Who we are

CPR24 Restoration is a company specialized in Emergency Restoration Services. We serve our clients during natural disasters providing them with a state of art service. Acting fast can minimize damage. Let us take care of the work, as we guarantee to restore even the most difficult property damage.
With years of experience in fire & water damage restoration, we will also assist you with every step and required documentation for your home insurance claim.

Principles of Our Work

Our principles reside on rapid response , excellent service and affordability for our customers. Taking care of the customers’ needs is a must and we do just that by offering restoration solutions to your fatalities.
We invest in the very best equipment on the market. Our commitment to stay up to date ensures the best experience possible.

What We Offer

  • Emergency water removal & extraction
  • Sewage clean up
  • Timber floor drying
  • Mold remediation
  • Stain removal
  • Structural drying
  • Fire damage restoration 
  • Disinfection services
May 18

The Facts About Water-based Intumescents | Nullifire | Permax

Water-based intumescents are the ideal options for [...]

What makes a water-based intumescent different to solvent-based products?

Intumescent coatings can either be water-based or solvent-based. Each type works differently, so you need to know which one is the best option for your specific needs.

Water-based intumescent coatings are generally a safe, more eco-friendly, and less-chemically smelling option. Though it does still contain some solvents, the amount is minimal or in low concentrations. Since it doesn’t smell as strongly as solvent-based coating, it’s advantages when applied in close quarters, or in close proximity to other trades during construction cannot be understated. When it evaporates, the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is minimal, a big plus and an evaluative criteria that more and more builders are taking note of. Using a water-based coat also decreases the fire risks of having too many potentially flammable materials in one area.
Traditionally – less so with the introduction of modern materials such as SC902 – Solvent-based coatings tend to be more resistant to weather conditions as well as temperature changes and humidity. They also dry faster. However, they can emit VOCs that are harmful to both people and the environment. Breathing in these VOCs can cause health problems, so solvent-based coats are not recommended for use in living spaces.
Now that you know the differences between the two general types, you can pick the right one that is required for your building and its different areas. Overall, you can’t go wrong with water-based intumescent paint since it’s versatile, and newer products have been formulated to better withstand changes in weather.

April 21

Calcium Hypochlorite for Water Treatment & Other Applications

Calcium Hypochlorite (65-70% Purity) is water trea [...]

At JAL AQUA INTERNATIONAL, We are ready to serve you with the Chemicals for Water treatment, like Calcium Hypochlorite & Sodium Hypochlorite, Water Softening Chemical.


Our Products that involves latest concepts, purest raw material & finest quality to achieve best filtration results in terms of efficiency & economy.


At JAL AQUA INTERNATIONAL, We also Supplying, Manufacturing & Trading in Effluent Treatment Chemicals, Sewage Treatment Plant Chemicals, R.O. Plant Chemicals, Swimming Pool Chemicals, Swimming Pool Treatment, Industrial Sanitization, Disinfecting Irrigation Water, Fruits & Vegetables Washing, Paper & Textile Industries  and many more.


We will be happy to assist you & share our expertise with you as & when Filtration is in demand.

Calcium Hypochlorite


We at Jal Aqua International, are Calcium Hypochlorite manufacturers, suppliers, importer & traders from India based. We have the best quality of Calcium Hypochlorite, with very competitive price. Our Calcium Hypochlorite is made with very high quality raw materials using all quality standards of the Industry.


Calcium hypochlorite is white, light dim in shading powder or granules. It is broadly utilized for water treatment and as a dying operator ,fading powder. This concoction is viewed as moderately steady and has more prominent accessible chlorine than sodium hypochlorite, fluid fade and yearly loss of chlorine is low. 


It can brighten mash, silk, fabric, fiber and starch. It is additionally utilized in managing the contaminated water, and as a compelling disinfectant general wellbeing, family sanitation, pool, drinking water, vegetables, fishpond. Furthermore, calcium hypochlorite might be utilized to make chloroform. 


Regularly there are some after essential issues experienced in the support of pools. 


Development of microorganisms, infections and different organisms on the surfaces of the pools and its water presented to air which may make contamination and ailments the swimmers. 


Because of utilization of water by swimmers unsafe microorganisms germs get transmitted into water and become wellspring of many water borne infections. 


Pollution of water from oils, fragrances, pee and so forth bestowed into the water from the body and hairs of the swimmers makes water unfit for additional use over a couple of cycles. 


These are the reasons why pools require ordinary and viable treatment by disinfectants. Chlorine is a reliable and trusted sanitizer. It wrecks microorganisms and shields swimmers from illnesses. 


Itis a dry type of Chlorine and is extremely protected to deal with. It is promptly dissolvable in water and is liberated from any natural substances. Because of these reasons we gives better insurance to solid, mortar, pipes and other pool gear. 


It goes about as a bactericide, antiseptic and algaecide and can be utilized for purifying and cleaning purposes. 


It is a solid oxidizer and can without much of a stretch obliterate natural body oils and other natural garbage if any present in the pool water. 


It attempts to keep up appropriately settled alkalinity levels moving along without any more substance expansion. 


Generally Suitable, Sanitizer and Versatile for Super Chlorination (Shocking) of Commercial Pool Water : 


Itis generally excellent for stunning to obliterate chloramines. 


Chlorine is unstabilized and henceforth there is fast development of remaining chlorine level into water, which is required for super chlorination. 


Theexcess chlorine is decreased quicker to make pool accessible to swimmers in an a lot shorter timeframe contrasted with one superchlorinated with Trichloro containing Isocyanurates. 


For routine cleansing additionally it is utilized in every business pool with included security by adding stabilizer independently to limit the loss of chlorine because of introduction to daylight nearly by half. 


It's higher alkalinity functions as a cushion and assists with keeping the pH stable when any acidic material is brought into water. It is likewise a significant factor in keeping water from turning overcast and keep the pool water perfect and clear. 


Calcium hardness protects the pool equipment and it contains calcium.


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November 06

SC803 Water Based Intumescent Basecoat | Nullifire | Permax

Nullifire's SC803 is a water-based fire rating int [...]


Nullifire pioneered water-based intumescent technology through its S707 range, but has raised the level with SC803. Designed to be easy to apply, 803 has low VOCs and is compatible with a range of top-seals, making it a perfect internal fire rating solution. 

SC803-60 Intumescent Basecoat is a white thin film intumescent coating for the fire protection of internal structural steelwork.


  • Water-based 
  • 60 minute FRL
  • Can be roller or air-brush applied
  • Compatible with a range of top coats allowing a decorative/protective finish to be achieved
  • Is a CE marked product with very low VOC emissions and no substances of high concern.