April 14

Fire Upgrades for Building Code Compliance | Remedial

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If you are surprised you have received a Fire order in the first place, it could be due to the fact that a lot of them are issued at the time a property puts in development applications and/or missing annual submissions of fire safety statements. However, the local council, can issue an order any time if:

  • Your fire protection systems don’t meet the current National Construction Code (NCC);
  • The area of concern has a high risk of fire incident.

Additionally, upgrade orders can be issued from fire brigades for the repair or maintenance of your existing active and passive fire protection measures.
You or the body corporate may decide to make voluntary fire upgrades on the building, but take note that the council will still issue an order when deemed necessary. It is worth noting if you are seeking to be proactive and upgrade your building to comply, you  will still need to seek council approval in connection with the proposed project.

March 27

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Have you ever paid attention to your Annual Fire Safety Statement – otherwise known as your AFSS and do you know what it is?

Your AFSS is a legal document all commercial and residential buildings are required to have on display in a public place such as the entry lobby. This document lists all the essential fire services within the building and the standards they were installed to.

By law, owners of a building are required to ensure all occupants within the building are safe, thus, keeping your AFSS up to date is essential. However, The BCA is constantly upgraded, meaning over a period of time, most, if not all buildings will be served with a council fire upgrade notice, which will identify the current standards which your building fails to comply with.

At Remedial, we have a team of qualified experts whowill work with you to ensure your building is compliant. Furthermore, we can work with you to ensure that any council served upgrade orders are resolved to the highest possible standard.

Our range of upgrade services includes fire penetrations, fire doors, thin film intumescents as well as safety audits.