put the code again and again.

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The very important thing is to consult a custom web development toronto Company before planning to go for an ecommerce website. They can assess from experience, the business prospects and if an ecommerce solution is the solution for the individual requirements. It does not cost a penny to have a consultation nor a written proposal, where one will be provided with a comprehensive appraisal of his online sales potential. In every case where one is dealing with a good ecommerce web design Company they will be able to help him from a business perspective as well as a technical one. Their experience in consulting and advising other customers will be the guiding light in making eventual decisions about an online sales platform.

custom web development torontocustom web development toronto
custom web development toronto

A website needs to look professional and adhere to individual corporate branding. A well designed website instantly communicates the message and provides a call to action which plans a path forward for the client. An experienced custom web development Toronto company can create a path that leads to the customers making the decision to contact the person, fill out a form, or make a purchase. In other words, a well-designed website can act like a seasoned sales person that asks the right questions, informs the lead, and finally asks for their business.

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The rapid change in the technological landscape has also made the mobile technology world a bit appealing and exciting. People are loving applications with AI enabled services such as speech recognition that 325.8 million people use this new tech via apps.

Not just AI enabled services, Augmented and virtual reality has taken over the game, real estate, healthcare, and many more industries, Blockchain has changed the security aspect entirely, Internet of Things has changed the way of communication as well as our daily and all of these trends are now accessible to you through mobile applications. The days are gone where mobile apps are just used to solve a purpose.

Adapting new tech trends, the app development world has become the most desirable for every business. It is certain to say that with the advent of the latest technologies, the mobile app developers will flourish.

Apps are determined as the best means to reach the potential audience.

As the emerging nature of mobile app development, applications help businesses to reach its potential audience. Most of the businesses are moving to mobile applications due to its reach on people.

You can target your potential audience no matter where they are. By the year 2020, it is predicted …4 billion people. Do you really want to stay away from this game after knowing these numbers?

Adopt this excellent way to drive your business's sales growth.

Also with the increasing necessity of applications, consumer engagement rate with mobile apps is undergoing solid growth. This has become the new channel to take the company's profit to the next level.

Yeah, with the push notifications, promotional banners and many other app ideas you can motivate your customer to take services or purchase from you. One of the reasons for the demand for applications in the market is that it drives significant sales growth to the business.